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Fri May 22 09:43:16 2020 +0000
fbf71e4d2e2142f823ac5d64679448443e25ec99Butkovits Atila — Backed out changeset 09ccf334001b (bug 1592416) for causing bug 1640077 to fail.
3afdf3a5bec4902b80f5e67d93ca9f7f9f12edbdGlenn Watson — Bug 1637953 - Fix picture caching with redundant nested scroll roots r=Bert,jrmuizel
99a82cb34de1fb50533829a271506d94da191744Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset ee9c7714e513 (bug 1639606) for browser_download_open_with_internal_handler.js failures CLOSED TREE
3d2f5e8bb67eb2a6c11f64bc6096f6f5a9f4a737Bogdan Tara — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1639563) for gfx related bustages CLOSED TREE
cffc2f23fdbd7515493d4a1fdc21e410bf982f2fTom Prince — Bug 1639955: Use prefix for geckodriver toolchain artifacts; r=aki
8b12cbd16f0608b5bef1bbd8cf26d8d129e1e538Tom Prince — Bug 1639955: Include `toolchain-artifact` in the cached-task digest; r=aki
58f80ec5f2af040f8a3f0fb92db1923179f88c94Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1637067. Add reftest, adjust fuzz expectations of existing test. r=jrmuizel
80fd72570c40b2c14324462646a26052eebc4c7aTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1637067. Make the StackingContextHelper constructor handle transforms that cannot be drawn 2d the same as ChooseScale. r=jrmuizel
14b1591d2a170964a6a0c5e198f0c49fce900e5eTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1637067. Use the same kind of preserve3d in the StackingContextHelper constructor as in ChooseScale. r=jrmuizel
63b7f29fb954642022320b64d7fc208675ab30f4Chris AtLee — Bug 1637381: Fix reference to old tarball for win64-clang-tidy r=glandium
ee9c7714e513f09f8f829c626d7301662ba475e0Jared Wein — Bug 1639606 - Downloads that are set to launchWhenSucceeded with an external application should not get handled internally, unless an attempt has already been made to launch externally. r=Gijs
f952cd9d37fbb0288b687cbb5eff98233790ce48Aaron Klotz — Bug 1639391: Do not call nsWindow::GetAttention for top-level windows being shown during session restore; r=mhowell
cdc1527ee98f11e9ff8c97b9c23efb6c1e95e1c7Justin Wood — Bug 1640057 - Make condition profile fetch use the correct directory (en-US from shippable). r=aki
095d17ab204cf3c9bdffcf5f3fb7748ab08bd497Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 7cdd5e64521e (bug 1456626) for build crash on nsJARChannel::OpenLocalFile CLOSED TREE
f395ce024843ace15398b05acde1d03fb425859bMike Hommey — Bug 1636574 - Fixup for configure lint happiness.
7054e490f0ce9a4fe79e7047dbde56c014eea223Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1638574 - Allow to use widl when cross-compiling clang-cl builds. r=glandium
5cf4772a76c18ed44a60768d102f9f4adaf5774aJunior Hsu — Bug 1638172 - avoid name hiding for handling multipart channel in HttpChannelChild, r=mayhemer
70b3b48718bd7c0d99203b84134699d54f4c34fbMike Hommey — Bug 1636574 - Do not actually inject early options from mozconfig. r=rstewart
f80f8407c15c4e496a2c842ea6e17dc3a98799bdMike Hommey — Bug 1639569 - Define PYTHON3 in old-configure. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,rstewart
7cdd5e64521e1f67aa626464142a80eaaa6a4f29Emma Malysz — Bug 1456626, use dedicated background thread for nsJARChannel::asyncOpen to avoid blocking r=valentin,michal,froydnj
1785974f69f21f44e54a644440d439925d1f8fe3Lina Cambridge — Bug 1638927 - Replace `lazy_static` with `once_cell` in XULStore. r=froydnj
89d99941f3af28b7faf6570a20c584652d876c59Lina Cambridge — Bug 1638927 - Replace dedicated `XULStore` persistence thread with background tasks. r=KrisWright
57f8b5fcbbdae3b691642052d101b9804582eb94J.C. Jones — Bug 1636656 - land NSS 527a1792be4e UPGRADE_NSS_RELEASE, r=kjacobs
13c6ff0fdb29eec127d89c9c42293608bc088e58Barret Rennie — Bug 1603185 - Collect per tab unique site origin telemetry r=Dexter,Gijs,nika
55761a2d367b46b7a85e9cb0b34f075cd8e5dc78Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1639224 - Verify signature if local timestamp is in the future r=Gijs
c413912c4f0e15c7ab69283d3a7cdcd2b7a7cb3dCosmin Sabou — Bug 1639815 - Fix for win asan build bustages. r=glandium
75cccddb6e1448409a1f1ee6cdb6b9dc587b244bCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 578ecaa1f863 (bug 1638313) for devtools failures on browser_net_filter-01.js.
