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Tue Nov 13 05:07:25 2012 +0000
1b0226622e94b2c7aedc16ade4ac23e98f8e407ePhil Ringnalda — Back out 08fd9aa0d6e1 (bug 810102) for turning bug 728834 permaorange
7c8fa27e95be7dfa24a8123b0dfcc6a391446580Phil Ringnalda — Merge last PGO-green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
5ea36ae3e9f00aa0107e50e7e518ddc8bbf75376Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 810597 (crash in GetPrintCanvasElementsInFrame). r=bz
c7fa101f3e81cfbe01be8832259289f9adb60be1Jared Wein — Bug 807422 - Panels should open towards the center of the browser window. r=felipe
59c32eccc97d306ec2e38a5e69d9b6377bf3140dJohn Schoenick — Bug 766886 - Cleanup plugin streams earlier to avoid shutdown leak. r=bsmedberg
3d152765afe61cde82c3685270776718714d0cd1Vladan Djeric — Bug 811088 - about:telemetry causes startup info to be gathered multiple times
0640697d6781f034ff3f30e8812eb18e94432476Gregor Wagner — Bug 811090 - Wrong scope for NSGetFactory. r=khuey
9c109426c0e3061cdf759049e12f5d04ee041898William Lachance — Bug 805116 - Print more of the logcat in mobile tests;r=gbrown
79b202f6671e0b47396604981aeda6c2f2b5d95fRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 810107 - Update pdf.js to version 0.6.123. r=dtownsend
2e0eb299471ceac645d5f54fffb8e565566acd45Georg Fritzsche — Bug 805330 - Cleanup and attempt to avoid intermittent orange from bug 751809. r=josh
b5978f028cf5fc7a97a21dd8c081b0b3b8e8c019Brendan Dahl — Bug 791466 - Fix direct write cairo scaled font. r=Bas
3b036060e831c9a6a1b1281aba9cedf82240da65Sankha Narayan Guria — Bug 775949 - [OS.File] Test suite uses |info| instead of |ok|. r=Yoric
657980dc46fd2fbf97efdf0767037fb62377093dChuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Expose capabilities to DOM. r=mrbkap
b1501a0a129016d7e7d4ab8d4d663bc15c1c2b92Chuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Provide network connection status. r=mrbkap
94e8b43c6d235ce9e7754ce73ede35eec704732bChuck Lee — Bug 736104 - Change object key of configure network, and return array to gaia instead of object. r=mrbkap
32bbe2ea773ae85e8b4179e5285e8c655234fd2fRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
cd5b9d2728d0d68364cc6452369ea353d1e58fbaJeff Walden — Warning patrol: change the type of a variable to that of the value assigned to it, remove a set-but-never-used variable. No bug, r=sparky
769777308b198b158e3efae2659347d3305c3798Norbert Lindenberg — Bug 769872 - Add C++ core of Intl object and constructors Collator, NumberFormat, DateTimeFormat. However, disable initialization of Intl object and its constructors while functionality is incomplete. r=jwalden
bd5af10962327f5d114dd30615945c7cc0d6a200Felipe Gomes — Bug 803255. Ensure previous document viewer is cleared when creating a new one to avoid leaking the old one. r=bz
30df269639f0d4e270657e1e614d5f984d5d69c6Mike Conley — Bug 810340 - Keep downloads button a consistent size on OSX, regardless of the remaining download time. r=mak.
