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Mon Nov 03 21:18:21 2014 +0000
9b03757d6c99d17a5701c9e9bef1c8cd36de2ea4Jan Varga — Backed out changeset 45dad11b6580 (bug 1089764) for causing bug 1093067 and bug 1093223.
536edab24d9999650287b15d441624b6291d65a3Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 1087114 - Disable browser_subdialogs.js on e10s for frequent failures.
e5cc4321fbed33e76346389f17f04fc4577d92c4Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 062226e8a2d2 (bug 1091015) for SM test failures.
f61ad9db2e0c60972b122bc9c706f10163c49cf0Benoit Girard — Backout 60fe2b1ab1ba for split-opacity-layers-1.html reftest failure.
062226e8a2d2c57979bc99dbcd1eb1f61d9d315dBrian Hackett — Bug 1091015 - Inline allocation of Typed Objects in IonMonkey, r=nmatsakis,jandem.
18b705c478a05aefb7ec83f32451e808dcedf237Rik Cabanier — Bug 1091885: Ship the 'isolation' CSS property. r=dbaron
6dda3b5dc0a99bdc117142ac2a96b88911b9c500Rik Cabanier — Bug 1092264 - Fix testing of 'isolation' property. r=dbaron
dfbdd6d0a9961ab365328499e754470dc75d09bfGeorg Fritzsche — Bug 1069953 - Part 2: Make min/max/bucket_count optional for nsITelemetry registerAddonHistogram(). r=froydnj
6921bd616ff1e5d156a0e7370db774c2a202b767Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 1043699 - Add Mulet reftests support. r=jgriffin
09001e8ae611d8b282f6e9114bf543d8df9498c0Brian Hackett — Bug 1091459 - Only interrupt JS execution after running long enough that the slow script dialog might need to be shown, r=bholley.
08b95f8fe876a7fee141c73136cbdf287858c60eJason Duell — Bug 1055728 - Only issue "can't retarget to off-main thread" warning on parent. r=hsivonen
2ab425b4c27807727b3e94b5bb26ecf38eec7943Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets bc3b048b416d and 773b27cd166b (bug 1050122) for regression B2G debug test runtimes dramatically.
ccaeff47aa200461778d43bf4a9d25316bff32d8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 82771cd90649 (bug 1087468) for SM(ggc) permafail.
8689c2f2f7cbc052e62ae02d1fc4d1754eea5ae0Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1063121 - dropping out of fullscreen mode without titlebar breaks titlebar/tabs layout, r=jimm
60fe2b1ab1baab2199eea72c3b6fae1d131b4923Benoit Girard — Bug 1089380 - Remove ClipRectInLayersCoordinates. r=mattwoodrow
5563cb631fb957e4f8b46514ada8b06bab4345f1William Lachance — Bug 945706 - [mozlog] logger.exception() calls do not add exception information to the output; r=wlach
01d2a65554f75eb41666c57229d7507224f5cb69Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f0651992278c (bug 1092813) for bustage on a CLOSED TREE
07e76828bedff2c5b9708fea65eb3c84c1769763Bob Owen — Bug 1076903: Add a Chromium LICENSE file to security/sandbox/win/src. r=gerv
f0651992278cd6101ec24942ae07780538ba0b96Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 1092813 - Update the SDK path to 8.1. r=mshal
db4eb0dbd8e2bfdccd0ce38b79b5cadd43a65ae2Bill McCloskey — Bug 1090627 - [e10s] Fix broken fuzzy annotation in reftest (r=dbaron)
799df20c9b984a8e10ee0a4f13ed214d6fcb33b2Bill McCloskey — Bug 1090627 - [e10s] Ensure hasTestPlugin is true in reftests (r=roc)
4bfb7fa376a748e88acc6777c0e76355004ead4bBill McCloskey — Bug 1091953 - [e10s] Add missing argument for about: protocol shim (r=mconley)
53a8066df9a9e363a7a755b91fa55110c9f1c255Bill McCloskey — Bug 1091959 - [e10s] Reduce number of messages used for content policy shim (r=mconley)
9a819db6a34ae505c7ee2d8205f4fefe1ef52575Bill McCloskey — Bug 1092444 - [e10s] Add test for expanded principal sandboxes (r=mconley)
ab201881acafc965008cba8f0f201f7937187f25Bill McCloskey — Bug 1092444 - [e10s] Add shim support for expanded principal sandboxes (r=mconley)
0e314ec744bea4fe2cb9128bfcea0290ab3fedabBill McCloskey — Bug 1073631 - Add mising waivier outerizing for CPOWs (r=bholley)
c3c317bd388f954cd93953eb9d0041b1c473a4a8Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 1092139 - Make the PositionedEventTargeting code respect the flag to ignore root scroll frames. r=roc
3789bf7f0e60f2c3e091474ea4fe1e3a4f1f46cePeter Meuel — Bug 1062888 - IonMonkey: Implement RToDouble Recover Instruction. r=nbp
7f3832f15cb6da4f01182725ea9a296283e4db00Brian Hackett — Bug 1091725 - Fix barrier computation for MNewDerivedTypedObject, r=nmatsakis.
