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Sun Jul 31 15:40:21 2016 +0000
221b74c4836302adc88d0ab296ec9128e0df085fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 6271fac418d6 (bug 1288038) for hazard failures
de5f049f1029d88385fadb9a57a0d64ae78a1332Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P8. Enable new OggDemuxer by default. r=gerald
f3e86b019fbf593ae081f7b35669d2c610e6c7ccJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [webref] P7. Fix mimetype. r=gerald
6e1765d4c1c1ae9ca7bb7012da07136d21ddf302Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P6. Adjust mochitests. r=gerald
aced758afc8a544e744cab2d55e91eb95bc059d8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P5. Fix coding style. r=gerald,jwwang
e49d5a02100e257e20cc9447633a8c8045c466f3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P4. Don't assume we can't seek in resource if transport isn't seekable. r=gerald
f9dec37d375c018a587eb20a6ec958fa3d4c28e9Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P3. Never take into considerations frames prior the first keyframe. r=gerald
b1f32a906af2f3aaaf653d804f83ddf0f5884e31Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg/vorbis] P2. Pass extra information to the decoder so that it can perform proper trimmer. r=gerald,jwwang
725b6c6ff7f6eb46b19efc2136e29f2b329ba294Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P1. Add support for metadata chaining in OggDemuxer. r=gerald,jwwang
786521deead2bb8607d806ed77562baf4783b318Bryce Van Dyk — Bug 1279077 - Update GMP/EME path to support webm. r=cpearce
6271fac418d65ac5256583501bc84c865d17a943Cameron McCormack — Bug 1288038 - Make fallible nsBaseHashtable::Put use fallible nsTHashtable::PutEntry. r=froydnj
c761bfb5fd83eb0d767adbf34012b7dda384dce9Jan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1290625 - Make libcubeb mutex recurse again, to avoid deadlock when getting microphone. r=achronop
3b04c5fb4e57e684fd7ff59231c059ba650ab2b0Giorgio Maone — Bug 1201979 - Support requestBody in onBeforeRequest. r=kmag
5469a910b4a1119e3a00394db6668e3bf6e72bafCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 9966bbe6b534 (bug 1289976) for assertion failures in MediaDecoder.h
1ea93130cc67ab6f2327776838915f5c39024076Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 2cb402f74a51 (bug 1289976)
1cc9be4bf03424974d5616c25aa90c81835725bdCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 7368d06f677b (bug 1289976)
7b54c336bdf08df59a2252f8d494fa1450cf0333Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 93a556b5e244 (bug 1289976)
98c45193a812eaa06fb2086d33ba5bd7c1f580cbCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset bac5f65e6931 (bug 1289976)
055698b4f81dd9ee93e74babb82329622d8ccc1cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ce6b4f84c86e (bug 1289976)
3bc17ae80dc861d720e91cd67f6b3ecd84ddcbf6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset cd25be005e38 (bug 1289976)
aced69398af262e78d9b36fd200058ea69dcf3faCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f648be2df9ec (bug 1289976)
99165d03ee193c5494b135597197fe12e4a76c8bCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 2931db85cc99 (bug 1289976)
75f47838f78d85f74e52566deca3badf506ca1a1Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset ba01eb85da0a (bug 1289976)
9e48f74f44c387f4601ba0aab3d651703183848fCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
2ba03ba34ece7fdcd007056de6ee58b758333e54Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f60ec9e34d4d (bug 1290625) for causing merge conflict with m-c
a4d524f408817b7fe58258084902f41691548852Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset c80456e5e3dd (bug 1119778) for causing s4 failures in test_forget_about_site_security_headers.js
ba01eb85da0a2b60d2061ef3ca06ac6f435d434fJW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 10 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::UpdateDormantState(). r=kaku
2931db85cc99c9fd91394385479d5f35e0441d27JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 9 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::StartDormantTimer(). r=kaku
f648be2df9eca7ea956b83f21e326b155fcc5956JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 8 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from UpdateReadyState(). The callback is disconnected by the watch manager in Shutdown(). r=kaku
cd25be005e38d0d6cd63a1681924a1ca65b693cfJW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 7 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::Seek(). r=kaku