9c093019ca11bf458195ffaeea63fe4f6a6746a8Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1639684 - Report server_error on HTTP 5XX when polling for changes r=rdalal
943fe621074459d34144ab7c0af07d7443ba5aedMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-strip and --enable-install-strip to python configure. r=nalexander
dc731fd750fc03ba51f96ea5061ba352304bdc04Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --disable-icf to python configure. r=froydnj
b33846644c52a8965fbcf6ae74308d597430c28fMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-dtrace to python configure. r=froydnj
650751e6df05ecf9d48c720cc48993a4b0a89014Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-cpp-rtti to python configure. r=froydnj
bd8867b35eeeea17a8607f2519d186f1692f9fedMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-readline to python configure. r=froydnj
b719a4f5a39f8d0dd8a0c4bf9870ad641aee7afeMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --with-sixgill to python configure. r=froydnj
a98fde98a836ac69aa7b1fedf3616ab969c3b8a0Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --with-qemu-exe and --with-cross-lib to python configure. r=froydnj
b2c8de06588675f9afe0d580e118a6f8591dc8c2Lee Salzman — Bug 1639563 - sanitize WR fonts. r=jrmuizel
43abf0a9602a925e6a96b6510e8cb6197c32f5a2Lee Salzman — Bug 1639563 - factor out gfxOTSContext into reusable header file. r=jfkthame
0261162195643a968c73bdeffa0d8db3bfd38aecBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset d9a39c63e40e (bug 1624909) for Pivot.h related bustages CLOSED TREE
156314339700c9c4e60d7ee26ead6d6df54df1c8Ted Campbell — Bug 1639898 - Use volatile in CheckCanonicalNaN. r=iain
ed3c28387f3abedc3067be0f86c5861672810e57Ted Campbell — Bug 1639898 - Cleanup NaN code for JS::Value. r=iain
d9a39c63e40e11af2cc13304f28b4a00fafc1dc5Morgan Reschenberg — Bug 1624909: Create and maintain radio siblings array for position information. r=eeejay
320ad722da7f659f55a146ee4e2b5c0b0699557fBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 440612f47d83 (bug 1638172) for HttpChannelParent.cpp related bustages CLOSED TREE
8be6868381828e323d97d6200afe35b1d2fe1b68Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1630919 - Do not throttle an effect due to opacity if the frame is animating opacity itself. r=hiro
440612f47d83dffb36cbf342c8d349e86f13e6b6Junior Hsu — Bug 1638172 - avoid name hiding for handling multipart channel in HttpChannelChild, r=mayhemer
9556c4aaac772dd0bd82273e7babd78f37544fdaPunam Dahiya — Bug 1638101 - Multistage about:welcome Get Started and Import Settings UI r=Mardak
2a7c97cba7b771617db81eb31244bcf1c500213eMasayuki Nakano — Bug 1639824 - Make `OKInputPaneManager` warn only when `TryShow()` and `TryHide()` fail, we're active and we get unexpected result r=m_kato
578ecaa1f86310fe37259ab4b659bc79b13ce900Junior Hsu — Bug 1638313 - Let devtool show CORS rejected requests correctly, r=necko-reviewers,mayhemer
2f986e133acccb499abf835b6d3984a0f10b2c0aLee Salzman — Bug 1639385 - add memory reporter for NativeFontResource data. r=jrmuizel
3c7935c7c72718a12c0fd3529139be27c26cd48cHarry Twyford — Bug 1639917 - Disabling browser.urlbar.richSuggestions.tail should hide all tail suggestions. r=mak
