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Tue Sep 11 17:34:27 2012 +0000
fdfaef738a00c5808782864cd991494d53eaf680David Anderson — Merge magic: IGNORE BAD COMMIT MESSAGES
ca3fa3fbe62ad72fa7db075d9d93843c959d6725David Anderson — Merge IonMonkey to mozilla-central. a=arewefastyet
01f6ddbb6542cccbe61029ff16a2918aaa81462fDavid Anderson — Use HandleValue for all vm calls (bug 786130, r=sstangl).
e29f7f93374227adcf5bfc430106e1912dba76fbDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0cfbab29496e1993b5fa5744c347fcc78774e162David Anderson — Completely disable IonMonkey when MOZ_APP_NAME=b2g (bug 790092, r=sstangl).
c60d8106fd071946f7c499cee7a7ab8416601ed2Sean Stangl — Bug 789735 - Handle lazily-created TypeObjects in IonBuilder. r=dvander
9425b626563a19d5ee8b3e37e13cc09e1bcd27f8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
28bfdee5702699b0e9313837ff125b55a9f90189David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8bd7ad214f7a6e9cd93ad99407f43ef97da97ef3Jan de Mooij — Bug 789448 - Don't call GetPcScript under ToIdOperation. r=dvander
18142c3076a1b6b4fdde1e296927c6d66c7eb15dDavid Anderson — Fix bug where forbiding Ion compilation could miss marking an IonScript (bug 786107, r=terrence).
e0398687f0305850066b74a86913f3b403560117David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
54711415fb53b3060cf78ff501dc6e16d958e4daJan de Mooij — Bug 788476 - Fold x & -1 to x. r=dvander
d16c4404e8c4d7f843f58d98c6282fa4bb1ef058David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
666bf90824f84abf2a7b92b83ea7646cc23671aeSean Stangl — Bug 787921 - Fix IonMonkey interrupt detection. r=dvander
93ebcdb7b37b52c45b53c681a3c8eb16c4cffd2cTom Schuster — Bug 769363 - IonMonkey: LBoundsCheck should not require a register for the length operand. r=jandem
6604d497940ff7c181214ab7dd075bd7b303ab13David Anderson — More bustage fix.
0bf5b7a628bb5af30773f302f8868b78357ee114David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
ae68e6c539a21a7a2b65e33b1e9d7fd3401812a1David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0b296feed34cac4db997aed188d02c23497d57daTom Schuster — Backed out changeset 2257377e7972
2257377e7972ac4c0672f077941774482b06816dTom Schuster — Bug 769363 - IonMonkey: LBoundsCheck should not require a register for the length operand. r=jandem
93bb13e0ec29034c3668f0de0c69da1ae3a52ceeJan de Mooij — Bug 787906 - Don't emit a shift instruction for x >>> 0. r=dvander
8bd64f5a97ee6b7d1a4eaad8957a74807a5c58c2Sean Stangl — No bug - Exciting adventures in rebasing. r=red
3fa0ad8ab5db04f510bb6539f8854e97f83304c5Sean Stangl — Bug 787292 - Faster x64 boxed loads/stores. r=dvander
16e205ba3f2828ea03de78cdf271197b3c188c78Sean Stangl — Bug 787343 - Support unboxed input to MPassArg. r=dvander
c02ab398d28a5f28e32da591aa1e40e34f5996b1Marty Rosenberg — Fix CodeGenerator::visitAbsI's handling of snapshot (no bug, r=dvander)
3817beae7e3cadbfaf4b300366bf93f4abab1494Eric Faust — Bug 781388 - Fix build. (r=ImAMoron)
cb0450dcc3a376c55cbd9aa2eefb85bbe27cb4d9Sean Stangl — Backout 5059a4152b84.
0eb2f7a4800450cff5d2a850dad2f1d78d4e6239Eric Faust — Bug 781388 - Optimize codegen for infallible DOM methods. (r=sstangl)
fc20c82707acdbc401a4388b8bfaab823bf1a93aDavid Anderson — Inline constants when deciding OSR types (bug 787301, r=kannan).
f508eff216907fec5c52b486cf86a6e58cdfd1deJan de Mooij — Bug 788111 - Fix double condition in OutOfLineTruncate. r=dvander
f9ff9c554d4b92144d582e4779d02e64a97aaf3bJan de Mooij — Bug 785974 - Handle JSOP_URSH with double type without bailouts. r=dvander
68df0d67be3799ac39211d39552b2a380c0d2fbeDavid Anderson — Remove debug line from test.
547ffa1e37ebb884fc60fc004b5d5400a144c0baDavid Anderson — Include loop entry types when determining OSR types (bug 774644, r=jandem).
27041e19db87b42973f7d3d4b88ee3ce8e88fe7eJan de Mooij — Bug 777383 - Don't add undefined type to property reads before test ops. r=bhackett
1483085c3b3fe6357cca61cc99f28542a5759982Jan de Mooij — Bug 786294 - Don't use emit-at-uses for double constants on x64. r=dvander
5059a4152b84f286f5c6afcd356b36c405200e32Sean Stangl — Bug 787292 - Faster x64 boxed loads/stores. r=dvander
9e38c1b2435b4476fcb42db6c5001bd00830da9fDavid Anderson — Get --disable-ion working again (bug 787288, r=sstangl).
a26469331bf93c052e5c017fc103e980efd83ef2Brian Hackett — Re-enable JM inlining when IonMonkey is disabled, bug 786925. r=dvander
3f281238d21eabb2205c714fcb63e432c399e7feBrian Hackett — Don't eagerly fetch values from prototypes when analyzing reads on shadowed properties, bug 786915. r=jandem
dd9554c236dc269a6ab9b153cd6358201c54aa6bDavid Anderson — Fix merge bustage, part a billion.
8f0f826092c9663384451e2ea9dd756292a3665fDavid Anderson — Bustage fix.
631d51fdfd29d0452cebcf18df6fd4327630bdb6David Anderson — Merge bustage, part 3.
2a18a97558062bdf5a56839bc27474116edad035David Anderson — Fix merge bustage part 2.
8f2d38db4b56d48e15ecac40f8303a869a07db9fDavid Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
003feda8a0b3914c625acc784a1a441a3eeffaecDavid Anderson — Merge.
630296b1c46db466378f21ae09ea179f730cd422Luke Wagner — Bug 784188 - Use the correct ArenaKind for inline CallObject creation (r=dvander)
e164663c4b6f471dbc5adb3d908928262b679b47Sean Stangl — Backed out changeset d11dafc10fc0
d11dafc10fc07049b51f0187be5790553c8104a8Jan de Mooij — Bug 784127 - Stop inlining monomorphic property accesses if a shape guard fails. r=sstangl
07d466a718a660c156f195a05c15c7cfe5abd99dMarty Rosenberg — Create a new IonContext in a second place (bug 786437, r=dvander)
7bf95bb092331b1db96ba9d561400fcdfb9f09d6David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6cd206b371761294125cb98fe9d0c11e2383795fDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b63bb39ed1c08605128c984987bbf176dfd81999Marty Rosenberg — When discarding Ion code, ensure there is an IonContext around so the autoflusher can function (bug 786004, r=dvander)
91493e20a6e518a5b6f16e858abf8e3effb21bddBrian Hackett — Don't generate ion compilation checks in scripts which have already been ion compiled, bug 785755. r=dvander
0e9be154e8d20ee2bc70ee0922dc949ee4abb948David Anderson — Fix race condition between TriggerOperationCallback and InvokeOperationCallback (bug 785560, r=sstangl).
f98ac72b737b4e5d763b663372fc33b7a334b6f8Kannan Vijayan — Backed out changeset 92b9b2840a79
92b9b2840a7952bf2c5bb34a06d5c7b35c1f889eKannan Vijayan — Bug 783008 - Do early inlining of "simple" JS functions. (r=bhackett)
10833d9d190bce0f7d7228c838fd4a6d37f5c4e4David Anderson — Backed out changeset 0f9b4d3635b6.
0f9b4d3635b6d0c580ca2eb36250ce6e72535ecfDavid Anderson — Diagnostic patch #2.
68dce1cd0433e47ddd8ce29dfd36d460856bcc95David Anderson — Backed out changeset a7e6b53bda77.
a7e6b53bda776b9715f44d641ba8c85820b0a09dDavid Anderson — Temporary debug instrumentation for talos.
01854460aa68269069a70d76677d9dae86e7d1c4Brian Hackett — Tweak condition for triggering Ion compilation from JM, bug 774253. r=dvander
1505df25c6a0d4d66e42e79963573f635b3a1340Sean Stangl — No bug - Don't output LIR ID around instructions in debug builds. r=dvander
d73db1016da1af6d13aef14b86b73870b33aab8cBrian Hackett — Restore old behavior for triggering compilation with parallel compilation off, bug 774253. r=dvander
6c7537647873041d9dc92049c24a2fb063b7df06Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Bug 781660 part 2 - ReconstructPCStack, Fallback on try notes if we cannot follow a goto. r=luke"
85635d695d12519f1e474c90b8c5dd742a13dbb7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 761473 - Snapshots, use the same upper-bound variables. r=dvander
4c24e4fc347276a498ec9918e8c6487ce7bdde30Nicolas Pierron — Bug 781660 part 2 - ReconstructPCStack, Fallback on try notes if we cannot follow a goto. r=luke
60b7209fbe71b12471c11fbd44aa44c391ac381aAlex Crichton — Bug 785268: Clean up the style/design of the instrumentation. r=dvander
55e50f49712a91081a25b404889b8134a4c0290aBrian Hackett — Use PR_NotifyCondVar when only one worker thread needs to wake up, bug 785206. r=sstangl
e58be9409de719eaaa15cc86afadce58835f1268Brian Hackett — Assert successful return of PR_WaitCondVar, bug 785201. r=sstangl
8be94866f330b98f2a4f693e2bdfb89478648946Brian Hackett — Don't pass reference parameter to constructor in x->new_<LIRGraph>, bug 774253. r=dvander
af96913013d8a3aa6fb06d9465efb03b799a5468Brian Hackett — Don't leak malloc'ed contents of vectors in LIRGraph, bug 774253. r=dvander
bd706422296fd7d514e4b73e4843c3fc984c7ce1Alex Crichton — Bug 736299: Prevent the frame pointer from being allocated when profiling is enabled. r=nbp
01c69de69dc30d1bf47950820f782d073ac7c998Alex Crichton — Bug 781979 - Part 2: Track the line number for profiling in IonMonkey. r=nbp,djvj
2d190481b4a40ca6f9ce4c3b159e6f30ec0141b1Alex Crichton — Bug 781979 - Part 1: Template SPSInstrumentation and move it to SPSProfiler.h. r=bhackett
098e411329f3e54ab7b70b2f451ae7838493ad94Alex Crichton — Bug 782659: Fix assertions about empty registers when profiling is enabled on ARM. r=bhackett
16c92f23b45efda0e450cff62423cf3113fb0020Sean Stangl — No Bug - Fix 40-column emacs/vim tab declarations in certain files. no_r
f01d30041e4e3b10ea1e239bd7f2b0af92fed64dBrian Hackett — Enable worker threads, bug 774253.
f42381e2760d394c9ca21ad74bd4c6b8a4f4d719Brian Hackett — Allow compiling scripts off thread with Ion, bug 774253. r=dvander
a04e6a1fe90c01c3e80679c0540c44bfac6e8d20Eric Faust — Bug 781855 - Ensure setprop caches allow 'own' property markings on added properties. (r=bhackett)
2a3e2f6288b707c410975b3684c49f7d87a56581David Anderson — Backout 4225ee7e35a0.
fbba6ea2b0767b8cfff5113838f3528b2b15b1e2David Anderson — Backed out changeset c1b7927df546.
c1b7927df5463f9983688f8574584bbe2bc4cb76Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett
4225ee7e35a0dcc37c4db156e878740ec88d33d5Brian Hackett — Allow compiling scripts off thread with Ion, bug 774253. r=dvander
ecf3af6113dd0e389e0717d01a03779a72104b1fSean Stangl — Bug 784568 - Build on foreign compilers. no_r
df9b62214347b153e80175310d54bb036b7b644cSean Stangl — Bug 784568 - Refactor calls for clarity. r=dvander
c4f83d9d8243f3f853a5356188164a5fddee2b5aDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
3a0540170a67e8b3361d8083d28be6eeb5fb1debDavid Anderson — Merge parity.
d6599c909132ffa2e368233d7cc730d8137ef9bcDavid Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
c797118c02a869e2eda77a380f0f646b84fe6679David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
32dd9f9afa382cc0b340f78837dd117b3a80ad63Marty Rosenberg — Try to flush the instruction/data cache less frequently (bug 781510, r=dvander)
13b1019e04af7361b9c17c9f5e3417b299967cb0Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 781660 part 1 - Follow goto's target if identical to the reconstructed one. r=luke
6b2a947da3558d10edbe8dae25253f87d5483636Nicolas B. Pierron — Revert "Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett"
ab4f8a3762c636799b25d88b9a03942bcb429accKannan Vijayan — Bug 783008 - Use better heuristics for recompile checks from JM on behalf of Ion. (r=dvander)
8b2c0239f5bcff290f08be9ae4b1cb1320978c81Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 783464 - Fix condition for removing the constrained output vector. r=bhackett
8dfc1dbac04b0d0c7d562d741acb6150f509b819Eric Faust — Bug 783590 - Stop attempting to optimize prototypal getter callsites on watched objects. (r=sstangl)
a6c1953435ee2c8fd897c9306f14cdba07abe0cfJan de Mooij — Bug 783574 - Remove useMethodJIT, it was not always updated correctly. r=dvander
d794f23798f43a54c58ae9f0340549b880977e07Jan de Mooij — Bug 783272 - Remove code to eagerly spill phis if there's no register available. r=dvander
2b38908d7d54affab185a8dcdb902324b2fd5ae6Jan de Mooij — Bug 783290 - LMathD should allow memory operands on x86/x64. r=dvander
f6c3f006b57a8136dd40d4e4b530c630300d1c0bDavid Anderson — Forbid JITing annotated frames (bug 763233, r=mrbkap,jandem).
d1b17b12a472efd78831ef9f6b9f331c96c438b0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
599a761c17fe37433d1177c445bbd99c49f4f0dfBrian Hackett — Use a common type object for inner arrays of array initializers, bug 782590. r=jandem
53474b3d98aa836daee28d55a62e6bacd2547424Jan de Mooij — Bug 782977 - Don't inline monomorphic getprop/setprop if there were uncacheable lookups. r=dvander
9df5b52658264442570369bff89e664449a0e7caDavid Anderson — Remove JS_FrameIterator (bug 732653, r=luke,mrbkap).
dc5fc4265990c8ecb269195372959f757af7d00eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a258b96b94ea39f432b691865ceb04d3c4b83497Kannan Vijayan — Rolling back patch for bug 782432. Causes regressions in 32-bit SS.
e7751b77a660d52173de8bda3c717dedabeb2cd7Eric Faust — Bug 782869 - Fix incorrect |this| parameter passing to specialized DOM methods. (r=dvander)
6a707a112b58491fb83aa6ef63596a56b5c06315David Anderson — Don't aggressively fold misused Math functions into returning NaN (bug 782087, r=sstangl).
cfc77da79f9f5d9577aa6af02b9be4033842a68dNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 777537 - Ensure validity of CompilerOutput without a dangling pointer. r=bhackett
140d6e71e3ccee83023e8c1bea5424da55249bc7Sean Stangl — Bug 782776 - Add beginsIonActivation() to StackFrame. r=dvander
d2a2fb2cc5638f31a4eead14ad4001ac419461c0Eric Faust — Bug 781364 - Don't attempt to inline monomorphic IC accesses on dictionary mode shapes. (r=dvander)
a1435f952ff1925b70746b80a5ee21ec8ad258fbDavid Anderson — Don't mark Ion activations that are tied to the method JIT (bug 782083, r=jandem).
