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Sat Jan 12 20:26:58 2013 +0000
d8599591d07c481bc2e2fccdad7092f855cd45e0Ed Morley — Bug 782633 - Followup to fix exception; r=me
109cd2191d915296606e16bb1cd723d330a2297fVictor Porof — Bug 829760 - browser_dbg_propertyview-filter-05.js checks for DOM objects are broken, r=past
1b04454f4a8cfcdcbe50512c632fb091ee729204Ehsan Akhgari — Merge mozilla-central into mozilla-inbound
9d23c6037351d7edf9d0a5141a89edaca5489507Jan de Mooij — Bug 829579 - Rewrite AllFramesIter to iterate Ion frames too. r=luke
70a1a7140888a7eb50af6a68794f3448de7e4a0eJan de Mooij — Bug 829554 - Abstract ScopeIter/DebugScopeProxy frame access. r=luke
4bc51f9e6dde3aa03acee8945ab413ace82e7128Christian Holler — No bug - Remove stray debug message from to avoid confusion. r=me, DONTBUILD
fce60249a72f8ce9b4dfa6580e21332faa8d1152Daniel Holbert — Bug 829369: Cast pointer-subtraction to a size_t (after ensuring it'll be nonnegative) when comparing it to a nsTArray's size, to fix signed/unsigned comparison build warning. r=dbaron
915188f93d3cc97384250c5bf2152eb83030740eVictor Porof — Bug 782179 - Intermittent browser_dbg_reload-same-script.js | The preferred script url wasn't set correctly. (4) - Didn't expect -1, but got it, | The selected script isn't the correct one. (4) - Didn't expect -1, but got it, r=past
ea86f0fce98a0cb86b0026700c06fa963e9264ecDave Hylands — Bug 813770 - Fix xpcshell update tests to work with new code. r=rstrong
285310da94125acfff69b3533e370f7f0a038f99Dave Hylands — Bug 813770 - Rebooting after update is downloaded but before it's applied doesn't show prompt to re-apply on subsequent restart. r=rstrong
c5bb3265e36e22f8cf43a5e90ebba454043a982bPatrick McManus — bug 829646 PAC mIPAddress() problem outside of FindProxyForURL() r=biesi
46c4522fee6bcbe5b769a5ad39141fcdf8f817bbMasayuki Nakano — Bug 825924 Input events which are dispatched by editor should be trusted always r=smaug+ehsan
b91053186723750677a0e07e9b4d756075aa0f06Trevor Saunders — no bug - mark several classes final to avoid warnings about deleting objects of polymorphic type
c911625fe20b86ad81317867ce6b2a65f2d99861Trevor Saunders — no bug - remove a bunch of extra ';'s to make -pedantic happy
f52405c01335cb36a37babb2fc6dfa26988d0cabJosh Matthews — Backed out changeset 78960509f7c3 (bug 820124)
01fe6902a16f1b18bc15fbc8c34967cc885c62e3Josh Matthews — Backed out changeset b4bd9455a5a3 (bug 820124)
fbd618dbf0694f2775c4211cce404a58491a3dedTrevor Saunders — bug 828138 - GetCurrentSelection() should return Selection* r=smaug
c8edf6ffbf8a31edb6b5fa83c0357a57a7d3e6baTrevor Saunders — bug 828138 - remove out arg from Selection::GetPresContext() r=ehsan
c112306e4b45e99c6461ec59569efd0106d7c3f6Trevor Saunders — bug 828138 - make Selection::GetPresShell() return the pres shell instead of use an out arg r=ehsan
e5bf5d1a528d8c2acc3dfd48fd711a2067eab5b5Trevor Saunders — bug 828138 - remove nsISelectionPrivate::SetPresShell() r=ehsan
3cc26b6da407723a199579496e0832f2f091e38aMatt Brubeck — Bug 773598 - Add MIME types to script tags in mochitest/browser-harness.xul [r=jmaher]
60f966cc9a72a204bc202a9f8649884094775dc4David Keeler — bug 809846 - CTP: activate dynamically added plugins of the same type when using popup notification r=jaws
db0519269cc6e377ea5b63f9547ee33962e9c7b3Dan Mosedale — Bug 829314, enable webrtc_trace logging for getUserMedia's VideoEngine, r=jesup
80d6c2450333d233314398e2d7f358abb1d89a2fEd Morley — Backout 6be5ab4c2fde (bug 829580) to see if it fixes bug 829690
8a7bf5de378d2275c8a0330cc5bf42a0c6be25d9L. David Baron — Add crashtest for bug 621424 / bug 588237.
