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Wed May 06 03:23:28 2015 +0000
f938222ff4ce62cff2175f0ad825b68210a9274eWes Kocher — Backed out changeset 7ca0864fc405 (bug 1146904) for b2g xpcshell failures
e5463416f49a8dd8df195a4837719a4c27cee05aDrew Willcoxon — Bug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 2, migration). r=jaws
b2e843b2300dfd71a6d2a011c389785a62834106Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1155521 - Migrate Pocket add-on and social provider users to the new Pocket button (part 1, CustomizableUI changes). r=jaws
2d0c646773808b0dc63765ed7124127a7547a503Jared Wein — Bug 1161654 - Remove some dead code in Pocket.jsm and use pktApi for checking if the user is logged in. r=dolske
c99917c92085b039e1ccb58939ffc2361bc0279aAllison Naaktgeboren — Bug 1139232 - Door hanger on tablet shows up in the tab over view.r=liuche
7ca0864fc405cf39470f6d82e548ecafb60da0d6Shane Tomlinson — Bug 1146904: Add the FxAccountsWebChannel to drive Sync
1b8afe0fd9cd1ed8afbdd466cc6bbc1bcea3e559Justin Dolske — Bug 1161796 - Remove unused strings from Pocket. r=jaws
2ebcaa4dd5fc2adb31cf77839ba59bfdb9db7b7aJared Wein — Bug 1160578 - Disable the Pocket button for logged-in users on internal Firefox pages. r=dolske
5c010999b2123497769e6ead69c1b611f7dd92adJared Wein — Bug 1159410 - Update the Pocket toolbar icon highlight to coral. r=dolske
01b93b7c5634a00ef940a8a7cf015041c34cd6f4Wes Kocher — Merge m-c to fx-team a=merge
0f16abb82c08d5033af4caea5f21a48fb5c267b2Jared Wein — Bug 1161654 - Import latest Pocket code. r=dolske
164c7af2cc5d8798435571dd10ebd1971d8ef554Brian Grinstead — Bug 1145784 - Use testX/testY for coordinates during tests for the Graph and FlameGraph;r=vporof
abc82c17827305670522281c6e3703db667a6005Brian Grinstead — Bug 1145784 - Bind graph mouse movement to the top level window;r=vporof
95a7cebd3385ab748d9f312d6867f554254b8643Michael Comella — Bug 840574 - Clear the selected tab's applicationId on user action. r=margaret
e665a4452667a863893d8b4d23194dab610a2d53Michael Comella — Bug 840574 - Add applicationId to tabs; use it to open new urls in the correct tabs. r=margaret
ba45d78e7b808370798c85d779a50c7817dce7b5Jim Chen — Bug 1160349 - Fix NPE due to no selected tab; r=kats
d4e4b4b55b5c723591323b708b0c1007ef971b94Tim Taubert — Bug 1095415 - Convert mochitest-chrome in toolkit/components/places/tests/chrome to Bookmarks.jsm API r=mak
d6e5fb263125dd6001cef011000b3a70cac8fc5fTim Taubert — Bug 1160556 - Recollect session history data when the page title changes r=Gijs
f392bbb834961737b529b3b9253466a45e116a12Tim Taubert — Bug 1150529 - Remove code for expired telemetry histograms r=Yoric
21fdba79d6bdb74e2e81608d3af9d499d65443c8Patryk Dolatowski — Bug 733679 - Do not set margin-top when leaving Panorama r=ttaubert
3c91829d896e3226d1abd154bd380ab0cbd730c8Jordan Santell — Bug 1159052 - Performance recording should stop rendering and recording as soon as the recording stops. r=vp
604006b0845484f556149275e35aa489f2a3dbe5Brian Grinstead — Bug 1158872 - Remove white titlebar on Windows for Dev Edition theme;r=Gijs
3b908ec52d4e3d8a15ac384e6d0571939e12d5faMartyn Haigh — Bug 1159718 - Remove notification when 'quick open' is activated in Tab Queue (r=mcomella)
ba9bb4a353b49c94071ce7bb7a9eedaf926cbf25Tim Taubert — Bug 1159248 - Simply pre-fill window.tabs[] with empty tab states instead of calling TabState.collect() to avoid perf regressions r=smacleod