62cc14fe2c5fd0eaaff6a10772e6b1956a71cc7cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e244389fbfc4e9a1b3c2c99e38f7c27d2538a8bcSean Stangl — Bug 782129 - GetPcScript() should use the Ion version when callingIntoIon(). r=dvander
a8235a2a29c290f49f8f4c96bba193e26d6727c5Kannan Vijayan — Bug 782432 - Ion-compile small functions more aggressively. (r=dvander)
22fe5c9f4433b25951d0471f44f1cf82f43b26c8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6c3ea389b47e3b620d343c3b7d9f051c0282fa27Tom Schuster — Bug 782077 - IonMonkey: Remove MIRType_Any and MIRType_UpvarSlots. r=jandem
32b7b76d111cb29c1657b02676b814ca677a1b73Sean Stangl — Bug 781985 - visitCallDOMNative() must dropArguments(). r=efaust
f1764bf06b29adb3f21bc57fe8a06a23738dec2fDavid Anderson — Remove parallelarray tests.
a538192cceb9a39bb5c4248bcc9dfd602b9874feDavid Anderson — Remove IonMonkey-specific ParallelArray from the IonMonkey branch, in anticipation of a newer mozilla-central version.
df95c50bc5a1dd4a57ddba521f99597980f7bb16David Anderson — Fix typo in rebase of bug 759205.
d46b66a19f92e717aa71fea1af37abfdd2f42e59David Anderson — Propagate stack overrecursion errors through ion::Bailout (bug 759205 part 2, r=pierron).
7adc8b7c9971fe19ea289bf9b50c54dc0b88dfe3David Anderson — Factor out common bailout generation code (bug 759205 part 1, r=sstangl,mjrosenb).
cb2c22f6bb92b895308c346cdd999d5fd77c581bDavid Anderson — Fix register allocation bug in the JM to Ion call IC (bug 779595, r=jandem).
e95f1a182bc2de73e1f4df727a7b80e2c5f3f8c8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b3ece996df7eab4d7cf2228e855f117ad0693360Sean Stangl — Bug 781680 - Track IonCode in MemoryMetrics. r=dvander
4121663806d02ca09724ca05a8a8d984e1a72db2Kannan Vijayan — Bug 780842 - Check for normalized type id in annotateGetPropertyCache. (r=jandem)
a129da8fe7ebe099cb31b568c603663a9764bfb5Kannan Vijayan — Add ion-eager file flag to jit-tests. (r=jandem)
5be6b8747c745c16007eb2bd75ae4d5199f23010Tom Schuster — Bug 764477 - IonMonkey: Inline Math.max and Math.min. r=jandem, mrosenberg
b2fd7303d8485093972e57dd1705b531a01bae3dDavid Anderson — Fix x64 bustage, part 2.
98004d8529b54f8316fca8fa4d13734cdb7d4295Hannes Verschore — Bug 781248, eagerly allocate arrays with argument count higher than 1
b087c794dd805568d402d7d36b09b0b7a5431927Hannes Verschore — Back out b07af1efa3dd (Bug 781248) for better fix
ed05182dac42823fd7604597502126cf3288024bDavid Anderson — Fix ARM bustage.
9049a4c5c61aa8e7c47f91000adb6acbfe5d31c5David Anderson — Fix x64 bustage.
88d3097f006d1769ab0c93d52ff25cc8a1b2e390David Anderson — Overhaul safepoints on X64 to correctly mark Values (bug 779390, r=pierron).
c1f46fa5a67d873e9a2e5f654f902a6a0341df37David Anderson — Ensure type barriers are run when inlining JM to Ion calls (bug 777788, r=jandem).
4804d288adaec736d924b25298de6f1bfef0e328Kannan Vijayan — Bug 780838 - Dont push unnecessary arguments in between GetProp and Call in poly-inline fallback case. (r=dvander)
b07af1efa3dddb495ac1927830f9d0cb746ee886David Anderson — Make sure |new Array| can take the slow allocation path (bug 781248, r=pierron).
52fdeb6d8d6dc6947dc4712f0781fd17beba65d1David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c0195737650c31a80a473456c58fe6774c717a79Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780451 - ReconstructPCStack: Use hidden pcdepth after branching with a hidden goto. r=
8c33b71cce4965ba31eb7589851afb7bacb557b3Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 780274 - Remove & Invalidate pending compilation when sweeping. r=bhackett
81f526c6db7ff182c7a0952131c4d9bcb6f4229fHannes Verschore — Bug 766752: Add trace logging, r=jandem
e10b81f123e6e98bb0703c2ca0dcf9641a2df0f8Jan de Mooij — Bug 781145 - Add a fast path to js::GetProperty for string/array length. r=dvander
7fcedafba16d88ea40f29f32549bda62831f47a4Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 779245 - Fix isConstructing when JM is calling into Ion. r=dvander
b2382c3c24cedc2fcd27d07a7a53ffc1fd0bdb3fEric Faust — Bug 773549 - Implemented inlined calls to specialized DOM methods. (r=sstangl)
30894762f1fcdc36cfd64ccd1ce2c8473a8ebf4bEric Faust — Bug 747288 - Implemented inlined calls to specialized DOM accessors. (r=sstangl)
0400c12c5295a0ed6b720332496eec9c4a757a72Sean Stangl — Bug 781368 - Fold TypeOf strings in MConstant. r=efaust
723b214b351292c044404be00941990951f603a1Kannan Vijayan — Bug 731214 - Fix nit that I forgot to fix before pushing. (r=mjrosenb)
d142f20879172fa8fab0c5d0b7e38b1b7963a6d4Kannan Vijayan — Bug 781214 - Ensure plain-ness of template object before looking up properties on it in jsop_initprop. (r=mjrosenb)
826f67c39bdc42065a19df95ee7c0b53a9474b0dDavid Anderson — Fix CompilerRootNode misuse in MIR (bug 781022, r=kvijayan).
52ff63c1941765a276cf9f87326db6600c60866dDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
21b4797e4cb3e03e541bbe3b0bb0e79312dd9d98Kannan Vijayan — Bug 779819 - Fix handling of MaybeArguments as second argument of jsop_funapply call. (r=nbp)
5e461fb2250aab1fb9ab3188b363a28ec1bd8c5eJan de Mooij — Bug 780973 - Try to enter outer loops rather than inner loops via OSR. r=dvander,bhackett
c55e7945d3abfb9783e26f4e24f4692edc254a1aJan de Mooij — Bug 780860 - Mark some instructions as movable. r=dvander
19f9503c6019174c0488c0d61a84d2e702aaefb0Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 779841 - Escape inline cache if invalidated by the lookup. r=dvander
97e8aecf1730e4ac12590ce33fd339ecf0aa8ec4David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f5c5445e826b97d37c190b86c1defc47bf27a75aSean Stangl — Bug 780052 - Handle some Double comparisons by coercion. r=jandem
15db586f9a125a82cd444c572b6cc2417f1dc8c8Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 779818 - Substitute MPhi of Magic type by the lazy argument constant. r=dvander
f823c4da0b2571aae70d9596834f1f3d69cb996dNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 776687 - Re-evaluate definitions in which we replaced the phis. r=dvander
3d2f62ee2982abb8f09fbae473121e2656433c9fSean Stangl — Bug 780020 - Unbox int/bool more quickly in GetPropertyCacheT on x64. r=pierron
b2361e15b665b003f22de07c2deb3ab68669a4c1Jan de Mooij — Bug 780597 - Fix move emitter breakCycle to handle spilled registers. r=dvander
b8084b0700fa586f1208dfe58076d1cb7cff2edcDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0bc212d0183b8c9a9e21db665b6dc25c686a9650David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b457b592f609045e92165f30ddc47070d8635eb8Marty Rosenberg — Subtract the correct amount in a JM->IM ic when pushing extra undefined values is necessary (bug 780054, r=dvander)
0ba21d7a4c62d5b448d46726e82068e27584d648Eric Faust — Bug 780003 - JSOP_ITERNEXT no longer takes an argument. (r=dvander)
b3a02f5421f01135fd0cdb5bfa8e675ba78f6933David Anderson — Remove the greedy register allocator (779996, r=pierron).
9f3dc298e25bc508bc5246385c1ab49cb87e240cDavid Anderson — MIR nodes should use CompilerRoot, not HeapPtr (bug 779812, r=sstangl).
fa872ef28a96e3ea4d0514b74ddb760f9df5529dDavid Anderson — Reset Ion status in CallIC properly (bug 779380, r=jandem).
3da9a96f6c3fd6fbe0003249b12a59dd2749153cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1c42952f712b93b3ae046c8627b76d272bc57fccKannan Vijayan — Bug 779813 - Clean up stack when inlining NaN-yielding Math functions. (r=sstangl)
2169bca0c9a521b1938516917b4de5f7adc9408eNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 776687 - Add test case. r=me, DONTBUILD
7faf3ada49200532ec30e021a9e66f31680e3fd6Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 776687 - Remove MPhi with redundant operands. r=dvander
6554cd8235ff424af42af37d956ece2805418e84Eric Faust — Bug 779631 - Don't inline calls to setters on watched singleton objects. (r=dvander)
6d6f1ce4c9f949913c8753dd0c1e089a809b21b0David Anderson — Move AutoCopyFreelistsToArenas to not conflict with GC (bug 779328, r=billm).
e2fb5c44980333cea4c3ff0ab36596e647065da3Kannan Vijayan — Bug 770231 - Fix return from inlined constructor bug. (r=mjrosenb)
15dc7dc4243a64905cd0be71ce62d597fd75eb57Brian Hackett — Decouple JSContext from Ion backend, bug 774253. r=dvander
21f15c00b5df06b87b1b57b3cd738f0bd86c1f8fDavid Anderson — Merge.
3e6c62bf74fcd73d8b017e790866916b32112d20David Anderson — Merge.
bb67e083fb010e0795ea019c4023ef5331fe6049Kannan Vijayan — Bug 770309 - Fuse poly-ICs with poly-inlining. (r=jandem)
07e292dd5d3f752361c66715542ad31332e7e0f1Jan de Mooij — Bug 779125 - Fix LBoundsCheck to use an unsigned comparison if both operands are constant. r=dvander
e544775ed3a756e5b3c7cd14a4abeb2b65f30f2fJan de Mooij — Bug 779093 - Fix --disable-methodjit orange. r=dvander
a73cf13257967adef6d0dd5b416059fc3fb458fdSean Stangl — Bug 772892 - Follow-up: hack around regalloc misassignation. no_r
269c2d9f16429dad0dd83faa4d99d427a74f2886Sean Stangl — Bug 779369 - Define input() and output() on LInstructionHelper. r=dvander
f35b90ed0b8d7457c956864973826f25c7d39bc2Sean Stangl — Bug 779361 - Reuse input in LAbsD and LSqrtD. r=pierron
a2195dd7853253bffefc677c1c67a6908097b447Sean Stangl — Bug 772892 - Optimize Math.pow(). r=jandem,mjrosenb
e335d60b22263239dbc44d9048d7e2858043f625David Anderson — Fix ARM build.
4b251874c178b8d51b59bfbcaf9821d7998849c0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b46621aba6fd1a81787626a968644abb4fa9ae2fDavid Anderson — Add JM inline cache for calling into Ion (bug 775818, r=jandem,pierron).
ec897e9588f406a53b4983313f2586f7926a5b58Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 774624 - Fix unexpected TypeError messages. r=dvander
08187a7ea8974548382f5d7775df8171a4ec6449David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
54f9ee5403f02a58ced44b302bfec690cc3bb4e9Jan de Mooij — No bug - Add Compile to js::ion namespace to fix Clang build. r=dvander
75f02a17f7cd49de2e407436bc1f3671ce23569dJan de Mooij — Bug 776880 - Fix dropArguments call in CallConstructor to include |this|. r=dvander
7a13838698ed3f0263af4a9fba770b3eb8730023Shu-yu Guo — Refactor |Compile| to be templated and not use fp (bug 773339, r=dvander).
83c83b1851993b2a8e02631f846662f14c321429Jan de Mooij — Implement JSOP_MOD for doubles (bug 716694, r=dvander).
ae339e63d2687f161f7843c83abed6002eacd41bDavid Anderson — Backout due to orange.
db83474903a5df03237e2673d1faa6452708b83eDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset a9addbf7e526
a9addbf7e526c6f6fe1314cb16321424155e1b66Jan de Mooij — [mq]: heur
a21e8bf3531f8278bd57b5ecee7547aa710e8316David Anderson — Include loop entry types when determining OSR types (bug 774644, r=jandem).
ba811ef4de1ccccf32bb0724459a027cee7cd101David Anderson — Fix typo in recent merge.
ee40f69169e92bab907a3981943363f63ae2620fJan de Mooij — Don't go through GetPcScript to monitor AddValue edge cases (bug 776022, r=dvander).
1274d6819bae7c97d22a872ac8092d8c51c80b01Jan de Mooij — Fix hasLazyType assertion (bug 777647, r=dvander).
