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Tue Feb 04 16:20:28 2020 +0000
a117660624ec1117687f8922ee8f0b84361654f9Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset 5f5e1e88a319 (bug 1606928) for newtab failures.
4f6cf7772f11ccd315c2a859c02fd2aa10d6a0d1Dragana Damjanovic — Bug 1610253 - Expose network timing to trr DNS records. r=valentin
c329b8ebaf33fcc5a8a9a26e6316fcfdb5bd0504David Teller — Bug 1587963 - Don't change sameTabGroupAs from a WindowGlobalParent that doesn't exist;r=nika
599a56867430c3a24bcd66fe30b09b3dc41eabf7aarushivij — Bug 1594374 - Debugger - Log on Events text_description not centered with the button r=jlast
5f5e1e88a319eaf36374da8fc080faeafb0d695dHarry Twyford — Bug 1606928 - Modify the Top Sites API to store a favicon for “Tippy Top Sites". r=Mardak,dao
024d269299e62b7527bc4faaec6a7ce5fd61464cMarco Bonardo — Bug 1611925 - Stop doing our own special parsing of Sqlite zName to build the Quota Object. r=asuth
3bcf437014eeb859253e928e36b4384475ecb259Cosmin Sabou — Backed out changeset c1b764e0ddb3 (bug 1601009) for massive raptor failures.
1091ce1d58ece67823629aadfebde0f432cb5f96Calixte Denizet — Bug 1603988 - Part 2: Add a TC index for generated artifacts for mac symbols and reuse them in the next run r=tomprince
84ed6a97824207f0ccda88c8d090fe7402795de2Calixte Denizet — Bug 1603988 - Part 1: Avoid to fail system-symbols-mac-upload-symbols when no symbols to upload r=marco,gsvelto
e92e3db3bbb43040c97b789648a7054e590eb3f6Harry Twyford — Bug 1612509 - Remove custom colour for autocomplete-popup-highlight-background in Dark Mode. r=dao
eb92280a988d3df92486ba7fc5fe9fb94be5d780Harry Twyford — Bug 1613044 - Change remaining customize-entered CSS rules to customizing. r=dao
b5044c454dfc6eb8183c272bd1a6444c72a71738Bogdan Tara — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1152321) for failures on browser_inspector_highlighter-measure* CLOSED TREE
e1a4153cfb39a6e1706e88f036d6874bd0ddc39cGlenn Watson — Bug 1601865 - Fix scrollbar cache slices having extra primitives. r=nical
391df9744258815e2a2cd2e9c7bf41439118de52Harry Twyford — Bug 1606917 - Cleanup - Port the Interventions experiment into a new provider. r=adw
cf5cb55383a57a35efc18646caed846037002928Andrei Oprea — Bug 1609635 - Whitelist about:newtab/home from content sanitization r=ckerschb
e5b76dfdc06fbfac6a1e092a3354b934fc41f02eMirko Brodesser — Bug 1611853: return early in `Selection::AddRangeAndSelectFramesAndNotifyListeners` when it didn't add a range. r=smaug
729f25b3f867afebdbe8594305ca5c6de3238aadMarco Bonardo — Bug 1611253 - Upgrade to SQLite 3.31.1. r=asuth
debf33b64f52e9f8c6d210cd263ffc16b2bfef01Sebastian Zartner — Bug 1152321 - Added tests for measuring tool resizing via mouse. r=pbro
c1b764e0ddb311109436603c252cc0f556831843Florin Strugariu — Bug 1601009 - Add support to raptor-browsertime for running the speedometer benchmark on Firefox android r=tarek
40a745ce890d6d1ca60a91daa6da72b02d3a0951Sebastian Zartner — Bug 1152321 - Added handlers to measuring tool allowing to resize the selected area via mouse. r=pbro