fc53121e1685eb9dfd07197c12cd3c22be52c15dSeth Fowler — Test for Bug 796179 - Errors in files with large data URIs can cause the error console to consume gigabytes of memory and lock up the browser. r=rcampbell
a557ce61d622e955d3a0981661b3bd57859cd25aSeth Fowler — Bug 796179 - Don't store full source URI in an attribute in the error console, and display it in abbreviated form to the user. r=rcampbell r=Neil
d8fed46ba90d78fb9d27d2a45292f43b93fdc93bWes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Tests for swipe between screens. r=lucasr
0a14e7f19dbf609a670403c5bf2bc60413a95c86Wes Johnston — Bug 759041 - Add swipe between screens in awesomescreen. r=lucasr
82cb8e969e0c40855a6d7b0e3f2003799323e9deMatt Woodrow — Bug 805197 - Compute a region in LayerTreeInvalidation. r=roc
33d32f170ff2a32a599440473dbf661e12221b70Andrew McCreight — Bug 810094 - make nsXMLContentSink::mDocElement a COMptr. r=hsivonen
08fd9aa0d6e1d9e1493eed9013422bbcd3dcfb60Terrence Cole — Bug 810102 - Exactly root all BaseShape; r=sfink
b0384bf925aa3c0c34637f6cb7651aac1db9c4b3Wes Johnston — Bug 810048 - Show filename as title for downloads. r=mleibovic
4d4abb8e14190cd96cb06f63679c8281e514ca25Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 802274 - Part 2: Show about:privatebrowsing when starting Firefox with the -private flag in both global and per-window private browsing mode; r=jdm,gavin
891f2dc392f01037dcb48fc50d5d74d4a9c0e709Ethan Hugg — Bug 806407 Fix type in struct passed into msgsnd f=jesup
3052145ed25c9c0a7b8b58921a025937e5f35cfbRob Wood — Bug 808783 - Disable crashing telephony test, r=ahal, DONTBUILD a=NPOTB
4be7dbc93bba519ae15b9117cf4eeb06c00c8dbbMalini Das — Bug 809245 - add preliminary touch support to marionette, r=jgriffin
7493a7ad3f37280ca2d90952d7f6ed2593014d13Lucas Rocha — Bug 804600 - Fix crash when accessing about:reader with no arguments (r=mfinkle)
edc00669b8e13aada1969ab0d37ff26246bb1b43Lucas Rocha — Bug 808296 - Update top sites thumbnails from adapter, not from gridview (r=mfinkle)
27ba1cfc0b30ceddbbf1c9258ec042d88a03beb1Ed Morley — Bug 798220 - Disable test_xhr_timeout.html on Android for intermittent failures
a137fc5f83c59ca607e2866d89d54f67c9f6cd9cHenri Sivonen — Bug 808464 - Refresh the "special" list in the HTML parser and the check for that list in the <dd> case. r=smaug.
104e49ae05f4a4fe48b33dec1b86d1a96a7c480bGregory Szorc — Bug 809071 - Sleep after failure to delete profile directory; r=ted
56f2416266047524b1433fb651f5205662149924Victor Porof — Bug 810642 - Intermittent browser_dbg_panesize.js | Height preferences shouldn't have been updated yet, r=past
71274e4740604a00e916f9b28edd31e314c0b005Rudy Lu — Bug 810769 - [Browser] No keyboard available f=ttaubert r=kaze a=blocking-basecamp
f76ba3850b0a599eded03eea5f471db32e7f80efEd Morley — Backout 4fce20d0189f (bug 783913) since the later tests still failed
0a19ff77bee4434ca790c41635a82d2ef3459cc9Henri Sivonen — Bug 809956 - Deal with an odd number of ] characters before ]]> in a CDATA section in the HTML parser. r=smaug.
e960dece2a232b9a7d0c1f58486b69d93d85b726Joel Maher — Bug 737961 - add reftest manifest conditions for height width. r=dbaron
dbf9eb83be72e1daaa553fffa10e41d671c01eb2Jacek Caban — Bug 810240 - xpcom/ds/nsObserverService.cpp fails to link on mingw r=glandium
907883fa76f192b4e77d21c847823b00cbc278f0Doug Turner — Bug 810137 - Device Storage filter out video formats that we do not support. r=padenot
447ab08591afe523ebc9634de3dd8237044bf114Karl Tomlinson — b=810426 Flush() old surfaces before the plugin may redraw r=roc
da9fc6bdeae0983cd060490ded6fb1a028da9f89Karl Tomlinson — b=807728 use mozPaintCount instead of getPaintCount to keep track of when the browser gets updates rather than when the plugin provides them
322311084df9142028faca3de632a7ebb6b485a8Wes Kocher — No bug - Update revision of jetpack code used in Firefox's test suite to pick up a test fix. r=kwierso
1ac4c8b221729c0c31e02f3d0df6ed4e80abba31Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 810215 - Fix stupid defect causing the "explicit/atoms-table" reporter to always return 0. r=khuey.
dbc3eb4a6931a8a21670c005086f106eef06a92bDaniel Holbert — Bug 804089: Call DidReflow() after "measuring" reflow of flex item, to clear any intermediate state before our *real* ReflowChild() call. r=dbaron