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Sun May 24 21:20:21 2020 +0000
3334d8dff757051c7a359818e0ceb5ad7852fdbcLee Salzman — Bug 1640401 - only enable WR font sanitization in nightly. r=jrmuizel
a901f321fdc8685898e5ca36cfb08f3735a9f904Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1640018 - Set fetch/stale-while-revalidate/revalidate-not-blocked-by-csp.html expectations for beta and release. r=baku DONTBUILD
af3f94c1cf2d0ebda9ecc274d9181e4ffb521c63Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1640020 - Set post-redirect-stacktrace.https.html as returning an error on beta and release. r=baku DONTBUILD
7ce1fc0e8368739a4bf87c9ca95dc164725c541fegao — Bug 1637463 - support loading of runtime information for a specific suite r=ahal
ffa30311305cd8a595736cdf4e77ddfef3b9ac90egao — Bug 1637463 - update manifest runtime information with new schema for all platforms r=ahal
588155fb515a1e3e862fa3eade684e470fa335caegao — Bug 1637463 - writeruntimes script to output runtime information into nested dictionary r=ahal
329c282c8bff82600c9714f164ebefc871f4645eNeil Deakin — Bug 1640245, remove frame script and message manager from workers tests, r=baku
0d1da700b7da419d59b60374213f45d8a83c426aNeil Deakin — Bug 1640227, remove frame script from the test browser_contentSearchUI.js and replace with BrowserTestUtils functions and SpecialPowers.spawn, r=adw
9d20feaf9a5492c3b27dea01b4293defafcdc7c6Neil Deakin — Bug 1640240, remove message manager usage from browser_test_focus_after_modal_state.js, r=smaug
66cbc5a786e212e734d60fac21b5a99e781d3b86Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1640493 - stop including dropmarkers in all toolbarbuttons, r=mak
95bbae3c48f9c37f0841c34a9373f568d0572519Tilden Windsor — Bug 1614477 - Replaced deprecated dxr links with searchfox links. r=sylvestre
f4424a8a020d3db672e007f2676acd3111f8038dBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 46fe0af8f03d (bug 1638502) for browser_trrSelect.js failures CLOSED TREE
b32ad3762d7d64aa0c1ed07f81cb058c8a7b041cNicklas Boman — Bug 1432090 - [CSD] Button layout not according to settings - Widget background work r=emilio
46fe0af8f03dadf116cb3cf8a86377d594b2a7acNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1638502 - [DoH] Persist TRR-selection dry-run result. r=valentin,johannh
6191dcf6f130dd30fe25b93836231b0d122bc3e9Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1636273. Fix calculation of scroll position in AsyncPanZoomController::HandleDragEvent. r=kats,botond