31f9c38e4cb9719649d9b974c00fe232e3bbb71eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
02f44534f7f55b9115924d8eeeedb66e899ef5ceNicolas B. Pierron — Bug 776748 - Do not invalidate ionScript when JM is invalidated. r=dvander
81146d7c9f5170c821bc6f517dafd0bcd0635751Sean Stangl — Bug 777570 - visitMathFunctionD() should be isCall(). r=dvander
d80fbd8493f175eaa24d7b9145f7c6a321b7e8adDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
41f66d0e46b3f068a5703995a1a0127a9bff9160David Anderson — Backed out changeset eef915d5a18f
eef915d5a18f4ae0cb7344bf8f78dc1290ce22c7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 776748 - Do not invalidate ionScript when JM is invalidated. r=dvander
2af804d8443781449965e33a0a5c78de13b47a98Nicolas Pierron — Bug 767349 - Track bad resume points when snapshots are encoded. r=dvander
7f0f1fdfa5e24a40b57edd615314423f31714eb9Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 767349 - Simulate hidden instructions when the target is hidden. r=luke
50e28df7ff8fa9d0fcbac8ade290afce87a601edDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b82fb4d04f6025775b8faffb0a9cd46cb7e222bfDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
23a84dbb258f6d7221ae270708ef3ed42395cd71Alex Crichton — Bug 775782 - Instrument pro/epilogue of functions for the SPS profiler in ionmonkey. r=pierron,dvander
a21ef9ee88f4d0168b073a98cc9c7b9283cf8649David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f2faee47a80ff0f75e336056f5c7beb6628e9173Jan de Mooij — Bug 775567 - Add separate "scripts" spew channel. r=dvander
9400701da3afbee74641164637ee326779a2e7b7David Anderson — Fix build bustage on awfy (no bug r=me).
e6a6ab12a7bb6af53b1d2ef078bff9ed3c725efeSean Stangl — Bug 754256 - Upgrade IonMonkey to MPL2. r=gerv,dvander
616b34b63dda70535c4f7f02e53d01301e558168David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
88e464ff51b843abbe24eb01bfe0165bd8e6ebf5Nicolas Pierron — Bug 773995 - Inline new Array with 2 or more arguments. r=jandem
af4c7ab588896e7ee0f038cb3cd601e58f534a69David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8b0a7122b1aacd1588ef3dbd8753fa7824bc128bSean Stangl — Bug 771400 - Separate FreeList acquisition from getNewObject(). r=pierron
de0f0da5af6fc7510b0af1d03626135fa2fa272cJan de Mooij — Fix ARM build.
c04e9a32ff53986fec74b8d3b76471126f6d096aJan de Mooij — Bug 771130 part 4 - Make JM/Ion heuristics a bit more robust. r=dvander
eb6bc31ebf63e9558910cd0243bbcf927094ce5bJan de Mooij — Bug 771130 part 3 - Invalidate the script if GuardShape fails. r=pierron
e682244e221e03b8ca1ec90738b9317a9ea9fb03Jan de Mooij — Bug 773587 - Fix ComparePolicy to insert ToInt32 instructions if needed. r=dvander
4d18d3c3f50f7ef7e0d6cc2de054554724d41694Jan de Mooij — Bug 771130 part 2 - Inline monomorphic GETPROP and SETPROP. r=dvander
4d458fb004b6b199c573ef7ae3d55f0b333a1ce2Jan de Mooij — Bug 771130 part 1 - Store inline path shape in JM ICs. r=bhackett
e4cf8b5d1baa6bd3579e3763ea65d24a049cab67Marty Rosenberg — Handle any sized offset to a vldr (bug 765186, r=jbramley)
adb60cc7b1505bc91ca1c3bb846270cfd19926cbDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
5d1128ed64af3daa90e95d18c06c06cc03dcac9fKannan Vijayan — Bug 775186 - Part 3: Remove InlineFunctionGuard instruction. (r=jandem)
02af560a8cc486670c985ebc497b9001f8b11375Kannan Vijayan — Bug 775186 - Part 2: Change IonBuilder to use PolyInlineDispatch instruction. (r=jandem)
787e00928fef52745d4cca6b567e54de463900f3Kannan Vijayan — Bug 775186 - Part 1: Add PolyInlineDispatch instruction. (r=jandem)
bef02b378666624c29ef59b0790374b28a725d2bPéricles Alves — Bug 774974 - Implement constant folding for StringLength and Compare instructions. r=pierron
fdf520ad7dbc7528a11f361249b639299ae1af1fTom Schuster — backout 183decadb9ac
9712a6f6b71c45d73a78d201ae4dc9bf5bbc38f1Eric Faust — Bug 774257 - Fix accessor inlining for watched objects. (r=dvander)
8dd41661cf09782ae692e36dffc2a3f580e7e003Tom Schuster — Bug 774510 - Remove uncessary typeOf hooks. r=dvander
183decadb9acf6825a364dc18685a8e9eb72831aTom Schuster — Bug 725966 - Fast path for typeof x == y. r=jandem
8144319a6464e3c76b3ec5fca75a65f1a61e114dDavid Anderson — Ensure that LStackArg pushes are traced by the GC (bug 771398, r=sstangl,pierron).
699ab277c0b82794a6e19090431623c8f2376354David Anderson — Make sure that INITPROP emits a write barrier if needed (bug 773588, r=billm).
2a4e60c030c594bc766c008c1232513f30f67abaJan de Mooij — Bug 773655 - Don't destroy JM code before Ion compilation. r=bhackett
c967c6b03afa3cc95ff7b101478f8d139d79d0e2Jan de Mooij — Add test for ReturnFromCtor. r=test DONTBUILD
038cb126776a2f0de50299ea3e90aa5503a17b5dJan de Mooij — Add some tests from decoder to improve test coverage. r=tests
33227cad0c47e58c07069c71814ca3c070e45391Jan de Mooij — Fix annoying Clang warning. no_r=me
8ea86b9020a284b50e8a0b1bddd8fb59e070d080Nicolas Pierron — Bug 772509 - Freeze a compilation output instead of a script. r=bhackett,dvander
243f0d95967eb658d0e8842a2fb56ffc468a51e2David Anderson — Don't inline functions with unknown properties (bug 770332, r=bhackett).
54a63d0ec0f3228f355f79b00fa2d502c8cafd35David Anderson — Style drive-by (no bug, r=me).
c4c50dc6317c4ba6f8ca4e89458536d61a83f41cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a29f6c63551663cc3aa24b1bb56d9d058fa0ea4eDavid Anderson — Remove scope chain parameter from IonBuilder (bug 773123, r=jandem).
66aac8e7a214ccdd3903c588a9c36e240596bc68David Anderson — Fix TI API use again (bug 772901, r=sstangl).
c08088c00eb283d94ce176a4dca8566bebf5e84cDavid Anderson — Fix unqref'd nits.
3359300edfe70914966164f672d4e2007238959bDavid Anderson — Simplify handling of lazy argument values in MIR (bug 772903, r=pierron).
35ef899801bc41b0af7b694f3858ba3c225dbd8eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1de2098ac6d98f2892882754b2c49e280b1cf399Jan de Mooij — No bug - Re-enable name IC. r=dvander on IRC
6e37c74967811f1a8d655b1e835b668b39dd7ef4Eric Faust — Bug 770671 - Fix unknownProperties assertion in TestCommonPropFunc (r=bhackett)
4335f95a5e42452cc37414a849f8b974edae442fJan de Mooij — Bug 769128 - Recreate ion.content browser option lost in merge. (r=dvander)
65cf6c6de7fc1fb4de6d9c6a056892d8dcea57f6Sean Stangl — No bug - Copy free lists to arenas before resetting IGC. r=dvander
3ff7d89ec13dc184e35eb49a3cac1e0b7d4e21b4David Anderson — fix build.
fbacc8eb3a0dfa0663008ca63d68a0acff637471David Anderson — Merge.
bf456ba39108b872f26d1064850b830007b24750Sean Stangl — No Bug - Align prebarrier jumps to 8. r=mjrosenb
7aa128dbd1a9e5b9272376aa9a1f4aa23afd8787David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
24c81eaaf528e5f34a83a101a9c3c025e0bfab53Nicolas Pierron — Bug 772087 - Avoid IonMonkey recompilation caused by wrong idempotent flags. r=jandem
61bb4c14d50ddb9fd64d87cb45f10cbb112233bbSean Stangl — Bug 772255 - LCreateThis should accept constant operands. r=dvander
ad246268e058e608a1618851b0526bfeb7db7b07Eric Faust — Bug 770235 - Fix mistaken patch (r=dvander)
eb7a1a24077b0fae187392239a32e50691003749David Anderson — Check in qfin diff.
851c1c7d13a2b1803614b59120d357a83bc203b1David Anderson — Don't try to build MCall instructions for non-functions (bug 770235, r=efaust).
dc54ec097421f8a1df077972f97afa16af869b90Brian Hackett — Fix build break.
c565755644e017229b9df4ffb0d2f0391ec099d2Brian Hackett — Fold length/elements accesses on singleton typed arrays, bug 771383. r=dvander
749524f1d326ec3681c54c2f76b429af90799d75Eric Faust — Bug 771723 - Fix break in error propagation in defineReturn() (r=sstangl)
13df3c40ef7a981f39cfef61b244ca1937b684edDavid Anderson — Handle untracked slots in local/arg INCDEC ops (bug 764792, r=bhackett).
3d2856c9d09f0b362eb6729113aa2404c3c1c494Jan de Mooij — Fix jit-test orange.
3cfabc6cbbaa957c4ffcae27f6abf5706189e216Jan de Mooij — Fix --disable-methodjit and dromaeo red.
b3c75238a2679de24d63fe5dae3ea0407bfbb9ecNicolas Pierron — Fix compilation issues JS_STATIC_ASSERT -> JS_ASSERT (Bug 735402, r=red)
d3d8dcc50da0017b968b82b901d5df76e93429b3Marty Rosenberg — Attempt to prevent us from continuously bouncing between Ion code and JM code (bug 768557, r=jandem)
0c60ad6d78ce68e6ecfa4f39d42810f237ae6ddbNicolas Pierron — Inline fun.apply when used with lazy arguments (Bug 735402, r=dvander)
f93f38a664f0b19d9916966ff2cbc093ead25dfbNicolas Pierron — Fix generation of "Lazy arguments" (Bug 765480, r=dvander)
fdc72b8c249cd037a2a99f1e8b773b0967912c61Jan de Mooij — Bug 767419 - Support idempotent GetProperty ICs. r=dvander,bhackett
171cc91d4c181b35e66f1a151e615687cffc36f0Brian Hackett — Treat JSOP_LABEL as a no-op during analysis, bug 771285. r=dvander
5d1b1af768fc8f662816a1e2a37c4fec8582010dKannan Vijayan — Bug 771157 - Refactor poly inlining to be cleaner. (r=dvander)
df6295d780ed2d203572557fbe1d893778fab7a7Jan de Mooij — Bug 722708 - Handle bounds check failures better. r=dvander
111a6cd61241ed6a041ac39756d70e353e9e837fJan de Mooij — Bug 770889 - Simplify AutoDetectInvalidation a bit. r=dvander
6b71969a7cab76fbf8cb778350156c98aab79bdfKannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix construction-related constFun bug introduced by previous patches. (r=jandem)
950259d801c4c09c604a996d2734d803d3154955Jan de Mooij — Bug 770623 - Use SSA for MBoundsCheck. r=dvander
8b64cd2f4fab6b5be8343d6ec6c5ae115fd50d1bKannan Vijayan — Bug 770762 - added test case to ion-tests. (r=gkw)
f888a0e1cf53523801fe62fb50ec1945f152b88aNicolas Pierron — Fix ARM parity in MoveEmitter use base for effective addresses. (no bug, r=mjrosenb)
38d261defaeada92a88534524abdd3cc25679d66Jan de Mooij — Backout 8add47e4bd8d for jit-test failures (test passes locally)
8add47e4bd8d0363ce9f730ca35a2c772d201593Jan de Mooij — Bug 767419 - Support idempotent GetProperty ICs. r=dvander,bhackett
a4dfbc165f157c3fe61e6c11912cecd865eb10c8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix nits that I forgot to do when merging the old polyinline patch. (r=mjrosenb).
9cf3ea112635c2346e513dbc955fe051683d9358Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix minor redundancy introduced by last poly inlining fix. (r=efaust).
45315f6ccb19af73b5ecf86ca90ea3f8c93eb232Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix error in getPolyCallTargets (r=orange).
5d9e10b2f586baae1c88c60f6a3a35f4b6565cb8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix codgen _the right way_ this time by adding macro assembler directives for cmpPtr(Register, ImmGCPtr) for relevant platforms. (r=tbpl-red)
c83f8157e50dea6bafb95a4557d1556d13cfe010Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Fix codegen for InlineFunctionGuard. (r=tbpl-red)
8523fd225c0d803c81b3e6eef002f8ea871f883cKannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Add polymorphic inlining logic. (r=mjrosenb)
54558ba6a5d697921174b9f3177b950ee37ca763Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Refactor inline_call infrastructure to prepare for polymorphic inlining. (r=mjrosenb)
51c5ea99a47e776a743eb7e7bce7712d520708d7Kannan Vijayan — Bug 729278 - Add IR instructions for inline function guards. (r=mjrosenb)
b83b72d7fb8604e944601cacad6b626493b56736Jan de Mooij — Remove unnecessary "|jit-test| xml" comment, fixes a jit-test warning.
ad0ece24c10565426e175b55091de23872b2dec4David Anderson — Remove flaky test.
c646d1fda6ccb8a591ff2e91d818adf2df11f3f7David Anderson — Fix think-o when unwinding exceptions (bug 765483, r=jandem).
b416692ceb644651fc186f81261ba95c309a3667David Anderson — Added missing test case for bug 765479.
ee11e95dc7bc3e97ee83bbcc62e5c211e2dcac1dDavid Anderson — Fix type inference misuse with string getelem access (bug 765479, r=bhackett).
5d3e8c9dc6f8bb0812175da55db94e1a6f588a98Tom Schuster — Bug 765496 - Fix non-methodjit buils again. rs=sfink
6688ede89a368ae3c56431db763d6ca9d14c6e9cRyan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [3/3] Implement range analysis; defaulting to disabled for now, hopefully with less orange this time (r=dvander)
a1100d039be129994ed6b033f6b40d37f4da745aRyan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [2/3] Add a fast way to check if one block dominates another (r=dvander)
6c870a497ea46478d026d04afd8ea149f82066adRyan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [1/3] Rename old range analysis pass to edge case analysis (r=dvander)
796016ef829d1a4e30b69bec1481a91fd784876eEric Faust — Remove stray masm.breakpoint(). no r.
13304da358b6f6e9a068674cff5c85d5a07404d2Eric Faust — Bug 769853 - Replace extraneous call in x86 buildFakeExitFrame() with a label push. r=sstangl
82120910b08f651baf042f96225a3b608daeeae7Jan de Mooij — Bug 766218 - Make strict equality comparisons with known booleans faster. r=dvander
97e97b5b6db1b540aaca6f837083c771b5348c70David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
f79d7ca811e626f9f302ef92436c28d9cb91146dSean Stangl — Bug 768270 - Inline constructors. r=dvander
0cb6898fc0266e964938ee4895722e9c8dc52cc2David Anderson — Fix build.
0a0ecbc48d9a4cce919af89ed3b8cb813a78bdbdDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
aa575ceb5fee86e80837dd8277360400487272bdDavid Anderson — Slightly safer fix for bug 769224 (r=billm).
3112408514c8f0eb85637e880cf6665e5512c1adDavid Anderson — Clear mjit frames before purging caches (bug 769224, r=billm).
81bbe0cb3ab47f6341b186fb64ba52da0954bf6fDavid Anderson — Merge.
f839b591b5928f010faa6094a002d53c6430a96aDavid Anderson — Fix x64 bustage (no bug, r=sstangl).
4f57f42dc238d1c724666da7cf447dfabf383834Eric Faust — Bug 769195 - Fix an overzealous GuardShape in TestCommonPropFunc(). r=jandem
ddbd42e6704909320cd7f7c181db00da630e67aaDavid Anderson — Fix int32 boxing box on x64 (bug 761835, r=sstangl).
c47c09bf5775598666faa7e975525ef539d731bdDavid Anderson — Purge IC caches when verifying barriers (bug 761854, r=billm).
62c180773b87fd633d8013f7d77e0e3633d3b0dfDavid Anderson — Merge backout.
839a7e46762087aca46c2c016fc32c9898b79441David Anderson — Merge backout.
0f30f0a153add9dc3c254fcbddb61b284661cd44David Anderson — Merge backout.
08ce74b138184ab24bf0a75803cd5792e0a4e502David Anderson — Merge backout.
