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Fri Apr 26 22:02:33 2019 +0000
b13f2b24ae625d16fdeeb61cdec10978c3c75638Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1531894: Throw TypeError if both maxRetransmits and maxPacketLifeTime are set, and re-enable test case. r=jib
434766cf660f8af665892473b7eb8a4b98b8e0f9Haik Aftandilian — Bug 1546836 - Video Playback and Form Rendering Issues on macOS Version 10.14.5 Beta r=jmathies
f0a23c78fb47dc9a7812d9ccffcde988a8b4e8d9Julian Descottes — Bug 1546635 - fix about:debugging scrollbar cropped by the viewport;r=ladybenko
b93a543241aee81d6c5212f09f1f7db6a25a6a85Kirk Steuber — Bug 1547099 - Ensure that BITS update is not used for mochitest-chrome update tests that do not use it r=rstrong
c8d4031fcf8004d5db6abfaaf82432dea38f233eStephen Donner — Bug 1547272 - ensure windows10-aarch64 is set to tier 2 for talos-bcv. r=jmaher
14ad847bd4778993dbf02286687521a56f167624Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 3: Remove nsCookiePermission::mThirdPartyUtil; r=baku
405b90db2106c0bb6d211d8c364b3b08c2ede455Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 2: Read the cookie lifetime policy from nsContentUtils; r=baku
8cfaa18c3b3b8866ae2ab3a389dd37c5de5e1d3fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 1: Remove nsICookiePermission::CanAccessURI(); r=baku
aaec576505b20b6f72dbfae8b6e42cb12b3cdfc0Robert Strong — Bug 1547216 - Make the browser chrome test app_update.sjs handle HEAD requests for BITS downloads. r=bytesized
b19746e81434e5461b91286e93c0918f49c9fae6Razvan Maries — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge on a CLOSED TREE
f13945ab88b10a0ab3fbbef21d667d30caebba8aAndreea Pavel — Backed out 4 changesets (bug 1547114) for multiple failures e.g. xpcshell at test_SitePermissions.js on a CLOSED TREE
4f70b98aa8705b6906b6bd2a3de66d374addb177Botond Ballo — Bug 1546139 - Restore the call to AdjustFixedOrStickyLayer() for layers fixed to the RCD-RSF. r=kats
11a838d3eab47ea19397d714d22aaf21bdc56d3cBotond Ballo — Bug 1546139 - Add a reftest. r=kats
d441eb4ab6012d75af70ff90f3d40fe205c862a3Botond Ballo — Bug 1546139 - Add support for setting fixed layer margins in a reftest. r=kats
b0f3d584835c25ce778177d8f9395a974d431185Julian Descottes — Bug 1545482 - THIS_FIREFOX connection type is not recognized;r=ladybenko
0c0d1b6e9055020892dcd6aab6d8792a08b3e2c6Jonathan Kew — Bug 1546985 - Use JoinStyle::ROUND when stroking glyph outlines, to avoid artifacts at sharp corners. r=lsalzman
85d43344501fbdca980332154e3d4e5d4bfcdb84Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert SetPropIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=tcampbell
7a8e62330019d4596274635543d36c0b01a559bdIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert NewObjectIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
c9e126b6fe3d2383bed37ff0a355f5a31600ac09Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert BinaryArithIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
94bdb9f0377ae71e261b3e25760e9f3c3020bceeIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert UnaryArithIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
f5d29f94302779f233480b630223715a12480f2bIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert GetIntrinsicIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
cd4e0264ddea5ccb318aa68f00538ede3c31b145Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert ToBoolIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
ffd868dfa8b16483a6f19394254c7de02aeedf68Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert CompareIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
ec38ecf241e2974a594e4ed362632dc3ccde03acIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert GetIteratorIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
f96d9bb8699791a332ab8e68af1137de39c38ff3Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert TypeOfIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
1e1017253de570f2440de2dc2ccbfe2b6646ae60Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert InstanceOfIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
448eb3cd7fdf864db3a331fc1dd405ba19d3f316Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert HasPropIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
b9871f6c9a35abaf847e01d4b902bb57b87ac3a4Iain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert BindNameIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
3169b44fe327b503594fbbf6cce6f4500c703a2eIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert GetNameIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
f3c7978228c0c13793704a6e1b9bab1387c003ebIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Convert GetPropIRGenerator to use AttachDecision r=mgaudet
1140aa6cfb408359845ca5a14db189c7597941aaIain Ireland — Bug 1542740: Add TRY_ATTACH macro and new versions of TryAttach templates r=mgaudet