ce6b4f84c86eb60cd384014b183aae50845be0b0JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 6 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::RemoveMediaTracks(). r=kaku
bac5f65e6931cfad3b138a92d4999658e45f5212JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 5 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::Pause(). r=kaku
93a556b5e2444dfa1c3f7209075a9671c8c63138JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 4 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::NotifyOwnerActivityChanged() which happens before Shutdown(). r=kaku
7368d06f677b39a4fb58433578f224890fa6b4ebJW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 3 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::FireTimeUpdate(). r=kaku
2cb402f74a5167db3b6f4a0c77f9298893f1cb4bJW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 2 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::DumpDebugInfo() which happens before Shutdown(). r=kaku
9966bbe6b5349f00563cddfe52c3aead1c44a116JW Wang — Bug 1289976. Part 1 - Remove the IsShutdown() check from MediaDecoder::ConstructMediaTracks(). r=kaku
fa550705a937975a81c816d0d846a8ebfcaa0bcbJW Wang — Bug 1289649 - HTMLMediaElement should clear mDecoder when XPCOM shutdown begins. r=gerald
cf46248f894fb1e6785f8e8e8d9c3d67bd6612c8eyim — Bug 1289873 - correction made for compositing failure ids in failure path not showing up r=BenWa
891c4b4e27971caacede5e669a668bd5e9f1a3e4Botond Ballo — Bug 1289608 - Define XrayWrapper<...>::singleton for all instantiations, instead of defining specializations for specific ones. r=bholley
19417c63e17e44cbd53d45d45bbfe3e1cd3ce053Botond Ballo — Bug 1289608 - Provide explicit instantiation declarations for the various instantiations of XrapWrapper. r=bholley
cf3d0b086060c8b81a3a5c9c33745e65e0096121Alastor Wu — Bug 1288971 - notify audio playback changed by media element's play(). r=baku
f60ec9e34d4d34958ff64d573862474dac8c0a6fJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 1290625 - Make libcubeb mutex recurse again, to avoid deadlock when getting microphone. r=achronop
ff43d3e4c4fc8732b460ded61155c586e9e32573Wes Kocher — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1258539) for mozharness failures a=backout
b9adb0648dba49e02092a473de7b89167662e4c8Mike Hommey — Bug 1289949 - Make mozpack.path properly handle paths on mingw python. r=gps
70e0031ebf1c1a07ff07c1b528336886731a5f7eMike Hommey — Bug 1290045 - Pass JS_STANDALONE as a configure argument, instead of an environment variable. r=chmanchester
c80456e5e3dd72a65de2f7acaf5be73f3df80144David Keeler — bug 1119778 - make "Forget About This Site" clear HSTS and HPKP info r=MattN,mgoodwin
8322ffecd9d90d31ff451cd9763fe2cfa5ae09b4Henrik Skupin — Bug 1258539 - [mozharness] Refactor name and arguments of download and unpack methods. r=jlund
cc2996a53b7107a36433b265318340469cc5eb6fHenrik Skupin — Bug 1258539 - [mozharness] Use ZipFile and TarFile classes for unpacking archives. r=jlund
3f66f98ebf11bfd0933a145cad375c7a0785a46bWes Kocher — Backed out 6 changesets (bug 1288329) for wpt failures a=backout
aaf6318572b6a00e6d484bfabe2f4912588d46bfHenry Chang — Bug 1288840 - Use the private phishing site list in official build. r=francois
d7ec7fcb18432a580e7a1581115d9e532e894a29Joel Maher — Bug 1290459 - port changes from bug 1285582 to r=ahal
3252e497b11121619545351a731f9b24885d5028Benoit Girard — Bug 1289813 - split out safe mode from FEATURE_FAILURE_WEBGL_DISABLED. r=jrmuizel
76de1a35ddb7c4ec9ec33adc97d3abb87ddb5c78Tom Tromey — Bug 1290234 - remove uses of nsIDOMNode constants from inspector; r=gregtatum
f351e9f3e564f2f3f025664e1f701a151c61e1bbGregory Szorc — Bug 1290516 - Remove {{project}} from cache path for decision and action tasks; r=dustin
f33cb032cc9f1f01b22f6663c1553a6e481e7f59Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P6. Enable new OggDemuxer by default. r=gerald
49ea83d00a77850710c8c57f408a080dc1557741Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P5. Adjust mochitests. r=gerald
1406c14098f1fa36e557ffc5233991639342eeabJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P4. Fix coding style. r=gerald,jwwang
936b73eb37c6469fe8b31bf14965a5f04e25b740Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P3. Never take into considerations frames prior the first keyframe. r=gerald
a1c4d9b9de328a0ebb68c9540f473b43bedbb22cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg/vorbis] P2. Pass extra information to the decoder so that it can perform proper trimmer. r=gerald,jwwang