aa20adc7c3ed9f3452cf13e5cd4a190cff1fdbeeL. David Baron — Bug 588237, patch 5: remove the optimization of skipping FlowAndPlaceFloat for some pushed floats, simply because the optimization looks fishy to me. r=roc
1d67e3c8c436cf305f92a22b9b21a7c84a23c2d5L. David Baron — Bug 588237, patch 4: Pull pushed floats back from the next-in-flow at the start of reflow. r=roc
bf513a2a4a7889a6c6872bc76a9f1a519abca6b2L. David Baron — Bug 588237, patch 2: Fix comment that is now incorrect due to work in bug 563584 or followups. r=roc
5e82debfd1ebe49be1f585d0bf4ef3d4b67e9062Christian Holler — Bug 829787 - Fix a failure with jit-test --show-failed-cmd option. r=jorendorff, DONTBUILD
c4db97d21a09e5fc32e483aefc17ae4fb8379e8cEd Morley — Bug 782633 - Make the "missing output line for total leaks!" failure mode a warning rather than TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL; r=ted
8b6711fcba293594e744ae1a4ec823ce6e572712Robert Longson — Bug 828246 - Prevent stroke from drawing, on SVG text with a stroke-width of 0. r=dholbert
b10b128c1f7a58f90a5ff20e515d020e9db05d06Jason Orendorff — Fix a compiler warning in DefinePropertyOnArray. No bug#, r=billm on IRC.
b4bd9455a5a31c62b36416d552f509a8029ef6d6Sean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 2/2 - Handle fast removal in str_replace(). r=dvander
78960509f7c3daf1fa3768db5a9ef5f6fbed1ea8Sean Stangl — Bug 820124, Part 1/2 - Use RegExpShared for lazy RegExpStatics. r=dvander
19bf3d706500d9c1f7feab34030c972b39a09e1aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826819: New private tab icon for GB phones. [r=mfinkle] [needs-clobber]
96afe9c985c0655894fe3e9063d387216e12244aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826819: Remove the unwanted shadow resource. [r=mfinkle]
3c5a508fc879658a3b7f7cf43494fab35e7887feSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 817739: Theme change for synced tabs. [r=mfinkle]
028161a1ebe51828ee9730aaf535446fde459ccbSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824501: Tabs in tabs-panel should have holo-ish indicator. [r=mfinkle]
d1098469c5a5107d846af6a332af7bd01227fdb1Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 824501: Support for AllCaps in TextView. [r=mfinkle]
84d9d94d34c498968fef1a3d133d6e33ddf4b6e2Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826819: New private tab icon for the tabs-panel and the menu. [r=mfinkle]
81672e5fce70b6198ae881ac3d4f2ccc5e6d8c5bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 826819: Tabs panel border change to solid color. [r=mfinkle]
f37caebbb0dcea6e07e9e6115d87cbbc9fc22022Asaf Romano — Bug 827293 - The first list item in the downloads view should be selected when it's opened (was: Error: TypeError: view.selectNode is not a function). r=mak
118918b2774e56e4a0ef828a538a582e4e5abc08Jim Chen — Bug 827176 - Properly reset GeckoInputConnection states during focus; r=cpeterson
4e3e172789bac8cbda2552fef0df289f9a73ebb6Jim Chen — Bug 825120 - Fake selection update to force IME hard reset; r=cpeterson
c12c5e31d72fefca30d83ed5bd14d577fefa1b67David Zbarsky — Bug 828715 - Move DOMSVGMatrix to mozilla::dom::SVGMatrix r=longsonr
6aa0940b31993cd8af6791b5354a2420f9c0e54dDavid Zbarsky — Bug 817256 - DOMSVGTransform should hold strong ref to matrix r=longsonr