2a8a0e281e27cb5547720d2591531f984b57b9d6Bogdan Tara — Backed out 7 changesets (bug 1639815) for --disable-install-strip related bustages CLOSED TREE
f837b20bc36dc1fa752cf431779c028f7f6caf3fSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1635826 - platform docs: improve the list of platforms r=marco DONTBUILD
bfb47f89a9413701d8bf7ca587f593a1251862f0Jared Wein — Bug 1610081 - Show a border between the sidebar and the content area in about:addons and about:preferences when prefers-reduced-motion is enabled to help users with visual tearing migraines. r=Gijs
f56a395fb0689ed86de46fa3c875008dee488bfaRyan Hunt — Bug 1621645 - Tests: Drop wasm proposals that have merged and update pinned commits. r=lth
44d7d84902b45f915eff8e52eec572409efa31e0Ryan Hunt — Bug 1638446 - Change wasm start function to not pre-declare a valid ref.func index. r=lth
edddd94f6da24b685987ed9243c616adc7807586Ryan Hunt — Bug 1638446 - Remove bottom type from wasm validation. r=lth
b249a6de576d8dc9959cd65ac43bec227499f5c1Mats Palmgren — Bug 1639664 - Allow 'opacity' on ::first-letter/::first-line pseudos. r=emilio
04a1388fc17d77914e3196c7616ec8f25754ef3aMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-strip and --enable-install-strip to python configure. r=nalexander
d48eea557b6db5ada1dbb041d5f23e3a22d1da34Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --disable-icf to python configure. r=froydnj
6fba10f61bd281045b292791cffdf314b5215f8aMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-dtrace to python configure. r=froydnj
cfb945f6c82f2a8eccee869895f65b342afd351aMike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-cpp-rtti to python configure. r=froydnj
16447c6787497e93ed133018a58da018e449c3c4Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --enable-readline to python configure. r=froydnj
89475adf15b6407aca0d1061b09e92a6673196a9Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --with-sixgill to python configure. r=froydnj
94877a07905449afb0dac9c6426c6c47bf870e49Mike Hommey — Bug 1639815 - Move --with-qemu-exe and --with-cross-lib to python configure. r=froydnj
d1343cbbfca37e4651a7e3179197b5c4b68c8841sotaro — Bug 1639874 - Fix YCbCrTextureClientAllocationHelper::IsCompatible() r=jrmuizel
78e1e47675dc093169b753b9e9735da4a2a1ef54Aaron Klotz — Bug 1634585: Return a rejected promise instead of nullptr from mozilla::GetProcInfo on Android; r=geckoview-reviewers,agi
6f615c38b59464498ca3a89284685cad07551a01Bob Clary — Bug 1639886 - Allow the Backstop optimization strategy to be used outside of the test optimization, r=ahal.
00acf6329f85b69453113a1edbf0d904806c6e0dMike Conley — Bug 1639923 - Move new WebRTC UI strings from preview into the locales folder. r=Gijs,fluent-reviewers
8405ac2a305a16d869b0c0da87dc426df2633739Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1584890) for crashtest failures on 1608851.html. CLOSED TREE
6470dd78730775c6223da8ac9f4cb9edad68beb2Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 35f38c39f565 (bug 1630983) for newtab failures on TopSitesFeed.jsm. CLOSED TREE
fac6421d395d012e28c736a9035fed13fe0e598bMichael Kaply — Bug 1619658 - Add picture in picture policy. r=fluent-reviewers,mconley,flod
4b31e67c062b80e9091476fe0b4582c3ae5995f3Cosmin Sabou — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1619658) for xpc and linting failures.
