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Tue Dec 18 09:32:10 2012 +0000
dd277d439d313b477f4809c20783668478c3ecd7Robert O'Callahan — Bug 820496. Put bounds in correct coordinate system when setting up the canvas background for a page. r=mattwoodrow
0ef2edc84da0e4ab9eed4c4cb83ba5d7b2ace3baCameron McCormack — Bug 818626 - Release nsPresContext after its PresShell when destroying an nsPrintObject. r=roc
c243e7f3512daf8862c318cd3dabafe5279dfd68Seth Fowler — Bug 816374 - Don't export RasterImage from imagelib. r=joe
d433d1a9fd78fa6a78931cd82595294d75be2d25Chris Double — Bug 821160: Bustage fix for Froyo debug build - r=bustage
d622ae0a8a23bc65cfb86b6fb860c30ebf3180beJonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 2: Stop reconstructing the entire SVG frame tree after the initial reflow of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame frames that have a viewBox. r=roc.
55b179e8c9805bf3d0d3d59e1f87f867a9e7b92eJonathan Watt — Bug 813531 - Part 1: Fix pre-existing bugs by making sure we update the overflow areas of nsSVGOuterSVGFrame children when reflowing after a previous reflow that occurred when the viewport was zero-sized. r=roc.
79a8d91ba1cb87464ca887e3c016b8945e3a9977Gregor Wagner — Bug 821876 - Fix ParseNumber so that it accepts a null defaultRegion. r=gal
d65f28340dd95357d07e15f94fa2fc67d695e5b0Jeff Gilbert — Bug 821191 - Fix mysterious 5-space indent region in GLContext.h - r=bjacob
664be99e44f62668138aea79a5f3a33ef103fb78Jeff Gilbert — Bug 821191 - Switch recent files from accidental windows line endings to unix line endings - r=bjacob
ab006da8f88df746b52eeb1d580b1aa21a6ccf8cNikhil Marathe — Bug 822406 - Use when possible. r=gwagner
92b58637064edb3bd8ac5b869d1146db7ff7f1eeSeth Fowler — Bug 816362 - Refactor imgTools::DecodeImageData to remove imgIContainer argument and use ImageFactory. r=joe
b627cef1d7d2a7bf1cd0a9ee74defbcd0e114830Alexander J. Vincent — Bug 812302 - nsSAXXMLReader::HandleXMLDeclaration should report its results. r+sr=smaug
143ce885103aadf146e516eb97474adb9e935dd3Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part6: Build changes for froyo libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=khuey
8a641f55054a916f16dfeda912329a3e8728e762Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part5: Package froyo libomxplugin libraries on Android - r=mark.finkle
4a2058a476b52179811a8f9031c47e28df8c35c3Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part4: Add libstagefright stub libraries for Froyo - r=cpeterson
9ff7877b3133c81e77ffd1164dcc5a848acda1efChris Double — Bug 821160 - Part3: Add Android OS headers for Froyo - r=cpeterson
49ff58ad7d2411b8cd54166c50bc825821bdc5bdChris Double — Bug 821160 - Part2: Add libomxplugin support for froyo - r=cpeterson
aaf4ae2968bbc90bd4a97a4168ad75073e50bf82Chris Double — Bug 821160 - Part1: Media plugin backend changes for Froyo support - r=cpeterson
8697feee8fa12e9de7ad78604e5f2a6ce0826387Alexander Surkov — Bug 810572, part 2.5 - rename AccType constants again, r=tbsaunde, sr=roc
cd2eb970576553c2714722958f5212434ea9ac46Gary Kwong — Workaround YARR assert (bug 808478, r=sstangl).
391f4cf534e1ff6c1e7359707d46edf7396d31cdBenjamin Peterson — Bug 822283 - Make APIs that access strictMode() on the TokenStream private. r=njn
e1a57065f541c449b4618dc9875ba536729394e7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 821311: Search suggestion text illegible. [r=bnicholson]
3aa1bed744bb4663204609d9ba75269df418be91David Keeler — bug 820497 - update popup notification for click-to-play more often r=jaws
ab307f02af0cd3ab8ff2463f546862e5130353ceJeff Walden — Bug 792108 - Implement JSCLASS_EMULATES_UNDEFINED to allow objects of a given class to act like the value |undefined| in certain contexts. Also add a TI flag for such objects, permitting us to assume that no objects use the flag until one is observed, also speeding up object-is-truthy tests when no falsy object is observed. r=jandem, r=bz
e2e51aa6f60635a38f0d0e40373bfb2c4faee43bJeff Walden — Bug 822350 - Make generated bindings include mozilla/FloatingPoint.h directly if they use it. r=bz
7f5c8262d399a057507b6f632536cc8ade4c53e8Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 1cd15c87f867 (bug 821901) for crashes.
