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Wed Apr 29 21:55:39 2020 +0000
bc0932b38478abd600cae2b23c5f78381e80d0e8Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 6feb116adffe (bug 1631799) for devtools/client/webconsole/test/browser/browser_webconsole_telemetry_reverse_search.js. CLOSED TREE
ec461276de070160880705f4860c1bea4a7188eaDorel Luca — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1602075) for Devtools failures in devtools/client/accessibility/test/browser/browser_accessibility. CLOSED TREE
1186bfb95124b562ce026f8f8667d3ed35d30e5bEric Rahm — Bug 1610067 - Remove nsAutoPtr. r=xpcom-reviewers,nika'
1360dbbd2d6d1c65543e1b868211c93d66f55963jayati — Bug 1634012 - Remove the browser.tabs.showAudioPlayingIcon pref.r=dao
02ec29a89e9db3c5a0736c736d05dc3488ed62a9Edwin Takahashi — Bug 1633536 - remove suite attribute from web-platform.yml r=jmaher
4d7dd79ef9ecb53704720b598b78e7f2741242b1Shane Caraveo — Bug 1630413 don't prompt for unlimitedStorage extension permission r=rpl
6be8e31c4ab4f9b1965e8c53b35d50daf50c0675Olli Pettay — Bug 1629751, WebNavigation's GetInterface isn't guaranteed to return non-null docshell, r=mconley
ea0374547549c2e17c49feb6fd06ac343c3d5cafDylan Roeh — Bug 1632231 - Fix potential crash by gracefully failing when GV tries to add/remove/check content blocking exceptions for invalid URIs. r=esawin
20a4d1902d33c843ea288b55dc6cf91049fb37f6Chris H-C — Bug 1627024 - Add a rust gtest for FOG r=janerik
8116282d442795d2b569a1411ce2b15b7e434604Lina Cambridge — No Bug - Improve rustdocs for `webext_storage_bridge`.
940c615059f4a4f88a7567b5ab766e3d4d33f964David Walsh — Bug 1630957 - Provide settings menu for debugger UI to allow disabling JavaScript r=jlast,Honza
6feb116adffe41e0ce0d27cb15bb81c10d764e6eNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1631799 - Fix order of command and its result message when server and client don't have the same clock time. r=jdescottes.
d6c51e1b3fb3a6795d98c3ee8f9563825e8d231cYura Zenevich — Bug 1602075 - make enable/disable panel UI conditional on the accessibility-panel-auto-init feature. r=mtigley
f9017a10e8dfe1dba1a974b310cfbd798480dd2bYura Zenevich — Bug 1602075 - handle can-be-disabled and can-be-disabled events in the MainFrame component instead of the Toolbar and Description respectively. r=mtigley
69d5ff6275a9740b8cdb97b91825fd8aa097a2caYura Zenevich — Bug 1602075 - add an accessibility-panel-auto-init feature to control the panel auto enabling functionality. r=mythmon,mtigley
40fd9c3229ab6c5acb2c2c9f5f0daab330033705Simon Giesecke — Bug 1634023 - Add deduction guides for Span. r=hsivonen
621abb21f4514045b9ce91a022e33f5a43837618Simon Giesecke — Bug 1634014 - Allow Span to be created from two Span iterators. r=hsivonen
8c2a3462aba2f269f8131480e882a970c912c5fbDaniel Varga — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1633514, bug 1626410) for xpcshell failures xpcshell at components/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_ext_settings_overrides_search_mozParam.js
987060b94b516700bee056edbd97b7646b02ef97Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 9804951497f9 (bug 1625363) for bustages complaining about nsAVIFDecoder.cpp CLOSED TREE