2bcb93c79fff7da0349ccbdd6deb0b6b99228c41Neil Deakin — Bug 685191, don't fire an extra DOMMenuItemActive event when switching menus on a menubar, r=neil
768da21310551e154698074beb734da4016cae9eIan Melven — Bug 829699 - Typo in message for both CSP headers (r=smaug)
3890eb79af81900d3896de1a87b61a806b44ed1ePatrick McManus — bug 828632 os x system proxy config mem leak/syslog r=josh
8120c8952c4059b7ee4f610c11bbad418d2b5830Shu-yu Guo — Bug 826148 - Part 4: Ion IC (r=dvander)
a5e3c3dd6ab2ee7a210438db06fd7b13944a2bccShu-yu Guo — Bug 826148 - Part 3: Jaeger IC (r=bhackett)
c8b493e0551523f3ccea38bad7264910f24af7bfShu-yu Guo — Bug 826148 - Part 2: TI changes (r=bhackett)
9929e066c93750e13502e8b1bd56a6b27d056cb0Shu-yu Guo — Bug 826148 - Part 1: JSFunction flag and interpreter changes (r=luke)
ef384134776b78e33a2f7251effc4a8999379241Yiming Yang — Bug 827403 - Implement 'timeouts' command, r=mdas
c9ec22f372adf0070a24089f7495eaf3f5ba7a75Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 829621 - Compute the breakpad-id for OS X. r=BenWa.
97dc4bb4507285145ba0f3aa855a6e83f24e4b18Chris Peterson — Bug 829685 - Remove #include "prtypes.h" from some files that no longer use PR types. r=ehsan
98c2750c585df37449d2a028506a8c6a11640844Chris Peterson — Bug 829344 - Part 4: Fix gcc -Wlogical-op warnings from PRBool/bool conversion. r=ehsan
62ff0365d3b603654e461e4af89519628422784cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 829670 - Fix some 'function does not always return a value' warnings on startup. r=wesj
196ed5ab68a161419f0a872389c7e1309fad73b9Dão Gottwald — Bug 829596 - Remove "Tablet" from UA string of Firefox on Android tablets. r=bz
350692e88e4cc73849be7ec5cb65b768bad8b4beJonathan Griffin — Bug 828670 - Add emulator.manifest to specify emulator to use in b2g unit tests, r=aki, DONTBUILD (NPOTB)
dd1f7674fcb3c80176e70416674816820af74f8cChris Peterson — Bug 829344 - Part 3: Fix gcc -Wlogical-op warnings in SIP code. r=jesup
570ec5fcf213d0d7ab49b1cd3273c172b58ed61bChris Peterson — Bug 829344 - Part 2: Fix gcc -Wlogical-op warning in GTK2 widget code. r=karlt
8d8fb6754827c93e1bf6644bc3055854e3dbf8a1Chris Peterson — Bug 826784 - Fix Android warnings in sydneyaudio. r=doublec
e1360be430b5aa9d971904c2134ac0fb9b14794bKannan Vijayan — Bug 829352 - Add IonMacroAssembler methods for generating addPtr, subPtr, xorPtr, and addPtr variants. r=nbp
091bac78c4830dea61aa051838f54035e2adba38L. David Baron — Bug 822891: Make animationiteration events fire when we're running off-main-thread animations and throttling style changes. r=nrc
e523e9cd94dc4d47833253946523029526340ae7Ed Morley — Backout 48b58294a6d5 (bug 829352) for breaking the Android build on a CLOSED TREE
796d19acafbb7d2c05dc4c15b9b9262cd811a408Daniel Holbert — Bug 829327: Mark mozalloc_abort() as MOZ_NORETURN (except on ARM, where we're pretty sure it breaks crash stacks). r=cjones
028ce4b36b4ed6a7c4a04d0ce1a7c1d3646cfa7fZack Weinberg — Bug 413958: report the text of the offending line in CSS error messages. r=dbaron
9ada9208c1bf4866eebd39eeca220f60481af16cWes Johnston — Bug 824737 - Use ContentAreaUtils for saving images. r=mfinkle
e1ea3c66164fbf49c60651b159ac2a2f26777510Panos Astithas — Bug 829633 - dbg-webapps-actors.js redeclares Cu and friends; r=fabrice
89b72b0cda19c0aa66efd554073f7577772cbd72Marco Bonardo — Bug 829571 - Enforce a size on retina download buttons.
