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Sun Feb 07 23:30:48 2016 +0000
1cfe34ea394c66d7fa2c6dc366b05ab00e919113Terrence Cole — Bug 1246293 - Fix a typo in DefineSelfHostedProperty; r=till
dcea3556c181336a12e35d2055626f7e6b7b2f24L. David Baron — Bug 1245075 patch 2 - Fix EffectSet::GetEffectSet(nsIFrame*) and EffectCompositor::GetAnimationElementAndPseudoForFrame to only return effects when the frame is the style frame for its content. r=birtles
417122415962057d0f0ddcb6349e9c3499bbdd9bL. David Baron — Bug 1245075 patch 1 - Remove assertion, since it can fire during frame destruction. r=dholbert
3e636d1a01025df5b1a50eac885961cc7bdd850aTom Schuster — Bug 1132630 - Prefix bound function names. r=till
1d13b1102685e955931f51253a65f9d7d81f1526Tom Schuster — Bug 1132630 - Renumber steps in Function.prototype.bind. r=till
d6ff849aa65c4f89effa07e26933b29b1cf4ff00Jacek Caban — Bug 1213429 - GCC compilation fixup.
258389005e0ce17f81d80e733d78f99bf273ec3cMatt Woodrow — Bug 1229317 - Allow preserve-3d and opacity to be combined on the root element of a preserve-3d chain. r=roc
d1e05b9116cc9725951440e05c65b2e57fea881fAndrea Marchesini — Bug 1244995 - Console should trace the arguments correctly, r=bz
7d6e0141de4fab594b48d54663a4cc90fc78e248Jonathan Kew — Bug 1240085 - Revert to CSS-pixel units for screenX, screenY, moveTo() APIs, and adjust the origin for secondary displays with differing resolution to avoid overlapping coordinate spaces. r=emk
69f7ba132363aa783954f185a5c88b16582da924Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1241692 - Part 2: We should observe stylings only for animations. r=dholbert
df927d7001cdb96045f0fb4cc2f7a4415895e002Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1241692 - Part 1: Ensure that element which is added in each test is removed before subsequent test is processed. r=dholbert
33f24d250f97b5150f798f90b60856cef8719514Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1246136: Check for dead code in assertion in EmitIfElse; r=luke
18b9f0924b4a73c16b29ab49dfb750ffcf57245aCykesiopka — Bug 1243182 - Enable eslint "space-infix-ops" rule for PSM. r=keeler
1bde49e1fb1379fe45b4b00d02d067f88088964dCykesiopka — Bug 1064402 - Part 2: Remove nsIX509CertDB.importServerCertificate() and nsIX509Cert::SERVER_CERT support in importCertsFromFile(). r=keeler
2d3ec6c8bfe4c5b93f8385a78a91e5bda77d54f0Cykesiopka — Bug 1064402 - Part 1: Remove Import button in Servers tab of the Certificate Manager. r=keeler
b2d2408648755506d0e57b14f1d926d981ca695dS├índor Gecsey — Bug 241698 - Fixed init and use of nsDirIndex::mLastModified (-1LL) + built in nullptr checks where they were missing. r=dragana
1becfdc20e92fc1985ffcbc7b3f8130e49a4b568Phil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
64305a23963a6ce00cc88f6eba95b207e54575ceAki Sasaki — bug 1244781 - mozharness has 3 post_run listeners now. r=jlund
4026ceb5a08324e451ca3177153abe46dcc6d683Aki Sasaki — bug 1244781 - silence mozharness pyflakes warnings. r=jlund
f9649610cd9ce5d145a7de1e0a091381222ed570Aki Sasaki — bug 1244781 - stop running purge_builds in mozharness. r=jlund
3ba0bf1011206023969443c1c4a65dbb0a996f99Ehsan Akhgari — Remove the workaround added in bug 1022420 now that clang-cl understands __declspec(novtable)
4892358dbf20a8568090837d3f3a14d112c3829bEhsan Akhgari — Remove the workaround added in bug 1233732 now that the LLVM bug is fixed