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Wed Nov 25 21:49:09 2020 +0000
ab363427bb1a0e72cb010f3647cfaa12a0d8a30bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1679202 - Make next_transform into a Option<Box<_>>. r=aosmond default tip
8a01da8b0d893c16f58da18f55bb6fc1d82f61bdJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1679202. Append the transform after construction instead of before. r=aosmond
d5ecbd2bae0f2033967d1b2b1e81570ca5e36461sotaro — Bug 1676505 - Add WebRenderBridgeParentRef instead of WebRenderBridgeParent's WeakPtr r=nical
2ea9be1f647879977bede1396666c9e4985fd8c6André Bargull — Bug 1679142: Add fast path for ints below base*base to NumberToStringWithBase. r=arai
6e656ac10bf42233f86bbdbd450b0622d7c3a731stransky — Bug 1678324 [Linux] Check GdkScreen before we use it, r=jhorak
66652fd0a9b8ff6f95c2e13e3d29e616974dfb8estransky — Bug 1675764 [Wayland] Don't use screen sharing preview with PipeWire, r=jib
b43a33fe02b12393ffd0a4f264d84672a727e38cstransky — Bug 1675764 [Wayland] Use explicit PipeWire entry at screen sharing dialog when PipeWire is used, r=dminor,jib,johannh
78ef1dbccb7a19fdfe31c79425b380401cf73f83Martin Stransky — Bug 1663273 - Update shape mask setup, r=rmader
99e75de2454e4c0443357616ccf55e627e905cf4Tim Nguyen — Bug 1677247 - Followup: reformat downloads.css a bit. DONTBUILD
12ead8ec653044ff347bfb8f68d68ceff945fb3aKartik Gautam — Bug 1677247 - Replace :not(:is(X)) with :not(X) in the codebase. r=emilio
e26cb84a7b3689b020dced9b383e54256a452643longsonr — Bug 1679206 - Use nsPlaceholderFrame::GetRealFrameForPlaceholder in ViewportFrame.cpp r=emilio
Wed Nov 25 09:43:48 2020 +0000
85b08b0e3773d694395e31e40cc7d6b4e901bf0cMakoto Kato — Bug 1678962 - Add Hiragino Sans to r=jfkthame
f35224f56cd5c742d78151e93954a797444cdfa5Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1645528) for leakcheck failures on nsTArray. CLOSED TREE
df3577321bfeee4e2536eb7f3e614ac0a3f94569Robert Mader — Bug 1645528 - Code cleanups r=mattwoodrow
fbc13c3ea551857c041949b7b5d1f7d611e58d42Robert Mader — Bug 1645528 - Connect nsRefreshDrivers in content processes with a widget-local vsync source r=mattwoodrow,emilio
b5ae7e8827d4db332d408309cab63d132c9403ffEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1679009 - Simplify some getters in CSSPseudoElement and KeyframeEffect. r=hiro
59216bd2227a27dcde934e96c9574415309d6413Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1679050 - Backed out changeset 73181c2aa309 (bug 1455479) for having too many false positives. r=backout,a=NarcisB
b3cfc083d322fcdc52d125eaf5c6af5c07350d31Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 1f42c376724d (bug 1645528) for leakcheck failures on nsTArray. CLOSED TREE
1f42c376724db880e20a9a5285a1ab063f814f3aRobert Mader — Bug 1645528 - Connect nsRefreshDrivers in content processes with a widget-local vsync source r=mattwoodrow,emilio
cb700708fe360e02f984ed8b2e74e2e745d3e68dEmilio Cobos Alvarez — Bug 1679156 - Disable "Current Page" checkbox in the Windows print dialog. r=bobowen
b00d0302bdccd3c798c04cb75ad3a724e4220404Tom Schuster — Bug 1675240 - Stop using CallNonGenericMethod for RegExp.prototype getters. r=arai
83fee3b90d283edc2a604a8ab3a651ece69a35b2Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1679180 - qcms: Remove some unneeded unsafe and extern "C". r=aosmond
44c6059d3345e1804361133c1d78fa6b658c21deDzmitry Malyshau — Bug 1655357 - Disable use of external textures on macOS in WebGPU r=aosmond
Tue Nov 24 21:22:34 2020 +0000
b9e7fd3542fbbef8df76b93100106e2deadfee7aJim Blandy — Bug 1678108: Invalidate DisplayItemCache entries when nsDisplayItem::RestoreState makes a change. r=miko
20a6e3ad662fd3cea506501fb021f551e69bc356Robert Mader — Bug 1669275 - [WR/EGL/X11] Use GLX vsyncsource on mesa. r=stransky
8ec50232ea5541b34962a496abaff720ebd81a73André Bargull — Bug 1662977: Allow "maximumFractionDigits" option in Intl.NumberFormat to be less than the default minimum fraction digits. r=yulia
7fc74cb51fe135346bed315653ad3199006771deAndré Bargull — Bug 1670062: Support "collation" option in Intl.Collator constructor. r=yulia
af5961b71885ba435663b28ea5a1a1a0890b1451Jan Horak — Bug 1662552 Don't use temp filename in the print dialog when using flatpak; r=stransky
9bd811113be865c31957b1a04cbc141ea88e841eJan Horak — Bug 1675312 Fix flatpak detection; r=stransky
a888688ae24e9f1cff73187344da40d61e19b703Martin Stransky — Bug 1550074 - Firefox doesn't restart after being updated via package manager on Linux, r=jhorak
3274b3c7076256956443fe5c198f43707607fc3eMagnus Melin — Bug 1679148 - declare template for ParamTraits, so that Thunderbird builds succeed. r=sg
3c7c2938225c4a23d2f4adca50eb3ae573d41308longsonr — Bug 1678947 - check placeholder frame is not null r=emilio
d1fb8464882b863baafadb13e7aa4c8baf27dd5eMagnus Melin — Bug 1673931 - reinstate nsContentUtils #include "nsIURIWithSpecialOrigin.h" which is used by Thunderbird. r=sg DONTBUILD
602698f55496859c91b6d35626bef64d6ecae962Csoregi Natalia — Backed out changeset cf796da336c8 (bug 1678310) due to causing memory crashes. CLOSED TREE
f6f29c9cc744bff2c94903bed8b625c8cbac9118Florent Viard — Bug 1674622 - Fixes timings/time fields for har import/export; r=bomsy
cf796da336c815407d7e191266f1d923215e4e21Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1678310: Expose siteOriginNoSuffix on nsIPrincipal r=baku
3d3d8e8473ffd72c1ffc93834bed6db8bc813c4dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1676999 - P2. Disable windows hardware acceleration if the RDD crashed. r=mattwoodrow,mjf
ab085905410d41a70703c08f9941ec815faaa73dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1676999 - P1. Remove preference. r=bobowen