7fa6fdc6d1cf0ea42acc9739e36d5136fbc25665Tom Schuster — Bug 676287 - IonMonkey: inline some constant doubles in code. r=dvander
f0109113e35b59d36564b49d83795a3317936a10David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
98d88f7022ee02581f74da2e5bc0edebc232345aRyan Pearl — Don't redefine MDefinitionVector (no bug, r=red)
7233dc7d36c80fdddee08f8090e04bc7ba84bed6Ryan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [3/3] Implement range analysis, defaulting to disabled for now (r=dvander)
fa2242cbcf515adcc7cc568423cf7257d011c801Ryan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [2/3] Add a fast way to check if one block dominates another (r=dvander)
4e6b1fda24cc0909686dc73f1cff4a19bc5db845Ryan Pearl — Bug 699883 - [1/3] Rename old range analysis pass to edge case analysis (r=dvander)
54c888b66524b6b1d47f831d7daf41d618076b92Sean Stangl — Bug 768249 - Refactor MCallOptimize.cpp. r=dvander
02c16738f77844ddfd925fac6f1d6abbbc5c0840Sean Stangl — Bug 767665 - Inline NewArray only if it won't generate a RangeError. r=dvander
6f258bdf1b8222fd5477e91b0654320774bb7c58David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
bd0eba3ea3976721e44e7a41ebdf0cf3e1f23926Jan de Mooij — Bug 768436 - Fix InvokeConstructor to take JSObject instead of JSFunction and fix a crash. r=dvander
c952365822ef0af3e3049ba59913d0c6bcbf3175Kannan Vijayan — Bug 763481 - Fix clobbering of primitive CALLPROP result by __noSuchMethod__ handler lookup that fails. (r=bhackett)
80a4e5dfeaaf1366e37231b0cde4fb14e74ec4cfJan de Mooij — Bug 768004 - InvalidationBailout should not monitor the result after a non-ResumeAfter bailout. r=dvander
214075237f495f12c7f879ee19428be1563864a1Jan de Mooij — Bug 768027 - Constant folding for comparisons with null/undefined. r=dvander
8862e62cd1f5212b4a71b51d0a5bc75e115184b2Eric Faust — Bug 757932 - Inline calls to common property getters and setters. r=dvander,bhackett
d85ca085f35d180135e7e3d556c872eba499691fSean Stangl — Bug 766805 - Backout (orange)
73e8ca73e5bd0cf7e081589853f835b487066437David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
9494f28472a1a41c13503aa3a1e8a6705a62ecdbDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6e4fca267ad8034431b54317d283ddaa3d4073e7Kyle Huey — Bug 767999: Actually use QuotaExceededErr. r=bent
e4e2536462b424ad65d4b6038c2d5c920ed5a781Kyle Huey — Bug 748630: Support IDBTransaction.error. r=bent
5238faf97c3c92d125eb2303d91f8d5ee0c6079fJonathan Watt — Bug 767996 - Prevent DoApplyRenderingChangeToTree calling nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds() and passing in an nsSVGOuterSVGFrame. r=me.
68f24ad8693d1e3a7784e92e5e946db392b248f5Jonathan Watt — Bug 767996 - Add null check to nsSVGUtils::InvalidateBounds. r=me.
59f69f7558f45b3ed19eab15ff1b0d05b0bedb9aPanos Astithas — Merge m-c to fx-team
ebdb20148999b8d813a5706fff550cd99a414728Paul Rouget — Backed out changeset e51851dba7a2 - leaked 23 DOMWindow(s) and 1 DocShell(s)
aa12cc15f83f54fffc6058cf4350aca021ef5946Paul Rouget — Bug 763932 - [devtb] Add the right buttons to the Developer Toolbar. r=past r=dao
2180764e250c2f1207a04cfc397ddcd1b3fdaa97Paul Rouget — Bug 763865 - Layout tool is not positioned correctly when it is collapsed. r=dcamp
214fb5c945fd9c38dc08dba4182ffc77239f35b1Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
b3820743259201b5eadc2fdfbda4cb14e2a80a59Benoit Girard — Backout 746513dca667 (Bug 765357) due to xpcshell orange (linux, mac).
a977ac53a195ee750973025594a945e9c37d65a9Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 634800 - Clean up reportCompileErrorNumberVA(). r=jwalden.
000eb13cb3bafedfc910025e90abf2d0f5a74ad8L. David Baron — Track TEXT_IN_TEXTRUN_USER_DATA separately for inflated and non-inflated text runs. (Bug 718290) r=roc
cfdf2b800d8cbd6c83653523ca2158d309150a2aBenoit Girard — Bug 765357 - Add xpcshell tests for the Profiler. r=ehsan
d821f6cf3a3f8ebd4b3adfb436c06728ce812374Dão Gottwald — Bug 767828 - disable test
03f3f300350c0e4b2ff3a6cdc18a3d718d39978bDão Gottwald — Bug 767813 - Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on panels instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupEvent. r=enndeakin
fcf71225f962c45bd1b8270db776efc214556abeRyan VanderMeulen — Backout e8a507a0a1a8 (bug 767813) due to mochitest-browser-chrome orange.
b545493218fa6713509522b8f5ff9010589378d8Jonathan Watt — Bug 767734, part 1 - Require all callers of nsSVGPathGeometryFrame::GeneratePath to pass in the CTM that should be used. r=longsonr.
60a24f4d464c3a99c7ca25da48757c963629de6aKyle Huey — Bug 766462: Twiddle IDB tests some more to make the orange stop.
b40ff8f438f496593cc73d04c5d8169908858d7fDão Gottwald — Bug 767813 - Set the consumeoutsideclicks attribute on panels instead of calling popupBoxObject.setConsumeRollupEvent. r=enndeakin
e5fb6d6aad0d7212e764b028b21551dbfd46ab90Dão Gottwald — Bug 761990 - The Feedback button's dropdown arrow overlaps the label. r=jaws
7ddb7912485f4a799354516867541d2d986df586Jonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Re-enable layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg after fixing MarkDirtyBitsOnDescendants. r=me.
87dbf5b37be2df6513bae7a4bddaac9e2a3b0f55Jonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Disable layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg temporarily while I fix it. r=me.
0ccdea79e5809f919bf3473651cf53ef577de4c2Jonathan Watt — Bug 738192 follow-up. Make layout/reftests/svg/dynamic-text-04.svg use MozReftestInvalitade instead of setTimeout to avoid random orange. r=me.
ad99b565c811b1651418e41ea6b8196ebd9c9a2eJonathan Watt — Bug 738192 - Get rid of the old horrendous "invalidate everything" hack in nsSVGUtils::FindFilterInvalidation(). r=longsonr.
e62a400365b8404f24d8c1b0cd75030c41e4d639Joe Walker — Bug 724055 - Create a really easy way to make new GCLI commands; r=dcamp
7966ed5d4fefdda624e613c242ab6378184586d8Peter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 756258 (Support union types in new DOM bindings). r=bz.
49fd0fbd99d1a567b00083bf2225efc89b561b1ePeter Van der Beken — Fix for bug 765467 (Fix special operations in the WebIDL parser). r=khuey.
097a02d996235087b8203d21bbade4bd71b9a1d6Aryeh Gregor — Back out bac4434b31d2 for test failures
e278e2b5053957878e14c0a09dcaf2626af87577Aryeh Gregor — Back out 66b3801292a0 for test failures
66323a208a640d20b639ca49aa508b5d725f8cf7Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766795 - Fix asserts when placing cursor in editable detached content; r=roc,ehsan
5608870809f13c6110d00d4a388f693a4182ee76Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766387 - Make editing commands disabled in more cases; r=ehsan
b5635c8ab58ecc90e1350d430aa887d572bd5a47Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766360 - Rewrite nsEditor::DeleteSelectionAndPrepareToCreateNode; r=ehsan
b2d034aa2ca6d9397fa7307c284572b66d2e9711Aryeh Gregor — Bug 766305 - WSFragment should use PRInt32 for offsets, not PRInt16; r=ehsan
42e8a0bd10d1f164c67dd1e177e94ab08863a0b4Oussama BADR — Bug 763150 - remove notification methods from nsIAccessibilityService, r=tbsaunde
843a7e1cbe3f832fd454f07305d275740785951dLuke Wagner — Bug 756864 - Decrease MAX_FRAMES in XPCJSStackFrame::CreateStack (r=bhackett)
cd534ee4aeea8c059515586290551033c2e8585bLuke Wagner — Bug 756864 - Avoid quadratic cost of JS_GetFramePC when the stack is deep (r=bhackett)
8edd7e2781f094f4d919f74fd783c65948b4efd3Landry Breuil — Bug 765834 - remove extra UTF BOM that breaks builds r=khuey
b3968c4f39f05a7f0b1269036e85abf87194d54aRyan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
6a1026a0db20ba7c4f8d09f3759bd0a35b37314bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 3) Add ability to call endSelection without attempting to copy text. r=mbrubeck
feea48156551398bf2d3c3b1c7e1bc78345c6b2bMargaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 2) Text selection should be cleared on pagehide. r=mbrubeck
f5c298611494953cee27a73bf9486faaa7c76399Margaret Leibovic — Bug 765390 - (Part 1) Create a flag to keep track of whether or not selection is active instead of checking _view. r=mbrubeck
c02753b3e3cf59f7e31a304868c68fcf92e52077Margaret Leibovic — Bug 767626 - We don't need to be caching the selectedText. r=mbrubeck
399870b423372b3554d5c68782371a06d1fe751eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 724339 - Support text selection on RTL pages. r=mbrubeck
f3016704f56d820d2e219d61a4041d03c1e69763Mark Capella — Bug 757503 - decomtaminate GetColumnIndexAt/GetRowIndexAt/GetRowAndColumnIndicesAt on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde
c4e7c8a934c62aa26052749d51fb9b493c01aaa9Mark Capella — Bug 765512 - decomtaminate GetSelected (Cell / Column / Row) Indices() on accessible tables, r=tbsaunde
7f98d720cdb1d6501e8741e83ee96f27253b6d95Geo Mealer — Bug 760735 - Write mochitests for Screen Orientation API. r=mounir
b63ee06d4f51b9a72a022fe8d529fa6f0fa8d660Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Begin to implement [[GetOwnProperty]] for named properties in the new representation. r=bhackett
44d76a524b7051b5e3ec5948a0fc2b5cb4fa6678Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Add handles to all the new meta-object APIs. r=bhackett
8e98046e2c7dfcb37fb5fe7b38c7d2b4d2b52662Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Introduce a new union type to use for property keys in shapes. (jsid is what's currently used, and it's unsuitable because it can also store indexes, but in the new object representation shapes will never hold indexes.) r=bhackett
89cb0e3b4693923bacd4e2643dc4195835435703Jeff Walden — Bug 751377 - Add resolve-flags arguments to all the element-access APIs that might call a resolve hook, since resolve flags appear like they'll be with us for at least the near future. :-\ r=bhackett
24e8950269e3bc088a0c7aee017b0d0561e3d874Jeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Adjust Handle<T> constructors to only accept Rooted<S> or Handle<S> where S is convertible to T. r=luke
ef7120aa56754ce5a0ed0557c27900db6154b199Jeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Implement mozilla::IsConvertible to detect when a value of one type will convert to a value of another type. r=luke
42ff10d8878b51cd6777d19e6d81ff2e87111dcbJeff Walden — Bug 766347 - Implement a mozilla::EnableIf template struct for SFINAE capabilities. r=luke
bc890c0270e4ff0762cde1cc8ae7e8d6fbb67001Jonathan Watt — Bug 767647 followup. Fix unused variable bustage. r=me.
1e61038edd72a2f2d11b146ee8ebf0d5366df07cJonathan Watt — Bug 767647 - Stop invalidating once for every SVG descendant of a changed SVG container, and stop invalidating the descendants' rendering observers. r=longsonr.
80fe492a0d5fbc745fbad96bd76c22eca89581b0Justin Lebar — Bug 766871 - Part 2: Tests for from <iframe> inside <iframe mozbrowser>. r=bz
6222b149e94e14997ab0d65afe338e22ee614883Justin Lebar — Bug 766871 - Part 1: in <iframe> in in-process <iframe mozbrowser> should work. r=bz
96aacfacb5ed5360791024231dc3bf2a3890f50cJustin Lebar — Bug 766481 - Part 2: Tests for alert() from inside an <iframe> inside an <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
0ea3c8962c743ee2a83867c0d6c6c2611694647fJustin Lebar — Bug 766481 - Part 1: Make alert work from <iframe>s within <iframe mozbrowser>. r=mounir
39a2299141fd6dce7b07433d7ef1849326257a32Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge Hueyfix to inbound.
5ec71f0d35893926884fc1f22cc7a4f7298968c7Jonathan Watt — Bug 767697 - Stop invalidating rendering observers of ancestors of SVG frames that only render by reference. r=longsonr.
415df878eca2d2db5764a64958f9d4a243d52ff0Jonathan Watt — Bug 767701 - Add missing nsSVGEffects::InvalidateDirectRenderingObservers() call to the clipPath code. r=longsonr.
1aaccea339d7c59573e52d3bf16e38c135521432Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge m-c to inbound.
219ddd73cbb9d8eeb957c7bdae71d4c86adc0387Robert O'Callahan — Bug 761034. Backout patch for bug 610713 since it didn't fix anything and caused regressions. r=bas
e6fbece304df709003a9c83762fc26e9201b6cceJustin Lebar — Bug 767654 - Fix out-of-date comment in nsIDOMMozBrowserFrame.idl. DONTBUILD r=mounir
24cd2293c4ab3a7bec277932ac4baf958f44a839Charly Molter — Bug 716875 - Make nsTextControlFrame inherits from nsContainerFrame instead of nsStackFrame. r=roc,bz
3d12f5d21e6d3d4bbc67444c2d89824a96c3aac9Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
2da3dc3ba66ae2628c0101bf40cb2bab642e00d7Olli Pettay — Bug 766694 - Add a test to check existence of each interface in the window scope, r=bz
e3f336270360d43f9d51b449ff1fad49f73494b7Olli Pettay — Bug 763899 - mouseenter events should fire the opposite order of mouseleave, r=masayuki
f74e68054602fa4704400427ddbde9c82d54460dKyle Huey — Bug 766462: Followup to fix typo.
51bda50648bc21f5bf73fd5cf046bdd860551248Kyle Huey — Bug 766462: Make some tests wait for all their events. r=me
87e239ca45c65753eaf4e6c0f6c451cf420bd9f3Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
53d0ad70087b0796e89f59bac8ba3b8e5fd8c670Ms2ger — Merge m-c to m-i.
879b2a08107a70eb6a37ff8196a67ebf4f346b91ffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos5-32-vmw-019
711136b35572798c7fe293d4d47900bcd33509fcMs2ger — Bug 756641 - Set up redirects for W3C servers; r=ted
d92c21b61ef2c612a127e0095abedce08241387fMs2ger — Bug 767130 - Consolidate code duplicated between nsGenericElement.cpp and nsINode.cpp; r=bz
7c3e33cc6fb8f99e1b767c93009a6521623ed9c0David Zbarsky — Bug 661746 - Part of part 2: Introduce a const AsElement(). r=bzbarsky
90c061db7a653ffac0e0fe41a2db4c1a53db314cMs2ger — Bug 767130 - Create nsINode.cpp; r=mounir
47bbc1c5f788f760c054e6e71d1d8b0d33023651Kyle Huey — Merge m-c to b-s.
