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Fri Apr 12 11:51:36 2013 +0000
5bc732a49eaecd3e64b2a3afdd3a975ed837b835Vicamo Yang — Bug 854790 4-2/4: test cases for filtering messages by threadId. r=gene
226521477f7d9acdea1777eb267bb82cf6714ff0Vicamo Yang — Bug 854790 4-1/4: refactor test_filter_mixed.js so that we have multiple messages in one thread. r=gene
f81432f8494f3aec24337290801601b575ddd837Vicamo Yang — Bug 854790 3/4: RIL. r=gene
9413f23d5cd5662ba8888d622f504ff2fa15b479Vicamo Yang — Bug 854790 2/4: DOM. r=mounir
15acf0c7597ca310fdecb424c679890e4c865f91Vicamo Yang — Bug 854790 1/4: Support filtering mobile messages with thread id. Interface changes. sr=mounir
ee95ad865eab29e1a4fd5903bee1d9fb9edf6389Vicamo Yang — Bug 859830: determine Android API level through android/api-leve.h instead. r=glandium
4eeaa421a08d528358e76afed4213ed361749956Nicholas Cameron — No bug. Remove .orig files, r=njn, DONTBUILD
d56c6bca1e56ba47aed1a7242359f6bab43b23b4Chris Pearce — Bug 846992 - Don't assume last video frames in media's timestamp covers all of audio overhang. r=kinetik
114cd1c255f620e2cb34a00478c999c621b7b677Reuben Morais — Bug 860918 - Disable the mozContact constructor if the dom.mozContacts.enabled is not set. r=gwagner
62e3246ae340b4fa5809d4344af06255c322bd7cKannan Vijayan — Bug 856627 - Add stubs to handle ListBase GetProp invoking native getters.
c0e95d2916805ef66776138d1fa3bf629c9190feGregor Wagner — Bug 859601 - mozSetting API - return undefined if the API is unsupported on the platform, not null. r=bent
fb81cc5b400e86c6decba8e4bff9c26634abe6a7Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 859595 - Implement the alternate names for AudioBufferSourceNode, AudioContext and AudioParam; r=bzbarsky
0bf61e46bfaee95b4e06a17eb8a375994e58f259Reuben Morais — Bug 861041 - Fix -Wunused-function error in XPCQuickStubs.h. r=bz
378a5b44cd06b2f312839910fe3ff18c8cbd4874Reuben Morais — Bug 861032 - Fix -Wreinterpret-base-class warning on r=bz
13c33b6d787db2947208df0b2263f16fdceacfd1Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 3: Remove NS_STACK_CLASS. r=bsmedberg
ece8b0253775ad24c18c2effa278e360e22bf699Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2h: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS everywhere else. r=bsmedberg
2a343ec4a75cafd3e7eb7c8e56f39ba2998daf22Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2g: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in xpconnect. r=bholley
3a772aaaa017219e47b7fe5e53a8bc5e23780e39Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2f: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in xpcom. r=bsmedberg
8b5bc945e72f799492685699b3aa53d2a450431bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2e: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in layout. r=mats
abc42da07933b071ecbcd99a3f918a08a43ce709Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2d: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in gfx. r=roc
250fc9026b5ac5261f85eab1546215b5f0d17f00Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2c: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in editor. r=ehsan
a0d3abbee125ed6e54f1e026471a3132258fef1bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2b: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in dom. r=Ms2ger
772ef35c06d39251a8adea78c9658ab2d16be1b4Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 2a: use MOZ_STACK_CLASS in content. r=bz
d565aefe20b968e46e2c0edf2bb7d06457f4663aJoshua Cranmer — Bug 856108 - Port static analyses to clang, part 1: stack-class. r=ehsan
e41c1fc65901af133327cc6f0bc9dac015b218b5Randell Jesup — Bug 860222: use our own isascii() for sanitizing TURN passwords r=glandium
e83aae42ee28d22bb648e46349af5f34445dab56Randell Jesup — Bug 860920: remove files from deleted source directory media/webtrc/trunk/src r=gps
6d92a2e39c778d1177a5f89270bf5a8160b169b1Phil Ringnalda — Back out 5bf9771e1a28 (bug 860029) for bustage
94ad8254eb26a20e6b4d64d30e74bcd73bcc89d6Trevor Saunders — backout 76c52c1ca95a bug 859446 because its suspected of regressing talos on win pgo
b98b24f286239c02b15c6bc9755901be61ccc37aReuben Morais — Bug 856042 - Tighten up sanitization of arguments to the Contacts API. r=bz r=gwagner
5bf9771e1a2830d8ef70114b31e4219164f9c5e0Sean Stangl — Bug 860029 - Standardize Modelines in the JS Module. DONTBUILD. r=njn
caede81ef8cfa4d3f3277b7ad25bfb60c6ff0f8cEhsan Akhgari — Bug 861021 - Mark AudioBufferSourceNode.playbackRate as not-addrefed; r=bzbarsky
7095efa510c27fae2e59aa503aef04c3a7db2473Jonathan Griffin — Bug 860108 - Clone starting repo for b2g desktop mochitests, r=ahal
2b504b52c50b82ea5d82bdb7008088f53d9c7f12Chris Pearce — Bug 860978 - Fix compile error due to warnings as errors in gstreamer backend on Fedora 16, GCC4.6.3. r=edwin
59360cb3396fd4161f97db5947058bb9f5e17167Reuben Morais — Bug 856358 - Follow-up, fix UUID mismatch in ContactManager interface.
