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Tue Jan 14 09:37:21 2014 +0000
654854b387dd43d819a872ae20a4ebcdf63f690eEd Morley — Backed out changeset 5c6a41cf65df (bug 958773) for marionette-webapi test failures
Tue Jan 14 04:44:33 2014 +0000
b114534a9386a426a8e95075c15690fc2fb06750Gábor Molnár — Bug 958992 - http2 draft09 test support. r=hurley
5475b2719136aa2d4d319a20d63fcd03983b19bfNicholas Hurley — Bug 958992 - http/2 draft09 support. r=mcmanus
79595e16949f7a7e3d6aeb1e2ac409f0be4fee5bMasayuki Nakano — Bug 957019 Don't check mouse cursor position at handling non-mouse message in nsWindow::DealWithPopups() r=jimm+enndeakin
10d56cf4ca6d590dc43e1b9d0c323805ae7c78d8Edwin Flores — Bug 945864 - Remove buggy MediaOmxReader::GetBuffered method override r=cpearce
3d91cf68775992a326fd28fa57842ad9c4a9d8b2Kyle Huey — Bug 957693: Check the state of the sync loop after processing control runnables, which might cause the world to shift underneath us. r=bent
0ba9486e1c50f6789435779caf2a4cba6d43c7b3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
0928cbf5f9a41d0269160fa6c6df2241e84f6378Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
e2f3827a2f441cd3509b86c6546fd7617b0a5764Andrea Marchesini — Bug 959190 - [URL API] stringify href attribute, r=bz
481e4766030eefc867a29701d37007c3796e696bCameron McCormack — Bug 959016 - Add lldb Python command handlers for debugging Gecko, starting with frametree and frametreelimited. (DONTBUILD) r=ehsan
1a1968da61b32a7dee6f1c08c15f7de9e825ec77Mike Hommey — Bug 950298 - Make the js build system use top-level as its root objdir. r=gps
d2d3bfbb75a677e55535d15f2e110526587a2acfMike Hommey — Bug 956597 - Package mozwebidlcodegen and gyp in the js source archive. r=gps
278aae1507a8f530dc87f504862940d512099de7Mike Hommey — Bug 957919 - Remove config/asencode.cpp. r=ted
a91130616d8308883d11e17b1469d2b55b7a165eSteven Michaud — Bug 722676 - View menu item stays selected when returning from opened window. r=josh
0bfe8d0cc4352668abaa5e619c660dddb08a4af1Patrick McManus — bug 266532 - addons with broken OnDataAvailable contract break http channel progress offsets (reland) r=jduell
135a5b7ba6d95e27ab873274e0d7f37154ab56a9Patrick McManus — bug 959172 - double SpdySession::CleanupStream r=hurley
140e8fc2cf651f659fc83bc5abaf9d76dcabe878Nathan Froyd — Bug 958262 - reduce space required by JSPropertySpec; r=till,bz,Waldo
4d982bf3158d20ed5fe768e02bf65231fe621a42Nicholas D. Matsakis — Bug 953270 - Canonicalize NaN on lane access r=till
7ec95f288a57590c6a36166e768ca62b614e8b18Boris Zbarsky — Bug 957929. Pass undefined, not null, as the this value to callbacks if no other value is provided. r=peterv
7770d2e633b13db1ce671f48b0e1b4b90e371781Boris Zbarsky — Bug 952365. Add a TreatNonObjectAsNull annotation for WebIDL callback functions and use it for event handlers, since web sites depend on assigning non-callable objects to them in some cases. r=peterv
863b9cd6c44deef792909adaff2c4343a547418eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 957479. Make pushState work correctly after r=smaug
4142d03082e1a76483be6b6736539edd749103efBoris Zbarsky — Bug 881487. Make anchor scrolls on wyciwyg documents work correctly. r=smaug
Mon Jan 13 23:00:42 2014 +0000
f356b409d710727b5a531dbe1275eb9b5e697241Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets 1b892043a386 and 0e14b3468b94 (bug 923304) and changeset 2e2c276950b9 (bug 950129) for xpcshell failures.
Mon Jan 13 21:47:33 2014 +0000
1b892043a386a04098927466cbec6892f3383a23Brian Smith — Bug 923304, Part 2: Adjust EV tests, r=keeler
0e14b3468b944b59b9275d39469bcbc37843d890Brian Smith — Bug 923304, Part 1: Add test for OCSP response signed by CA that has an OCSP URI, r=keeler, r=briansmith
2e2c276950b91b1eec31db74cff8f7d2b7826363Brian Smith — Bug 950129: Make OCSP fetching policy for OCSP response signing certificates consistent, r=wtc, r=rrelyea