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Sat Nov 20 19:53:37 2010 +0000
2b792c9d96b77442aca74231e2f3bba042d4e06aMihai Sucan — Bug 601177 - Errors/Warnings checkboxes are confusing; f=rcampbell r=dietrich a=blocking2.0
f373642ac372f176e783a302d5f2237fe246c097Mihai Sucan — Bug 600183 - Web Console: currentContext is always used in network logging code; f=ddahl r=sdwilsh a=blocking2.0
0fa9ae503e4b532b4f8f32e3bcf065440ddc65f8Mihai Sucan — Bug 597756 - Fx 4 Web Console fails to show javascript errors if a tab is closed and the same document is then re-opened in a new tab; f=rcampbell a=blocking2.0
46edc39233b37c1c108fc7ff77dadb2a5d7636ebMihai Sucan — Bug 601909 - Persist web console height; f=ddahl r=dietrich a=blocking2.0
ad46adf99fc3a44b276708655db0ae7c2ee6b798Mihai Sucan — Bug 597151 - The HUDConsoleObserver is never removed; rcampbell r=dtownsend, a=blocking2.0
847fe59d80955c392355ce3a1e0044398a959238Joe Walker — Bug 605419 - [Web Console] Provide a help command to list the available helper functions;