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Sat Jul 24 09:07:29 2010 +0000
3b43d69a70f0c4bb6d7adc4bc279685e4853f853Geoff Lankow — Bug 494328 - Media file display names should use decodeURIComponent instead of decodeURI. r=sayrer
821bee90a685da8c6d938818420cebbe6d0413cfAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 539174 - Add localization note and use positional arguments in l10n. r=db48x
82dc9a368f74a0a9b37975c01086ca368e19ff09Dão Gottwald — Bug 580997 - Group "Close Tab", "Undo Close Tab" and "Close Other Tabs" together in the tab context menu. ui-r=faaborg, r=gavin
e59fc50645b48bb01cdc72a2e9ca1c44cab95f0aDão Gottwald — Bug 580914 - use Services.contentPrefs, Services.obs and XPCOMUtils.generateQI in browser-fullZoom.js. r=gavin
e226c260072364c1202fa40c8ba099640bcfe44cDão Gottwald — Bug 431644 - Make resizer in Page Info media tab invisible. r=gavin