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Tue Jul 20 21:58:16 2010 +0000
f4e545ef44dce7abdaecbeb9df686d802f5446c9Benjamin Smedberg — Remove pieces of bug 557225 which depend on the incorrect @loader_path changes in bug 578751. This will probably allow plugin-container to launch, because DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH has been munged for it. a=johnath for pushing to a CLOSED TREE
2a32e764c0cad22a629d3e528c07044740b08c92Benjamin Smedberg — Back out bug 578751 to help solve bug 580360 (all dynamic components fail to load). The patch was not properly reviewed to begin with :-(
f0c4a6faffcd461ee8956098c9467985b0d43152Benjamin Smedberg — Backed out changeset 0c116ba35956