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Mon Jun 15 09:26:24 2020 +0000
f05a0084c5f20abf47fa332ab5ec5c953ba48eb1Mark Hammond — Bug 1645729 - avoid printing a warning to the console about a log level's preference. r=rfkelly
995cb36e46d49d74ec262dc7d85b4fb3497cd8f0Noemi Erli — Backed out changeset df0d6b993ad6 (bug 1642121) for causing build bustages
df0d6b993ad6feb4ebe87c69d630015466dbfeb5Steve Fink — Bug 1642121 - Remove directory dependence of GDB init files. r=nalexander
6343210ca9117911824175ac7dc3c873d804e290sotaro — Bug 1640901 - Update CompositorBridgeID when ImageHost is async in ImageLayerComposite::SetLayerManager() r=mattwoodrow
52126fd9ffdf8322286962810e68257e28b1df93Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1643656 - Remove prefers-color-scheme: no-preference. r=gl,remote-protocol-reviewers,hiro,whimboo
d925281cab42480882b2298bc0982c6575d93988Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1641682. Don't kick off a validation network request if the original image network request hasn't finished. r=aosmond