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Wed Feb 02 16:02:40 2011 +0000
7abdd2abd9cbf3976fbccd5de41c2f162cdc9c8aBrian Carpenter — Bug 607232 - Remove "For Internet Explorer Users" from the Help menu.
58138404336ff2ad6d5ae9dcfc4fadcefa3cfae5Asaf Romano — Bug 555547 - A command of placesContextMenu is carried out for a wrong bookmark item.
17b4a1ed16af5fa748ff9557b7cd05333516c623Marco Bonardo — Bug 630059 - "Advanced search" and "Preferences" links in about:home are broken in Russian Firefox build.
dc93a523cdbd0330a81e49c290da7a2099386015Marco Bonardo — Bug 630838 - Clear document.popupNode between browser chrome tests.