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Fri Sep 06 14:32:11 2013 +0000
fff320870b20578db3e582eb63b6a2e834f52304Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Dynamically pull resource IDs to avoid reordering r=kats
2a9bde2ff860e23a1ad0ad39b82a47dde4787d54Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Add support for disabling geckoview packaging r=glandium
b7396ea8f5482f786d99a3cc864eb85bb27e6228Mark Finkle — Bug 880118 - Disable geckoview packaging in l10n builds r=glandium
cb3a85808d774c3ed97c6c7c4a2474788540d22bShane Tully — Bug 880118 - Integrate the GeckoView library into the build system r=cpeterson r=glandium
0fa38163e3bf0b70c6cc571b5fd805dd482d334eMs2ger — Merge backout.
feffc2cf422e2f2000b77bad961412231dfc09fdMs2ger — Backout changesets 997672af6fc8:cfcf5b7edc53 (bug 880118) for missing build peer review on changeset 9ff14d43346d.
7884c58c28a873d2bcd009247c4b82387e959b6dMs2ger — Merge m-c to inbound.
96472e9e9373fa16d842afd598d86f17df1268c5David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 913310 - Fixing TabStateCacheTelemetry initialization;r=yoric
eca7b6459131b7b6205d9562219caa69d19a02abJon Coppeard — Bug 911368 - Fix assertion since LSoftUDivOrMod can be generated for MMod r=mjrosenb
992102e6d2d2187b665db30902b8520d976ea154Jan de Mooij — Bug 912958 - Remove slow IonContext lookup from AutoFlushCache constructor. r=h4writer
ee8ed9d3e90dd798c8312d4ff605298c7554867bMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Protect against empty rects causing invalidation due to rounding in nsSVGFilterFrame.cpp. r=roc
7d460dd7724fbe6d4b873480c4f408bc521a7759Markus Stange — Bug 912953 - Protect against empty rects causing invalidation due to rounding in nsSVGIntegrationUtils::AdjustInvalidAreaForSVGEffects. r=roc
801f91eeb1a13bc22362edf91f20c1bcbd8fdf4bMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Don't fluff out the invalidation region from the inactive layer manager. r=roc
b072e77cd90774fbac4d9db286d63de40c416d7aMarkus Stange — Bug 912953 - Use consistent rounding for the scroll offset transform. r=roc
10464d3d16cb64e335a154c6709ee0157ef10cf8Markus Stange — Bug 912953 - Apply the scroll offset transform to inactive layer managers for LAYER_SVG_EFFECTS, too. r=roc
2a15f832f616761df9e79935ac1aca88e9ff53f6Marty Rosenberg — Bug 913216: Mark the entire heap to be flushed as soon as we start modifing bounds checks. (r=luke)
547d6f20ecb20ef1301a01188c79adef482031c0Daniel Holbert — Bug 913247: Don't call imgIContainer::RequestRefresh during hashtable enumeration. r=jwatt
59926e3b88a07110eeacdc92f54c6fc34169fe0cMark Hammond — Bug 909218 - test defaultLoadFlags make it to all requests. r=mayhemer
9e289a69522688993eae847ab240b4b68a570059Mark Hammond — Bug 909218 - add defaultLoadFlags to nsILoadGroup and have the docShell set them. r=mayhemer
1cd87c75e8406287c07992af55cf48128d264686Mark Hammond — Bug 909218 - add defaultLoadFlags to nsIDocShell. r=bz
906d05d7d8e0d62f282d6e645090a302a1b2b63aMatthew Gregan — Bug 911051 - Fix some namespace/type name related potential build errors in content/media. r=doublec
9c2f3fa9cd5c3bf060db90fde950efd9b35d333cMatthew Gregan — Bug 911050 - Use mfbt/Endian.h rather than a local version in WaveReader. r=doublec
c9985bea4d215c7acbac2e1e7ec34f2e2b75d878Makoto Kato — Bug 911893 - cannot use --enable-android-libstdcxx configure option. r=glandium
98656b5a9e6b0ebd93e4967ab9200a926ed293c9Phil Ringnalda — Back out 39bcc4b7efc8+e268996cb988 (bug 912299) for Android build bustage
c6412aa5cc28aefdc926a878dde03493f59efcebMike Hommey — Another fixup for static analysis builds after bug 912832. r=jcranmer
