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Sun Nov 07 13:00:40 2010 +0000
aafe919e786ec6a50570a5184e66672b54914b24Dão Gottwald — Bug 604457 - switchToTabHavingURI shouldn't close selected tab or revert URL bar. r+a=gavin
4a3e2cfe011c4f3f5d57f9b8fe17c2fa30021d3fDão Gottwald — Bug 598619 - Switch-to-tab shouldn't suggest about:blank (closes the current tab if that's blank and switches to random other tab). r=mano
e04d5cf9a4c81abda6b973d92a64a411e3e97757Dão Gottwald — whitespace cleanup
28b1e8b3f538e79d5b7da735045d1b11b72b8743Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 585370 - Remove uses of appMenuButton.label. r=dao a=NPOTB