3b1e479e5db5a62ae91084cb25fbc0dd0cfbbfceBogdan Tara — Backed out changeset a38011a0bed3 (bug 1572377) for protectionsUI mochitest failures CLOSED TREE
9804951497f9b5b5a58b2eea8d0b4fbc8ff2d6ecJon Bauman — Bug 1625363 - AVIF (AV1 Image File Format): experimental support. r=aosmond,necko-reviewers,valentin
b54df3b14d13beaa0c7c3341796c5602a5e28fb2Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset 9b71539e316f (bug 1632098) for formautofill mochitest failures CLOSED TREE
05d9a649538f534f531736de9680a5c9de5b37caMark Banner — Bug 1626410 - Simplify the isAppProvided check for the modern search configuration. r=daleharvey
e5f8075c881ac76e790a7613b9c7e75d2c9260adMark Banner — Bug 1633514 - Rework test_paramSubstitution.js to work with WebExtensions rather than a manually added one. r=daleharvey
266b32a268d5530f8fde8596c284fd0fb97ba49aMark Banner — Bug 1633514 - Add SearchTestUtils.installSearchExtension to make testing search engine WebExtensions easier. r=daleharvey
3078e3882816cc2c072bfe985c6caf6e1c4d6736Ricky Stewart — Bug 1631399 - Use `std::make_unique` rather than `llvm::make_unique` in `MozsearchIndexer.cpp` r=emilio
b8f00e8150236bc34e44d11176df0b5a0e18acc7Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1633866 - [taskgraph] Call tasks 'tasks' rather than 'tests' in transforms, r=jmaher
d3423c8b31af95f8ea6e635e790e906a2f24ae0aKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1632941 - Treat elements with cursor:pointer CSS as event fluffing targets. r=emilio
8bd794936e275c1a39ba12ca1b38fceada9f52bbjulianwels — Bug 1631384 - Added upgrade exceptions for HTTPS Only Mode. r=ckerschb,necko-reviewers,valentin
0306492fe5a5500efe7bfce78bd6f1cfebdbbad3Bogdan Tara — Backed out changeset eeaa8ec71789 (bug 1610067) for bustages complaining about nsAutoPtr.h CLOSED TREE
bb3258d652a4b46f01097b231a055b2e0f97c7d4Itiel — Bug 1532172 - Fix separators in the context menu for downloaded files in the Library r=dao
94917b4ce0d1733c256260ea4295df61754953b6Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1633780: Use Promise.allSettled instead of Promise.any, since the latter is nightly-only right now. r=jib
141ae8fdb1f14a3347e3fe72e6523a73f607b7aeJulien Wajsberg — Bug 1629109 - Change the popup to 'custom' when changing it in about:profiling r=gregtatum
3a55bc9ddc647b4a3a9fbd149fbd2ca35881ca8dJulien Wajsberg — Bug 1629109 - Loop over all presets to display in about:profiling r=gregtatum
eeaa8ec71789c0f1d3abc681c612a8020b997165Eric Rahm — Bug 1610067 - Remove nsAutoPtr. r=xpcom-reviewers,nika'
a679259cce36acdf9ce0caf487af448cc6c0f320Adam Gashlin — Bug 1632463 - Part 2: Update WebBrowser.dll r=mhowell
9d8d97cc779770fc95d72e41077d52ed7cc2f514Adam Gashlin — Bug 1632463 - Part 1: Pass no window to ExecuteCodeSegment. r=mhowell
44e560ac78e8795178e8a618e73aa7b5b2a12d72Ciure Andrei — Backed out changeset 74edce9ec6a3 (bug 1633401) for hasStorageAccess.sub.window.html failures CLOSED TREE
12649f80b04b17c096b9bd6cae79fb2c601e1b83Bob Clary — Bug 1621754 - run mochitest-remote shippable but not opt on autoland, r=jmaher.
630482eeb9ccf500897d20332c8835ad87372ff0Bob Clary — Bug 1629039 - Limit --rebuild to 3 for mach try --full, r=jmaher.
