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Sun Feb 17 22:51:48 2013 +0000
de56ae61946d17ca9015dc2ab817bc0da0ff276bTom Schuster — Bug 508061 - INITELEM behavior differs with -j. rs=Ms2ger
8e9f7c5419473b281fec857e864b550cd85866fdRandell Jesup — Bug 826044: enable WebRTC crashtests r=jsmith
31fa1546a849d6af0a0dc19797b9f69f2f5651b0Randell Jesup — Bug 826044: Fix Webrtc crashtests, disable known permaoranges r=jsmith
d73b0524cb1fc3d4c691a5ca4fcab5c5fbf490fbOleg Romashin — Bug 840869 - division-by-zero possible in gfxFont::Draw when mAdjusted == 0.0 r=bas.schouten
fa528f1db0d513faa36e54db480194325707fc05Matt Brubeck — Bug 840270 - Don't show a popup for select[multiple] with precise pointer input [r=jimm]
046df99b88b0d9d4b6fcac2b48d0809091fde775Boris Zbarsky — Bug 841404. Make sure that we treat dictionaries inside sequence and array members of a dictionary as dependencies for it. r=peterv
87d5ffb1da7250f611f2aed3c66cb0d0d3a3beceJonathan Watt — Bug 838256 - Fix <input type=range> dynamic reftests to use the MozReftestInvalidate event instead of the load event. r=me.
f59bdcd8476919aab9136bb1397cc96eed69194aJan-Ivar Bruaroey — Bug 841958 - <reftest-wait> avoids JS SecurityError in crashtest 822197.html. r=jesup
fb5ab899cfa8e1d0f3dd071d586d24bbf4e3cf69Cykesiopka — Bug 583566 - Remove old Java plugin scanning pref and related code. r=bsmedberg
bf1c98a314c53acb5ea235687dd3d7b1d3b85ee9Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 842087 - Update pdf.js to version 0.7.236. r=yury
ab16cbe1bf1197a20def79ecc3bf5a87f2cbb3d6Daniel Holbert — (no bug) Remove stale documentation for a nsAbsoluteContainingBlock::Reflow() argument that was removed from the code in 2006. comment-only, DONTBUILD
03f26f5e781cd18888b771659449b06b19b83be7Daniel Holbert — Bug 839265: Remove unused enum value OP_ARCTO from the PathOp::OpType enum. r=Bas
db9ec9c7ce228c79c23a9a5e1bb42f6fd0fe5a4bDaniel Holbert — Bug 839257: Mark Factory.cpp's HasCPUIDBit() as inline, to fix build warnings on some configurations about the function being defined but not used. r=Bas