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Wed Jun 13 21:50:48 2018 +0000
f7e0c30a33bc696cfed8ba8be592e2d971bc1cc8Rob Wood — Bug 1467823 - TC configs to add raptor speedometer and tp6 to linux and win10 (try tier 3); r=jmaher
62f9aa66e244674508af35acbcfc998a7280903eMathieu Leplatre — Bug 1464346 - Skip RemoteSettings changes that were already processed r=mgoodwin
17e442b27121d37bf6b8c28f2b67c1540685443bDustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1437958 - notify taskcluster-notifications@ on action task failure; r=bstack
6809bb66d5b8abea2c02cd5752c6a2043238367dPatrick Brosset — Bug 1467076 - Reflect the content of the style attribute in the inline element rule; r=gl
d7ee621c877898aaf483eaa44ac0d71f43b43ed5Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1466691 - Replace callback style in favor of promise for TabClient methods. r=jryans
8543c314a9ac404cd66dd44cfa001b5ea01b76d6Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1466691 - Remove useless attachTrace method. r=jryans
973e4e602458ea9e58c0499556059863140ab629Alexandre Poirot — Bug 1466691 - Replace callback style in favor of promise for SourceClient methods. r=jryans
cd23dfb4ca15163e9669f370cec90e0f5a7bcf6dEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1458556: Release wallpaper for bug 1462401. r=xidorn
70bdc0f94c6b9bd2b17aa2f3bef37038f6b0a69fRob Wood — Bug 1468347 - Move raptor osx tp6 and speedometer onto mozilla central tier 3; r=jmaher
823c3fb08d600dbb8b4fc77494f9825cc084871bAlessio Placitelli — Bug 1461965 - Add GeckoView test coverage for content histograms. r=chutten,janerik
a9ef2fb7b1bcf6ba4edd5f08b23f0534d81388d8Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1461965 - Enable xpcshell test coverage for GeckoView Telemetry. r=chutten,froydnj,janerik
68a68375557bb7c1b8bd55c26e7e07d680f246a2Alessio Placitelli — Bug 1461965 - Always build TelemetryGeckoViewPersistence.cpp on all platforms. r=chutten,janerik
eb78f489a6e44cdef14b4ed80aaa4b1d25f68b0cValentin Gosu — Bug 1464135 - Pass the timing data to the child channel during OnStart r=baku
5df380fe91c3738556f576de1669edcf92a6bed2Cosmin Sabou — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge
f3b724976427ef4632ab5d582889348a6f4d2022Ionut Goldan — Bug 1467803 - Turn off static ctors perf tests for ASan builds r=jmaher
10b88cb5ca085537d8dbd128736280e7a42823ecSimon Fraser — Bug 1468423 Change to greedy match to fix version parsing r=RyanVM