b60130e11a59b9c95e9c428e67688bf054c724ffEd Morley — Backout 67f60ef5c92f (bug 818023) for causing bug 829512
9c2be62cb0c046482fd72fd10d6c565b1355a7bfFilippo Cristofoletti — Bug 243763 - explicit cast from LONG to int8_t. r=bbondy
48b58294a6d5d86678b31ef50bdebd9afc91d71fKannan Vijayan — Bug 829352 - Add IonMacroAssembler methods for generating addPtr, subPtr, xorPtr, and addPtr variants.
6e56521bea6964925f9ee860b3886e0bbaea5a52Josh Aas — Bug 828630: Fix data race on nsSocketTransportService::mOffline. r=mcmanus
4cb44c4e4629fa01b75f3fc4879f9325a30067c5Ehsan Akhgari — Correct the type names in speex_config_types.h; no bug, irc-r=padenot
45853b5892f6735dfb6c4d1efd7975295b36ebf0Kannan Vijayan — Bug 807498 - Clear and disable ion ICs when they get too big. r=dvander
6be5ab4c2fde15883ced457e6664774e90f84364Ed Morley — Bug 829580 - Update talos to 637cee40c3ca; r=jmaher
14d1d368bcd289fa23462772e3c79a4485306eadNicholas Cameron — Bug 827715; Skip some checking for touch events from the gesture listener. r=cjones
f5ec1efd39ee839a506fd3d76636f73feb231495Benoit Girard — Bug 822135 - Disable Profiler when there's a Private Browsing Window. r=jdm
2bfc7fb79f781cfb2b59b6ed451c49372b0896afRandell Jesup — Bug 827878: don't release TransportFlow while DataChannel runnables may still be in use r=ekr
bf379a4b7234ce841b9e1a8ccf1b7bcfb1c7d531Tom Schuster — Bug 829087 - Handlify jsids in IonCache. r=terrence
1803280504e73cbf9e14f2fe3dd5e1914c71bf06Tom Schuster — Bug 828977 - Root JSObject in AutoCycleDetector. r=terrence
7c92fc2dcd48c2526b41d0adb2183c3ce126b0f7Tom Schuster — Bug 829294 - Some rooting for ClonedBlockScopeObject in DebugScopeProxy. r=terrence
575c6e6283b68b4c8e17423e2295b03bd4a49edaTom Schuster — Bug 829230 - Some rooting for JSCompartment::wrap
fbc20626801fa8f5428442a53ddc4adca1586775Patrick McManus — bug 828236 give CONNECT a (proxy-)connection header back from bug 570283 r=jduell
87f5c5d262ca9b51b1ac08a6ed5738832d0f6151Fabrice Desré — Bug 828944 - downloadavailable flag is removed if you reboot after stopping the download r=ferjm
ea7baeb8f451a942c3371767c0a6950647c93cbaAlexandre Poirot — Bug 828280 - (packaged) App won't install without `developer` field in its manifest. r=fabrice
663226eaf5190c1b657d84142ee422e65c420437Vladan Djeric — Bug 817055: Sort startup measurements in about:telemetry by timestamp. r=mak77
3ba8ec844de6a092d65e498ba61e97b27eba666bEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
e2b1812531a2a0561aa7e543a22a5e0e68783915Mounir Lamouri — Bug 829210 - Simplify the internal GetValueAsDate(). r=smaug
8164852113cda22307acf5950aeee5cff978094cMounir Lamouri — Bug 829101 - Update tests for <input type='{email,number}'> value sanitization tests. r=Ms2ger
6de45a6a33df918d0730a44016f46bd4eb71b2e5Mounir Lamouri — Bug 781569 - Implement the value sanitizing algorithm for <input type=time>. r=smaug
060da3a0e96035719bbf54953ddbd3542dd6082dMounir Lamouri — Bug 828938 - Change test_input_sanitization.html type='date' handling to be like other types. r=Ms2ger
ddd84bce57fb141a32ce612c319c2bcf782e8fa9Gene Lian — Bug 820206 - Validate "Webapps:*" message parameters in the parent process (part 3, test cases). r=fabrice, a=blocking-basecamp
