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Fri Apr 30 09:28:29 2021 +0000
b5b42ed4d6a06a23fb206f996229844c83a7dd93Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 87d9ec38423c (bug 1705734) for xpcshell failures on test_ext_contentscript_context_isolation.js (Bug 1659984) . CLOSED TREE
683e736385c43ea939b81b1e0a0ac50e673bfe31Dorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1707924) for multiple failures with crash [@ BackgroundEventTarget::CreateBackgroundTaskQueue(char const*)]. CLOSED TREE
eae6689dd31910794b188d2553a268a5f58fcb7bDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 1d91ad1c6c6e (bug 1704391) for multiple failures in xpcom/threads/nsTimerImpl.cpp. CLOSED TREE
3505125fe5715617ff323358156f229f42253fc3Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 69811ad1a854 (bug 1706366) for Browser-chrome failures in browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_1007336_lwthemes_in_customize_mode.js. CLOSED TREE
7fda478403223401a397c1dfc0d251e31a9be923kriswright — Bug 1707924 - Assert on DelayedRunnable dispatch on non debug builds. r=xpcom-reviewers,nika
c6213e0b8024b5156ed0b89247d610d84503fe95kriswright — Bug 1707924 - Disallow creation of new TaskQueues after we have begun threads shutdown r=xpcom-reviewers,nika
1d91ad1c6c6ec1d817f264bd97b094c15e43735dkriswright — Bug 1704391 - Address timers cancelled after timer shutdown. r=xpcom-reviewers,nika
07b727f23e70005a32792603b96ba123254a7485Sam Foster — Bug 1705049 - Update chevron/overflow menu animation. r=mconley
69811ad1a8541d5eed13dbe44cd50c94778facc4Ed Lee — Bug 1706366 - Update builtin theme icons to reuse on about:welcome, customize and upgrade dialog r=emcminn
55e5713da50ac5f2ec73c0b447d8dced13acdfebSammy Khamis — Bug 1648281 - Removed incoming telemetry for newFailed and reconciled for sync ping r=markh
602dca652b3aab4d08bea62698038847e9f33d7fJed Davis — Bug 1705045 - Quietly deny `MADV_MERGEABLE` in Linux sandbox policies that filter `madvise`. r=gcp
6f54c2bc15b93eec440f5897a1cf69e2e361dadeJed Davis — Bug 1706526 - Check for failure to duplicate shared memory file descriptors. r=nika
c3b1ce3677861d736f61c8df8ea3de621351f29dDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 8fd40805444e (bug 1705049) for Browser-chrome failures in browser/components/customizableui/test/browser_widget_animation.js. CLOSED TREE
e6111bb1d3fed8d15b95810f4869962fb4341857Steve Fink — Bug 1692308 - Merge sGCTimer + sInterSliceGCRunner -> sGCRunner
18beaf4ff7f32381d875efb395fe1daec664a7ddEmma Malysz — Bug 1693856, change app menu icons r=mconley
f983d8b45e728c19afb32e70c0421a69e8c7a3c4Steve Fink — Bug 1706364 - Upload mozinfo.json r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mhentges
392517e43f8131510fc2844b3ab60cb823cd9aeaBarret Rennie — Bug 1663707 - Support multiple modes for IOUtils.write methods r=emalysz
267f24e58da32956689463e609504b0d0aed6096Scott — Bug 1708553 - Fix newtab Pocket section in German is showing English topics r=amy
603076f35df0e6614028c473d83d4615aab92bd4Timothy Nikkel — Bug 1707802. Add test. r=emilio
b110e25c8f35c2cf051c90e2e39f072534d27a6bTimothy Nikkel — Bug 1707802. Use GetFlattenedTreeParentElement in DoubleTapToZoom.cpp instead of GetParentElement. r=emilio
7fec1174ad8befe9b7df5eef98d871adda0cc4faBotond Ballo — Bug 1707217 - Clear pan gesture state when a pan gesture is interrupted by a preventDefault(). r=hiro
1a7ab6a8f1adbbecf5dead68a7fa3a92c2fd958cNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 77b633db5238 (bug 1641713) for bustages on Histograms.json CLOSED TREE
b6cd3dd5db8394db29ff1bfe667423f0aa4bc664Narcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset e4c1a20756de (bug 1707076) for bc failures on browser_ext_themes_additional_backgrounds_alignment.js
433b1203f3985fe17c9aaa360ab9a61f709cde2cNarcis Beleuzu — Backed out changeset 0f560d38763d (bug 1693856) for build bustages on zoom-in.svg . CLOSED TREE
fe03f858d551df603c5caaf8b35b193bf5b4b7f6Scott — Bug 1708248 - Newtab Personalize menu high contrast fixes. r=amy
77b633db5238e1e0b03d4c5c597e737c9489cdf3Tim D. Smith — Bug 1641713 - Update documentation for default browser telemetry r=agashlin DONTBUILD
8fd40805444ee0adfa2a70f9f9f6610b53db59ddSam Foster — Bug 1705049 - Update chevron/overflow menu animation. r=mconley
802b863a3132af0c3a6505ede283f0f6b0eb9308Daisuke Akatsuka — Bug 1580881: Make consecutive dots to single.r=adw,mak