da6e65869c99409518d0f2ccd2a2dc174aac1450Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1546525 - Fix intermittent failure between blocklist clients tests and security settings r=glasserc,mgoodwin
6e7ce11242e95f999435deeb3542ca17aaed685cTom Ritter — Bug 1547168 - Make the mingw-clang debug builds optimized r=dmajor
c048ee540f4bd02240b5a77fdf9396040f3a4d90Tom Ritter — Bug 1547007 - Remove mingw-gcc mozconfigs r=dmajor
26aedbb093297679a40024e9ea8ae2695aab07d7Tom Ritter — Bug 1535399 - Add --enable-proxy-bypass-protection to mingw builds r=dmajor
4c0f4af919b0c331b93bb56eda3655a2d7c2cc66Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1546796 - Fix swapped traffic category descriptions; r=dragana
1deca82dd3f32b6c190a5e647812489c6b0c0845Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1546903 - change traffic telemetry unit from byte to KB; r=dragana
010e3e33937759bb284eee7570117afa2cb9c331Liang-Heng Chen — Bug 1546884 - fix third-party channel checks; r=dragana
93e934e867c5955fe22d8c5baf19a805a4317ea1Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1545827: Rename a macro to avoid conflicts. r=mjf,drno
43f6ce8cb91b45fc8bf361d91d8b61d3dd3e0050Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1545827: Use NrSocketProxy on the socket process, when appropriate. r=mjf
7ed63d730876b816eb7b91419763208951663a36Byron Campen [:bwc] — Bug 1545827: Use TabId instead of PBrowserOrId, use LoadInfoArgs to avoid using the system principal on the socket process, and use PSocketProcess for the WebrtcProxyChannel when on the socket process. r=kershaw,mjf
7e39562216125471121260f5f9775be2a6432d65Kestrel — Bug 1546582 - Fix about:preferences Clear All History sanitize Everything warning background for dark mode r=dao
5ca84ee52da5ae45560093ab1d40557939e9c3c4Kestrel — Bug 1544225 - Fix more background colors and icon fill colors for about:preferences dark mode r=dao
de47bf15eea8a49c16af2568c8675d14412913d8David Walsh — Bug 1547028 - Make the debugger DebuggerPanel instead of NewDebuggerPanel r=jlast
4167117f548f41a9755a6710fc543674c8b2cc6bEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 4: Mark nsICookiePermission as non-scriptable; r=baku
0a4180b074ea47170eab34224cd5db2979a00263Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 3: Remove nsCookiePermission::mThirdPartyUtil; r=baku
c92df939a4d67e91075c44997687e0ffdb5dcac0Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 2: Read the cookie lifetime policy from nsContentUtils; r=baku
fc4e5936eeae0683cb1c8db8d369100e07e1b37eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 1547114 - Part 1: Remove nsICookiePermission::CanAccessURI(); r=baku
51f7ce6207bbcb1ddca1f62acd82d55a69f7be41David Walsh — Bug 1546462 - Don't run search upon location change r=jlast
e02e1b1425934e95738946a7b7602d341844c011Mellina Yonashiro — Bug 1533502 - Debugger dumps log of every action while using it r=davidwalsh
d4742516f3b5db4195e53e96de143a0a6eef0bbbHenrik Skupin — Bug 1546611 - [raptor] Fix None checks when validating test manifests. r=davehunt
836d02c18692c8037a94c319054b6104e0380208Julian Descottes — Bug 1544372 - part3: update mochitest to check hidden webextension visibility in about:debugging r=Ola,daisuke
26048370172d6a7635f33dab067b4eb88954b14fJulian Descottes — Bug 1544372 - part2: filter out hidden webextensions by default in about:debugging r=daisuke,Ola
c33e07c9d8211a19e24324a60ffec05459b7b849Julian Descottes — Bug 1544372 - part1: sort webextension actor objects alphabetically (tidying) r=Ola
31e2f80bc00d283bb65c16d3938f7bdb087018e2Geoff Brown — Bug 1455996 - Skip test_marquee_event_handlers.html on geckoview for intermittent failures; r=bobowen
96682cfce65c88f4075349abf2aec0d766601ddeyulia — Bug 1544694 - move and rename SourceClient to SourceFront; r=ochameau,jdescottes
27e6d1a417e2e5b67996c0625868a147b051b7abyulia — Bug 1544694 - Convert Source Client to a Front; r=ochameau,jdescottes
9c36551d262a0581a34d7a450bd2284d76f3e8cfyulia — Bug 1544694 - remove unused client getters 'request' and '_transport' from sourceClient; r=ochameau,jdescottes
71d3155b4fa79dd6230aa1ab885617e1d2bc2fb3Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1547104 - Add initial JS profiler subcategories r=mstange
bead97221072097029cf26069459a9fb5e1a0d49Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1546778 - Improve commenting in visitObjectGroupDispatch r=jandem DONTBUILD
91925dfb453226613fdbbcad3222e990396b4bdcHenrik Skupin — Bug 1338040 - [marionette] Use a cookie expired a day ago for test_adding_a_cookie_that_expired_in_the_past. r=ato
e8322e4b5e3cdb01ba1449fad87234ae0ed9e617Jan de Mooij — Bug 1541404 part 17 - Fix InterpreterFrameInfo::popn to account for sizeof(Value). r=djvj
93d0a39116d4efb9ffc10135ff205ba0db55935aAndreea Pavel — Bug 1435394 - disabled browser_upgrade_backup.js on win and osx r=jmaher
ba5045bb007241381ffecfbdaf40496afececeeaTim Nguyen — Bug 1544111 - Fix contrast of various elements in HTML about:addons in dark mode. r=dao