39bcc4b7efc8e3a0b36508e501750f1859dd4426Seth Fowler — Bug 912299 Followup - Update RefCounted specializations in ElfLoader.h. r=me
5eb75e2bab0a4863f9ea0ab950bce1f08f7ade38Phil Ringnalda — Back out b817abcebadf (bug 888109) for unexpected assertions
e268996cb9889250a7d6c55054b55e8e0cde7a5eSeth Fowler — Bug 912299 - Make RefCounted's refcount field mutable. r=waldo
f43fed6391f716f5a20094a41433069f763e8b64Chris Peterson — Bug 905221 - sizeof(nsEventQueue::Page) should be a power of two to avoid heap allocation slop. r=bsmedberg
b0f89cf3ede646438396c417953e3d173486a1f1Edwin Flores — Bug 752796 - Stop MediaDecoderStateMachine::SendStreamData from trying to A/V sync unnecessarily r=roc
73dff4338b06405080f8b235ab44d97e58186a7fEdwin Flores — Bug 884651 - Stop gstreamer from trying to sync video and audio for us r=cpearce
1b29c0885eb54c8a5a73b5693aa6eef6abcf91d8Mike Hommey — Bug 913246 - Fix configure with relative MOZCONFIG. r=gps
c76b5ba14102942f41439f3d416eb87ad83d15d3Mike Hommey — Fixup to the fixup for bug 912832 busting static analysis builds. r=jcranmer
b817abcebadf7eb913ae1fdd8dd39eacdad6475fBenjamin Bouvier — Bug 888109: Float32 general optimizations for IonMonkey: framework and arithmetic operations; r=sstangl,nbp
bb7959840ea52cd746ab1e91f48fd2387720ac5cMike Hommey — Backout changeset 9c78c5ac85a8 (bug 907683) for Android bustage
e197b9e71614f2af7805ecb1bb13d6ba6b56d1bfMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 912832 busting static analysis builds. r=me
fdea282eb31d3e8535baae5fdb2887a39607cdcfMike Hommey — Bug 912832 requires a clobber. r=me
1441bfd631067ac30c5cb5f18de15b75913faad9Patrick McManus — bug 904590 - useless settimeout call in test_prompt_async.html test r=jduell
8b4a47eb12176d11f7f8688fd34983107cc06935Jonathan Griffin — Bug 908356 - In-tree reuqirements files for marionette and mozbase, r=aki
6cb722cd3f7cd98c3237b7de7d02e640b2df63e6Mike Hommey — Bug 913134 - Avoid some build races in mobile/android/base. r=gps
20a4b8ad2107aa23f9aae1aa7e63f03edcd7b0e5Mike Hommey — Bug 913005 - Avoid overwriting unchanged stl_wrappers. r=ted
e078b4d207f6415230ba0c9d0f40dc8f5896cc76Mike Hommey — Bug 912980 - Don't use VPATH in content/media/webspeech/recognition. r=gps
ef653664ef989b954ecc3105c8ac24b0579d4b91Mike Hommey — Bug 912971 - Strip ./ from targets given to pymake on the command line. r=ted
c9da7671a0a9495476fec6ce6fb7933415745cc2Mike Hommey — Bug 911902 - Build ffi and icu during the compile tier instead of export. r=gps
2375fae8e78f1c3563f5d5722ed1762a92a57455Mike Hommey — Bug 912856 - Add a compile 'tier' to build OBJS and HOST_OBJS. r=gps
0c3e37bb0973e094f0c8b364642f6eb43e987171Mike Hommey — Bug 912862 - Cleanup some wrong assignments in r=ted
9993d1e6185e2f6f61ae296142119930992e62f7Mike Hommey — Bug 912832 - Inverse tiers and subtiers for build traversal. r=gps
9c78c5ac85a8218b3442c0c9cce52879b5fee84eMike Hommey — Bug 907683 - Cleanup ipc/chromium/ r=bsmedberg
ef3fb1cc922e49ddac0b5b05243aab3a0475ed2cSteve Workman — Bug 913151 - Always call nsInputStreamPump::OnStateTransfer on the main thread r=jduell
c1262e2db2912441cc4f7326e2c1ab161c8b947cNicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 3) - Remove lots of jsapi.h includes in SpiderMonkey. r=luke.
053f6a2c5e293a0c34618591f02dd58e7ce56381Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 2) - Move JSID_{VOID,EMPTY}HANDLE from jsapi.{h,cpp} to Id.{h,cpp}. r=luke.
5414483004cfa0bd1af49428305f59328b43a806Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912411 (part 1) - Removed some jsapi.h includes in Gecko. r=bz.