65b5503035ae40944987df0110952ed97cabf485Kyle Huey — Bug 767186: Cache the keyPath for objectStores and indexes. r=bent
0a73dce1ce4d4715d930fe1d8bd3630376c25b70Kyle Huey — Bug 767184: Make test_complex_keyPath run in xpcshell too. r=bent
d749080d958cb25aadde32f730a9604fe1e3c830Kyle Huey — Bug 767493: Make AsyncUsageRunnable participate in the WaitForOpenAllowed synchronization mechanism. r=bent
529dbd96f4d1a62521fd4de7891f6d905984a286Kyle Huey — Bug 765834: Followup to placate gcc.
968c0a2b5045366843c6915a4c373df3d088da89Kyle Huey — Bug 765834: Rework and unify keyPath handling. r=bent
74cc751db2da0bbdca91c4a223a4c425f35c261eKyle Huey — Backed out changeset fdf2d378d405 (landed with wrong bug #).
9d006465bbbb30d6209145f48e1becc5309e6b9fKyle Huey — Bug 765834: Rework and unify keyPath handling. r=bent
9970cddd21fd70ad5dd9c1533c5d75a44d521a66Sean Stangl — Bug 766805 - Don't set Jaeger-Uninlineable if called from Ion. r=bhackett
7da448b343a84f455350e04e954bfed6020f20f4Marty Rosenberg — Add in a new macro-assembler function in the ARM backend (no bug, r=red)
2f9a29078126ca2a4989cb49216becbb8dd5a8fdTom Schuster — Backed out changeset 043e2e360820 (ahhhhhhhhhhhh!)
043e2e360820f2a2e9e1be695d462038c67938f4Tom Schuster — Bug 676287 - IonMonkey: inline some constant doubles in code. r=dvander
05a756967f2578dd49aae675ae18046feb3b1daaDavid Anderson — Inline creation of CallObjects that need dynamic slots (bug 766468, r=jandem).
b09dce38ad34d43515a53a184e5e3ef27a361e89David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
618b5cc186a9a48261f70b26975d025eaf0d84a9Tom Schuster — backout f2efc6836c2f
6722bb3c5549567a56c1eb8536e146c0d4e493a9Tom Schuster — Bug 765496 - fix non-methodjit build. r=dvander
f2efc6836c2f14550c87e391f01ae380d64485efTom Schuster — Bug 676287 - inline some constant doubles in assembly code. r=dvander
0b892385c0a5dd8248b6f410fb9d59e9a5c198a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 766899 - Avoid some unnecessary register moves. r=dvander
286367056d39eb4688987b131d861037a7f52235Marty Rosenberg — All of the alu32 x86 compat functions should set the condition codes, since X86 does (bug 767314, r=jbramley)
753ff9eb4b728ba22a347277c41da6c21e55f9a1Marty Rosenberg — Set the condition codes in neg32. (bug 767248, r=jbramley)
c8ce2a0acddb735f37a60efcada7c1c03c5244b4Marty Rosenberg — Improve loadValue to use the base the index *and* the offset (bug 766713, r=jbramley)
2bf3f40dc21a9b5e446028ab09f4c8c57d61708dMarty Rosenberg — Don't patch or use a label if it is completely unused. (bug 767218, r=dvander)
89616383e935d64e9180fa66c85886f0d5a765d9Marty Rosenberg — Clean up a bunch of warnings in the ARM backends (no bug, r=warnings)
37682993d754313db29225a6e94bec9582568d4dDavid Anderson — Inline closure creation (bug 766428, r=jandem).
572de56569fe31f6900094d95a82e17440cf6a16David Anderson — Only monitor types in InvokeFunction when necessary (bug 766011, r=jandem).
f2687e92443843d18fd9ccf17cbcef959a379da2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
57adfe34193eb24d16b80276dc464eadff3c8535David Anderson — VTune build fixes.
881c4b8e74045a4033f68ec402c245f5939481f8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a0c81536dd0b3278bb92a174696f51f6c0d71f6bKannan Vijayan — Bug 765325 - Inline small functions more aggressively, turn off insertRecompileCheck for inliningDepth > 0. (r=sstangl)
9ce10246b6b1bfb6941409e96114212162082b28Nicolas Pierron — Fail compilation while coercing undefined to an int (Bug 735478, r=dvander)
29aa7b886d500ac760209c6609fa6e48bf823b25Nicolas Pierron — Do not compiled when type info is mixed with argument object. (Bug 765477, r=jandem)
ee0ddcd9fed61fd72e5b3290d02d12360fabe295Marty Rosenberg — declare two member variables in the opposite order so we don't get a warning about initializing them backwards
de228c331972dbd9f2dbf1df2ccf2cf1accc4092Jan de Mooij — Bug 765180 - Fix an overzealous assert. r=dvander
b3464c3b7dfcce7aa17d9e76fa7e766e11155f6bMarty Rosenberg — Remove an incorrect bounds check optimization from the branch table code. (bug 765266,r=sstangl)
4a302a0e2eb346c3ea2d9f124378733199fad6a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 765208 - Increase maximum inlining depth. r=djvj
a930dbb7ab60d4cf80b33896a72d4594c06ceae5Jan de Mooij — Bug 764923 - Don't check the OBJECT_FLAG_UNINLINEABLE flag when inlining in Ion. r=bhackett
c786d52a0e61813762a488269755a83a8da4a8a9Tom Schuster — Bug 721438 -Implement LCompareS to optimize string equality tests. r=jandem
de23a9fc29db5a3b13843541986788d6825cb7feNicolas Pierron — Fix off-by-one read of Values on x86/arm. (Bug 735406 fix, r=orange)
c13992e8edbd4f08a7be26408d0790a83a567658Nicolas Pierron — Use ImmTag instead of Imm32. (Bug 735406 fix, r=orange)
1c9c3fa92fa81c43926160e6034dad95c0f819c9Nicolas Pierron — Remove output of the unboxing, not necesseray. (Bug 735406 fix, r=orange)
17db7530ad47b8ccf906317330358858a66d89b5Nicolas Pierron — Fix payload index. (Bug 735406 fix, r=orange)
c55f5f8b93857e2b08331a1b4fafd979d3ebb444David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7873fae10b14f486fb8462456dcb7ff1fbbe3f3aDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 2235fddebe47
2235fddebe47ca79d058c5c6c15576da7d78ac37Tom Schuster — Bug 721438 -Implement LCompareS to optimize string equality tests. r=jandem
4f41282b5143145ef20fca60a490f417d23bb945Marty Rosenberg — Add in a function that was left out of the ARM port. (no bug, r=red)
b02a7b214e49a1e0244766771196d0317eda75a3Nicolas Pierron — Handle arguments[i] (Bug 735406 part 3, r=dvander)
f4352fe7b2fb5e6a8757f002c5c98e89e86a55c2Nicolas Pierron — Add Implementation of arguments.length (Bug 735406 part 2, r=dvander)
5762715ce958901a0f8f45b2add8573719fb1f4aNicolas Pierron — Add JSOP_ARGUMENTS. (Bug 735406 part 1, r=dvander)
ffabe9341aa27a2d5534b4ba9395e1aa402797c5Nicolas Pierron — Fix merge bustage (Bug 759442, r=orange)
f8a6a5d2887536b6ab738eaf8b66e9c6988b6043Nicolas Pierron — Store actual number of arguments on the stack. (Bug 759442, r=dvander,mjrosenb)
7ba2242f98ee40af5266095fdfe5252f77b50a29Marty Rosenberg — Fix an annoying c++ parsing issue (no bug,r=red)
c980045c407736f7da5575389ff060997ec9ae95Jan de Mooij — Bug 762480 - Specialize Math.{log, sin, cos, tan}. r=dvander,mjrosenb
a13b469f9cadff0f892d6b6d33b2f5301b117f71Jan de Mooij — Bug 764432 - Fix small MUrsh constant folding bug. r=dvander
426ef8dad3eb84d33f8c4d2cc7d17dcf2b40e9a5Marty Rosenberg — Fix some nits about comments. (no bug, r=jbramley)
15afceb8e2922874dccc79cc7e876c9ff667f1deMarty Rosenberg — Fix negate on ARM remember to bail out properly with INT_MIN (bug 763883, r=jbramley)
82f4ca661acc34afa439c999da02eba886497e1cMarty Rosenberg — Fix the name of the structure that forbids pools. (bug 759283, r=dvander)
f6904d54b441f69f3fffa7a9520afc883197fd39Marty Rosenberg — Fix the instances where switching an element from the forwarad pool to the backwards pool fills the backwards pool. (bug 763333, r=jbramley,dvander)
4a3e29b959557af7b7bd149e5a248718de293d28Marty Rosenberg — Make sure the branches that are inserted at the beginning of non-pool sections are marked as unnatural (bug 765114, r=jbramley).
488cdd2e2267cd97de3929f0d934a332f536b37cMarty Rosenberg — Bailout when the result of a%b is -0.0 (bug 763884, r=jbramley)
720fc0437990211dc24a1c274fe0890021fd3522Marty Rosenberg — Add in some more nice spew code, and fix a simple off-by-one error (bug 762059, r=jbramley)
2fc640ad0d8496f072bcc680bca4c8cbf5f24beeMarty Rosenberg — Flip the conditions for zeroing a bool -> double conversion (bug 763882, r=jbramley)
8a4f7d5a2fa16b9e197cb7851d3b7b7810c665e8Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bug where we cannot trace through code during compilation (bug 760457, r=jbramley)
359c4084a25e1053717ad2d15055814bde2fb520Marty Rosenberg — x << 32 is undefined in C, my bad. (bug 760443, r=jbramley)
7b5028cd0d4a595aebc78a040c6bf9efefa15123Jan de Mooij — Bug 764304 - Use useRegisterAtStart for more instructions. r=dvander
25d7dea9706ee4031d50e0e21553f5924802a58fDavid Anderson — Fix test bustage (no bug, r=luke).
dcc159138205c91b9a7159e8981220822e32972aDavid Anderson — Fix ARM build bustage.
43b0554c195b1eceaca6c6b3356ce5e6ad4365b3David Anderson — Fix debug orange.
bbfa2c64719171de7d4d7469ab119467f0e2c432David Anderson — Fix typo.
6dd068259832dac60bd806f988775f34afc726d3David Anderson — Implement NAME ICs (bug 762421, r=jandem).
7ab88528503e8bfb41c3bbc6c846b3c63ac5d00dDavid Anderson — Implement ALIASEDVAR opcodes (bug 762105, r=luke,jandem).
b2223a34e8499a6c70cb19eabbe601001f9add2eDavid Anderson — Add support for CallObjects and heavyweight functions (bug 761685, r=jandem,luke).
4781d9d1bd5f6c5d7d6cd598a65ac7b9244d223fNicolas Pierron — Fix: Add cmpPtr(Address, Imm32) on x86/x64.(no bug, r=red-no-arm)
f534867720ca005d143029e0c01a6a684a419c84Nicolas Pierron — Fix arm builds. (no bug, r=red-arm)
a34e58d3c20c0b7c31614013190ed118a70ac488Nicolas Pierron — Remove debugging instrumentation from debug/Frame-arguments-02. (no bug, r=opt-orange)
b4fd23971959d35b431a8ef081f0aad2e96cd690Eric Faust — Bug 764163 - Inlined dynamic call to check GC Zeal in ionmonkey. r=dvander
fd561e74aedaccddad8d42438b7d658bc2c827e9Nikos Verschore — Implement a fast-path for JSOP_INSTANCEOF (bug 717466, r=dvander).
82bea6f569c815ca373841b63c800a490b794f51David Anderson — Make all cacheable scope objects into delegates (bug 761685, r=luke).
ccc07857ae9d4af4df7eade2df8a36734d49fb96Sean Stangl — Bug 763989 - Use the jumpRelocations_ buffer instead; quick orange fix. no_r
301b792b70904210b3bc79186ef541dae1e55fd7Sean Stangl — Bug 763989 - Mark the ArgumentsRectifier via ImmGCPtr. r=dvander
9d6cdff3d7bee359cf19e5fd6257959ad8e67579Sean Stangl — Backed out changeset 5f86bbdfe504
5f86bbdfe5048ef1596136ade3e9bda43cf396a1Sean Stangl — Bug 763989 - Mark the ArgumentsRectifier via ImmGCPtr. r=dvander
17e811e71344e1700b4f7fbc6c3fced69c31a8f4Jan de Mooij — Bug 763599 - Inline string[int32] GETELEM. r=dvander
3f2823d467bfae54c95cc2242194ab2357e6934fDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
71b71dcbf9fe83c291054970712c9d2d93375557Sean Stangl — Bug 764165 - Poison freed IonCode buffers. r=dvander
4bcbb63b89c32696e25a031604f261a1eccb75b3Jan de Mooij — Remove unused variable, fix Clang warning.
3dc37e74fdf0355ed3cfc89fdf44b71d60d5587dSean Stangl — Bug 762936 - Call writeDataRelocation() for storePtr(ImmGCPtr) on x86. r=dvander
ea534d594d0194d3f5a935bbc7f5a08f9050ad24Sean Stangl — Bug 763039 - Followup: fix ARM headers. no_r=red
d4d1dd8c44d4184bae6eccb480b641eda2215bb9Sean Stangl — Bug 763039 - Toggle barrier jumps to correct state at end of compilation. r=dvander
beabf74b228dd4b61178f8c83c3538e578010b77Jan de Mooij — Bug 762891 - Specialize more phis in some edge cases. r=dvander
7f354603e953da9b134f1485c59e7e36a280756fJan de Mooij — Bug 762887 - Add an infallible MUnbox after known-object type barrier. r=dvander
5cfb73435e0655e230e74a6aa7066d576b7c6a7dJan de Mooij — Merge m-c to ionmonkey
56f44852b44a8eb181b07f77b8bc79c68e0235fbNicolas Pierron — Revert eager code elimination (no bug, r=orange1827)
c982b3a3a0843695707bb7f1b544b33cb4f6b5c2Nicolas Pierron — Reduce amount of spew during invalidation (no bug, r=dvander)
f664983ee58436a32d7470918fe13f9c203aea13Sean Stangl — Bug 762547 - Fix testcase from bug to pass on opt builds also. no_r
d64bb62ab69c9ba1244cabb11ce68d2a5893e7bcSean Stangl — Bug 762547 - Don't invalidate Ion code unless GC is non-preserving. r=dvander
8acbac4d6cfdb388bf7f0ac588be664680c1c621Jan de Mooij — Bug 761618 - Use JM until scripts are really hot. r=dvander
c76abdb11904f4a935ef7363a328d894f8fd9991Marty Rosenberg — fix cmpSrc(Label *) by replacing the part that was copied from cmpSrc(RepatchLabel *) (no bug, r=dvander)
cca924e017eacd0b166828da6bb89f84775e0b3eSean Stangl — Bug 758366 - Followup: Have MGuardObject create a definition. r=mjrosenb
6afe1f9f551dabf6fefe83469bfd06f8aa3b2ab9Sean Stangl — Bug 746691 - Don't throw away IM code on every GC. ARM code by mjrosenb. r=dvander
2130ba9687647edd93b4101c4d4b3d25f2a7a361Kannan Vijayan — Bug 758366 - Make jsop_getprop handle cases of input typesets containing one object and one or more primitive types. (r=dvander)
ff28f1696c5a7f0da295c6ab92820d6e2342bab9Sean Stangl — Bug 761460 - Don't try to call Ion code in disabled JSScripts. r=dvander
adcd5d3c984efef3688189b11c6ec6276ad014c8Sean Stangl — Merge m-c to Ionmonkey.
