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Fri Aug 27 23:42:15 2010 +0000
0886ad6e6aaa2c33e7ad319d1b80aa0f3f35c9e8Robert O'Callahan — Bug 584193. Allow print preview to work without its own widget. r=smaug a=blocking beta5
7804b5cf4313ff729f2de821f3ccec73c6f46486Robert O'Callahan — Bug 130078. Part 2. Remove widgets from all subframes. r=dbaron
687b70fea4d0a4c534d1eb94b8d9923661ea592eJim Mathies — Bug 130078. Part 1.1. Update part 1 to deal with changes from bug 513162. r=roc
ffacf623a9dff5f35e5e65334e64d6969f33a0acRobert O'Callahan — Bug 130078. Part 1. Hookup view managers unconditionally. r=dbaron
4722b491cd0da4c979d82fe38d9acf1f73586487Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590468. Part 6: Fix setting of nsDisplayList::mOpaque, and return it from nsDisplayWrapList::IsOpaque. r=tnikkel
28bf7628f0f1cfe75c9dfa32b9847c40e9683327Karl Tomlinson — b=590468 use window background color for browser-bottombox to make it opaque r=dao
3c4fcfc05f4b0b32844a5f4153c3d2b18e3c86f1Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590468. Part 4: Make Windows theme aware that scrollbars and status bars are always opaque. r=jmathies
8710a458ac697d9f22f6158a5e8e5b83c63300c4Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590468. Part 3: Make Cocoa theme aware that statusbars are always opaque. r=joshmoz
60a5f8010d91abcaaa404d5a63b12f50a4740618Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590468. Part 2: Mark browser "bottombox" as having its own layer(s). r=dao
6f2158e6ac2d49d0da2ee7cbb3435a9d503d2f91Robert O'Callahan — Bug 590468. Part 1: Add support for XUL 'layer' attribute. r=tnikkel sr=vlad
be60f89d06baf8982fb790bada1535f1a4b585d3Robert O'Callahan — Bug 574621. Ensure that the prescontext DefaultBackgroundColor is painted on the background of root content documents. r=tnikkel
8ac6b17eab3eae735171631fbb733f563c30b02eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 587944. Save and restore the target frame when we dispatch a synth mouse enter/exit event. r=smaug
71668d2c8ad55db319afe2f8a9014b1e0d81d23bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 588693. Bump assertion count for editor/libeditor/html/crashtests/448329-3.html. r=ehsan
fa55d98c6552d6d69b4250d54e2026ea9ec86f83Timothy Nikkel — Bug 588684. Mark layout/reftests/svg/objectBoundingBox-and-fePointLight-01.svg as failing on Linux. r=dbaron
b5f8848cbfb06898bb15b224264d628921adc2ceTimothy Nikkel — Bug 590403. If we are asked to create a similar surface and our underling surface isn't valid just return null. r=jmuizelaar
367fc2d376427bbf48f8286686476dc8adb83329Timothy Nikkel — Bug 587960. XUL trees can have their methods called at werid times, so guard against that in test. r=roc
bf46bf07a868bb826efe7356ac6d63afbb993a85Timothy Nikkel — Bug 549799. Open the hover test in a new window so things in the chrome don't trigger reflows during the test. r=roc
84bb94187b868ea3991a3c70143552a80e31bc0bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 577579. Add a nsIDOMWindowUtils method to send a mouse event to the window directly instead of via the toplevel window. r=roc