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Wed Aug 11 23:41:32 2010 +0000
ccfdad9f5c9399f9083c8a5bd3bb24d5aaf87d1bPatrick Walton — Bug 583145 - Theme the Web Console filter bar appropriately on the Mac, r+a=dietrich
838edca9178f2c56078d721c1f6916f55c92f3f1Patrick Walton — Bug 584571 - Allow the Web Console to be separately themed on Linux, r+a=gavin
e77d84f9ebe42aa07fd616d79f1b27149e58ccbfRob Campbell — Bug 561782 - Create DOM Panel for inspecting DOM nodes and their properties r=gavin, r=l10n, a=blocking
8b3fd544de43c059753d368c773d725c09637808Julian Viereck — Bug 573102 - JS/DOM Object Introspector, r=gavin, a=blocking