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Tue May 28 01:51:52 2013 +0000
1d6a04be8c0f91865c2fc844c79314450ed580edJoshua Cranmer — Bug 868285 - Fix static checking builds, part 4: kill dehydra stack checking tests. r=bsmdberg
978ca38a477cc6f8ce7964f369dcb0418797fd67Joshua Cranmer — Bug 868285 - Fix static checking builds, part 3: actually check js/src. r=glandium
44f3413b9bc69e68b5f278379d35eabfbcd5855dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 868285 - Fix static checking builds, part 2: Add MOZ_NONHEAP_CLASS. r=ehsan
68a574b285671e66fc6d15f370187073c2003537Joshua Cranmer — Bug 868285 - Fix static checking builds, part 1: infer MOZ_STACK_CLASS. r=bsmedberg
ed6e88a93ca0a3f691f4f8b2c5f36faf49f4ade9Andrea Marchesini — Bug 874252 - Leak with expando on a DOMError, r=khuey
8eaffb059ef50c8c9e6121c69a91753724e519efJustin Lebar — Bug 857412 - Try to fix intermittent orange in browserElement_SendEvent.js by unregistering our test event listener after we're done testing. r=vingtetun
e6c4dcde4ffe708060ba70c83b91ed228049824cAndrew McCreight — Bug 874583 - Use NS_IMPL_CYCLE_COLLECTION_INHERITED_n in more places. r=smaug
6d43a8c88ddcf2feac7949975c46895ac75aea73Andrew McCreight — Bug 874258 - Warn if we run shutdown CC more than twice. r=smaug
2741e5cccc8c41b6273db65e99d52abc742486f2Andrew McCreight — Bug 873764 - Assert when CC runner isn't properly shut down. r=khuey
b5e5bba18a44e052bc90ae17d91c6144b429fdc2Julian Seward — Bug 872649 - Pass MOZ_FRAMEPTR_FLAGS to the NSPR subconfigure. r=ted.
7e189fc274a70bd509603b63411cd1f65ee08704Shane Caraveo — bug 860421 fix intermittent chatwindow test failure, r=felipe
982dafef356cded9708b3dd20bf93da1c73bc3a6Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to a CLOSED TREE m-i
be20fd09cec6872d87cb980806c9735489836122Malini Das — Bug 857582 - send mouse events if we can't send touch events, r=jgriffin
e5a354146ebf867c1d9fe22eb115f05743feddb5Hannes Verschore — Backout backout 2bb75f6d6877 (Bug 875276).
9b506405f66fab860c40a2eefe562d59d68d9fc7Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
8de86a61424904ac9f8159487d5ad16613e65b08Kannan Vijayan — Bug 870200 - Fix typeobject assignment to rest-argument arrays. r=bhackett
2bb75f6d687794919ad211e06be232d6bc9acc13Hannes Verschore — Backout 4370f503d69f (Bug 875276).
1ab5cdb9d252075df4f965fd0cd7a1a4a95cd7bcVladimir Vukicevic — Backed out changeset fd25fb9e951e and 0f0c080ed1ba (bug 843599) for mac debug assertion failures on a CLOSED TREE
f1992b1f5c42a74b101f3a9285b3345f23c8ddbdKannan Vijayan — Backout a17bb92b2d52 for bustage, CLOSED TREE.
291792974254b70a3029c476aaeb6d39921b71c0Mathieu Bultel — Bug 773159 - Add support for returning the title and type of the active chrome window, r=mdas
fd25fb9e951e5b07a0966f554b3b6ba83dcbf287Vladimir Vukicevic — b=843599, followup -- use MOZ_WIDGET_GONK, not MOZ_B2G, to fix desktop b2g builds
a17bb92b2d528a06029ac0af3b552b046929be00Kannan Vijayan — Bug 870200 - Fix typeobject assignment to rest-argument arrays. r=bhackett
dd8f0acfc948cb2dd7628cec549f91186f721800Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 726933 - Add a deprecation warning to getPreventDefault. r=smaug
0f0c080ed1bafe83c3b0a596711659339a0957bfVladimir Vukicevic — b=843599; use gralloc buffers for WebGL streaming on B2G; r=nical,jgilbert,jrmuizel