eb8734ce0dc2a98ba885bfd5fed9dc5f8177b683Benjamin Peterson — Bug 821103 - Don't spit out strict warnings on non-strict code. r=njn
0bec05537ea564b878f548fd540222fd878fea3dDão Gottwald — Bug 822435 - Undo global-scope pollution from browser-plugins.js. r=jaws
84a620ecdf7230c34fa7e23ec28625a73e6d721dDão Gottwald — merge backout
1872840354371e00081fb5056ec2e25d36930d88Dão Gottwald — Backed out changeset e14c7409ede7
53ab929e9386e138969a1cfe525902ec010f75deBlake Kaplan — Bug 821539 - Don't expose ad-hoc networks in the regular network list. r=vchang
e14c7409ede7898aeb9eb123faef49bc96220cbdAvi Halachmi — Bug 820167: Enable performance measurement of tab animation. r=jmuizelaar
31735047f64420357c88ab4f0ba57539d9215a81Gavin Sharp — Bug 820489: fix runSocialTestWithProvider to always disable social functionality entirely, before removing the selected provider, r=markh
28dbf131791f86a1b69f09b5b393da149bac8101Chris Jones — Bug 820560: Run unprivileged processes with different uids when possible. r=kang a=blocking-basecamp
6447c6df9a7dad2215d4a6d10729a1343afb7393Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584: Part 2 - Tweaks to update download retry prefs for B2G. r=fabrice
536a5fbaaa7f4dc1f617a4f4cac49e0fc51e3534Marshall Culpepper — Bug 812584: Part 1 - Always forward update download errors in B2G. r=bbondy
7d5cc2e8c11117f6af13ac747c87e5fbc380b6deMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 822094 - Part 2: Add transfer parameter to window.postMessage. r=sicking
56f2d3fbcf49d619caf014f7f17c398a245badd7Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 822094 - Part 1: Unwrap the transfable parameter if allowed. r=sfink
1cd15c87f8674010e989aae0add7a03bb8a57564Iordache Catalin — Bug 821901 - Fix build warnings in /toolkit/components/places/nsNavHistoryResult.cpp. r=mak
b0c4f68563c3d30aef72863bb5429d7be3cd78c5Seth Fowler — Bug 815471 - Don't assume that all imgIContainers are either a RasterImage or a VectorImage. r=joe
c4332c6f071d492118174f49a56f4d57f01dcbfeGene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 2, Alarm API). r=vivien
be80d621f9bb9a084378841a50672b3bd1c39ceeGene Lian — Bug 821633 - Alarm API - .getAll() need to wrap the objects respecting to the content window (part 1, ObjectWrapper.jsm and Cu.createDateIn()). r=sicking
86e0432487a7c91b557448cb265a95f7db1afc75Gene Lian — Bug 821977 - ObjectWrapper.jsm needs to provide |type| property for the new blob. r=sicking
69dd94ceaf7e856f7cfdf8f5e74dff13b0260e9eRandy Lin — Bug 819965 - Unable to silence or control FM radio volume. r=sicking
8ef4348286d57dc50673d855afc0b7ab61fc174dRob Wood — Bug 819213 - Change filter tests to use international format and reenable on TBPL, also remove previous changes by gwagner. r=gwagner
87ec624190f251450623789c9f315e721fe7202aVincent Chang — Bug 806531 - Incorrect WPA-EAP username/password does not trigger incorrect password prompt, retries with bad password forever. r=mrbkap
52557de563d79a9582558ae51b1304325268fd95Thomas Zimmermann — Bug 758103 - Return charging time of zero if no battery interface exists. r=mounir, r=dhylands
9a99043b80e7a1901776e663187b7e8bccd06e48Brian Hackett — Bug 821735 - Cleanup/fix population and checking of register and slot information in safepoints, r=jandem.