2062cc1c4b06ae78177df0a437f5a93d08a128b0Marty Rosenberg — Fix a pair of off-by-one errors in the backwards-pool code. (bug 759209, r=jbramley)
b82223048d7bc9e5c8a448c496d565fd67f654b3Marty Rosenberg — Allow entries in a pool to be shifted from a backreference in pool N to be a forward reference in pool N+1. (bug 759464, r=jbramley)
6aaf148d4ce8d688455082285064fa0b636d8051Marty Rosenberg — Change ARM's assembler interface to always return the offset of the instruction that was just generated (bug 759323, r=jbramley)
cdfe0f8e0dd46720193e7318a9b26123f15f359cMarty Rosenberg — Don't place a pool in the middle of a call. (bug 759317, r=jbramley)
2531ca2456000476b4391db6cc94539d4b8b2e5dMarty Rosenberg — Ensure constant pools are not emitted in the middle of a table branch. (bug 759283, r=dvander)
aff52d7f59242b316c827ed7f2e00ffcc8554f40Marty Rosenberg — There were some cases where bits were getting overwritten due to the fantastic nature of pools, and I have no clue what I did w.r.t. the argumentsrectifier. (bug 755759, r=jbramley)
6ed2a75d11ae596795c61014302b7a2a1d0823d2Marty Rosenberg — Fix IC patching on ARM so a branch can be patched to any address (bug 733336, r=jbramley,dvander)
9e1ad66c4e85d3d116a2233eaa66499934a7166cMarty Rosenberg — fix up some known corner cases in dataTransferN, and expand its range (bug 759433,r=jbramley)
56ba58a77e8f11cff724a9ddb50839a0c5663e2cSean Stangl — Merge m-c to Ionmonkey.
c4ba8fc5a1d0c52f91da1e6dccd119212de02edcJan de Mooij — Bug 759289 - Use JM for functions called from a JM IC. r=dvander
16141b0a3d124b4312a014b20924b33b9cefae6fJan de Mooij — Bug 760103 - LRound should not modify its input register. r=sstangl
474d3f16960fb6bc790f0f46b77d0248424b84efSean Stangl — Merge m-c onto Ionmonkey.
f55395bc4e6135df5532fa68bf73c39782fcff71David Anderson — Fix erroneous spill slots being added to safepoints (bug 757785, r=jandem).
efd4c7fc0697ed61b6c43c63080f9100a83c38c9Jan de Mooij — Bug 740312 - Get precise OSR slot types from TI. r=sstangl
0930379f5cfa68a73f7582216d469e240a2ef1b4David Anderson — Ensure that all phis connected to iterators are kept live (bug 759213, r=jandem).
52692d2e14fe59e75d26854c5d8d3dd2b5869ac0David Anderson — Undo testing change.
06a664ebc3cc712df2e113b2d4d9edc37c0d5bbbDavid Anderson — Implement torn value tracing (bug 759312, r=jandem).
6e30c6428403185ea4f02a677419ac1df0dfcf14Kannan Vijayan — Rolling back changeset 4fa6ccc9a897. Causing too much of tbpl to go orange.
d09cf8da78c80b0715386cb8c710a8fcf1012c58David Anderson — Use correct getprop mechanism (bug 758384, r=jandem).
d0e27348e77859c2859af7c527af7ac894a25f6aDavid Anderson — Don't emit inlined writes to watched globals (bug 758543, r=sstangl).
8b8884faad490e8a8342c16740fc2c8c943fd9b7David Anderson — NULL check before marking exit frame objects (bug 759306, r=pierron).
4fa6ccc9a897a89af08513cb0fc0b1df184f6377Kannan Vijayan — Bug 759107 - Add ASSERT to js_getTopStackFrame (r=pierron).
d28bcb515936beff03b948f8ecb80dd11c12ae18Jan de Mooij — Bug 758268 - Rename forbidOsr flag and use it for non-OSR code too. r=dvander
e290eb3d9506bb8257728955fb2128ae4eda067dJan de Mooij — Bug 758991 - Don't optimize singleton property accesses with non-default getters. r=dvander
80a4442627720a796ca53264a6971c6c319fa610David Anderson — Merge backout.
629d1e6251b9f022c41e5adec4bc54738ea8aee1Kannan Vijayan — BUG_757787 - fixing build failure with --enable-more-deterministic introduced by last patch. (r=buildfail)
b9febded601111368d6478282e86adb9ebac6492Kannan Vijayan — Bug 757787 - Fix decompiler frame/script/pc retreival when called from ion (r=jorendorff, r=dvander).
4ce3983a43f49f6b05f916c1cf25ef572f8a6f4eDavid Anderson — Enable interrupt handling in IonMonkey (bug 700030, r=jandem,mjrosenb).
feac7727629c6843419fee6bdc6156e5e03bc516Jan de Mooij — Bug 755010 - Don't compile very large scripts. r=dvander
003e7b33fd8c7c5fb563933fca680454f02dd3efNicolas Pierron — Remove Stack iteration with unsafe locations. (Bug 756615, r=dvander)
c05b873dad48cac987f50114d78057566917407dJan de Mooij — Bug 758209 - Disable DVG stack search when building with --enable-more-deterministic. r=dvander DONTBUILD
d99898b8c8fe9dc5f144f132ca28edc39fc82639Jan de Mooij — Bug 758181 - Don't crash in tryHoistBoundsCheck if lhs.term is NULL. r=bhackett
407632130d1bede0fde46268b8a5c0327f364fcaJan de Mooij — Bug 756614 - Disable Label assert when OOM testing. r=dvander
082a0b357b5004600c747a32d09bca120cf447e9Jan de Mooij — Bug 757811 - Fix x64 jump table range checks. r=dvander
bc9132845c4d7480999363308b0dd3bcd3eadf99Nicolas Pierron — Bailout handle actual arguments. (Bug 755979 part 3, r=dvander)
a15a3a3b4647fa24609d08706ea35e9cd5998c52David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
abe401869582dd4746162d6dbafb54c505c197c7Ryan Pearl — Select an appropriate new representative when breakClass() is called on the old one (Bug 756094, r=mjrosenb)
85ad9bc4ea65f797ff65c3cf02efc6cee3a5deddKannan Vijayan — Bug 736679 - Fix memory leak in ThunkToInterpreter. (r=pierron)
f97392df337437c743cd0859e78a6594f9bcbef1Jan de Mooij — Bug 756618 - Check encodeSlots return value. r=dvander
7d30fd2305e5d3741510d4343c58d2c1d7c9a434Jan de Mooij — Bug 756772 - Handle OOM in newOsrPreheader. r=dvander
d5545e6d927b1388b9a7850df0d9046a120b933bDavid Anderson — Throw Ion code away when needsBarrier changes (bug 757412, r=sstangl).
038b237f7dad75a2a289f38b8a76963e6c4c1e7dDavid Anderson — Mitigate f.arguments breakage (bug 757428, r=pierron).
9a4817a83ca6686d99c719e24f2ee980cd2bf6e8David Anderson — Treat LDefVar as a call instruction (bug 756777, r=sstangl).
afbfcebb1976458d567ad875cf8f0762770ddb94David Anderson — Emit proper write barriers for typed element stores (bug 756780, r=jandem).
8d8f6fbdf4d0f7086b889077d8016827868150faDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
9602aebd7e43a27f1675ca8313b80045c383c7fbNicolas Pierron — Fix marking of the invalidator (Bug 757304, r=dvander)
d80602d38aa85a3f03c97807f85867db9db4b445David Anderson — Make sure the invalidation thunk is always marked (bug 756659, r=pierron).
454dcc349cbb8e5dcc7143e16e7eb340beb2e3ceDavid Anderson — Trace IonCode objects before invalidating them (bug 756781, r=billm).
80e4ab0d24bc64ceaa7693ab5def36faffde7a40David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
9791b2e62b005af9df57c33cbbd647dc2ad800b0Jan de Mooij — Bug 756235 - Save live registers before calling ReportOverRecursed to fix a GC crash. r=sstangl
88ea2e5296092d6a82a8f50350e1001d082f9a52David Anderson — Implement IonMonkey's ballast for infallible allocation (bug 756612, r=luke).
890dd17b4187d6efa6dd70834e9b10c41c261400David Anderson — Add write barriers for setprop ICs (bug 756236, r=sstangl).
47b283284868fbd33a6a0289b9a9a8ddaf52d6ebJan de Mooij — Bug 755832 - Fix SETGNAME resumepoint to restore the value instead of the object. r=dvander
ceb5ab053f8241e4d19300433a98efb339e69debJan de Mooij — Bug 756247 - Fix JSOP_POS inference failure. r=dvander
647a5c8f7dcc46a815cf93b5905de33d18d5878bNicolas Pierron — Remove pushBailoutFrame for global script. (Bug 755979 part 2, r=dvander)
10d44ebdaa044329194795565bda162701a45f22Nicolas Pierron — Clean-up: Replace FrameRecovery by IonBailoutIterator (Bug 755979 part1, r=dvander)
1fe4c286323b948561759140aa7ce60c7ad15147David Anderson — Fix missing entry for bailed rectifier frames (bug 756240, r=pierron).
eeae414fa07a3a8d490f872ee46c4195957be180David Anderson — Fix parallel array tracing (bug 755564 part 2, r=billm).
1322cb5d6684d3a090b8500fb434787de77828e8David Anderson — Fix bogus assert (bug 756238, r=pierron).
8c54899dae8275d23fb45c42e0e97b4da30a72acDavid Anderson — Fix off-by-one tracing error when marking Ion frames (bug 756243, r=pierron).
ec1aca662dbe7ec67ba40be1ee4e4e125e0c114cDavid Anderson — Merge.
0f9317cf68d2a76ed5ef1a6a5032b34acc76dedeNicolas Pierron — Recover overflow of arguments from the stack. (Bug 754720, r=dvander)
27379ba2220ce31039ef86e2c02d5766831b87e4David Anderson — Merge backout.
a19d34d6750f81859577388e8c979bac6fd825daDavid Anderson — Change StackIter::thisObject back to StackIter::thisv (bug 755560, r=pierron).
b15990ffc15d74082b85baa9559f9a1ddbd70fc4David Anderson — Make ParallelArray a native class (bug 755564 part 2, r=billm).
fe35715a3f013889b651ad90c42c6810ca7801feDavid Anderson — Make ParallelArray safe for moving GC (bug 755564 part 1, r=billm).
d114473c2eab780d6a94ebe4c2936326c100ea5cKannan Vijayan — Bug 754719 - update, fix syntax error. (r=build fail)
14fcd7cb0ba7715d2812dfc8a2aac1b6cc0dee76Kannan Vijayan — Bug 754719 - Make folding of double-bitwise-not ensure that input is int32. (r=dvander)
14735b4dbcccc073a5bb4dd67f91e20d92bfc336Stephan Herhut — ParallelArray.prototype.length now returns a number as expected. (bug 743480, r=stephan.a.herhut).
63d76ea4e46eb05d1d979f91f822b7ccf29c6c9eDavid Anderson — Only unlink cx->enumerators for JSITER_ENUMERATE iterators (bug 735869, r=jandem).
7c58c07ee2affd1e8dbd13bb6dcaf88faeb3649bKannan Vijayan — Bug 729812 - Mark all arguments in exit frames. (r=pierron)
8958cc186a4f29a1cae22d92606f56b235323ec4Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Recover overflow of arguments from the stack. (Bug 754720, r=)"
61bc88af3d8f7506f40083dd09df928611c9e007Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Oops, Apply review nits. (Bug 754720, r=dvander)"
4650f160d63857468bbd4fc7a7022f1581c00d0dNicolas Pierron — Oops, Apply review nits. (Bug 754720, r=dvander)
7223b430719826265fae65749380ae740f2beac0Nicolas Pierron — Recover overflow of arguments from the stack. (Bug 754720, r=)
3b9f67f4ab7140c9447cd5d1598ac4005223df73David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e14efc51f56268a5f5981d0c6544cf0af2ddda2dKannan Vijayan — Bug 737737 - handle not-int32-nor-double input types for binary arithmetic instructions (r=jandem).
9caa6deab767d45ac30b0509e570d97e9d9267e0David Anderson — Trace invalidated IonScripts during incremental marking (bug 754712, r=billm).
46eda2edc3b7f2c43eb2bd601cc1d112daabd8b8Jan de Mooij — Bug 754713 - Only eliminate phis that are not used by any bytecode instructions. r=dvander
c92b2f714cea02ddc46a848d6af6e567223cb715Jan de Mooij — Bug 755768 - Use JM only for scripts Ion cannot compile, patch based on bug 724751. r=dvander
65eeeb8f5e6fb33ceea086acf13363737b203c8cNicolas Pierron — Fix compilation. (no bug, r=red)
29b9a3fd01e4d0024c60d7137150672ef21fa494David Anderson — Check for C-stack recursion before entering Ion (bug 743119, r=sstangl).
9407cd11d95dd86ce8d576693771c6a01631779eDavid Anderson — Fix incorrect pcOffset computation in CloseLiveIterators (bug 746370, r=pierron).
0098a636af4d4fb17a908c53eb8742013bb9d77fDavid Anderson — Bustage fix.
b9c0bcc73aea7bf4ce15be78eaec06f841cd5a9bDavid Anderson — Follow-up fixes for bug 749226.
da2151ef57f04c5d377a22d532ba3f34d5956c38David Anderson — Change bailout/OSR loops to be iterative rather than recursive (bug 749226, r=pierron).
06338317eaba9190894a1b60b9ea3d1a8137eb18Jan de Mooij — Bug 732845 - Call relookupOrAdd instead of add in generateVMWrapper. r=dvander
c83c77b4ed05534bfae3ea4ab386365d93fb602cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
38e41331c9ee3f4259aa5a1702332ac01a333315Nicolas Pierron — Fix typo, which use a bad template. (Bug 755157, r=dvander)
d3593b87e0af92aa5ea53e8bdef5aac086ec5391David Anderson — Fix safepoint registers spilling in the wrong order (bug 754718, r=pierron).
269dba32ca50e431f2522e70c8326f8425402643Sean Stangl — Bug 746376 - GCThings stored during compilation must be rooted. r=billm,dvander
2c498ebb0feb8a1e4e25fcba6ff42db16f2e18efNicolas Pierron — Enable eager compilation (Bug 742136, r=dvander)
50177d59c0e173e03d93ef7a3b67a704f1a1cb34David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1ac14ac500373b60e22eb3cf13d301913f7de986Kannan Vijayan — Bug 754446 - C1Spewer::spewIntervals not checking for null lir() on MBasicBlock. r=terrence.
e8de64e7e9fe6693a77784e6666f6560477e6338Nicolas Pierron — Mark native function arguments from the exit frame. (Bug 754491, r=dvander)
abbfb4bb6d17aef6c70d057ce8a8f8b55260d920Nicolas Pierron — Add support for native frames. (Bug 748188, r=dvander)
53a84ecbb030c21be53ecdc8567c737e26173073Nicolas Pierron — Mark VM wrapper arguments. (Bug 748986, r=dvander)
c0537e1c5e8b097d14d8b73251a077103e2ef44fDavid Anderson — Disable C1/JSON visualization spew in browser builds (bug 752121, r=sstangl).
ff94073c1907847eb47adad281abf16a9fb0892cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7b00180f4f3463a576fffb72f58a44956ff07205Kannan Vijayan — Bug 754155 - Fix RPO issue in LookupSwitch compilation. (r=dvander)
8f467ac2e650799830bff3f7c5f1348dd233b042Nicolas Pierron — Fix merge issue, remove argumentPadding. (no bug, r=red-arm)
aa9c962d4a35a60a893b4946a90a725b73140e62Nicolas Pierron — Mark spilled registers. (Bug 743094 part 2, r=dvander)
33d9ffa2b48c56e8309f15d8dd215850d28f3852Nicolas Pierron — Remove stack alignments of OOL VM calls. (Bug 743094 part 1, r=dvander)
3e8d98685cce6db9c40d8ca160fe5a6253230a25David Anderson — Merge.
