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Sat Jul 03 04:19:19 2010 +0000
f2b02ba56bdda763c3e7be7b3f60557c9334fd1eL. David Baron — Implement animation of -moz-transform property. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
e419e47c09bfaef6ef8cc0a3d8778cef746983d3L. David Baron — Move ReadTransforms from nsRuleNode to nsStyleTransformMatrix. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
aa23d71ab2305d7d1b41b0a385752034a696f8faL. David Baron — Add support for calc() expressions in translate functions of -moz-transform. (Bug 531344) r=bzbarsky
15e9cd490443e35b24ba2a1eec2abe2b9dd2475fL. David Baron — Fix weird SetCoordToValue signature. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
4125a0ac5ec5f41a424f31c975d40ae252d7caf5L. David Baron — Allow CSS parser to forbid min()/max() within certain calc() expressions. (Bug 531344) r=bzbarsky
b2fea25298768d305913a7b300db775381500591L. David Baron — Create a common function for setting pieces of a transform matrix for a translation. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
fd83cf94ce0831970a4f915719094efb38634e50L. David Baron — Add some helper functions for common CSS value to CSS value interpolations. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
c88af82d34cc6ddbf46ad139c1abc8992d9e7162L. David Baron — Make the style struct store the specified transform list so that we can animate matching lists without matrix decomposition. (Bug 531344) r=dholbert
f065d64675ccc64f38bf896b68675083abee9ee0L. David Baron — Handle computed-value calc() expressions in computed style. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
1eb53bf4a94127d6918baafc7f7594d7bbed10b4L. David Baron — Convert calc() serialization code to a template so it can also be used for nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
4a1e71092c0215f597646e493251040df48b98b7L. David Baron — Add API to compute length, percentage or calc() style coords. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
c70900796669fd45ba02ba85e6216868aa768325L. David Baron — Add API to compute computed-value calc() expressions to lengths. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
b8ebd422dd03e04528fb995462eb989998cba99eL. David Baron — Add additional template parameter expectations to ComputeCalc so that its input can be nsCSSValue or nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
c60f3194eae5d6415ac0a55b2fb8e96e81de189cL. David Baron — Add code to compute a computed-value calc() expression from a specified-value calc() expression, and make it reachable from SetCoord in nsRuleNode. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
a2ac427a701eebcac844afe97d9594131bf8c116L. David Baron — Switch calc() to saturating operations on nscoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
d9f9e02891fc30889f2827c09bc81cfcc8f595e3L. David Baron — Fix namespace usage in nsRuleNode. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
caa87f845650a314cbd061393ce4fb29dccfd6d8L. David Baron — Add storage for calc() expressions to nsStyleCoord. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
f0cff020cf0be4200a6b559427fbf87c2eb08536L. David Baron — Add nsStyleCoord::Array type. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
fb5c5b8e14d9badb7c618f1d395c657b6496bf2dL. David Baron — Add nsStyleContext::Alloc for allocations scoped to the lifetime of the style context. (Bug 363249) r=bzbarsky
d9bdf56a7fedaf50529ccc5101dfa5fab0b05683L. David Baron — Add reftests to check that the reftest-print page dimensions are as expected.
89c346b2949031a44631f047e293ccfdfeeb42d2L. David Baron — Fire transitionend events only for transitions on elements (not pseudo-elements). (Bug 537140) r=bzbarsky
bff1302116cfd7656609a5c168362c5fa370fc46L. David Baron — Document GetChildListNameFor better as followup to bug 536720. r=mats