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Sat Jan 19 03:35:41 2019 +0000
57dc8bbbc38f79ce532feb8947b40311e96ea577Oana Pop Rus — Backed out changeset 2227c747a95b (bug 1520833) for failing browser/components/urlbar/tests/unit/test_providerUnifiedComplete.js on a CLOSED TREE
f51c5057cc00e733f72ad2b97075d9621ea31552Mike Hommey — Bug 1496995 - Account for all dictionaries when updating built_in_addons.json during l10n repack. r=nalexander
4145884732caac4d1c9f4dcce9326bd0a0b1e79bAndrew McCreight — Bug 1517611 - Cycle collect WebAuthnManager and U2F more. r=smaug
eab01782e1aab26c84e09a6c2752d0ea998f6897Muchtar Salimov — Bug 1508984 - Enable ESLint for dom/tests/unit/ and dom/system (manual changes) r=Standard8,Ehsan
1b73f4cd7208ac91d88a0b1c98e87cd407f10f43Daniel Holbert — Bug 1520946: Shrink some content in various w3c-submitted flexbox tests so that they won't trigger scrollbars in WPT harness. r=TYLin
2227c747a95b2e907460217a3c0860f54cf36243Marco Bonardo — Bug 1520833 - Quantumbar history results show the URL instead of the title. r=adw
1e0f41f31abe7f400525b736151cbbb73b83d4fdTom Prince — No bug: [taskgraph] Simplify one of the docker tests; r=dustin
19b949191e5c5680fca1edae111352eaa0a688aaAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1484691 - [doc] Don't add doctrees nested under other doctrees to the root index r=nalexander
24e1359b53ca15beedd2142844bc237ea4f19fc6Chris Manchester — Bug 1518630 - Build compiler-rt profiling library for android x86 and aarch64. r=froydnj
381457de43c0f594595212e74897fba9f60a63d6Ed Lee — Bug 1521093 - Add Discovery telemetry, style adjustments and bug fixes to Activity Stream r=k88hudson
69a1d3aa522d8db9063ffc12966b666583a49764Chris Manchester — Bug 1520516 - Set verbose logging for cargo when -v is passed to |./mach build|. r=nalexander
e3d901befdc1ee6acc2e176ce192fd1cfc6258e3Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test for shortcut keys on about:devtools-toolbox page. r=jdescottes
bffac1c44562c7e035666fedde46a3f12841be9fDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test for context menu in about:devtools-toolbox. r=jdescottes
1f135369b9f9b8f1127d62aecbffa30fd05c09d1Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test whether the menu items that open inspector was hidden. r=jdescottes
4674df9d14e3126a0ab6644e29b666823426bb9cDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Show/Hide 'Inspect Element' item in content context menu. r=jdescottes
a93d114f9bc94b1681c08a4a496a25451b540d82Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Enable/Disable devtools menu items and the shortcut key. r=jdescottes
39e888455f3f21ef4d34b1cf32f4e1e4c78ab929Dustin J. Mitchell — Bug 1521114 - remove trailing comma causing invalid artfacts.json r=tomprince
f421de9f952fd1034ed2eb23233eefc387bcc20falwu — Bug 1442399 - refactor seamless-looping test. r=padenot
5433228bc01803d5040ea8c6d51465490c76f0ecTim Nguyen — Bug 1241885 - Implement support for -moz-window-dragging in GTK and remove toolkit toolbar-drag binding. r=dao,bzbarsky,stransky
7befa4aa3c7f8d3e153845363b5e19a99bfe16efEdouard Oger — Bug 1518300 - Refactor CryptoUtils and add JWK/JWE methods to jwcrypto. r=rfkelly,tjr
db283d60bcf1b16b3812cdd57a88e1eada225f81Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset a69c1a1dc6fe (bug 1519074) for build bustages on a CLOSED TREE
0771389994bb84e406bb1f335903c7c5c98d78e5Andreea Pavel — Backed out 1 changesets (bug 1241885) for build bustages on a CLOSED TREE
2c853b32f011ac35b6639efd9862c4e351f38047Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1521152 - Constify nsContentUtils::IsChromeDoc. r=nika
0f73ecaf9f406f11d0a64a3194690aa67bc4bf60Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 1520955. Add ref qualifier to DataMutex for more safety. r=froydnj
6c39cc812c87cf6ac71f6af96b60b3754a636eeeMichael Kaply — Bug 1493770 - Switch WebExt default search prompt away from promise. r=aswan
2a3cb2c2431d84093ba8caae7444dd681c3a2c66Yuan Cheng — Bug 1518220 - Replace the usage of formatValues with Fluent arguments, r=jaws,flod
6927759957ba288fffa5c32011b758cc7aeea5a4Nika Layzell — Bug 1520372 - Add an ownerElement property to nsITabParent, r=qdot
a69c1a1dc6fe4dec9598bcdd3038d12bf681a045Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1519074 - delay deserializing some CSP info until necessary, r=bzbarsky,ckerschb
