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Fri Nov 05 07:21:46 2010 +0000
0aa98eae87ed8a874b75ab692c7afa8c2b8f1010Chris Jones — Change a comment in a patch for bug 605362, so I can add a=blocking-fennec
ffb9040a013b85de49d83fe36d8b52609932b0b9Chris Jones — Bug 605362, part 5: Centralize more of the accounting. r=joe
e390c6cf96b1adffdfef04298d6ea95e82073b25Chris Jones — Bug 605362, part 4: Notify shmem MemoryReporters from all shmem backends. r=joe
e25e8b0bb4d0929468b0fd595571c51ecd2a8564Chris Jones — Bug 605362, part 3: Add MemoryReporters for shmem. r=vlad
62bbf0aed452646c77fcf9074c31545cc37154e7Chris Jones — Bug 605362, part 2: Track allocated sizes (in the allocating process) in all shmem backends. r=joe
f5e82d1422e6a32df20373b16533c9868cdbf679Chris Jones — Bug 605362, part 1: Allocate page-aligned shmem segments in ShmImage, to match other allocators which more honestly report address space and system mem taken by alloc. r=joe
1e1c3519b5a911246dcd980c360c6d0a86a0271fChris Jones — Bug 603885, part 8: Add logging for buffer creation and readback operations. r=roc
f2b5fc8dc7a3c252f3aa360397a92b454c385071Chris Jones — Bug 603885, part 7: Remove front-buffer pre-fill code that is now subsumed by swap-and-readback (which also gets the pre-fill off the critical path for repainting). r=roc
d6b5d3e3ffbf50787a266bbd316e4b9d5469d908Chris Jones — Bug 603885, part 6: Implement swap-and-readback. r=roc
b5086952fc37ce26581b82665cb69bb439870a74Chris Jones — Bug 603885, part 5: Move the code for getting a gfxContext for a quadrant update into its own method. r=roc
3c824e9712acebd8e77558d7ecb837b11358d317Chris Jones — Bug 603885, part 4: Use unsafe-shmem-backed gfxSharedImageSurface for IPC shadow layers. r=joe
4f4736cb9e70d54254a16582f8140bea2ce2cd2fChris Jones — Bug 603885, part 3: Allow allocating gfxSharedImageSurface with unsafe Shmem. r=joe
bffc3f0cf9499b91e1fb4db27e7f23abfb9c1e2bChris Jones — Bug 603885, part 2: Set up the framework for swap-and-readback. r=roc sr=vlad
dc526c0277432c0f597fd56273aad35290d771c6Chris Jones — Bug 603885, part 1: Move separate a method decl/def and reindent a long block. r=roc
8f3eecda38b21e258aeed4928469194c7168bf44Chris Jones — Tests for bug 598866.
8cd0af801cb97026ee3a5403e204a2fa6fbe5275Chris Jones — Bug 598866, part 2: Generate an AllocUnsafeShmem() method for shmem-using protocols. r=bent
336b100dd53cf72edd9fdc5f7a110ac8f7b8063fChris Jones — Bug 598866, part 1: Add library support for an "unsafe" Shmem variant. r=joe
ef66ba9e8c622524e6ecad31a8bd3663a098deb6Chris Jones — Followup to bug 606538: Fix incorrect assertion. r=bent a=blocking-fennec