703d101ea135ee0a7118092183b2d4114b3c892dDavid Anderson — Don't access StackIter::fp directly when building a stack trace (bug 753579, r=pierron).
41ccd541814046e7d47a1240b89772c8014a2826Marty Rosenberg — Fix a couple of cases from yesterday's gc patch that I forgot on ARM (no bug, r=dvander)
9d44cdf696eefdc936bf3a6cf37cb038e729c0f7David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c68a877d643e8c45ba1703cf519b174f218ac188Sean Stangl — Bug 743640 - Distinguish errors/aborts from inlineNativeCall(). r=jandem
14d7fcd1a7cc641fbc14d8f9a5e92e10b860ee82Nicolas Pierron — Fix shifted lookup for VM wrapper arguments. (no bug, r=bloody-arm)
6e58d603a6847651e3b970f28037a5c53f35dd38Marty Rosenberg — Fix dvander's nits that I'd forgotten about (bug 750925, r=dvander)
af9e8de0c166596ab3489dc33f55be8b8e21d2ccDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8b8ee1dc234264bcbacb12a1d0f10ae330b8a241Marty Rosenberg — Fix a rare gc bug by pushing the current IonCode onto the stack right after we link in an exit frame. (bug 750925, r=dvander)
49dad96faabaa36d24e85eb379e70bc31dd14ac5David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
e3b632e26dc04c0cf0226c8b2681a0d3243464eaDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
57e056f0da79c010b7999bc650c2a570bf3a9855Kannan Vijayan — Bug 701963 - IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_LOOKUPSWITCH. [Test case generator and generated test cases].
db8988ec955033090a363745724e154a2d93d0d2Kannan Vijayan — Bug 701963 - IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_LOOKUPSWITCH. (r=jandem)
a2c4615bc59581d6cd9e9cc31ac1487be9939602Kannan Vijayan — Bug 743129 - Clear ionReturnOverride in HandleException. (r=dvander)
8d5c24720c284643ae9b1219edf88b833eca33c4Nicolas Pierron — Fix OS X compilation (no bug, r=red)
7993365e3e2b7a7af5af5e6d4c212e42f9aef93eNicolas Pierron — Create unexpected argument object from StackIter (Bug 751635, r=dvander)
ee18fa0d0b40150792a7dbb5447891eddc84d449Sean Stangl — Bugless - Indent JSON spew so we can open large files with a text editor. r=mjrosenb
5abefc2eeb6fed0b18e106440078b92b933da22fMarty Rosenberg — Bug 745362, part 3/3 - Implement rounding correctly on ARM. r=sstangl
c525862b862b95509ba8e35ce1a234aef3bfd97aMarty Rosenberg — Bug 745362, part 2/3 - Fix floor on ARM. r=jbramley
14f9f71fcf983b4ef1fc5b1958ef7c827ab9cac2Sean Stangl — Bug 745362, part 1/3 - Implement Math.floor() and Math.round() for x86/x64. r=pierron
02fbff5051a3688e0761faf0f61016329e17d84fDavid Anderson — Fix build.
080fe4327259783bf01cd24cc561cbc21e61d959David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
65c019632ba05d3f96ae67716321f652118562cfMarty Rosenberg — When the new represetative element is chosen, its consumers should be marked, since it will appear to not change. (bug 748091, r=sstangl)
9d1cb3806f20791dfa23ac107813bfd747be92a9Kannan Vijayan — Bug 489623 - JSOP_SETPROP does not run resolve hook when adding properties (try 3)
68777651999a5c9c31a9d653717532d37c1563bbNicolas Pierron — Remove unexpected properties from the global object. (Bug 750582, r=dvander)
89dc67e650160839e2f83c1bc732992f77ddd8e7Nicolas Pierron — Skip next OSR in case forbidOSR flag is GC-ed. (Bug 751383, r=dvander)
c660397f6ab25e596d6fd1a2ce3eb2ca1b52626fDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
525b3eba3bcb40e1340140c7552dde19c9e7821eSean Stangl — Bug 743099 - Add MPhis of |this| to the observable set. r=dvander
1161f2520e9bdde60321a225084ac126f5173056Nicolas Pierron — Revert unwanted changes. (no bug, r=oranges)
f39ac9c99046d00a17ae006ae3446952e38d4edbNicolas Pierron — Add IsConstructing and thisObject to Ion frames (Bug 744253, r=dvander)
04590b9cde4e7904b70f98182f4ef69c5710a59dSean Stangl — Bug 750894 - Fix StoreSlotT write barriers with unknown type information. r=dvander
374ab9121017e6a1141d7feaaa6057c60c317893David Anderson — Fix registers getting clobbered when storing to Float32Arrays (bug 750588, r=sstangl).
395864a65f2bdf96970145ac758041d741bdf94bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
321cdf2e925842f35d95c40c2a1eb583eff463aeSean Stangl — Bug 750573 - Follow-up fix: avoid the propertycache. r=dvander
eed34f344d38fbc40ddf6e674a7ddbcf883116deSean Stangl — Bug 750573 - Handle __noSuchMethod__ in GetProperty cache. r=dvander
ff4083f660ed00f8850c9e55e57cfbf8a2444c0fKannan Vijayan — Bug 746397 - IonMonkey: Assertion failure: unexpected type, at ion/Lowering.cpp:822 (r=dvander)
5fcc03122569395f194d53f96fec95eca025e576Nicolas Pierron — Fix iteration of snapshot slots in closeLiveIterator (Bug 749048, r=dvander)
086958bf99e7d81fe86d19c968424a1be96edcf5Nicolas Pierron — Fix JSOP_NEWINIT. (Bug 746377, r=sstangl)
1b379d8c4a5253d35ae79ccad45190013e81cfefDavid Anderson — Use the right ToInt32 overload (merge bustage, r=awfy red).
c7b2066b5bbf7db806c8fcbd140495e516b7fb48David Anderson — Fix build bustaaaaage.
2427c5815cfa1686f367b795fce5917d20f975d0Kannan Vijayan — Backing out changeset 93104:1b954a5da88c (fix for bug 489623) since its still crashing on AWFY
44911569fb04d891073656cac1f794495723f573David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
fb7572ed4bc6832b84b14670c490b61c9db2d278Sean Stangl — Bug 749822 - Pass original argc to uncompiled functions. r=pierron
1b954a5da88ce0fea80b84993a8136c05baa3f6cKannan Vijayan — Bug 489623 - JSOP_SETPROP does not run resolve hook when adding properties (resubmitting after fix)
5a6e9f648a26a1c66453d45471a2e559a75599f8Kannan Vijayan — Backing out patch for Bug 489623 due to breaking v8-bench.
fcbb7e877c1221d80fb8e106329d263b1b496112Kannan Vijayan — Bug 489623 - JSOP_SETPROP does not run resolve hook when adding properties
c45668383f517ec4df164b2d3883cf7d026d8ddcMarty Rosenberg — Add setelem for typed arrays on ARM. (bug 745391, r=jbramley)
7a4cbdcfac2dd8fe38084fa5a682707b24e782d8David Anderson — Reflow phis when demoting to double specialization (bug 747271, r=pierron).
ff010cbbec1235a5cd0ca61680fb145040d1db65Sean Stangl — Bug 748071 - Get generateEnterJIT() working on Win64. r=mjrosenb
bc1833f2111ed84588ad32bfdd36bcf8f16f5244Christian Holler — Bug 747902 - Add --ion, -n and -m flags back for compatibility
9e64f779b6112d65d507743b3f4f4f1fdcddd8baDavid Anderson — Disable TypeScript::SetScope (bug 747226, r=bhackett).
de015aff650d075d03e38fdff445b32b28bf6aa5David Anderson — Enable IonMonkey in the browser, and introduce an about:config option to pref it off (bug 745390, r=dmandelin).
300ac3d58291fc77d409168597759fecc117f793David Anderson — Enable JITs and type inference by default, and give Ion first chance (bug 724751, r=jandem).
a5788d299d6ac5bcf220099c8289acb44855b2d9Marty Rosenberg — Elide overflow checks in instances where we know it is safe. (bug 738873, r=sstangl)
8baf654d39c3168a6f691dbbeb684f3336433732Marty Rosenberg — Specialize ABS to its return type, since it is the same as its argument type. (r=pierron, bug 746335)
b333b5d0e755bf9384f4e24513e4b07cae1b0d8cDavid Anderson — Enable Ion per-JSContext rather than globally (bug 745387, r=sstangl).
0e6d579045c8200b5433098f418a3c1ebbf64a1bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
67bf9a4a1f770344ed3e215141281fd81923542fMarty Rosenberg — kraken-gaussian seems to take a huge hit with this on.
380a11581eaf583832c8aa84bcf384a4f1142486Marty Rosenberg — Elide overflow checks in instances where we know it is safe. (bug 738873, r=sstangl)
e78cfa69741e6eab9738267d7b4c8c947a656e1bHannes Verschore — Bug 742829: Allocate space of NewArray lazily when data isn't set immediately, r=sstangl
030178aae6e440021bba032721ecd64d9b2b7906David Anderson — Merge.
8ee84aca3656e2a9314b8320882497e24c506889David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c1aa75c192b85356bf4b47c749f9898793b8ec83Kannan Vijayan — Bug 744535 - Invalidate/recompile scripts on change to ThisTypeSet
72596946ff9607adfe37d6aa681a069e650032e3Sean Stangl — Bug 743881 - Remove a boolean argument. r=dvander
7899320fc29dbe368e19148bc2b09587227e6af3Sean Stangl — Bug 743881 - Handle JSOP_NEWINIT. r=dvander
e57e79302ed6dd9c2a3d4b6472c9d58531fee3d0Nicolas Pierron — InitProp: Fix dynamic slot index. (Bug 743096, r=sstangl)
e1e850ff9bde7fc25cdb0b25d68d862a14e3c07bDavid Anderson — Re-enable disabled assert.
46bdb70a63b945d1afdf228b33816da0b2946db7David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
830e73261538c3f56fb1c946279e6addc673697dDavid Anderson — Refactor MachineState to recover safepoint registers (bug 732852 part 8, r=pierron).
35144214826e76e800382d15195a7b74a0df6a32David Anderson — Ensure that iterators are closed correctly during exceptions in Ion code (bug 732852 part 7, r=pierron).
49c6f796e3fc1dcd12a2dff06761ba95d89193e4Nicolas Pierron — Implement ShiftOp for values (Bug 741202, r=dvander,jandem)
a4c89230f5ba54bdf5f8a01bd7b0602c7c7c1b21Nicolas Pierron — Handle undefined returned value from shift/pop (Bug 742606, r=jandem)
61e588f7770942729d95a164c786ca2e2d90dc97Marty Rosenberg — Use the right register specifications, fix orange (no bug, r=orange)
48a6ce8bd921cb3c7e8d7354c84d01f15516b71dMarty Rosenberg — Implement typed arrays on ARM (bug 740733, r=jbramley,dvander)
fbb1bab307bf22b83fbd766e7b4bdbb954bf1fa4Marty Rosenberg — Optimize operations of the form X % (1<<C) into X & ((1<<C)-1) (bug 740733, r=jbramley,sstangl)
071792b470d9eabfba8785fdd175cdde1708f070David Anderson — Merge.
6040d30988ff69895b11b0541071a6afd295f8e9David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
572d5f29400ec1f17b23f79f5c8f4fc563856663Marty Rosenberg — Some things were not being traced by the gc tracer, and we'd throw away code that we were returning to. (bug 736419,r=dvander,jbramley)
ad6e00aaa6cde20f7b844a73f2839e66e2f6521fHannes Verschore — Bug 740167: Specialize binary arith when operands rands coerce to double, r=dvander
7ac0cbabb3d743bebc81ad328400303a4c470db8Kannan Vijayan — Bug 735448 - Handle addprop case in IC for JSOP_SETPROP.
5b7e87e57f2821fcf4466a3b0f3d975e6b53d757Nicolas Pierron — Do not mark NULL pointers as relocatable. (Bug 742519, r=dvander)
a9a18824b4c1da4eae4ba87bcf66e14907b7df96Nicolas Pierron — Avoid invalidation between compilation and EnterIon (Bug 741271, r=sstangl)
4183bb623255a200e8437e403f194bbb476cced1Sean Stangl — Bug 742627 - Suppress bailout spew during GetPcScript(). r=pierron
37e475794d39ae9cb9f6b4d9e2b4a694706f5513Jan de Mooij — Bug 742253 - Compile JSOP_HOLE. r=pierron
d20c0126f0f94fe5247b147c9aa0924803f22d85Sean Stangl — Bug 742562 - Inline allocation for JSOP_NEWARRAY. r=dvander
f798ae7a24ce1f7747c2b08356545525999b8008Sean Stangl — Bug 742561 - Inline allocation for JSOP_NEWOBJECT. r=dvander
f9d6a7152d0122e52839efd4eb54b9b6b602ebddHannes Verschore — Bug 741111: Inline constructing native call Array, r=sstangl
4ea50300a5ed1ebe5edd58ba9d695ad868e9cec9David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
4a9f1b21e58c21aa04644b46655fa87876373674David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ec53c5d4c3dd2d794c2b7a64b2377c7bd4558dbfDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7b2c14a9fde2fed11d8834889753f224b5959e7aJan de Mooij — Bug 739572 part 2 - Inline array.push. r=dvander
cdc5f3570a4ccf0da8f403027d400c6234158368Jan de Mooij — Bug 739572 part 1 - Inline array.pop and array.shift. r=dvander
e8fe2c18bcba8a0a4c010b4b871340d0cd0c26ffDavid Anderson — Refactor InlineFrameIterator to support Value iteration (bug 732852 part 6, r=pierron).
fe0d335f66853af5e995cfc1a4a4fab76c1b012dDavid Anderson — Remove most uses of FrameRecovery, and move some classes around (bug 732852 part 5, r=pierron).
6967695492f3c3cc5d416b454e60fdf70a6e20d7Sean Stangl — Bug 740212 - Inline allocation for LCreateThis. r=dvander
c9b98f83a2f93e44133e6060950b2ba413c07329David Anderson — Backed out changeset 8e8af92a2b45
8e8af92a2b4500c4cb84b2f7f42e7e28c9cd7918David Anderson — Remove most uses of FrameRecovery, and move some classes around (bug 732852 part 5, r=pierron).
19c9e03f06e889b7a72006ef7443fd25f86e74fcDavid Anderson — Move SnapshotIterator to IonFrameIterator (bug 732852 part 4, r=pierron).
711b6feb3f9aa856e83438afff430701d022149aDavid Anderson — Refactor SnapshotIterator and remove IonBailoutIterator (bug 732852 part 3, r=pierron).