194abeed612dbbd4cfc3014dd2816bb44abd4057Cosmin Sabou — Bug 1612100 - Update expectations for shape-outside-linear-gradient tests on win qr. r=kats
a38011a0bed3dc357a0ef16a9e3a18da11e22449luma — Bug 1572377 - Updating the protection panel only when the panel is opened or already opened. r=johannh
594b7e88632d370ed612fdb74ac94a03b4fc0710Marco Bonardo — Bug 1632582 - Reader Mode URLs are exposed when urlbar is focused. r=dao
4c39a93cab37a0befde2a73d7028e0d8603ce9efFrancesco Lodolo (:flod) — Bug 1633709 - Add ckb, hye, meh to Firefox Nightly builds r=Pike,Standard8
e74de2936854678247c2b56b21ee3c36c41f415aHarry Twyford — Bug 1633492 - Decouple retained results from openViewOnFocus pref. r=mak
4c523474446e0f8ccf631d23ea696b8508aaeb04Harry Twyford — Bug 1631281 - Show Top Sites regardless of suggest.openpage and suggest.bookmark pref values. r=adw
0c2cf91fb40418aa65cc1bf567f3f46d7de02853Lee Salzman — Bug 1633971 - comment SWGL's span rasterizer. DONTBUILD r=jimb
dd05e268e6ec0bad1ee3574f8e7eb92fc02535f4Dimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P6. Permission update in the parent process should only happen when the heurisitc is triggered by a first-party window r=timhuang,baku
6400cd18a2972f4eb48774b4dcc46325ad9ee109Dimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P5. Remove HasStoragePermission from WindowContext r=timhuang,baku
e2eb63c3ce5caf55069da424079d9ad293bf5999Dimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P4. ShouldAllowAccessFor use ContentBlocking::HasStorageAccessGranted r=timhuang,baku
747f90b27d59cd0e7e20131135570420e515fbfaDimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P3. Update storage access granted decision to all subframes with the same tracking origin. r=timhuang,baku
786f17810107b19355818a5300ca6387f38d08ccDimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P2. Add GetInnerWindow utility function to AntiTrackingUtils r=timhuang,baku
d96ffe342c9ed444717c412c77ed0a96f511f589Dimi Lee — Bug 1612376 - P1. Add UpdateStorageAccessGranted ipc method to PWindowGlobal r=timhuang,baku
8b824b3ef27f990b75987ff5429ce029444f0ce2Dão Gottwald — Bug 1634040 - Add test for discardBrowser removing potentially stale tab attributes. r=Gijs
5142b1244ac27bfd58035fb041754d91a01e3111Paul Adenot — Bug 1610437 - Only hard-pan the audio on older macbook pro. r=kinetik
878dc21be21147dd8e9f51a318aa72a92dd76d9eSimon Giesecke — Bug 1633809 - Suppress -Wpointer-bool-conversion in WrapNotNullUnchecked. r=miko
74edce9ec6a3c94bcb00410d66493eccc738738fTim Huang — Bug 1633401 - Make Document.HasStorageAccess fission compatible. r=baku
8609782d78d127c495269680a7054cad13167d42Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1633842 - Enable WR item cache r=jrmuizel
29ed956cc6c3a91db481750de108a8446d604286Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1633453 - Clear display item cache when the display list send fails or WR backend changes r=jrmuizel
a59c015f4369f818c77ec540cd9dbc5e2f9c5f88Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1628635: Update MDN compatibility data. r=rcaliman
d22dbc3857ec6078574161bb7230f425f23d5896Mike Conley — Bug 1630234 - Manually persist layout history state when process flipping. r=peterv
c680742a7917c052cc44cbe2a30cf49741a61f39Andrew Swan — Bug 1627336 Add Blocklist.jsm to browser_startup.js blacklist r=florian
3c481a4aa0815995625978e642ecd77fa75f10a2Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1623301 - Implement the custom ping API for FOG. r=chutten
38245c49aea72a342cbe3b189b998a3bc835f49dJan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1632150 - Implement the labeled boolean metric type for Project FOG. r=chutten,Dexter
9b71539e316fe92112e5afd94d1fbf2e3699d56aJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1632098 - P3. Enable the ParentProcessDocumentChannel. r=mattwoodrow
fa0f7359881f88cb36f6f8826d0599d6525eaa15Edgar Chen — Bug 1634017 - Pass BrowserParent, instead of nsFrameLoader, to EventStateManager::DispatchCrossProcessEvent; r=smaug
8ee7ec2f4b9794e467730f347705d3b62ca4ef1cKartikaya Gupta — Bug 1633451 - Re-disable synthetic mousemoves on Android. r=geckoview-reviewers,m_kato
92b7728720a43e87cea359cfa2007c2a6ca29423Ted Campbell — Bug 1633893 - Use js::TrailingArray type for BaselineScript. r=jandem
6fae33988db56e60ced1361b919b70f7c211d7d2Ted Campbell — Bug 1633741 - Add TrailingArray::numElements helper. r=jandem
04b81c9f1986009ea1edced726036adc001c4b6bTed Campbell — Bug 1633741 - Use CheckedInt for js::{Runtime,Private}ScriptData. r=jandem
666f5f689c8a57d710a9bfdb0e73c2fc79ac5018Ted Campbell — Bug 1633741 - Use CheckedInt for js::ImmutableScriptData. r=jandem
41aa6a9b67e10a505e5b0083e0de4e19447ca02bTed Campbell — Bug 1633741 - Inline DefaultInitializeElements into TrailingArray. r=jandem