a76b6e5597772de7c8cb9d1a68fee0477a907f0bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288329: [ogg] P1. Add support for metadata chaining in OggDemuxer. r=gerald,jwwang
9fac9a76954f66b448ee8787b90ec1370ffe4cd3Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289438: [ogg] P5. Don't seek back to first buffered position during reset. r=gerald
9852c16d65e4b9ee4027745babac8ff15be79d6cJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289438: [ogg] P4. Use SaferMultDiv where appropriate. r=gerald
0f13ecf177c65ee9438b3c32d3a064cde5b29f1eJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289438: [ogg] P3 Fix code style. r=gerald
2f6157213da23a19e508bbe2da299e540cb3e54dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289438: [ogg] P2. Re-enable earlier test now the seeking behaves as expected. r=cpearce,gerald
1e645059025f3e7aace65f496984a095c9858aa7Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289438: [ogg] P1. Always seek to the closest keyframe. r=brion+1012
60d5223a8d886cb7b1ff1e6d57ee1817212cf5eeJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288331: [ogg] P2. Fix fast seek mochitest. r=cpearce
c249b34465a9194d2a9c70d7e2acf3b567b2b13bJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1288331: [ogg] P1. Seek audio track and video track independently from one another. r=brion+1012
39bc955ad2fa5b1a230270f8cbfdfb018fe43b59Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1289059: P1. Add MediaDemuxer generic logging. r=cpearce
70cda19d2159974d13842a905b42ca5f973267caJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P8. Fix metadata retrieval. r=brion+1012
435bf9dd44f33169ca3111608b1d43aacdd92496Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P7. Properly mark overridden methods. r=gerald
864104ba08a648137660176cca3618ec183c31e8Jean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1168674: [vorbis] P6. Do not tweak first decoded sample time. r=cpearce
3db6ca9dc9cd2801fb77225a169984259a5a422dJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P5. Use common demuxing methods. r=brion+1012
0152356f027f2be2cef08e97082ef21075f8428fJean-Yves Avenard — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P4. Skip over header packets when seeking close to the start. r=brion+1012
06bab9aac05e886c511e5bf799725f6d3c639d19Brion Vibber — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P3. Add theora MediaDataDecoder. r=me
8577afd128306601718956f9e096d20eb59b5bedBrion Vibber — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P2. Hook up new OggDemuxer. r=me
dd8e8efffcb33224c661ea51323ceaffc81bf914Brion Vibber — Bug 1168674: [ogg] P1. Add OggDemuxer object. r=me
9aa406751838844273a8794c58efdea837dcc10aSebastian Kaspari — Bug 1290012 - Introduce setting to enable experimental activity stream feature. r=ahunt
d65a4acc9227e75c8dc1ab664108fa2d84c1c400Alexandre Lissy — Bug 1290460 - Update AllocationHandle for MediaEngineGonk r=padenot
6284dacc7718052ba6e7d91f45a48110be7c49afTom Tromey — Bug 1274303 - fix gcli "inspect" command; r=jwalker
474c03c87e8c80a313be0af14c56049b298027bbMike Conley — Bug 1228120 - Add tests to ensure SessionStore saves and restores windows and tabs properly after a restart. r=whimboo
f3d6887279f8175b0d1e3835d1ca2a152bc4453fAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1289879 - Activate the mozharness virtualenv when running tests on interactive workers, r=armenzg
52f229a7749e9b4c2c8b59a9f5699038801da001Andrew Halberstadt — Bug 1288827 - Allow running mochitest from test-package without specifying --appname, r=armenzg
2f171516dfc2c4dbfd8e3b11551aec4ef9d2ce0aAlastor Wu — Bug 1289356 - only resume music when we're in the state 'AUDIOFOCUS_LOSS_TRANSIENT'. r=sebastian
90559af62774f42daa4aab8500c6bd6a8a39d3d2Mike Hommey — Bug 1290026 - Automatically set LIB from configure. r=chmanchester
a4a381f85dc805e4ef288ef1f747a05d19f48931Mike Hommey — Bug 1290026 - Automatically set INCLUDE from configure. r=chmanchester
07e0af7fc5d9cc41f143a8ae0cc566dfca494626Mike Hommey — Bug 1289638 - Update the MSVC tooltool package. r=gps
ada66cbedd756998bf5d0e8648556c1e48c5e52bMike Hommey — Bug 1289638 - Don't remove the SDK version from the SDK paths in the MSVC tooltool package. r=gps
0f6396641036e51528865fd2a216482270c1ff35Mike Hommey — Bug 1289638 - Don't rename the DIA SDK directory in the MSVC tooltool package. r=gps
4907812dbb41d1a4f88a5770c4410dce5f4a37cdCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
b2c393a4ffdb333fee14ca64978d4307537b6436Edgar Chen — Bug 1288306 - Disable custom elements web-platform v0 tests; r=wchen