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Wed Jun 13 12:49:30 2012 +0000
efbb6480e98e01786ed6d6b96b6ffaa5dda00151Oleg Romashin — Bug 763156 - Remove QSound and QtMultimedia dependency from Qt port. r=dougt
d4a216c7534aee8d02bad829e754e58d07a5afa9Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 763851: Forward button's background MIA in tabs UI. [r=mfinkle]
764e33d3648f3fbdb637349731b8850a983321a5Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 763049: Tablet animation should slide on phones, slide and shrink on tablets. [r=mfinkle]
70b9974c9b4f438f39fd59c90b8a5207c59054f4Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762955: Fixed height for tabs UI on phones. [r=mfinkle]
abab030e4e599d8629d8351956bb3119c02de82bSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762725: Tabs UI needs new plus icons. [r=mfinkle]
5cb4218ef40a6d1e1b859046fcdfb56a377111cdSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 762725: Tabs UI need new sync icons. [r=mfinkle]
e3d9bee60f0e3cac4544d152eb6c446a325b0682Chris Jones — Backed out changeset beba1a053f5e
beba1a053f5e66077fab002f3901fbeed15d095dCody Brocious — Bug 745137: Direct texturing for Gonk through gralloc, pref'd off. r=cjones
4142308ec401baf9504115c3492fd698f2c99a4fEhsan Akhgari — Bug 758992 - Make the classes which use the XPCOM nsISupports implementation macros final, to avoid the warning about deleting using a pointer to a base class with virtual functions and no virtual dtor (uriloader parts); r=bzbarsky
484b7ec3f2ec9452a7231911af6cef71c60ea6c5Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 760352 (part 3) - Preserve alignment on 100% values in about:memory. r=jlebar.
b6adf27298db88ba4315fb12b6e30a17b258f726Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 760352 (part 2) - Treeify non-JS-compartment KIND_OTHER memory reports where appropriate. r=jlebar.
5896112ab18ff0086fe5dea0a0bd2bf0fd5b4e0fNicholas Nethercote — Bug 760352 (part 1) - Allow KIND_OTHER memory reports to be in trees. r=jlebar.
3f1c7f0a6ec495c9ddebd4fdfca8b5439ec30f46Nicholas Nethercote — No bug. Fix three JS engine compile warnings. r=jorendorff.
1eb234066998d32a74eda974521ecd6a6b388cf3Benjamin Peterson — Bug 763348 - Set private data on constructor instead of post method. r=jorendorff
39f97be749d7e6e223ef33b5168f35e1dc277ee9Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
68cdc1a400a47220fd8419dec3554ad7a262fcf3Makoto Kato — Bug 763845 - Use Roboto on Download / Addon page and etc. r=mfinkle
161a63862a707e8b2a9e0459220ee0f770ff1d36Edward Lee — Bug 762195 - Runtime has window.locationbar.visibility = true, so content can't detect to show navigation [r=myk]
b1e8dab6c52c1dd8931dd4a6ac2fdbe2a448faa3Benjamin Peterson — Bug 763755 - Support the spread operator in Reflect.parse. r=dherman
5e7422731ea0905ffe0cb6f743879ef60a2aba59Andrii Zui — Bug 749044 - Dynamic reftests for selection attribute and maction rendering. r=karlt
129be81434844046734ee1157c382f768ccc97a6Andrii Zui — Bug 749044 - Selection attribute on maction is now considered by default. Checking for a rendering error in maction has been added. r=karlt
451ed5328312eef52bd4c7b762fbbed6a6dafc7cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 634444 - Don't show the whole line in error messages, to avoid memory spikes. r=jwalden.
