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Tue Feb 25 21:43:32 2020 +0000
f3da8ae9d1a3e74cd273746da51a035ddc572beeMathieu Leplatre — Bug 1616052 - Add low-level helpers to debug and test Remote Settings r=tarek,glasserc
5c6e3f8b0be96e53960e21d6707061a984c6b2b3Florens Verschelde — Bug 1612298 - Convert vview-lock icon to SVG with context-fill color; r=ladybenko
7cec81aab83f409967b336126c0b11339218c3abAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset ced61db946ff (bug 1604212) for failing geckoview at WebExecutorTest.testAnonymous on a CLOSED TREE
aadc3d0511033a23b734d593c93a914d91f6dc21Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset a52a8f4ab189 (bug 1545727) for failing test_tree-view_01.html on a CLOSED TREE
784a923d204be20d57b0b3b1827b44593952d477Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 12c7490d8dfd (bug 1610977) for breaking android test_error_reporting.html on a CLOSED TREE
8b5b34d3b4f8876e35f48b50108b0fef64a1f6ddSimon Giesecke — Bug 1617863 - Make JS_ReadStructuredClone accept a const& to JSStructuredCloneData. r=baku
7aa8f1610d722da028996799b60f03c9666994b5Tom Schuster — Bug 1615897 - Blob URL should not ignore query parameter and revokeObjectURL additionally should not ignore fragments. r=baku
8a1bcc8efafb628ecda9e84f2f81d1dc98a21950James Graham — Bug 1617886 - Align directory hash chunks with --run-by-dir setting, r=bc
700203bb90849074a7dafab5f14bbbcb6a705866Simon Giesecke — Bug 1617898 - Add nsBaseHashtable::RemoveIf function. r=froydnj
7dee76ec48c47302bb18148f7fda7dbdb52ad1cfMike Conley — Bug 1615727 - Enable base profiler when profiling Talos startup tests. r=davehunt
e451ebdaac6556f48b7507db7b28f82dc9bd9964Mathieu Leplatre — Bug 1605973 - Show shutdown blockers in RemoteSettings worker r=Gijs
ced61db946ffb3e63d84cee644010f81921c3be0Andrea Marchesini — Bug 1604212 - Enable sameSite=lax by default, r=Ehsan,ahal
a52a8f4ab189543c913bc43fa2a2f33c86e20a5bDickson Tan — Bug 1545727 - make the JSON tree viewer more accessible. r=Honza
1403d6159774b6241b42e9376af388d6829fd707Andrew Osmond — Bug 1608189 - Allow WebRender captures on beta/release if pref is set. r=jrmuizel,mconley
12c7490d8dfd50a00351f4679ae42704b6051965Bob Clary — Bug 1610977 - disable service worker testing until alternatives are available, r=jmaher
2ac78faa4373dcd30678b52672ef8dbaf461671eMatthew Gaudet — Bug 1617306 - Move MutableScriptFlags into SharedStencil r=caroline
f6068403cbc7e9f1fdb5a5ed5977abec7ca22628Matthew Gaudet — Bug 1617306 - Change implementation of SharedStencil ImmutableFlags to prepare for sharing r=caroline
c7d014a293392e04110ed861aaec5226c434eae6Kershaw Chang — Bug 1607134 - Make sRunningIndex an Atomic to avoid racing r=mayhemer
2762390f8f5f1e104481bf946452ea508c017376Simon Giesecke — Bug 1617841 - Add nsClassHashtable::Put overloads accepting a UniquePtr rvalue. r=froydnj
9792c40f21b61428c524b5e6a6fb24ac5ce1933eshindli — Backed out changeset 8e83821770b7 (bug 1617854) for causing linting failure in /builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/modules/libpref/init/all.js CLOSED TREE
2e17ded7a980159f87f89e381a4067c67b870f34Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1617593: Make AllocationIntegrityState debug only; r=jandem
cdf5490c9f0752339fabf17a3d9b5973dad96ed6Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1617593: Remove unused populateSafepoinst in AllocationIntegrityState; r=jandem
f53b30865fc3c69a6b1bbdca775909625d34f286Benjamin Bouvier — Bug 1617593: Remove the StupidAllocator; r=jandem
8e83821770b7a373fe4d1501d4f1002edd29d204Martin Stransky — Bug 1617854 [Wayland] Ship Wayland related preferences at StaticPrefList.yaml r=jhorak
0aa4f98528870dbdacefc1b187a3a761aae45cc1Karan Sapolia — Bug 1611634 - Picture-in-Picture keyboard shortcut should open currently playing video. r=jaws
6e34ac78082621526246ae3b0115a10911425a9eBob Clary — Bug 1610879 - restrict Tier 2 fission web-platform-tests on Linux to try with --full, r=jgraham
3b1c4c0960785a2145a577a61e7ee7bd220b3620Bob Clary — Bug 1617656 - Use correct field names for suite.unit, suite.subtests.unit, r=jmaher.
