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Wed Feb 04 12:49:15 2009 +0000
e72773cfd493fa223cc1ca474a3ebc3355f90d25Marco Bonardo — browser-chrome test for Bug 433231 - Places Library leaks the nsGlobalWindow when closed with a history entry selected, r=sdwilsh
47c7a138b9daef126d4d19c0c029a61c83bfe7b5Marco Bonardo — Bug 475824 - preventive maintenance has low possibilites to be run, r=dietrich
1cf6c5b25fe5318948e1b0d8fee8384a27cacdbbMarco Bonardo — Bug 474582 - With initial migration Shiretoko doesn't import favorites from Internet Explorer 7 anymore, r=dietrich
41a786fa225b67ce347ffaa044a5af023e9ee49aMarco Bonardo — Bug 476645 - cleanup: remove unused methods from BookmarkProperties.js, r=dietrich
ac0b1b6f521686a325cc422c31a58b5401bbdfc9Marco Bonardo — Bug 475529 - Add button in "new folder" dialog not default anymore, r=dietrich