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Wed Dec 24 00:29:29 2014 +0000
8b881bea204add0f733100601dc136be1698ac87Nick Alexander — Bug 1115064 - Fix small errors and make Gradle integration work in Android Studio 1.0.2. r=me
f52833a4cf7464a89490ea53c47fb3546b96bc28Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1114593 - Replace defaultDownloadsDirectory calls in DirectoryProvider.js. r=mfinkle
d6fb576da01d0e184f90bc623233b0f3249a97b6Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1114506 - Update Sanitizer.jsm to use Downloads.jsm to clear downloads. r=mfinkle
51ca6ef957723ade8c801b693fd41a9c7f5d99c9Margaret Leibovic — Bug 1111729 - Default to show URL in toolbar instead of page title, and remove preference. r=mcomella
1731ab46c54612335a3242bea727ae2cc7c8ddc9Eric Rahm — Bug 1112733 - Clear tabData storage after calling restore. r=billm
6023a740baffc5c890610ab7f77eef383cc985b9Massimo Gervasini — Bug 1083683 - Source bundle: Sign the hash of the bundle, not the full bundle. r=mshal
17ef31ab4f7750f5bcdafbab2af1c58148d1db73Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 1108047 - Use instanceof instead of QueryInterface to reduce debugging exception noise. r=gavin
1cfbad1e9aee79d9aa3d4a779b380b8f1119ddf0Michael Lopez — Bug 1101162 - Delete replaceQueryString from aOpenParams since it is not used by openUILinkIn. r=jaws
3d3e53c0b21ad1c12c61f251d9f87828ac5f8ad8Mike de Boer — Bug 1113723: play a sound when someone joins a room. r=MattN
29426cc277cbb8944802c12e3c0d2455961d6d23Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to fx-team. a=merge
cddde1da19ae6fff0b46aca7708de7f878a978e4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 078591b255a0 (bug 1107627) for testSessionOOMRestore permafail.
48786ef504fff372524201174c6fcb527eec3377Pavel Roskin — Bug 1111256 - Use LooseVersion for Python version comparison; r=gps
284aacd7c045a0a2c73ef441abbc77617ccacb98Monica Chew — Bug 1114824: Fix TRACKING_PROTECTION_SHIELD (r=bmcbride)
e5f550fa112c962f5d0d83fcf087386a6c377edbBrian Grinstead — Bug 1106124 - Fix performance tab hover background color (regressed from 1102369);r=vporof
4f32657399b69c4faef3fa84282574435451c968Victor Porof — Bug 1077454 - Handle import/export in new performance tool, r=jsantell
e22433270ec30950336368a52425d138e9f4275cBrian Grinstead — Bug 1107498 - Use moz-appearance: none for TabsToolbar for devedition in linux to make sure customized tab bars fully match the theme;r=Gijs
9143bca09fcc75d80f07f585c1a5f8db3104fb0cMargaret Leibovic — Bug 1113092 - Don't create new download notifications for succeeded downloads. r=paolo,mfinkle
078591b255a08127f81b5f6393869b75e1239b65wesj — Bug 1107627 - browser.css is never loaded r=mfinkle
0f145e2cc93df8a03d9cae225abc6e81ad21f823Paul Kerr [:pkerr] — Bug 1076650: retry registration on a 401 response. r=mikedeboer
202a654f19c3953135802a964e4e4f55d28169a7Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1104755 - really disable the test on Linux, implied-rs=mak
0f90bdd80217801fb50ddccd5b9a243d356efceaChris Kitching — Bug 1081375: Remove write-only datastructures. r=rnewman
16fbd77efbdf8cc661714a4abb99459e96ce4a0dChris Kitching — Bug 1107398: Stop lying about Robocop and Reflection. r=wesj
ec980805fd40cf0d753d7e4fe24e771cd8cd53d7Chris Kitching — Bug 1081389: Stop overriding abstract methods with more abstract methods. r=rnewman
413a320a2bbb0383d3ba9a54efd85c363fa3c413Mark Hammond — Bug 1109120 - use a geoip xhr request for more reliable country detection for search. r=gavin
facac3d68bd873456e576d0586054873fb62f96dNicolas Perriault — Bug 1110155 - Fixed renamed Loop room not reflected into the panel. r=Standard8