f774c609480827729a5d199504763775cdd2ac40William Chen — Bug 820957 - Support object members in WebIDL dictionary. r=bz
bffe151ab8acc96e3fa148540e3a44d2b176bb5dWilliam Chen — Bug 820544 - Prefix WebIDL dictionary native member names to avoid C++ keywords. r=bz
e0fce89f61286f413457c93e49f9bfaff4b7a153Benoit Jacob — Bug 817774 - Let nsIntRect not have a nsIntRect static data member, as that kills GDB printing it - r=dholbert
f3de630ebd0d9f86e003c7fa06b0dc4d62e78942Steve Workman — Bug 816741 - Add a callback function in WebMReader for nestegg logging r=kinetik
6493a073d5ca4f37cb094d3c0d175a338c2a4d42Ed Morley — Backout 97061a550935 (bug 817774) for build bustage on a CLOSED TREE
821ceb9e268790bf04bdad54bd7e08cd04f2e376David Keeler — bug 821098 - browser_pluginnotification.js should not call Services.perms.removeAll() r=jaws
94bf149c73a374ad143f3f5e01bebb15f131525eBrian Hackett — Bug 821788 - Prevent elimination of phis and resume point operands for operands of inline calls, r=jandem.
fd10dfc5f83404132fac2614f472504de60478ebEd Morley — Backout f5aaf21d0a2b (bug 722596) for python 2.6 compat issues
585a5af3a0a54f14705026ed5008fe8d8e9e336aPatrick Wang — Bug 821605 - Adding marionette test for SPDI. r=vicamo
97061a5509355424f622279a0d4464a01bf77780Benoit Jacob — Bug 817774 - Let nsIntRect not have a nsIntRect static data member, as that kills GDB printing it - r=dholbert
852237e60012814caca184adb2692127eeb94f81Benoit Jacob — Bug 822404 - Shouldn't use WANT_NEW_SURFACE when uploading DOM elements to WebGL textures - r=jgilbert
2ac511266b2cded3484994810ac38da0a3f0e6ebEthan Hugg — Bug 807012 - Signaling - reorder initiialization of CallControlManagerImpl r=jesup
34d54961cd14b7d75410653493f6e30b5c8cbed5Ed Morley — Backout bc98fdc051f5 (bug 792108) for assertions on a CLOSED TREE
e75c8b88e65ef138fea48b66520e7e1c40fe8f9aScott Johnson — Bug 821801: Make nsContentUtils::ViewportInfo into a separate class in order to allow better state tracking. [r=kats]
f5aaf21d0a2b3c9ec6366413d71bf2240be6e96dMalini Das — Bug 722596 - Get stack trace from errors in content frames, r=jgriffin
167cface3edc21ac607bbf1930fb3226009796d3Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 822133: Null check gone wrong in Personas. [r=bnicholson]
e3559bd8606f9d8322d76a2343f6574c9797b5d9Steve Fink — Bug 821389 - Rooting for testLooselyEqual.cpp. r=terrence
1d71ba26519f3613f6505c4c87dce187ffbd7638Steve Fink — Bug 817818 - Miscellaneous rooting fixes. r=terrence
20646e439eb79836090bd8b4fc43e3574fcae26cSteve Fink — Bug 821123 - do not assume the first rooter has been scanned. r=terrence
4c40426150f3b7f74c2c4804723d5e9446a40bf6Steve Fink — Bug 822409 - Need definition of JSFlatString. r=jimb
5a71c5b130c60f78c409cf6151c9411b49c2e069Bill McCloskey — Bug 821116 - Track line numbers for XBL properties (r=bz)
9c21138d9e9ab3616a850948f7e3334886bd6dffDan Mosedale — Bug 821855, SRTP fails to initialize on Android when crypto_kernel_init_ciphers fail their self tests, r=jesup
bc98fdc051f5c2f85f2a1951e625323266ad0777Jeff Walden — Bug 792108 - Implement JSCLASS_EMULATES_UNDEFINED to allow objects of a given class to act like the value |undefined| in certain contexts. Also add a TI flag for such objects, permitting us to assume that no objects use the flag until one is observed, also speeding up object-is-truthy tests when no falsy object is observed. r=jandem, r=bz
6304fff5886683f751843ad95a614b48989f1070Jeff Muizelaar — Bug 822143. Remove unused pattern from CreateSamplingRestrictedDrawable. r=mstange
e18421c16c7a14b559638429c5119da3d3d7aed0Jim Mathies — Bug 817881 - Move test plugin to dist/plugins, and touch up tests and test logic to support the change. r=glandium, dtownsend