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Mon Aug 02 03:08:16 2010 +0000
b1d534754b62c49240b48a491b70aa29e00bbbf4Ms2ger — Bug 567663. Implement 'hidden' attribute. r=sicking
21e82bbf63d26b37abd4c82348002fbacb5c2d9fRobert O'Callahan — Bug 580160. Test plugin needs to invalidate itself if its size changes. r=josh
edd01aafe372d16bd18d856d2d37f887323cb70bDavid Zbarsky — Bug 582303. Move nsIDOMNSHTMLImageElement into nsIDOMHTMLImageElement. r=jst
9a45bd27ec753bd3035a557234d39f602485637fMatt Woodrow — Bug 505115. Use layers to render active 2D transforms. r=roc,dbaron
ed9773300a858f4e1b40e8c1987717b240b48a51Matt Woodrow — Bug 570314. Don't crash when GetXULWindowWidget doesn't find one. r=roc
681942bf95e0fdcb2df4569d6f4a5cf4c4984c11Robert O'Callahan — Bug 582467. With accelerated layer backends, we should always treat video layers as active to avoid having to read back; no point in saving composition costs on those backends anyway. r=vlad
6acec0cadc4c3f587125f8969ed264800c7b2c77Robert O'Callahan — Bug 581317. DoApplyRenderingChangeToTree needs to invalidate the ThebesLayer contents of descendants. r=tnikkel
491b28e3c1080528031de7c2efb5194c9fcc3bf6Robert O'Callahan — Bug 579349. Track the 'drawn region' of content in layers, whhich ignores visibility, and use it to determine which layer a display item should be placed in. r=tnikkel