a3b93b47c49619ea9f4a8285ddcbe755079ec755Kershaw Chang — Bug 1617322 - Pass the transaction via OnPushCallback's parameters r=dragana
99e2bc58d9c39d78b501a55baef4c991c38eb8f2Marco Bonardo — Bug 1616460 - Star panel tree view can move bookmarks even when it's not visible. r=Standard8
dabbdb85603bbd1a4a4a38225fb93b18695650eeDavid Major — Bug 1616938 - Fix some test issues in TestNetworkLinkIdHashingWindows r=mayhemer
c689a868f5f95722fa0f58fb21e1e7913e3d9dfeSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1617511 - doc: Add a textual description on attaching new try jobs r=armenzg
ae52868221baeec1847f623e3d33f4c727105113Martin Stransky — Bug 1617854 [Wayland] Ship widget.wayland_dmabuf_vaapi.enabled preference r=jhorak
8cb82e84f2802e51315aa47580efc6f6e6683139Martin Stransky — Bug 1617575 [Wayland] Don't pass invalid file descriptors to SurfaceDescriptorDMABuf, r=jhorak
b5783f1f17d8faf5c44c0dfa5b39c1c0b8ca4635Martin Stransky — Bug 1617858 [Linux/Gtk] Don't use a fallback widget when it's missing, r=jhorak
e71ffc76de6c77e1939aacc3d501e59455e2d365Andrew Osmond — Bug 1617493 - Rasterize SVG patterns in content process into a shared surface for WebRender. r=jrmuizel
43da03986d1d51a5054d341cead90398d91fc5b2Jonathan Kew — Bug 1617515 - Properly advance current position for glyph runs where we don't implement ink-skipping. r=dholbert
6ab52003a362be94b32bd0032c1b28888fd5a95dGregory Mierzwinski — Bug 1616065 - Add stability optimizations to browsertime arguments. r=perftest-reviewers,whimboo
f03b006038b59524bf3f342d6163b6aa33f756afshindli — Backed out changeset 3f52616a34d3 (bug 1607366) for causing bc failures in browser_startup_flicker.js CLOSED TREE
97245d71d81f681148d53e4c16d76886cc382037shindli — Backed out changeset e2b4729c8fe2 (bug 1613890) for mochitest failures in devtools/client/netmonitor/test/browser_net_security-details.js CLOSED TREE
119fba1f2215470a3da1573fe5e54902c77f3bfcDavid Major — Bug 1617639 - No need to pass -LTCG in AR_FLAGS for Windows r=froydnj
6c405454620d3edf5c3ee3745803545e19316da4dw-dev — Bug 1286953 - Add new browserSettings APIs; r=mixedpuppy,Fallen
36db5dde5dd1de7b8a4ebf309e69499d1a71507dSylvestre Ledru — no bug - Add media/mp4parse-rust/ to the list of third party code r=kinetik
fa13c4a426e7c6ef9b1fb194f4e730fd186b4904Andreea Pavel — Bug 1615449 - disabled browser_doorhanger_installs.js on win10 64bits r=aryx
cc1790a6b7e428834c1f89726ac7d276973a701cAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1571513 - Implement suspend/resume of MediaDecoder to clean up low level resources. r=alwu
aac6ada5bac36f92ae819ef73310ad7a9bc7b84aAlex Chronopoulos — Bug 1571513 - Setup PrincipalHandle and Playing listener of a DecodedStream in the start. r=alwu
fd95df16f9cad75fa6af83efd41e4dffe8c61849Simon Giesecke — Bug 1617604 - Make fallible nsTArray::EmplaceBack callable. r=froydnj
bb4578710162c2ecae36d4367c59771120670a27Simon Giesecke — Bug 1617542 - Remove nsRefPtrHashtable::Put overload accepting already_AddRefed and adapt all uses. r=froydnj
1719312df871295d22a46b61b2f8656f87664330Simon Giesecke — Bug 1617542 - Make nsRefPtrHashtable::Put accept a RefPtr rvalue. r=froydnj
79fca7b4d2c20e9d03211ae3a37e3c0fb87d471bSimon Giesecke — Bug 1617546 - Provide operator== for mozilla::Nothing. r=froydnj
3f52616a34d33f38cb0d586c17937dbfcd087ddeDavid Teller — Bug 1607366 - Display a warning when we're running Fission without WebRender;r=Gijs
e2b4729c8fe2fdd560ac5bbbb86b6b360c2286b4Hubert Boma Manilla — Bug 1613890 - Refactored the Security panel to use request-details/PropertiesView r=Honza
aed40915efb825eaca2676f94861c43c5e62ddeaAndreea Pavel — Bug 1616714 - correct disable condition for browser_default_zoom_sitespecific.js r=test-only CLOSED TREE