edc879d89731b3ce0d849af3d78b60e7a6ce53a4Michael Froman — Bug 1520975 - only bind RemoteDecoderManagerChild's IPC connection when needed. r=jya
188f7a851811d58a97cffe44ec52df4ef5b2993bJared Wein — Bug 1520865 - Use the return value of Array.concat when building the list of nodes that are being localized before window.sizeToContent. r=Gijs
6c6fecd533820b4b31507307a2e3a70f1887fe23Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1521066 - Fix double border rendering of border-collapsed tables. r=jrmuizel
5fdaf215ab1242bf140b2139f516f940096ceebeJeff Muizelaar — Bug 1520952. Fix DataMutex constructor to avoid a copy. r=froydnj
e3a8a7245f627e6697056a18847f286c0a1d2bc9Greg Tatum — Bug 1520526 - Add categories to all profiler markers; r=mstange
9b729145045dd68311801c749f3e6fe5e3c741baEmilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1520989 - Represent the percentage in LengthPercentage with something other than an option. r=firefox-style-system-reviewers,boris
dd82c0dd27dffc6fd32e0cba59d74c70e3f96ecbRob Wood — Bug 1521099 - Add FCP measurement to pageload on geckoview (tp6m-1); r=jmaher
176be7000d331cd31aa97a6d8a35bdf0777b520fTim Nguyen — Bug 1241885 - Implement support for -moz-window-dragging in GTK and remove toolkit toolbar-drag binding. r=dao,bzbarsky,stransky
255d5e9dc5ca7e1bbd00852c0c7fc24836f1f757James Willcox — Bug 1521087 - Enable process hang monitor in GeckoView r=geckoview-reviewers,droeh#geckoview-reviewers
06c3ceef79456689c1b53d4bd07f75cfb71be142James Willcox — Bug 1515689 - Fix initialization/destruction race in UiCompositorControllerParent r=botond
b0377ec57ddd05e44c8336609f794986c719ab50James Graham — Bug 1521072 - Log wpt reftest screenshots on fail when running mach, r=ato
ef8493b00486cefceab561b75c6a993cd7b8d19fJames Graham — Bug 1521072 - Fix logging screenshots from wpt with mach logger, r=ato
10d517464fb1ba1ea73ddcaea039e32f4f4116f6Brian Grinstead — Bug 1518026 - Escape '!' to '\041' in posix strings ($'...');r=Honza
3e975e4b35581bf59856f275d8fe56c7667d8b84Andrei Oprea — Bug 1515078 - Add opt out UX in about:preferences for Pocket Newtab r=Mardak
0e161fee4d4483d1deaad69db6cf5a5ea59287e9Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1495715 - Fix intermittent on browser_jsterm_await_paused; r=Honza.
c586ab9cae6d139d5ce403b56f980be711e8c73cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1518727 - Add a Learn More link in the getter invoke confirm dialog; r=Honza.
bf190444c5793c7fca517d5893b12f4e2d50efd2Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1482875 - Add test for middle-click pasting in console input; r=Honza.
9915f978e03beef3b5da8d0aa870e8b28394f73cNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1482875 - Monkeypatch CodeMirror to handle pasting with middle-click in DevTools; r=gl.
f93fc53741db6086041008a87b3213af336e3cc1Dorel Luca — Backed out 5 changesets (bug 1495944) for DevTools failures in devtools/client/aboutdebugging-new/test/browser/browser_aboutdebugging_devtoolstoolbox_menubar.js
53e88d5a31a7dd64100ef79cbfe8cd53df963edbJulian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Rename temporary addon test to be consistent with other addons test;r=daisuke
76e2d626f740cbc368018aedd3ec4a2369d4c7e7Julian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Test warning messages for addons are displayed in new about:debugging;r=daisuke
1c06ef2cea48149efe62ce4e207c6fadded245fdJulian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Show addon warnings using ErrorMessage;r=daisuke,ladybenko
7aa26271b4c584966b70f16f395e98791211be7eJulian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Add test for temporary id message;r=daisuke
1a9e703e70d1ab05dc51605afaf44936c77d3568Julian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Display temporary ID message for tmp webextensions in new aboutdebugging;r=daisuke
160cc7a53e2142dd5165c7ed5d28c2d224cf451cJulian Descottes — Bug 1500374 - Move addon extension id rendering to dedicated method;r=daisuke
e902aece9ed7f640a7be789ff2cb5ccdfa8a5719Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1430623 - Move the lang font prefs to Document instead of nsPresContext. r=jfkthame
7d151a27de64cce8b0ed96443c1888656341e420Martin Stransky — Bug 1433667 - Honour system titlebar button left/right placement, r=dao
529a105310435244ef67c078a810ad92b22d9327Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1489491 - Populate reverse search with input text selection; r=bgrins.
