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Thu Dec 10 22:48:24 2009 +0000
08b48be6951b3ec5f555a8f7262d9d21bbda9be6Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525952 part 4. Use the new pseudoclass enum in IsStateSelector and SelectorMatches. r=dbaron
6ac853c391073414216e4d6fff01715d1a7a0cdcBoris Zbarsky — Bug 525952 part 3. Introduce an enum for pseudo-clases. r=dbaron
a4b109262dc0db846b1fd35c4c7a19e5204ca4c0Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525952 part 2. Have different macros so nsCSSPseudoClassList.h consumers can tell apart state-related and not-state-related pseudo-classes. r=dbaron
f0c4d36607ac56a41b8136f1c9cc8dd256100bb1Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525952 part 1. Make sure pseudo-element selectors never land inside SelectorMatches (because tree pseudo-elements do weird stuff with pseudo-classes). r=dbaron
2b1ea61744277a1cf93ae9b97dec422d466dc9ccBoris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 8. Reorder the cases in AddRule in order of likelihood. r=dbaron
ab94482457450dd1ef56408a0e60ffd5a2cd37f5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 7. Make tree pseudos use a separate hashtable instead of riding along on the rulehash. r=dbaron
2d249fba49feb531345b6c73a24a36bcc57a6418Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 6. Remove null-checks on RuleProcessorData::mContent. r=dbaron
62e1d35ef5b4f3073b226aad6da3e5825881b92bBoris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 5. Change anonymous box rule matching to just use a separate hashtable and not ever run SelectorMatches. r=dbaron
732473bebf16066f0ee401a3de67ab6765f5751eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 4. Change pseudo-element probing and resolution to not use EnumerateTagRules. r=dbaron
80b631ea5ad11b1126d0df9ffe2cb6a41ceb1db5Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 3. Change all style set consumers that ask for a pseudo style context to indicate what they're actually asking for (pseudo-element, anonymous box, or xul tree thing). r=dbaron
db487011d22a0c79aacd4b750b1ee548202235aaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 2. Change the CSS parser to not allow anon box selectors with more than the anon box name in them. Store the pseudo type in pseudo-element selectors. Enforce that all non-anon-box pseudo selectors have an mNext that selects the element they apply to. r=dbaron
845b044a28fd9a3e5e90ded4a559409d4846a693Boris Zbarsky — Bug 525608 part 1. Introduce an enum for keeping track of pseudo-elements. r=dbaron
cc8aab2f36b30aaef644ccb4cb21320aac4c0ae8Boris Zbarsky — Bug 523294 part 3. Get rid of the now-unused aStateMask argument to AttributeChanged. r=dbaron
2a90f6882822b3d25bf13193fd43c96410266fbaBoris Zbarsky — Bug 523294 part 2. Get rid of the aAttribute argument to SelectorMatches; handle attribute changes by checking for matches on selectors including the given attribute both before and after the change. r=dbaron
eb86d6432f02609e3f2e748103b5be2a1749a81eBoris Zbarsky — Bug 523294 part 1. Change the signature of HasAttributeDependentStyle. r=dbaron
a6508c37eb412b22e4e3b53a376788f54c423b1fBoris Zbarsky — Bug 523288 part 3. Do a bit less work still in the RuleProcessorData constructor. r=dbaron
b3636bfdc6d938963b31a682aae2608011bfd137Boris Zbarsky — Bug 523288 part 2. Get link state and content state lazily. r=dbaron
1e9e3cd957f2160f66ae9df56ecaf37ea972c47dBoris Zbarsky — Bug 523288 part 1. Move matching on id and class to right after matching on tag in SelectorMatches. r=dbaron
b7824c1c8596ad93790c8f8e3c0f5135c8f2ddacBoris Zbarsky — Bug 523148. Speed up AddImportantRules. r=dbaron