3ad617ba2bb3b4b4a1bca4760f9c7de2376eefeaAndreea Pavel — Bug 1616714 - disable browser_default_zoom_sitespecific.js on mac and linux not debug r=jmaher
deb3b3e442f139e248ba2f7796899ddf5b7dcb71championshuttler — Bug 1617846 - Replace IRC with matrix.r=firefox-source-docs-reviewers,sylvestre
bd77f1e76509aa76074130c31a004c15ddf276bbAndreea Pavel — Backed out changeset bf161e554d1f (bug 1612091) for failing bc at browser_protections_telemetry.js on a CLOSED TREE
421a2ba999caf30e821e22d2cc562b1dab6e91aaHenri Sivonen — Bug 1569106 - Disable browser/base/content/test/fullscreen/browser_bug1557041.js for Fission on Windows. r=pbz
8adf1b7ef97323bea6d5afbdee5aaee009cde817AndrĂ© Bargull — Bug 1617174: Use boxAtStart for LCheckThis and LCheckThisReinit. r=jandem
e45f9aabdc9e926d41595c3235e4f849a2e96cd7Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1613790 - Implement unit tests for TRRPerformance module. r=johannh,dragana,valentin
a53749907deef1ed5b0902d153e000d2c919e8b7Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1613790 - Implement module to measure performance of TRRs and send telemetry. r=johannh,dragana,valentin
f243a9acd63f7c7e489466ad302fac658d4ea7eaSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1617369 - Reformat testing/ using rustfmt r=whimboo,webdriver-reviewers
ef3886a28cbc33422d608626f9a9f0265ae1b38eNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1617210 - Fix issue with duplicated ObjectFronts in the scopes panel. r=jlast.
bf161e554d1f97842cbfe43caab62ccf7ccdf77fErica Wright — Bug 1612091 - Add mobile callout to the ETP card. r=fluent-reviewers,johannh,flod
425bb9b4969febed4e0f0f4591a38e2fe88616c4shindli — Backed out changeset 0e5de9eade9c (bug 1617642) for causing docker image build bustages CLOSED TREE
0e5de9eade9c4ca6694bd81c97edc93a95cb566cSimon Fraser — Bug 1617642 Remove pip version restriction & force Python 3.8 for funsize r=jlorenzo
013ae63af9c19d2b1ca2c1de49dcf7ffba33ff17Florens Verschelde — Bug 1616781 - Clean up old workarounds in webconsole.css; r=nchevobbe
b6b01b9402a8195e8d36dc191fcafc20da4d1b1bGabriele Svelto — Bug 1617202 - Handle TelemetrySessionId like a regular crash annotation r=froydnj
c624c72bb30f6b7a56926da5501980c9dd8e5668Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1617369 - Reformat toolkit/crashreporter/ & toolkit/library/rust/ using rustfmt r=gsvelto
a2c0deaf95996cfa034c37075b902e97cd546185Andreea Pavel — Backed out changeset 336f88eaf4e2 (bug 1617210) for causing bug 1617812 on a CLOSED TREE
e9a85eb47d024d9defa5e0a0eaf17c6403eddf98Andreea Pavel — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1596513) for webrender wrench bustages on a CLOSED TREE
6ec57e18c6b59b199326022bf2dbbb1ea1ef236dSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1616780 - Add __NR_sched_getattr to the list of thread function r=jld
9f62d77fd22876a37aed707ebf89e3d533a30017Lars T Hansen — Bug 1536450 - Make getStackPointer non-static everywhere. r=mgaudet
336f88eaf4e2ca24bd8eec46d66d093b9c4fadcdNicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1617210 - Fix issue with duplicated ObjectFronts in the scopes panel. r=jlast.
49e61b566da14b8e34e0efa332d9c7ff91625062cbrewster — Bug 1596513: Part 2: Allow for floating point dx/dy on feDropShadow attributes r=nical
889cee140af8177fbf144bffdf3c68f587f1aa56cbrewster — Bug 1596513: Part 1: Take scale factors into account when rendering drop shadows in WebRender r=gfx-reviewers,kvark
6a748b3356530df0362800045fbff8ae70e97e7aPerry Jiang — Bug 1616254 - MatchScope should check same-origin using ScopeToPrincipal helper r=dom-workers-and-storage-reviewers,asuth
44edc23398bf93f70324004c9c2737003336616aHarry Twyford — Bug 1617696 - Stop splitting address bar expansion between _on_focus and _on_click. r=adw