83d6478d261167ec129ffc5286a60bfbb39d0c31Jan de Mooij — Bug 1284719 part 2 - Fold EmitSection into BytecodeEmitter, remove prologue/main split. r=arai
1d260750a87e00de63750365d7c0c6fb34241c58Jan de Mooij — Bug 1284719 part 1 - Emit hoisted top-level functions directly in the prologue, remove switchToPrologue. r=arai
db7342a96476113aa1428e345e704d64c02ab893Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1519284. Fix rooting hazards in PaymentRequest. r=baku
e68122d622790571d4846452cb70c8565f126f85Luca Greco — Bug 1488825 - Enable ExtensionStorageIDB backend on all channels. r=aswan
4898d60f2d0959882b94cb1a45a5810e0e922abbTim Nguyen — Bug 1520661 - Stop using XUL grid layout in update binding. r=paolo
cb526a4489cb07a2516dd27646b99446e1ed3aeaMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1495611) for spidermonkey bustages in js/src/jit-test/tests/binast/lazy/bug1323854-2.binjs CLOSED TREE
800b3eb8a6954c2c874d71be356a337494e3babcMargareta Eliza Balazs — Backed out changeset 92c56dcf69b8 (bug 1512949) for mochitest failures setup | Login to delete is defined: login0 - false == true - got false, expected true (operator ==) CLOSED TREE
52e5f0d019001b4c9a3ca168d3624fe11dc9e7f5Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test for shortcut keys on about:devtools-toolbox page. r=jdescottes
025ffd6f441f637c739be150a462db49607c26ceDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test for context menu in about:devtools-toolbox. r=jdescottes
df656c9d03b1e141adc6d5a8a467baaea409b355Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Add a test whether the menu items that open inspector was hidden. r=jdescottes
be64b571b600b15ab290ab162b66318048b5b3dfDaisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Show/Hide 'Inspect Element' item in content context menu. r=jdescottes
9418ac4c2fa1a57fb1d7ffe005381c16ce8f4de8Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1495944: Enable/Disable devtools menu items and the shortcut key. r=jdescottes
69d19e1214f7a30cb342cadd03584098a80db52fTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1495611 - Part 4: Do not run binast/lazy and binast/nonlazy on windows. r=Yoric
a5e61a18508db155990bba50a694cf67f17bc004Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1495611 - Part 3: Add jit-tests in BinAST format. r=Yoric
0baeacb1800bf679c21a15f2aaab01296d99f43eTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1495611 - Part 2: Apply cgc-jittest-timeouts.txt to binast directory. r=Yoric
da5caa27480c7b10fd4a279b3d505dcb693853aaTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1495611 - Part 1: Add script to encode jit-tests into BinAST files. r=Yoric
96880bb35099158e47b4add1dade4f483ba5a4b0Mark Banner — Bug 1512654 - Properly display search matches and make them functional on the new QuantumBar. r=dao
0eae1c157b3e3642b4cabe1424923d761675c39bMark Striemer — Bug 1515685 - Part 2: Convert about:addons gear menu to <button> r=dao
1a6794b81d48aedc53efab7d9dd40a1bc468413dMark Striemer — Bug 1515685 - Part 1: Remove menulist style overrides for button[type="menu"] r=dao
92c56dcf69b8dadf31af02054dcbfda5802000d1vinoth — Bug 1512949 - Remove eval from tests and flip assertion flag r=ckerschb
16ad98f608feb829110b74171b1c4cd70867c0cfMakoto Kato — Bug 1518002 - Update selection cache when initializing editor. r=masayuki
3b442a1b227d70bb7c3d28b763588a8962e52ea8Julian Descottes — Bug 1500378 - Migrate browser_addons_debug_webextension_nobg to new aboutdebugging;r=daisuke
15a126eab0979e764c96c01c9083207b2c0aa9a0Margareta Eliza Balazs — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
cfc581f4768c3a9424902541747e805749565e13Ola Gasidlo — Bug 1518559 - Throw error, if page is missing. r=ladybenko,jdescottes