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Tue Dec 03 21:42:03 2013 +0000
03a55dd19083434bd16583b5770b5a0bff769f55Marina Samuel — Bug 944740: Don't show Metro button in palette on non-win8. r=Gijs
2b85377ba0c42e1a791902507c8a5d774fbe3846Jared Wein — Bug 945718 - Australis: Missing tool-tips in Menu panel for Help and Exit. r=mconley
3199da11173f05885934929115726fbd16449088Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 944887 - Australis' destroyWidget functionality should also remove the node if it's in the palette, r=jaws
dc10b8966344c178c2e04b20686533ed117d7fb8Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 940182 - fix Australis' cut/copy/paste buttons, r=jaws
84139ef0940f08d6068474ab0786c85cd0d23b2eMarina Samuel — Bug 944828: Update metro button text. r=bbondy
4a33910c9c873d5492f947a546a5fa07d21142feMarina Samuel — Bug 939092: Update Metro folder text. r=bbondy
98a3ae4372afade9e62cf0df971f882e4ad1b649Richard Newman — Merge m-c to fx-team.
f99da61e40100c2cdcebcae8f01c48da6b608923Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 943683 - add API and test for items migrated out of the add-on bar by Australis, r=mconley
c7f35fd43aa9f1e91ccdadb729fcf99f0346ef05Rodrigo Silveira — bug 933989 - New tab button in tab bar always sets focus to the url bar, triggering soft keyboard r=mbrubeck
e0572cb4eb82aaaaf7e3f9195350f49c20621f41Brandon Benvie — Bug 808371 - Allow adding new properties to objects in the VariablesView. r=vp, r=jryans
7b8cc2b3568ba55b088b3e7930f19e1443d06fe1Matt Brubeck — Bug 941592 - Make double-tap zoom action depend on current zoom level [r=jimm]
ff4388261db5af1791a202ab3af69733171d0fb1Gijs Kruitbosch — Followup for bug 945753 - fix copy-paste mistake in making Australis set currentset correctly, rs=trivial
921670f4c865d2189f17aa609bf048ddc19b92a0Mihai Sucan — Bug 935277 - Fix and reenable browser_webconsole_bug_632347_iterators_generators.js; r=past
e7f5c3b76b290155396f40ec1fe182da7b317323Mihai Sucan — Bug 943496 - Autocomplete should execute native getters; r=past
0dfe710c2d6428131175d1f574f97174b07ce5f9Dennis Schubert — Bug 922214 - Add console.exception; r=msucan
35a8b1df1374fdd3ca5a3de74dde1970af563633Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 945753 - Australis should update currentset attribute with placements, not currentSet property, to avoid nixing non-existant items ourselves, r=mconley
f096db1e9ddde5e4690480378a6731951b8d3f31Jared Wein — Bug 943556 - Attempt to fix intermittent orange by using a later event (play instead of loadedmetadata) to check for media element sizes. Also include debugging information for the user agent. Also introduce a waitForCondition to wait until the replaced element has finished resizing based on the videocontrols resizing code. r=Gijs
8f06133698b40e4f899aa134c39b095e6899f0bdLucas Rocha — Bug 944537 - Don't send showMessage boolean with Tabs.START event (r=mfinkle)
918596edaa773a76b337c93f3370d706b85032cdLucas Rocha — Bug 944537 - No need to check for showProgress in BrowserToolbar (r=mfinkle)
a1445386e051b28068f11bb6663a9be12d5a7187Lucas Rocha — Bug 944537 - Use message data to decide whether to show Tab progress or not (r=mfinkle)
51cb8e90b8194e13a8736972d5b156633633f6edLucas Rocha — Bug 944537 - No need to store showProgress as a Tab state/param (r=mfinkle)
bac5ac014c63754ff362d96905091337524aefebPatrick Brosset — Bug 940500 - Colorpicker tooltip now edits css gradients correctly. r=miker
78e12d1f3aa23128910a5a32e69808f3a669a126Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 940013 - fix Australis' CustomizableUI to have better interaction between registerToolbarNode and registerArea, r=Unfocused
d1e4fed327fe09619cabb204e19274d3e42eb615Paolo Amadini — Bug 940408 - Rework DeferredTask to allow asynchronous tasks and support AsyncShutdown. r=Mossop
b4284cae2bffba5feef6846866ae73e16f3302aeCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 295b75fac0c8 (bug 940408) for test failures in B2g Desktop Linux & B2G ICS Emulator Opt
09667d4f65b46849829523931e42395d7e6da0acCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset 1e8f83c69e80 (bug 941317) for test failures in B2g Desktop Linux & B2G ICS Emulator Opt
160de960beb1270b08a1ebae0c319f8e221c837cCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset bc9014b4439a (bug 929067) for test failures in B2g Desktop Linux & B2G ICS Emulator Opt
59228cb34257ad201c5bd69ca0338153fb17758eCarsten "Tomcat" Book — Backed out changeset f785bf2e2c51 (bug 941726) for test failures in B2g Desktop Linux & B2G ICS Emulator Opt
e6b278c315bcb08d8b9c8884d501f9fae7df0889Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge m-c to fx-team
f785bf2e2c5177c2465dcefa211281aa1c32839bPaolo Amadini — Bug 941726 - Prevent DownloadLegacy from keeping a reference to the network request after the download is stopped. r=enn
bc9014b4439a89f70ce975bfb8b72802bdb18bdaPaolo Amadini — Bug 929067 - Canceling a download from the Downloads Panel sometimes pauses it instead. r=enn
1e8f83c69e8023547d87c06918780299329ce325Paolo Amadini — Bug 941317 - Switch Downloads.jsm to use Promise.jsm. r=enn
295b75fac0c8fc72df85892406ab51bf3ca0c4c1Paolo Amadini — Bug 940408 - Rework DeferredTask to allow asynchronous tasks and support AsyncShutdown. r=Mossop
1659537d5ed30602a1fb980150fdd6c5820f6ef6Carsten "Tomcat" Book — Merge m-c to fx-team