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Mon Mar 27 21:21:48 2017 +0000
a6f35285bd1e674553527873614c55e0b7366bdbMason Chang — Bug 1350182 - Enable button border display items by default. r=ethlin
04bfc9efd61601638d9a91e777453a3a527dea59Kartikaya Gupta — Merge m-c to graphics
3b0e181ef22d141b0fa4deadd548b9a4f6adb4e5Nicolas Silva — Bug 1347641 - Implement the BlobImageRenderer binding glue. r=jrmuizel
3c44df6bb970d10a4a6c33e752056381d17db801Nicolas Silva — Bug 1347641 - Add MutByteSlice to pass mutable u8 slices across ffi. r=jrmuizel
ffaa5c07c861f443fb53d79f6f6702c6b5e566e8Nicolas Silva — Bug 1347641 - Add ByteSlice to pass constant u8 slices across ffi. r=jrmuizel
e68abb7ad48a79b5707889b7503d3e8418ec6468Ethan Lin — Bug 1348755 - Part2. Turn the pref on by default and set fuzzy for some reftests. r=mattwoodrow
0ad88ea3096bf15e3535f120e0210ccaba64c59cEthan Lin — Bug 1348755 - Part1. Handle clipping region for nsDisplayOutline. r=mattwoodrow
db0dbb918eeb06d3d5505070b91ac2197e3553eaKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1349949 - Convert another pref to an override pref as part of merging m-c to graphics. r=me
21025b310431b4e6088f10684acd04e751bac605Kartikaya Gupta — Merge m-c to graphics
8daa3df15945f07753d1fc9ad72d18146d4e2d75Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1349643 - Loosen thread assertion slightly. r=nical
dacaf12d5a5d12d9db177a4b925c0945d268c54bMason Chang — Bug 1350004. Expand number of allowed assertions because sometimes we get 3 instead of 2. r=masayuki
a61c5c0ac88bf104f0ccd1c92253f1138919c0f8Kartikaya Gupta — Back out cset 4b47e1e71f37 for having the wrong bug number. r=backout
4b47e1e71f378cba4ed5b66bb567da41d4fd0cd1Mason Chang — Bug 1331357. Expand number of allowed assertions because sometimes we get 3 instead of 2. r=masayuki
e299338a1e4f1289c451d18d5d94e03129ad3e44Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1335745 - Guard against a null rootPresContext. r=tnikkel
fabfa956af08398c59db5a2a051035bb36284b74Mason Chang — Bug 1349843 - Enable inset box shadows by default in webrender. r=jrmuizel
f39045b90aa9b12cefbe7842155471fe676be93fMason Chang — Bug 1348414 Always snapshot after no more paints are pending if WR is enabled. r=mattwoodrow