a87848d15ab4c667a8d94dd965a67c873f64ae36Gene Lian — Bug 820206 - Validate "Webapps:*" message parameters in the parent process (part 1, move .uninstall() from mozIDOMApplication to mozIDOMApplicationMgmt). r=sicking, a=blocking-basecamp
a2f3391b009f07496f8879523ac5a2e7a53475f3Kyle Huey — Bug 828992: Deal with blobs properly when creating indexes on existing data. r=bent
ae71673a37e953735ae855a84d9d8bab18260812Ed Morley — Backout d6efd06ceb84 (bug 828992) for assertions on a CLOSED TREE
004ea42bbea1f6f33035b8d8055235b94b4c594cMs2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
819ce0c7ac9e4071604fcb2dc0d90324a9b37cb2Alexandre Poirot — Bug 826555 - Ensure that updates can't rename an app r=fabrice
52ec0dda042ea4803be7ee6d146fcce3a848cf5bFabrice Desré — Bug 829572 - The storage permission should be ALLOW for all kinds of apps r=sicking
e7c4a6d06571a6d9c6d1241f929ef815e347d2a9Jan de Mooij — Bug 827258 - Refactor jsdbg2 to use StackIter. r=luke
d6efd06ceb848cb48554bf2f25863f160adb8228Kyle Huey — Bug 828992: Deal with blobs properly when creating indexes on existing data. r=bent
abf0ab34d7c7ad579a99cd05e9e9d4de1df56c08Mike Habicher — backed out changeset d99397ff6bb8 (see bug 808146 for proper solution), a=not-needed
310f267bc1849f9c5d40117ad8e33350fa5984cdHubert Figuière — Bug 829121 - Follow-up: remove excessive dump() to not confuse developers. r=fabrice
b90329e1977679733736799457b003487b017670Gregor Wagner — Backout Bug 829030. r=me
db4776369a2eb387f550a3b15d5422c1afab06c0Robert O'Callahan — Bug 827537. Refactor AudioChunk to support having separate buffers for each channel. r=jesup
c232dd64f733fb41e4dc7c6f2279e3f16db1a93cCervantes Yu — Bug 820571: Don't show remote frame on restyles until reflow finished. r=roc
8d63c737db5702378765e2ba5940b9e8dc7221c7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 794246. Assume inactive menu items don't paint a background of their own. r=bas
818ed8d0886d2b82aa90783c8de898a2a052b04fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 827577. Be a lot more careful about saving and restoring frame constructor state for fixed-pos descendants of CSS-transformed elements. r=bzbarsky
aa0bd5330c92f221935442c071eeed0e745867e9Hubert Figuière — Bug 829477 - Don't notify the UI if we didn't have crash ID. r=fabrice
a752f6f0994d7dfeb41a4ab85063422d93a30ee5Mark Hammond — Bug 821208 - increase test timeout to avoid intermittent orange in debug builds. r=me
be47f975b538e4415c06b0d66031235b0aaea7e3Dão Gottwald — Bug 827954 - Firefox button overlaps the first tab in private windows. r=ehsan
b786ed97ef221b19aa19fffba810def9d3869611Gregor Wagner — Bug 829030 - Accessing the desktop notification API in the browser and approving permission errors out - API does not work. r=sicking
d99397ff6bb88ff7a76e6fc33e940c91b0102a89Mike Habicher — Bug 829525 - nsMainThreadPtrHolder needs a virtual destructor, r=dougt, a=blocking-basecamp+
199a1cc814bfd1c61f52b374c2f3a5c3f2243388Ed Morley — Backout 8461f75fd62b (bug 809949) for breaking the build on a CLOSED TREE