55cdc3eef81539800a5929336cc929ef41037007Daniel Holbert — Bug 913124: Put ASTSerializer into anonymous namespace, since one of its member-vars is in anonymous namespace (& to silence GCC warning). r=Waldo
e7bd5af466abd029d9af297136bc4684b7c1f60dTom Schuster — Bug 910838 - Electrolysis: Don't update browser information with non-toplevel WebProgress notifications. r=felipe
cd2e84ff64ddd150c428ba07e1e085ceede7ed65David Dahl — Bug 882467 - Mixed Content Telemetry - How many times do users click Disable Protection r=dolske
cca8f2b78300e3d736ac7a1a2f1bb52decb5a577James Lal — Bug 912809 - Use false instead of true in scrollIntoView, r=jgriffin
20287656b048ba6bccb9a9682615e02e1f0fc408Seth Fowler — Bug 908514 (Part 2) - Fix "variable may be used uninitialized" warning in nsICODecoder.cpp. r=jrmuizel
1f846fad9b0f4b7e5145ac32d67ced1de06cabdaSeth Fowler — Bug 908514 (Part 1) - Replace imagelib endian macros with MFBT's endian functions. r=jrmuizel
1da522b9214b777ec1635418efa8491c8c180fa0Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 912863 - Update Talos version. r=jhammel.
2b3846b0c06ce40658f50a84e79ab931cb82c831Gregory Szorc — Bug 912231 - Allow mach commands to easily dispatch to other mach commands; r=jhammel
76634fb95c411f079ec16b427adc788ff1fc5dadJonathan Kew — bug 911849 followup - avoid reftest glyph-positioning discrepancy on OS X, and remove fuzzy-if() annotation from the manifest.
68dd49745b2e129df916a20c1ed4cfde329115c0Olli Pettay — Bug 911162 - Fix default value for aWantsUntrusted on Workers, r=khuey
882c6a6b3b35ca20b44d19e7e76a758924524f23Adam Roach [:abr] — Bug 906843 - Shorten sleep period for ASSERT_TRUE_WAIT from 200ms to 10ms; change traffic checks to count packets rather than wait 10 seconds r=ekr
963ee7a9b46cc5cefb1c8ba76262067a27b094b2Ethan Hugg — Bug 909179 - Fix warning from previous patch CLOSED TREE
85b39648b037e8cb8375a9a515f25c69e24b51e8EKR — Bug 909179 - Add ability to disable ICE components r=abr
df244fde6aa4db4f2cdbee64d202799874d24469Gregory Szorc — Bug 870420 - Require Python 2.7.3+ to build; r=ted
e0d08a8a1c045db566d3b1a6c6ea9a413fb291cfDavid Zbarsky — Fix an include guard in gfx/2d, no bug, r=me
610bbc0fcf01a4279326237208ebf8cacb278072Patrick McManus — bug 910518 - check httpchannel for listener release on redirect callback r=jduell
cb8146788ab19f8c95ae7e22d32f211d35eefd47Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 912702 - Minimize the #includes in content/media; r=roc
6f37f834802fff3dbe12ed227114e3fc65b5ea20Christian Holler — Bug 901908 - Mark a jit-test as slow. r=h4writer
5de2c664c0febc57484c6ea5f40ceebed786c0adRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
a058786a8080dd4acf48399c66989ee302a122dcRandell Jesup — Bug 899159: clean up record issues in webrtc OpenSLES code + wallpaper r=padenot,derf,mwu
5acaf91e82183e92fae9bfca2deb889a8fbd355dRandell Jesup — Bug 897981: access ViEReceiver::receiving_/receiving_rtcp_ under lock (in upstream r=mflodman)
6f60ba64a890fbe095776a23d0dc2e1a72738c26Wes Johnston — Bug 896350 - Use the event queue when adding notification observers. r=blassey
4ada3a288106d93da4258dbd5b29224629e89e45Randell Jesup — bug 912613: remove last vestige of WebRTC_Word* types in big-endian builds only r=padenot DONTBUILD
11e825ffbe54ec9bac1bc589a7b8257681fc5b7dDaniel Holbert — Bug 883514: During block reflow, check floats after reflowing bullet frames, instead of before. r=dbaron
080a54213c6eb3c0eb2300127c6bc0082ab745a2Boris Zbarsky — Bug 909642. Don't include nsNPAPIPluginInstance in headers so much, since it pulls in lots of gunk. r=bsmedberg