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Fri Feb 04 04:14:54 2011 +0000
ed958cdc83961766749b7b0d0f7ae415e9b77905Blake Kaplan — Bug 630716 - Use a better method of comparing URIs for determining whether two compartments are same origin. r=bzbarsky, r=gal, a=blocker
d37f71235123ed544df53da2fe8dc11b3c0ed659Blake Kaplan — Bug 629331 - Fix handling of class getters with slotful values. r=gal, r=brendan, a=blocker
95fa72a8e8ab387ae57d177addfa9b93f1873170Jim Mathies — Bug 628872 - BBC iplayer fullscreen function broken in FF4 beta 9, 10 and nightly builds., a=blocker