95be09f031e4928ef5808f9b05ff54b48afd6438Ricky Stewart — Bug 1639986 - Add hack to bootstrap to install Python 2 on macOS r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,nalexander
53abd4bfccb4aa33bc82dda93c5d00df8bc67b8aRob Wu — Bug 1633968 - Tests to verify the tab parameter of menus.onShown r=rpl
885cb126af2f9a58bd689a647479438ffd18ddaeRob Wu — Bug 1633968 - Use TabContextMenu.contextTab in ext-menus r=rpl
741e5111fa4019d8d2ba3a80c72521c6a8590f2aNick Alexander — Bug 1629636 - Make Windows install not register "ftp" protocol handler for NIGHTLY_BUILD. r=mhowell
313152f639d8331d0dec62368399ea335cd842ceNick Alexander — Bug 1506416 - Enable setting Firefox as default PDF reader on Windows. r=mhowell
e9369a667cd1888711d9c4a5691a38b6c4e3432dCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 7c21a5f6881c (bug 1639547) for frequent cppunit failures. CLOSED TREE
a5c5a7a3cf833a1b08d97cd7ebbbadf75be9a20cMichael Kaply — Bug 1619658 - Add picture in picture policy.
ff097baf211dee2eba829838180cfdc3082b50efCosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset a2078244558d (bug 1637953) as requested by :gw on slack.
ecb4bffa98bbd9f6f550a763cc65814f05c3a22aCosmin Sabou — Bug 1609024 - Un-skip browser_layoutHelpers.js on Linux as the test is fixed. a=test-only
b9d97c8a708eb0c8b567d352833884c3103b0afcJamie Nicol — Bug 1636085 - Unbind GL_TEXTURE_EXTERNAL_OES before binding GL_TEXTURE_2D. r=gw
fd143c3d9027c00237fd2054f75e91fb925942b2Drew Willcoxon — Bug 1398416 - Part 3: Implement form history results. r=mak
979cea3e1aa94b6234d7863df2f905d066329816Iain Ireland — Bug 1638154: Add is_int24 to shim r=tcampbell
1011b207d264908077a1ac1aeefbe28bc386dfdbIain Ireland — Bug 1638154: Refresh import r=tcampbell
a2078244558da928f2df9943595ab8ad03485c29Glenn Watson — Bug 1637953 - Fix picture caching with redundant nested scroll roots r=Bert,jrmuizel
b04340bad99d70638efda2e7d528e89df77e47c4Glenn Watson — Bug 1617524 - Fix crash in get_relative_transform edge case. r=jnicol
fdfb16cb82a6fd84f0ebc11e1545c429a7852989Michael Kaply — Bug 1619658 - Add picture in picture policy. r=fluent-reviewers,mconley,flod
e63cc7a1cbaa25c86c9a4130e9d5195e5752d45dAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1633866 - [taskgraph] Refactor logic around manifest chunking, r=egao
3265c120177ff5e7cfe35fd9ab165c7d74284106Ting-Yu Lin — Bug 1584890 Part 2 - Add reftests for position:fixed flex & grid root element. r=dholbert
057922187f3daa2396c04828dee2baeb895865bcTing-Yu Lin — Bug 1584890 Part 1 - Use nsFrameConstructorState::AddChild() to construct out-of-flow flex or grid container as the root element. r=dholbert
a52fc20a6c06a6e74e62a87aebc3ae5d3593ed07Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1639905 - Derive parse for ShapeRadius. r=boris
97c335c0d79f429f33831f39b974df1ab1132fedEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1639905 - Derive parse for TextOverflowSide. r=boris
b55f7e60274403af65725021ef85361137846f4bEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1639905 - Clean up parsing of UnicodeRange. r=jwatt
8b1bfe0d44265063bf65677a2c37a1ebed0dc397Scott — Bug 1606276 - Spocs from cache load optimization r=gvn
9c5b9c33920bd312f86167e9577a028e980a4678Aaron Klotz — Bug 1630229: Part 8 - Stop throwing AssertionError for binding of defunct ServiceAllocator.InstanceInfo; r=geckoview-reviewers,owlish
f350b8dff15db04d352d92aa8f46465aae5057ecLina Cambridge — Bug 1639942 - Correctly register `Extension-Storage` engine alternatives. r=tcsc
67745f2dd84827d30f654d75766351ff788f5114Nicolas Silva — Bug 1637112 - Add a wrench reftest. r=mstange.
