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Fri Jul 23 17:12:29 2010 +0000
49185ce2080744c44ba900322538141e933969baOleg Romashin — Merge with m-c 2addd3953801, no rejects
eaa79dbf259c99d28c5ea424ad1f9780d93171c9Chris Jones — Followup to bug 570294: Avoid vector::data(), it's not C++98.
595b4c395ba21affefb53c3db40846241ea92571Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part j: Publish BasicThebesLayer pixels to remote processes (slowly). r=roc
77ceebc9b2f33c8e866da48be5c2f8524dde5acfChris Jones — Bug 570294, part i: Publish BasicImageLayer pixels to remote processes (slowly). r=Bas
507ad177534a2027c077c2639c8707272b3af889Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part h: Publish BasicCanvasLayer pixels to remote processes (slowly). sr=vlad
4515c729fe32b9aee03531341c9b80b029050b7bChris Jones — Bug 570294, part g: Implement basic ShadowLayers and share basic layers with remote processes. r=Bas sr=vlad
f008f1965cc9bb8cd0b5bc2ac0c636615e1c1c00Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part f: Implement the "manager" side of IPC layers. r=vlad
8912027ef25c8e3eae8dff8a359bd44c02e8eed5Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part e: Implement the "forwarder" side of IPC layers. r=jrmuizel
e6299aaa482e4231d8c6ce214efe04b8cdff2440Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part d: IPC protocol for Layers. r=jrmuizel sr=vlad
f3ee7f068902cfcd619766029fc92e6736ea82b4Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part c: C++ part of Layers IPC interface. r=Bas sr=vlad
6ee9399bde01da63f0d95e3f7bd8f811262407d4Chris Jones — Bug 570294, part b: Add a Mutated() API allowing Layers to notify their managers that their Layer attributes have changed. r=Bas sr=roc
c428d17cd3e74d97c28881888adde8c007346446Chris Jones — Bug 579236: Fix shutdown crash and lesser bugs with remote pref observers. r=dwitte
8b85a12f424d3648cbc19fcd6f2a9b5848fe3701Chris Jones — Merge with m-c
e1ff1c480d4ff7930ee90171c2651f61879866f8Josh Matthews — Bug 572980 - e10s: HttpChannelChild incorrectly refcounted. r=cjones, jduell.