f62a3883ad159edec585b34a9f6c21be2ab06762Mike Hommey — Bug 1708382 - Allow proc-macro-back-compat warning when building with rustc >= 1.52. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mhentges
0a826cae9cf96ff66b6595090ac31f98b487624bMike Hommey — Bug 1708382 - Inline rust_warning_flags into rust_flags. r=firefox-build-system-reviewers,mhentges
0bf658f4c20e2a3b87538c8fa28a3a88a455809cGijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1707538 - align checkbox and modal icons correctly given changes in font-size, r=Mardak
9faa7ea00e954cf52663235501dd438166a9a386Marco Bonardo — Bug 1702770 - Make the gap between the urlbar edge and the identity-box more uniform. r=desktop-theme-reviewers,dao
0f560d38763dc7fb6929bcd2d51283736ded66e0Emma Malysz — Bug 1693856, change app menu icons r=mconley
28e04a08d2e42d3579b28b36becda67d945d6abeDorel Luca — Backed out changeset 4f76a69e26f9 (bug 1649604) for XPCshell failures in xpcshell.ini:toolkit/mozapps/extensions/test/xpcshell/test_strictcompatibility.js. CLOSED TREE
1053d057b9b14219739b7c0ea32f8a837e761027Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 8a51e4315c4f (bug 1706678) for Webrench failures. CLOSED TREE
c8e85f6f68dfae177fac682ae7ece67118911d6camy churchwell — Bug 1703678 - Move Privacy Notice link to footer of Pocket section. r=thecount
54553dd780a651a96375391dce6e1738784eee15Shane Caraveo — Bug 1707038 remove strict utm_campaign validation for rtamo r=Mardak
3b1ad0b44a366eda970a945f37183c1cb96e4861Mike Kaply — Bug 1708527 - Enable gfx and layers prefs via policy. r=jrmuizel
e4c1a20756de7c7be63fffdded2e0b16c01ecd38Jared Wein — Bug 1707076 - Draw the webextension-theme additonal backgrounds on Windows 7 and Windows 8 even if the header image isn't specified. r=desktop-theme-reviewers,Itiel
8a51e4315c4f0e2b47dc9f2f2dc3af716767b862Nicolas Silva — Bug 1706678 - Fix cached gradient scaling. r=gfx-reviewers,lsalzman
4b55610e6d234c92bf2197fa98324ef6ac37ae60Marco Bonardo — Bug 1707839 - Ensure the action text stays visible in Address Bar results. r=adw
003f1f69c1adbc7db0b09453c0809905d53353c0Harry Twyford — Bug 1708492 - Update FxA avatar icons. r=mconley
6edd601703354153840480de8906eaab48fa42c5Itiel — Bug 1708525 - Restore spacing between checkmark icon and label in native checkboxes by not abusing `.checkbox-icon` r=desktop-theme-reviewers,harry
130bfa5327532a2b188e4cc06f5e1de7183327e8Sean Feng — Bug 1660271 - Move the focus to the previously focused element when <dialog> is closed r=smaug
f2ab512468e95916eca2aa175db3038fa4f3f065Marco Bonardo — Bug 1705572 - Fix search Bar colors when it's in the toolbar overflow menu. r=harry,desktop-theme-reviewers
9bb369185b518fe8a9ce231072a023599ba6ccfeDorel Luca — Backed out changeset f823b4ba2375 (bug 1693856) for Build bustage in mozapps/installer/ CLOSED TREE
544acbf5c6c4f94c98ca5c41c19bd6256081355eAndrei Oprea — Bug 1707286 - Prevent stacking multiple Infobar messages r=Mardak
aba0c1734f17ff4211a214a77e99f8932b3657c8Tom Schuster — Bug 1706404 - Use Maybe<PropertyDescriptor> more in XPConnect. r=smaug
e9316277cf28f084f8ff8f0dd67db8c608bfe883Tom Schuster — Bug 1706404 - Use Maybe<PropertyDescriptor> for JS_GetPropertyDescriptor in js/. r=jandem
ed6bfacabd45a721d8a4a8ef1af6b587c751be26Tom Schuster — Bug 1706404 - BaseDOMProxyHandler::getOwnPropertyDescriptor should return Maybe<PropertyDescriptor>. r=smaug
f823b4ba2375a5285c9f9f18cc270c5ee2d56599Emma Malysz — Bug 1693856, change app menu icons r=mconley
eff327b57d72c6a57a3d0b7760a27181c5459151Harry Twyford — Bug 1707949 - Update Urlbar icon opacity to match toolbar icon colors. r=mak,desktop-theme-reviewers,dao
91d2ab692f2ae5c5ff8af2138c60dcda526f9c68Emma Malysz — Bug 1701041: fix spacing and alignment for permission panels r=mconley
4f76a69e26f93dc93a2cceca33e969b4eb6f77a5Emma Malysz — Bug 1649604, remove OS.File usage from JSONFile.jsm r=Gijs
64e44a2a6b5b4354b71086827894a2726402b0b1Harry Twyford — Bug 1708297 - Update share icons. r=sfoster,mac-reviewers,bradwerth
0bb236e351f1d4211b88a0c15ff9d73a3813c9ffEmma Malysz — Bug 1708481, add separator beneath bookmarks panel header r=mconley
ba63cd4d03efc4f58617635f5b44e06c98856c8aAndrew Halberstadt — Bug 1708293 - [lint] Add a linter to prefer multiline skip-if statements in test manifests, r=releng-reviewers,jmaher
3784de5b0db5968deb8e14e29eb308fe175e8af5Jared Wein — Bug 1708329 - Update more of the icons in /browser/themes/shared for Proton. r=sfoster
9eef6572db5d8ecd5aa5736bdd4dacec64746d79Jared Wein — Bug 1703791 - Change the tab audio hover behavior to tab-only based on UX feedback. r=desktop-theme-reviewers,dao