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Sun Feb 16 02:27:28 2014 +0000
3a37d3be57fa1b014c8ed72ac2cdcb84f9c02f1eMs2ger — Bug 968900 - Move LOCAL_INCLUDES to in toolkit/; r=mshal
20d7a9037429b138123195e3e994a7ebbbf59459Ms2ger — Bug 968856 - Move unconditional LOCAL_INCLUDES into; r=mshal
509cfc636986025dbcdaaa14b3a623ea5690c331Daniel Holbert — Bug 969460 part 3: regression tests for "display:flex" on root node. r=bz
90c1ec4ae807618ed69662ea6057dd1c1d6b461cDaniel Holbert — Bug 969460 part 2: Use EnsureBlockDisplay to determine the 'display' of the root node, and let nsCSSFrameConstructor::ConstructDocElementFrame create flex containers. r=bz
ddac6a90ceb664ade501ec1d80bcd97eb9c36f18Daniel Holbert — Bug 969460 part 1: Give EnsureBlockDisplay a second parameter, to determine whether it converts 'display:list-item' to block. r=bz
e8afde67c29031370a84c6ff50fe6746b39cc50dPhil Ringnalda — Merge m-c to m-i
b3a9c9540bfc624b12b309c26f6e0bb01c1d1382Mats Palmgren — Bug 969756. r=cam
4fadd825bf81154bfece1b72abaca475ef6e4021Christian Holler — Bug 972951 - Make gcparam only accept positive integers. r=evilpie
3305c1509a286a24a07781b68fd9ebf586c9281cDoug Sherk — Bug 970578: Add tests for preventDefault and long tap behavior to gtest. r=kats
d8462ffa097d7b3caf6b5ea4762aba6b097df410Alexander Surkov — Bug 638684 - Accessible::GetFirstAvailableAccessible needs resuse the accessible tree walker, r=tbsaunde
072725b2ef45e968e80cd33b2576c13f95733ccfRobert Longson — Bug 971285 - Fix intermittent failure in smil/anim-path-d-01.svg. r=dholbert