5387220c0609850b533bba269ed449d4b8f3eeb6Mark Capella — Bug 759817 - Repair an inheritance issue, r=surkov
a41fd66f124530dc07856ea67da4067b843f268bJeff Muizelaar — Bug 764181. Keep the output of the TRC between 0 and 1. r=bgirard
bc7286e373c9ddea9fe819473e25e5b05e91cfd3Justin Lebar — Bug 742944 - Part 5: Tests for in <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
65a425a98e860afa7132473dbf6a2f6868374b92Justin Lebar — Bug 742944 - Part 4: Handle in <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz, cjones
c2630a86e9a2ad3859a71e94ae63e939b7636e56Justin Lebar — Bug 742944 - Part 3: Move nsHTMLIFrameElement to a header file. r=bz
19d8a63bd98c7a3c7afe192372aa283074cdfa19Justin Lebar — Bug 742944 - Part 2: Allow getInterface'ing an nsGlobalWindow to an nsIDocShell. r=bz
ea6894a88b2b8d0c3f24d268bda42aa3af7edb86Justin Lebar — Bug 742944 - Part 1: Always set nsDocShell::isBrowserFrame to true, for in- and out-of-process iframes. r=bz
496ea1df8876cfdb8213787be423d574161cfdf8Jason Duell — Bug 742614: Allocation of string is not checked in WebSockets text frame parsing. r=bsmith
26a6e89c1efafe85d733e6cd693a6a2d2379ec90Jeff Gilbert — Bug 762263 - Add EGLSync - r=bjacob
27d0a3ecfe952b3513acc45d187da44c280a58edJeff Gilbert — Bug 762265 - Modernize EGL extension detection, similar to GLContext - r=bjacob
50356ba76bbf53a6a67fa693e3007e7802cb52c6Jeff Gilbert — Bug 762259 - Drop vendor suffixes from EGLImage for internal uses - r=bjacob
d4820f5ac8255d9084ea8f7a19e38d4c0dd67c3eBenoit Jacob — Bug 763190 - WebGL readPixels shouldn't call EnsureBackbufferClearedAsNeeded - r=jgilbert
f03bb92c31403fa5d1b7894ba16d31961b4b7b3bBenoit Jacob — Bug 763604 - Use typename for type parameters of template template parameters in BindingUtil.h - r=bz
70dccb11784fd76d3704ee0297498178ba1ae06aBenoit Jacob — Bug 763355 - log exceptions to understand timeout in read-pixels-test - r=jgilbert
7612eef1ed3abe40d8868b4ce7272586d3e3fbe9Gabor Krizsanits — Bug 763496 - Use nsIPrincipal::Subsumes instead of nsIPrincipal::Equals in nsDocShell. r=bz
d93f4177aa6b42e655dba915a0966084a94792c1Marshall Culpepper — Bug 761482 - Rename MobileOperatorInfo to MobileNetworkInfo for consistency and update to use the new MobileNetworkInfo type. r=philikon sr=sicking
f41d4b18acaa6b708ea6c970cc07b2fe13b961eaJon Coppeard — Bug 731642 - Assertion failure: isDenseArray(), at ../jsobjinlines.h:504. r=Waldo
b9cf42e0e76dae119bd997ab34d96db8aee2e2ecDave Hylands — Bug 694594 - Fix code generation problem in debug builds for Vector.h. r=luke
4e4f8a07e4d91c0eb7afa1c2ea41bd7e7ad393d2Martin Stransky — Bug 627699 - Port GTK2 to GTK3, configure patch. r=benjamin
d42e98ca091a96d1ae89a73d1156187d799d7f94Felipe Gomes — Bug 761516. Rename webapprt/linux to webapprt/gtk2 as we are building for all gtk2 platforms. r=marco
deaaaefbc089bed3213b6ea4862b5a78b2edb8bdMyk Melez — bug 764127 - some return values in Windows runtime stub are wrong type or wrongly interpreted; r=felipe
e781ec9cc4443e0c484d456861aff307ece6d695Chris Peterson — Bug 758820 - Suppress form auto-complete popup after the user starts typing. r=blassey a=blassey
15d7e7cc09a6fb6ee3deb38d460778ecdb8f0b8bLuke Wagner — Bug 763384 - Don't treat regexp syntax errors as OOM errors (r=njn)
d7362d197229fadfe94f016139e731f12f4e7acbMarco Castelluccio — Bug 760747 - Wrong check in Mac and Windows webapp runtimes; r=myk
8d857c53bc0aebb3d8320da8aa9bcfe1c5027ea7Bill McCloskey — Bug 753283 - Poison VM stack to help fuzzers (r=bhackett)
d514aa633475abf84ebae0be6b3ef0ecbd4a3014Nick Alexander — Bug 742109 - Make Android Sync write to Android log with single tag "FxSync". r=rnewman,liuche
6bbc085e39b5113e4da8a21fa3f892c57a9c1ac8Nick Alexander — Bug 714657 - Purge existing preferences when (re-)adding an Android Sync account. r=liuche