1835f8cdc606bc400b3fb3f155816e80aee69274Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 829388 - Remove unused functions and macros from nsCoord.h. r=roc
8461f75fd62b94662718606d6198b48a0a5def49Justin Lebar — Bug 809949 - Dump memory reports when 'memory report' is written to a special fifo on disk. r=glandium,njn
dd30a971ed826e38f78f4da26eb648aedb6288b0Mike Hommey — Bug 829460 - Get CmdCommands from the right url in DeveloperToolbar.jsm. r=paul
b88aa014ffa625287e66797324052c40f800ce71Mike Hommey — Bug 828894 - Fix possible off-by-one-page in custom linker. r=nfroyd
a4d691c7bacbe01c0043a129d2590c5c17a525afMike Hommey — Bug 826996 - Avoid hardcoded value for {moz:official} in search plugins. r=gavin
56e67e5e15482441def450399e40808ecb237ed4Fernando Jiménez — Bug 829052 - progress is NaN when doing appcache update; r=fabrice
4c0d5853f72b101d1519b90a888b2223d5c9556dChris Jones — Bug 816614: Restore the previous behavior of ContentChild::IsForApp/Browser(). r=jlebar
cceb83b998de59193ca289e55a6d9ae2e2eb17e5rlin — Bug 827840 - [camera] shutter sound is almost inaudible, r=sicking, a=bb+
fe51ccc530834cf224c35a294fc50e7230c03211Ed Morley — Backout 7f4f96dbf94f (bug 827172), 661847c6e48b (bug 827724), 00e357dd1458 (bug 827149) to fix the build on a CLOSED TREE
48acf4054a035c6de87eb63c6af3140cca0fcf61Ed Morley — Backout 9cde10153d99 (bug 828817) for Linux64 mochitest-other failures on a CLOSED TREE
cae4668deecd49a12be817835822957d49e11276Shih-Chiang Chien — Bug 828367 - APZC should not perform scrolling if BES detects panning distance is too small. r=cjones.
22b5a4e8c639b2e706ce12215e66be64a5509382Andrea Marchesini — Bug 827816 - Follow up: whitespaces, No empty { }, rs=brendan, r=Waldo
2bd6d915fc6bfb6dd9f5216c96d9504ced7121d3Eric Chou — Bug 829473 - Fix a wrong conditional check resulted from bug 827204, r=gyeh
ca753cb40bb5e64500de7cd47a9a335271105b75Mark Capella — Bug 824161 - Homescreen widget doesn't open awesomebar, r=wesj, sriram
7dfbcbcfad0b79a70cb8d3aa922644bbd1c891c6Doug Turner — Bug 829410 - Use threadsafe isupports in nsVolumeService. r=mikeh a=omg-everything-is-busted
a45739b82322808e89df914442ad9b991671a4d9David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 812859 - A JavaScript module to mark deprecation;r=dolske
11879a83e5e764e45342a1a04e636dfdc528b684David Zbarsky — Backout cset b40ebe8c5273 because it's not the right patch for Bug 828715
9cde10153d99a0e3cb406264e99e90360b623ee4David Zbarsky — Bug 828817 - Avoid storing nsCOMPtr<nsIDOMDocument> in editor r=ehsan
b40ebe8c52739232f7743b0db43c633e5f9e3754David Zbarsky — Bug 828715 - Move DOMSVGMatrix to mozilla::dom::SVGMatrix r=longsonr
7f4f96dbf94f8aa0ccf67ae242bb1fe08098617bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 827172: Move SVGPathElement to mozilla::dom r=bz
661847c6e48ba0cd1a6bb2f22c7d4055c8269548David Zbarsky — Bug 827724 - Remove nsIDOMSVGAnimatedPoints r=bz
00e357dd14584a9840c72e83b5a7af7f57205393David Zbarsky — Bug 827149 - Remove some uses of nsIDOMHTMLBodyElement r=bz
Sat Jan 12 11:27:59 2013 +0000
84c0cca250cfc331b3e486edfad7e9904bd63544ffxbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-613 - a=blocklist-update