82771cd9064974cb1d41c18a3e32f50d42e6b531Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 1087468 - IonMonkey: Inline functions with loops based on their arguments. r=h4writer
8d2c268b9063c8a95769b09b2c949638ddadc05eMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 1091608 - Attach the console if the process is running the GTest. r=ted
7e8e6288be38ef43e3ea1097ef9df3c4b41b5ccdJacek Caban — Bug 856566 - Fix crashreporter compilation and profiler on mingw. r=ted
9c16882c6c05ec8a75c05d3e9015148a3fa35047Jacek Caban — Bug 1091594 - Added explicit integer casts to char16ptr_t. r=jmathies
68ab1ca23ecc6c3e8ad0cf8a0a74930e830339deTrevor Saunders — no bug - fix nullptr to bool conversions in Blob.cpp r=themaid
9bddfe99b7575190ecc273617e382299e07bfd7cBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 1089769: Emitted at uses instructions should be added to the MIR graph in redefine; r=nbp
4985e089cd4760cbe3883368c93380cdcb563442Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
8ea35244fcfd71ca81e0e263404eae7a45409f4aGabor Krizsanits — Bug 1079185 - Using GetFlattenedTreeParent in GetParentForNode. r=bz
8d56722cff6c3f38ddeece4356e4c115630fc955Bob Owen — Bug 1088130: Add to TestGMPCrossOrigin.cpp gtest to test that the APIs required for Output Protection on Windows work within the sandbox. r=cpearce
95bf06069a31a3bb5a8e5c2461ae0b2bb1d04875Jonathan Watt — Bug 1092351 - Mark most of nsCSSBorderRenderer as private to make it easier to reason about and refactor. r=dholbert
5377fb12be727a697f8c713f4d16e93c749054f8Jonathan Watt — Bug 1092222, part 4 - Port nsCSSRenderingBorders fill painting to use Moz2D directly. r=roc
2f92dcfd11ffa80289a18c2a7f7e3847548360c7Jonathan Watt — Bug 1092222, part 3 - Convert nsCSSRenderingBorders from Thebes to Moz2D basic types. r=roc
8d6f574466cba94fa606c6ba111061c8bf3b5209Jonathan Watt — Bug 1092222, part 2 - Add CCWCorner, CCWCorner and CWCorner methods to BaseRect. r=roc
9cedfe376dfc14daf0e11c5f6e5cc687e7d18ca6Jonathan Watt — Bug 1092222, part 1 - Get rid of gfxContext::GraphicsLineCap and gfxContext::GraphicsLineJoin. r=roc
cad42543634925b55364e8149fb36754c6ed4d40Mukilan Thiyagarajan — Bug 1023154 - IonMonkey: Improve codegeneration of MIsObject followed by a branch. r=h4writer
f7dd77e17d9a13b855b1b2240718481cd2f53b86Jacek Caban — Bug 1092136 - Enable AVX2 support in libvpx for mingw toolchain. r=rillian
8e48d3f6157cec1d320ab93fe4b0418756f1563aJacek Caban — Bug 1092130 - Fixed build errors found by mingw after bug 1076698 landed (-Werror=missing-braces errors). r=cpearce
d03358bd369f0c70267840b99e72337e2de010ffJon Coppeard — Bug 1092230 - Tidy member definitions in GCRuntime r=terrence
3c5c16ff773355930a18b7e451b10eb79d4ec92dBobby Holley — Bug 1090991 - Introduce a new NotDecodedReason WAITING_FOR_DATA and use it for MSE. r=cpearce,r=cajbir
7c7fc17410e2f8196453de170c7eb68be9ddf9acBobby Holley — Bug 1090991 - Unify MediaDecoderStateMachine::On{DecodeError,AudioEOS,VideoEOS} and eliminate duplicated logic. r=cpearce
b2e010c37d4ce6dd4edefb2ff6c5aea4b7bb7e7cBobby Holley — Bug 1090991 - Refactor RequestSampleCallback to use a single callback for all "not decoded" message. r=cpearce,r=cajbir
7d0240d750ee656a560b25119aea16ec49bf7479Bobby Holley — Bug 1090991 - Modify MediaData::Type so that it may serve as a general-purpose enum for distinguishing audio and video. r=cpearce
4545e522f4d62d9073da93cf52190fefa716d28dAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1082734 - Disable location.searchParams for cross-origin insecure data access, r=bz
3b775cfbd87a512885d31519972f8e7d62821a50Andrea Marchesini — Bug 978260 - Remove Assertions for mParentSuspended in Workers, r=khuey