50dd603fe81c121b1c372e61ba4586f10f471e7eNicolas Silva — bug 861003 - Always use BasicTextureImage for YCbCr texture uploads. r=bas
350baac4bbdb70b6579e48c35102c2fccca41adbSteve Fink — Bug 860102 - Rooting hazards in asm.js. r=luke,terrence
fe2fe1ad36d9c5f98ba992f75cb8eec52bebd791Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 860442. Delete the gralloc buffer even when we don't have a PBufferParent. r=nical
c4bac10ee49e73a8c60dfaf817eab1e751f2f1d5Brian Smith — Bug 858231: Fix typo in NSS version requirement: 3.15 not 3.5, r=me
0857f2bc8f8a646e96b93a76307451c65238f35aBrian Smith — Bug 858231: Upgrade to NSS 3.15 BETA 1 and adjust security/build to work with new NSS directory layout, r=bsmith
3135a6091d4cf5e64dcb073aab1273622c42bcc5Chris Double — Bug 847837 - Add some Samsung Gingerbread devices to stagefright blocklist - r=bjacob
0a06b9069085aaa5337aac26196011aae9e1bb5fJeff Muizelaar — Bug 860466: Properly deal with SharedTextureHostOGL. r=nical
058c640a3799b7c03839d98b713aea289be03941Steve Fink — Bug 789593 - Clone typed arrays by cloning their buffers and only saving construction parameters. r=jorendorff, bent
42babc8d9d827ea1f06b0e57dc3c35a6f7434682Nicholas Cameron — No bug, removed commented code, r=nical, DONTBUILD
ab0974ead0303984c4c05d75da102978bd6131ddReuben Morais — Bug 856358 - Remove ContactProperties types from window. r=gwagner
aa2d9eb8463312e49fa08ec8e2767c1b0c30c867Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 860886 - Make MOZ_CC_LOG_DIRECTORY work again; r=mccr8
3880c0cfd2885dfb0a3324ebcc208228321cb7a7Jim Mathies — Bug 860683 - Switch winrt widget utils log output to ascii. r=bbondy
17d705ba2d9bd875559a69cbc7bfc240dcceaeb5Jim Mathies — Bug 860683 - When running tests in immersive mode, connect firefox stdout to a metrotestharness pipe to route test output to mozilla test harnesses. r=bbondy
55a6fc3b5f421070b6dff19645f8543fb6cef594Wes Johnston — Bug 809558 - Turn on audiochannels for Android AudioTrack. r=kinetic
ebcfc07b631511d2a5c9bd52abbe2ff76428a10fNathan Froyd — Bug 860860 - followup: fix json.dump call and be more explicit about object ordering; r=gps
c4c23b700b012d0546945b638e1c3c3f705d01e2Benjamin Peterson — Bug 860745 - Check result of ScriptSource::substring. r=luke
d989eab66df4312452c5c53f2445d9f807d9570eBrian Hackett — No bug - Fix warning spam, r=shu.
