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Wed Nov 17 21:02:34 2010 +0000
a86f1ab3f3dba57e18c5f09b39b60f4321100103Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 610381 part B - Report thread-usage errors to the error console directly from xpconnect, so that the error console shows them even when extension authors are using asynchronous dispatch. r=jst a=blocking2.0
3862e43372ba848dc57e0d1702100ae06d0d672bBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 610381 part A - Propagate errors thrown during synchronous dispatch of nsIRunnables, r=bz
b5c6ae71b2eb913394d3e54ff852ef4f32a90776Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 609066 - nsIJetpack.registerReceiver doesn't recognize functions wrapped in a proxy, throws NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE. Don't use JS_ObjectIsFunction, instead use JS_TypeOfValue to determine whether we have a legal receiver. r?mrbkap
238d99ca6886dccc32a6599184c5dc855ed55254Benjamin Smedberg — Bug 602891 part B - Backend support for jetpack-process crashes and crash recovery, r=cjones
a450d42197b2b2c093590ffb4e4a8982645ca45aBenedict Hsieh — Bug 592768 - When using async launch, the toplevel actor doesn't have a process handle. Set the process ID with a callback function (OnChannelConnected). r=cjones
dc021bc9929f6a93abc1aac7867600d90c3ba2ccBenjamin Smedberg — Bug 602891 part A - refactor the code which notes intentional crashes for leak logging, so that it can be shared between testplugin and the jetpack. r=ted