b57a096b5ba4955abe131079820801457ee397afNicolas Silva — Bug 1637112 - Don't draw border-image segments with zero slice size. r=mstange
c8e34e81ac8a1e359a64cc94ebeeb9132989a413Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset e562d64f2bf9 (bug 1630229) for lints failure on CLOSED TREE
33b80df7aede00a42c87809875e8d5d9cf91bb96Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1639305 - Fix beta simulation failure in browser_webconsole_promise_rejected_object.js. r=evilpie.
b7aa40fd2d2a8bcea543524957f23ccd8783b016Tom Schuster — Bug 1639839 - Log when snapshotting IC stubs fails. r=iain
15c7977477482783098ffa5f9648c94534e53081Tom Schuster — Bug 1639839 - Warp: Transpile JSOp::New. r=jandem
66087bb120a4c7a9119d48378414d8c41007a744Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1578594 - Unskip browser_webconsole_warning_group_multiples.js on fission. r=ladybenko.
22855ae7fa00090156980b190ba9a9e3f039747aSid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - use resolvable URL in extension html_detail_view test. r=mstriemer
cb1683a32099fd87cfa713fe4129d8ba523d0255Sid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - use resolvable URL in browser decoderDoctor test. r=jaws
d643f8c4a1a1a9bf1b213c1c3cbc6ff20d981c34Sid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - use resolvable URL in fxaccounts browser chrome tests. r=rfkelly
71cdc10cc95966181da62fd9a513630eae93ed14Sid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - Test that HTTPS is tried if typed host name doesn't respond via HTTP. r=smaug
9b6944448186998c76ac44bd453237f0935f99f4Sid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - add pref for fallback to https. r=smaug
11515373dbd222ff145ec96c39949203e2683f58Sid Stamm — Bug 1002724 - try https if http connections are rejected. r=smaug
40e834cc233c4744bba9b7e64ef9f7103a9e953ajf — Bug 1432725 - Make library window black when using preinstalled Dark Theme. r=dao
78bb6fa8acbc77de17ad51b22003127f41e3c104ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
e562d64f2bf9a26db09e338b701f98d11e1d2629Aaron Klotz — Bug 1630229: Part 8 - Stop throwing AssertionError for binding of defunct ServiceAllocator.InstanceInfo; r=geckoview-reviewers,owlish
7ded7f391f1b90c8ccc81bf151d289a802470317Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1609024 - Remove cache mechanism which is not very useful. r=hiro,snorp,mccr8
25949e2cd466c5031bf65338f8c2fb07f246a06cYura Zenevich — Bug 1638427 - pass highlight/unhilight props to accessibility panel components instead of using the accessibility walker directly. r=mtigley
ea5c6d4d3de83189c0b11bca9030a4f3e125c75eJohann Hofmann — Bug 1592544 - Enable browser_privatebrowsing_about.js on Fission. r=pbz
7c209c5db0267a0efb9fed1494b63e54029a9b2aJohann Hofmann — Bug 1596855 - Update browser_permmgr_sync.js for Fission. r=pbz
4675dce01d8b5baca47a1a7c938352677a383f16Jeff Gilbert — Bug 1639062 - Support RGBA in DrawTargetD2D1::OptimizeSourceSurface. r=jrmuizel
7c21a5f6881c6b46b5dde69b6e32b1078331e011André Bargull — Bug 1639547: Add override switch to startHandlingCompressionTasks. r=jonco
0d3c513a39faee2c95cc858d112d1efb69cf8928Kirk Steuber — Bug 1639669 - Adjust WDBA ping to make it easier to see when things have not changed r=mhowell
35f38c39f565fac8ebef96be470456861e514cbeDão Gottwald — Bug 1630983 - Allow the Amazon search tile to point to a URL from a pref instead r=Standard8
f8b708650d9a545dbd1a51fa8b14d32344c68b2fJonathan Kew — Bug 1639813 - Update OTS to upstream commit 6300460f76dbf1554a59dc1f20f52d5c2f5641e6 to clean up weird PSname that makes Core Text fail. r=lsalzman