1d30583cd42f1fa48ac45cfc0b7f8ae0422b4244Wes Johnston — Bug 850946 - Use light theme for Sync setup on tablets. r=sriram
e329fecc259f3faee932f5efb0fa30c6cce880caBrian Hackett — Bug 855088 - Watch for 'arguments' variables declared within 'with' blocks, r=luke.
9688317ad779f024e8b0eb436ffc2d6cc87a4bb4Aaron Klotz — Bug 858800: Removes premature cleanup of Plugin Hang UI's browser-side IPC. r=bsmedberg
881b429d35e9057b75f266ac89f35aa7eba39f0fShane Caraveo — bug 856479 remove dead code missed in addon manager work. r=markh
05730b9af97595a07e857bbf87182dd3280430b4Wes Johnston — Bug 850946 - Use light theme for Sync setup on tablets. r=sriram
8ad8e97297312d3a04de0780760a3ef9d9b01bf3Wes Johnston — Bug 858111 - Remove background color from app icons on about:apps. r=mfinkle
c2943880a742ad275a9eac1cf5abc7f70d8bfb85Stephen Pohl — Bug 860779 - Enable two-finger horizontal swipes when swipe animations are disabled. r=smichaud
d5f5223bc71c8409f1bdbd3619e72f04b3930583Gregor Wagner — Bug 859601 - mozContacts API - return undefined if the API is unsupported on the platform, not null. r=bent
8165938b2dd4eb91968e5cb1a8536c76ad14a1bbBrad Lassey — Bug 858689 - Sending an SMS fails on Android. r=mounir
29a5fd2889f3e703c07ac2241accadfbb0fb4059Guilherme de Araujo — Bug 851128 - Introduce custom recognition for the double-tap gesture. r=smichaud
ed313842afecdb3df56769e7a9672f8e95e1427cMartijn Wargers — Bug 850302 - B2G mochitests time out on tests using r=jlebar
783f66376d6553f2d1510b039aaa198f480e1ff9Martyn Haigh — Bug 793747 - Add app origin to install message. r=mfinkle
4e471f4974821757e324258b0eb489c8ca3a5f63Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 850362, bug 600307) for Windows XP leaks on a CLOSED TREE.
e7cb5c6e47f0e114af9d60fe270ebe6174f61aabRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 5e573a8f7ce1 (bug 856358) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
f23121d10690ddc689e6d3b262cc1b6c21288f66Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f556245d6da1 (bug 856848) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE.
2d4d6eea0dd6816ff6b79af7904e469c1e5a8521leo bugzilla gecko — Bug 852057 - Sort contacts correctly when givenName or familyName is null. r=gwagner
5e573a8f7ce1d0011efb17569df2480ce77e3a59Reuben Morais — Bug 856358 - Remove ContactProperties types from window. r=gwagner
71bf6bcba445c81d14d12f49ce567b406790a0ebNathan Froyd — Bug 860860 - use json instead of simplejson in; r=gps
dbf9ab7dec313fbe76fafcc8fcaaa7b146bbecf0Michael Vines — Bug 859486 - Add system property to enable the unloading of Wi-Fi drivers r=mrbkap
4add88d3db6959db49c8f1c47b0d8537539fa969Jacek Szpot — Bug 854503 - Rename JS unwrapping functions. r=bholley
f556245d6da1f6edf50fbbea4180d2d22d1a3a63EKR — Bug 856848 - Fix thread crash r=ehugg,ekr
e438d532b4af99ab3c358a24f153355dc2db8d67Sean Stangl — Bug 858783 - Check user-controlled asm.js flag. r=luke
83b8038839f1bda4c5f42afe54b63469a61eeb6fMichael Harrison — Bug 855402. Don't try to write to the startup cache if there isn't one, and definitely don't start _thinking_ we've written to it. r=ehsan
e1fd922ead11a7da6e17decb049356a7ac7709a9Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860551. Fix instanceof for prototype-less interface objects to be saner. r=dzbarsky
fc32e1f944e3ff2dc8f4696a3536e7fd36330f29Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 3. Root ErrorResult::ThrowJSException. r=evilpie,smaug
df6981fad6a230cbfc557a791d850d02ad66a462Boris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 2. Root WebIDL dictionary ToObject. r=evilpie,smaug
