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Tue Mar 26 00:24:34 2019 +0000
4146cbd2103cb97b239033f215eb750f1ca880f1Edwin Gao — Bug 1536284 - Bug 1536278, 1536369 - disable various tests in marionette test suites tha fail for windows10-aarch64 r=jmaher,whimboo
d5c2b9a1c21565ea40ff93bbedf431f093aa327cTom Prince — Bug 1538134: [mozharness] Remove support for unused `builds/` config; r=aki
3e4b585691267357d9d664027810fd6488003e2dTom Prince — Bug 1538134: [mozharness] Don't override PGO settings per-branch; r=aki
db11228c8a38b5ec3270d0ca224cd49b0204d6c5Tom Prince — Bug 1538134: [mozharness] Remove explicit setting of branches to use release promotion; r=aki
775f40c959fc0423433733e8894651af3e452d10Tom Prince — Bug 1538134: [mozharness] Set repository path in taskcluster; r=aki
45c352cc184b491789368e2ccb537c24f75cc8a5arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
ac9b05fb0fdf1133e1093358d021c433143b44ddNikki S — [mozsystemmonitor] Add test manifest to testing/mozbase/ (bug 1471916) r=davehunt
15abc6d9064754807267c7ccbaa9ba0b4ca2b5abGeoff Brown — Bug 1536640 - Improve MOZ_LOG support in Android mochitest harness; r=bc
5c20413ba83d8486d044d48a744dd37c96f87c86Boris Zbarsky — Bug 1536737. Give OwningNonNull an operator* to make it play nicer with the MOZ_CAN_RUN_SCRIPT static analysis. r=froydnj
27accf858b3d64962a7f4a4142bd14bf772215a7Miko Mynttinen — Bug 1530617 - Add pref for disabling BackgroundHangMonitor r=froydnj
55c57409e36522f685d463910e36bef56fb25869Tom Tung — Bug 1423917 - P12 - Return an error if it failed to remove the asmjs directory and move the deprecated client check to InitializeOrigin; r=asuth
02b78c6e3ca738a2361efa22ac328566fadabb94Bastien Abadie — Bug 1536839 - Add json formatter to ./mach clang-format, r=ahal,marco
dde435d430ff4b6407833ea5f902febdc6a9497dNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1527867 - Add support for BigInt in devtools; r=davidwalsh.
2885c6add17808d71e9fbafba9fb11d731c06a70Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1529232 - Add browser.engagement.total_uri_count scalar to ecosystem telemetry r=gfritzsche
0e09b0ab01d9b258e4b64db43806b2cf961929f7Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1529232 - Enable Ecosystem Telemetry on Nightly r=gfritzsche
c2fbc9f732e0126c3dde2fb6c879328b508b9a32Jan-Erik Rediger — Bug 1529232 - Implement pre-account ping r=chutten,gfritzsche,markh
ca2fbe3ff0c09235042b8b53d0e928397db50f18Christoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1537883: Dump JS Stacktace in case aPrincipal is null within nsIOService::SpeculativeConnectInternal. r=valentin
e724e61a88017c8301b14f574ddb4c85ce722b65Patrick Brosset — Bug 1538676 - Hide the auto-expanded overridden longhands when value is empty; r=gl
486437866d001d6637acb096678a756573ef6d25Mihai Tabara — Bug 1535679 - switch Firefox nightlies to declarative artifacts. r=sfraser a=release
fcc4c4d2f130760735528e9eabf1bc05d6e65f73Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1538349 - Allow nullptr for the script parameter in AutoStructuredSpewer r=iain
6ec2f3eed8dcfc418c75fded9464338b561e15f6Brian Hackett — Bug 1535071 - Use the debugger global scope for worker error reporting if necessary, r=smaug,baku.
deee64970b40e8b116bc94aee46addba3b2ca758Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P7. A mochitest to test different channel open call sites are classified. r=Ehsan
0126685be740b217c747b91b548a6f021eaf52f4Dimi Lee — Bug 1522412 - P6. Add a xpcshell-test for default classification. r=Ehsan
63bcf0242e877a29d479dc0a00d99039e232c698dlee — Bug 1522412 - P5. Do not use system principal in testcase to test tracking protection. r=Ehsan
9f3f62ed5b24d73000310597ef736d707a3f5a6cdlee — Bug 1522412 - P4. Use LOAD_BYPASS_URL_CLASSIFIER flag for SafeBrowsing update/lookup r=Ehsan
64664ada91eeeca17041a8498caf7966705eb6a8dlee — Bug 1522412 - P3. Adopt nsIChannel.LOAD_BYPASS_URL_CLASSIFIER in the algorithm determining if we should classify a channel's URI. r=Ehsan,mayhemer
393b5a62f63010255f958b98d62b15188183f30bdlee — Bug 1522412 - P2. Remove nsIChannel.LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI flag. r=Ehsan
eb789cfccafcd7323660708f910303167c350563dlee — Bug 1522412 - P1. Replace LOAD_CLASSIFY_URI flag with a heuristic algorithm. r=Ehsan,mayhemer
b4143f25df7423915a23c115360b330e989d3d55ffxbld — No Bug, mozilla-central repo-update HSTS HPKP blocklist remote-settings - a=repo-update r=RyanVM
541b1acbf9aa3d2148a7f14ba7e54182ac34a6c1Kershaw Chang — Bug 1536236 - Make sure mDNSPrefetch is always released on main thread r=valentin
9258772d26933fb52fd389fa63c313b7c976012eFlorens Verschelde — Bug 1537724 - Make text selection visible in TreeView inputs; r=Honza