dfa9337d57ed1f060d1c44242ba5cf92382e43beBoris Zbarsky — Bug 860473 part 1. Root WebIDL dictionary ParseJSON. r=evilpie, smaug
f85629692c594f3a0ba488c44b1fbd3302e3b75aSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Text appearance for about:home. [r=mfinkle]
b225cfbfda5281cdccf32e9982a51f19adbfd4b7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 848961: Cleanup font-sizes in Android UI. [r=mfinkle]
c6e7a788887627d8e3a9f60e7024aa3e33b33018Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 850927: Redundant doorhanger layout xml file. [r=mfinkle]
13606f290f3b00551b852daaa61a2be5b494988dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base TextAppearances for the application. [r=mfinkle]
50ddb97f57238a5cc6e5674b2161a757c19386d6Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Cleanup list-view style. [r=mfinkle]
625041f40a97fd8c9b3eabe88701eada670d475dSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Remove the style named "Screen". [r=mfinkle]
0b212f5b6bbc64d11720cd2063f1b3582c6f6ea0Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 823644: Base theme for Fennec. [r=mfinkle]
fff11ed20a04edae7cd180e38f4fa9026706f240Allison Naaktgeboren — Bug 835999 - add a topsites grid to the snapped view.r=mbrubeck
270ad24960d3a9ff3f29a045546a20515d2a88b9Bobby Holley — Bug 859957 - Simplify [[DefaultValue]] security wrapping setup. r=mrbkap,gabor,ejpbruel
737464b363f5e75f2c21b6fda761e4ebf034561eJoel Maher — Bug 858084 - upload a new to to fix the mozcrash issue. r=armenzg
dfed7579f7924ff427ce8a0645d8816ecc30e9ddMs2ger — bug 851542 - Gamepad to webidl (with nsIVariant). r=smaug
04dbe811e4a0e2dcaf0baa73c2769f03eb58f6d8Brian Smith — Bug 733642: Allow the user to enable any version of TLS that libssl supports, maintaining our current defaults, r=dolske
882345a7a0a9b3f73f12d3085aaf09cf0fe454b9Brian Smith — Bug 733632: Remove SSL/TLS Version UI, r=kaie, r=bsmith
eefef98b23fb75edff8653be2841a5f941a7cf85Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets a550dadafa30 and 315f6b451d07 (bug 857884) for mochitest failures on a CLOSED TREE.
ed781d87fc46957d7803d1b0692b3010fa257cb7Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 2ceca4816688 (bug 854614) for intermittent mochitest-a11y crashes on a CLOSED TREE.
e82da4f52af889a3e5f665b159ffa365cfe1dd28Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 860446: Properly readback from WebGL with B2G. r=bjacob
6248d561a9788f9acb506842760b7f63cee86ec8Nicolas Silva — Bug 860463 - Ensure that we propagate Destroy() in the shadow layer tree on CompositorParent::ActorDestroy. r=nrc
0a4e209fddeaf3979e5ee7c75c82a3c28ee06837Chris Lord — Bug 859031 - Fix NullPointerException in dynamic toolbar prefs getter. r=lucasr
03f97f46000da051ebdeb258d758330e77318c62Chris Lord — Bug 859100 - Fix NullPointerException in BrowserToolbar.canToolbarHide. r=kats
bdf42baf15d87d4cb0fec9e2756118aa8a88c8c1Frank Yan — Bug 860095 - Adjust overlay button sizing and positioning, especially in RTL mode. r=mbrubeck
001296076966b874a9f07c0ec35f90da1b587dc9Honza Bambas — Bug 850362 - reintroduce bug 842852 - localStorage optimizations, r=mak77
46f9dbef58ea2e426b3a16d88a4839f423a2f880Honza Bambas — Bug 600307 - localStorage and sessionStorage implementation overhaul, r=mak77+smaug, sr=smaug
a550dadafa30d5e612c432bf2db6d4f211741ac1David Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 4 r=Ms2ger
315f6b451d07bc4da0708e42b011f40021b2595cDavid Zbarsky — Bug 857884 - Use dom::EventTarget more in content/ and dom/ Part 3 r=Ms2ger
bc4dd82e27cd96481d97f8f586f52c8542efdd34David Keeler — bug 856777 - observe plugin-info-updated in nsPluginArray, not Navigator r=khuey