291ff6ed10b57777cbd61bc8e4405622cb5c6d5fNicolas Pierron — Fix StackIter iteration over empty Ion activations (Bug 739901 part 2, r=dvander)
5d02acbb390c9787e6059ec16ea07f5c23c7c529Jan de Mooij — Bug 733030 part 3 - Optimize LiveInterval::addRange. r=sstangl
bd4524c5b01189408ec358f0a965ba8571187bbbJan de Mooij — Bug 733030 part 2 - Optimize setIntervalRequirement. r=dvander
fe58c6671ebd943e98a142e963c843939974033eJan de Mooij — Temporarily disable a testcase, it fails with -m (bug 741114)
5534be14e70764d11604d3866f8631a99b339591Jan de Mooij — Bug 738277 part 2 - Add DoubleCondition enum. r=dvander,mjrosenb
196cd36978ba034263f3efcc1a6e78c2aed800fdJan de Mooij — Bug 738277 part 1 - SETELEM fast path for typed arrays. r=dvander
c95bd17c4ae77baa34324a9e790b5684254830ebDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
66aed5264e79ecf48eba64d793a15723c0e37778Jan de Mooij — Fix ARM, replace id() with virtualRegister() in two more places.
49d78eb068df7f38a50eaceb8b63065d30e028b0Jan de Mooij — Bug 740563 - Disentangle virtual registers and instruction ids. r=dvander
5824c381df954d786c302650a7b73d8822ec5e18Nicolas Pierron — Do not inline uncompilable functions (Bug 740622, r=sstangl)
2c7e9bd434808dd7c4bf4785a764f4dd8a3eea32Hannes Verschore — Bug 739854: Remove negative zero check on MToInt32. r=dvander,mjrosenb
24294fe42c1942fc18fa81b8852056a4afc46382Hannes Verschore — Bug 736135: Don't eliminate negative zero checks when both operands are the same. r=dvander
1f303b4e431459829eda65cb7f9db24d19ad446bNicolas Pierron — Fix merge issue in DumpStack (no bug, r=jandem)
4e9eeb5ae686d0f5cf3227c1060b2f127389bdacNicolas Pierron — Monitor interpreted functions and guard on compile info (Bug732847, r=jandem)
9d13b69838c201fe7e2abaaff9ae7319d24a08a7Nicolas Pierron — checkInvalidation handle script which are no-longer compilable (Bug 739901 part 1, r=jandem)
ab92bf1f7deadc2e04077a80505b687f589cc68eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central (yay method barrier removal).
15da4376607bdd326e62c68d42f1831ba10007dfMarty Rosenberg — Forgot a line in GVN, it was Important (bug 737300, r=jandem)
01dfaa84975be61bc92391b632810b00542880aeMarty Rosenberg — Change OSIpoints to record the call address rather than the return address (bug 738124, r=dvander)
55ab6c6d276aa828d9ec58c76c8085fa5518441bNicolas Pierron — Revert "Monitor interpreted functions and guard on compile info (Bug732847, r=jandem)" -- v8 benchmark*s* on awfy.
940078281bbf9acc0fa0c7f89ead74294b69b642Nicolas Pierron — Monitor interpreted functions and guard on compile info (Bug732847, r=jandem)
545ab372f7116abcb0d24ce62f79bae6dcb8b32cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8a2010ae3d088552fea2a5d6b9bc3d376121741bSean Stangl — Bug 735400 - Optimize JSOP_FUNCALL. r=dvander
bdbf327daf4e3d95725b64200bc03b453fe76e81Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Monitor interpreted functions and guard on compile info (Bug732847, r=jandem)"
9a0cb3e29fa177c78b0ad334dadc0a8325e9f5edNicolas Pierron — ARM: Add Push of ImmWord (Bug 732847, r=h4writer)
db05f046bc16e5a87b9fdec132b595210129df87Nicolas Pierron — ARM: Add push of ImmWord (Bug 732847, r=h4writer)
349c49960e9e508d8dc538303442e2facea562d1Nicolas Pierron — Monitor interpreted functions and guard on compile info (Bug732847, r=jandem)
5caeb193e6de12c5252280a0f8bd29fb32e821e7David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
cc2329cebf200e14eb320e6004903bcf95d4e42bHannes Verschore — Bug 736135: Phi can hide a potentially eagerly removed negative zero check, r=me
f7335a8a93ed018be7c7a9d7b8ab88a989d181b1Hannes Verschore — Bug 736135: Fixes failing the added test by bug 736135, r=me
b01dfbbd360811908abdc138f90af81189f5d319Hannes Verschore — Bug 736135 - Remove unneeded negative zero checks, r=dvander,djvj
2386dfe53a85d267cbc1883989fd262847d499e8Nicolas Pierron — Rewrite fun_getProperty to handle Ion Frames (Bug 732853 part 2, r=dvander)
0e747c29fd776f72842a277b917581292f0787f0Marty Rosenberg — Fix my emergency #include "jscntxt.h" hack by including the correct headers (no bug, r=dvander)
be41973873db419b153a8313552a9ae0aae12eedNicolas Pierron — Remove debug only shell function from ion/bug732862.js (no bug, r=me)
4c9a4636a9aa1ca3f22bde2601dcebaddde1e607Nicolas Pierron — Restore the Type Object before the allocation. (no bug, r=dvander)
70001f01a139bc441644a82a45e60a92377cf114David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
dec79c24caa37f43922e6adad91598c56f222908Sean Stangl — Bug 738577 - Unwrap MPassArg in encodeSlots(). r=dvander
54dbd3a7030697e469bad868e5b569fcfa93472dKannan Vijayan — Bug 735391 - Inline Math.sqrt.
b5f9937c5d5c65a5128aecb48fa397687e51661cJan de Mooij — Bug 737783 - GETELEM fast path for typed arrays. r=dvander
083f0d4215c33d9bb7e69cfd223f800d00f6ebfbJan de Mooij — Bug 737818 - Don't skip extra NOP in for-loops if the loop started with a NOP. r=pierron
c65c9f9dfe70b0cd4eaf904d0c11d55c7eec92d9Nicolas Pierron — Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)
0ff7a7bd318f21f5f8737851095da8ae40b1d7cfNicolas Pierron — Make dumpStack compatible with IonFrames. (Bug 729886, r=dvander)
fed610aff637148023a11b7a4e9925b288235cb9Nicolas Pierron — Mark inlined boxed JSFunction as constant. (Bug 729899, r=dvander)
11b90b35017c0abd4cb669008cdacf1a2e659dd7Nicolas Pierron — Add JSON Spew for Resume Points (no bug, r=sstangl)
2986200fb43860009a0e7f5a930600f693953cadMarty Rosenberg — Fix a recent change that caused ARM to go red (no bug, r=red)
e1636c380033c9a2a50eb4493208f7ae8f5d265cDavid Anderson — Split Snapshots.h into SnapshotReader.h and SnapshotWriter.h (bug 732852 part 2, r=pierron).
3ba0894ccdd170975ca11cdf059d9a82c1b4a158David Anderson — Split register sets into their own header (bug 732852 part 1, r=pierron).
3b9fc2748d93eb15f1e2c89e75767234e5da93b3Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Mark inlined boxed JSFunction as constant. (Bug 729899, r=dvander)"
8d98b615452035521861ad5ccdd524e07d278832Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Revert "Revert "Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)"""
ae5784fdad49a6ce1ae425ce0b40f41e25228957David Anderson — Merge backout.
c3726485025a34d2cd4b01ea04ca3c3e53bda6a6David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
11f69198f101ff40f49f63c22c0f7c6fdd3d989fNicolas Pierron — Revert "Revert "Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)""
cc86f49cdaec3a00859e282492dbc381b671685dNicolas Pierron — Revert "Make dumpStack compatible with IonFrames. (Bug 729886, r=dvander)"
0ef0ea23c3217543a32b43b8cc9c57d0d34f5ea2Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)"
2e88d4ceebb513b883687b1c6f1a79604466dc26Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Rewrite fun_getProperty to handle Ion Frames (Bug 732853 part 2, r=dvander)"
fcecd15a6f316f8384060ef0a591444a63c55678Nicolas Pierron — Remove warnings from IonFrames.h. (no bug, r=gcc)
067d11de1fe932b029c8b96f17aff909713c54a1Nicolas Pierron — Rewrite fun_getProperty to handle Ion Frames (Bug 732853 part 2, r=dvander)
24ee2cb6a51dd4f3e5ebeb3e358b193bd8471bbeNicolas Pierron — Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)
99aeff5f904ca620205d6768d02e521c5132d74cNicolas Pierron — Make dumpStack compatible with IonFrames. (Bug 729886, r=dvander)
facec73340dc9a9ccfb9996a40737f998e4db2f7Nicolas Pierron — Mark inlined boxed JSFunction as constant. (Bug 729899, r=dvander)
bf119583650d7707635c469d5f2fa7890af1c329Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Mark inlined boxed JSFunction as constant. (Bug 729899, r=dvander)"
fbdcc179dab5f4c27a04994644feff7efb41fbe6Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Make dumpStack compatible with IonFrames. (Bug 729886, r=dvander)"
16dea3aa6229c231ca0d1d546653cda9b28bc283Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)"
b99f644bd66dea3db4dc6c0ed4a9d044d47c3704Nicolas Pierron — Revert "Rewrite fun_getProperty to handle Ion Frames (Bug 732853 part 2, r=dvander)"
f50659c21fb2205fc89a76aed3fe7c86c3e1172eNicolas Pierron — Rewrite fun_getProperty to handle Ion Frames (Bug 732853 part 2, r=dvander)
6dc893bc5b12eed174587c8c54936f82256eb7cbNicolas Pierron — Restore actual arguments of inlined frames (Bug 732853 part 1, r=dvander)
69d9ad0a4b932e76e9f0b084c95e38cba41a16a6Nicolas Pierron — Make dumpStack compatible with IonFrames. (Bug 729886, r=dvander)
150159ee5c2699df0e58a825b0c5fecbaa804513Nicolas Pierron — Mark inlined boxed JSFunction as constant. (Bug 729899, r=dvander)
5108b08c2d542d9fcb6ee474fcb2f261fde2167dSean Stangl — Bug 723333 - Handle JSOP_NEW without callVM(). r=dvander
d8e20fd57d34e9ee8205de47cf81a46cd87f91f8Marty Rosenberg — Fix bustage (no bug, r=dvander)
61129d29a37770602c7e8afe650b3eab10f401e7David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
2af0fc82c983cee51ae73807750ccb79e699dda5David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c223b4370b3ada9227632136a9b51511cb5d0524Jan de Mooij — Bug 732120 - Remove ReorderBlocks. r=sstangl
cea47dfc3fb7a47fd12e48fd7305a703f637788cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
3e4a9ba45f2bad8102d96d59468a16550472a254David Anderson — Fix bug causing performance regression after merge from m-c.
93b0756fba8f68b1ce5d537208ccd7c5a7eea871Jan de Mooij — Bug 736964 - Fast path for typed array length access. r=dvander
3a4607b336a8a5ef35369ef8e43491f8527412e1Hannes Verschore — Bug 736141 - Don't do specific binary arith folding operations when semantics can differ after fold. r=dvander
e96d5b1f47b8bd29a8d7f7f1149482b8b8660a91Marty Rosenberg — Oops, the peek(-1) grabs an MPassArg rather than the argument. (bug 730525, r=pierron)
a4916f9d8d2f217b2d452a5802f8ace5d44f396bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b5b6e6aebb36140047dd6563c8a4507d942999c4Marty Rosenberg — Inline the call to GetTypeCallerInitObject from JS_Aray (bug 730525, r=pierron)
bc22b7e24bc33c364ccb4f71c1b50a337526fdb0Marty Rosenberg — Add in a couple of multiplication optimizations (bug 736420, r=jbramley)
4bab7e913ab63c8ce6dfb85efc7ac2aa2a6dc66aNicolas Pierron — Fix caller resume point just after inlining. (Bug 732858, r=dvander)
b96587f04076f63907a1405727256795464e5411Jan de Mooij — Bug 735699 - Support dense arrays in GETELEM IC. r=dvander
f5ec9bd2b017535bb17ec944addc06c77db2d0a3Jan de Mooij — Bug 734383 - Add an IC for JSOP_GETELEM. r=dvander,mjrosenb
da20de5ab4b87f7042aedf4c8b026368cb98c41eDavid Anderson — Fix bug where GC could clear script->ion right before EnterIon (bug 732848, r=sstangl).
7d23c3ea2afe4f01716d32f376176036151c6419David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
49a7d5a3b400157aad17a8cd04dc057734eac4edTom Schuster — Bug 705302 - Add OOL path for truncating large doubles. r=jandem
a7b23eddbb1db3853a445c0a227886c300216daaJan de Mooij — Backout bug 733030 (desaturate regression on x86)
d29858bbe3c58f87d6c69e924a05cd98b2b3083cJan de Mooij — Bug 733030 part 3 - Optimize LiveInterval::addRange. r=sstangl
7f3e43c0b19233fdf4cb1cb9a8228a32cfcb691aJan de Mooij — Bug 733030 part 2 - Optimize setIntervalRequirement. r=dvander
23833e89a1ebdfab35a297e3c8cbaa1e16ee4f67Jan de Mooij — Bug 733030 part 1 - Store only intervals with registers in the active/inactive sets. r=sstangl
424c093bca950de5f1dd8c74dfbedb54a79b7e1eMarty Rosenberg — Make boolean negate faster in some cases (bug 733966, r=sstangl)
5407b7445f17a286c05064668d8f4c3eec869bc4Marty Rosenberg — fix a typo in CodeGenerator-arm.cpp (no bug, r=red)
10f5e15563f3560f48857c651e09f49848b98d8cKannan Vijayan — Elide DivBy0, NegOverflow, and NegZero checks in LDivI when inputs are appropriate constants (bug 734400, r=jandem).
41f7074395a948f84478631f915f8cbef6f6a208Stephan Herhut — Adds a sequential implementation of the River Trail ParallelArray API (bug 711304, r=jorendorff).
ae003e1f04ff21c4e9d2229e795321766fadac89David Anderson — Merge.
7eb3fbbd50d7d1ce99527ee27f8b619c87e96fc7David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e5b9b7441a4e7611c46b04af9f3a20ace4f24f86Nicolas Pierron — Fix Pc recovery in js_DecompileValueGenerator (Bug 732860, r=dvander)
e159956eb94c48c1f6f0bffea296f2305b45ba38Nicolas Pierron — Avoid removal of type barrier. (Bug 732863, r=dvander)
76e469f863aed3bc776e4865977aab92c50889c9Hannes Verschore — Bug 732859 - Tableswitch should use up-to-date list of successors, r=dvander
1052d3eb7a7849a1bb15520982704bba4cedebeeDavid Anderson — Test only low 8 bits for bool return values (bug 733248, r=pierron).
79b5d9b66d9a68117abbda7f3a8ed87fb99d52ceDavid Anderson — Fix index reading bug in JSOP_DEFVAR (bug 732849, r=sstangl).
60fb46e7940cdbf645d2ac84b0ac3b7ec2bc4addDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
bf6acad353e0265602c9c5ce866cc9bef41a56ebJan de Mooij — Bug 725241 - Fast paths for iterators. r=dvander
751b7185683cebb25683b99f5726c42e10325df5Nicolas Pierron — Add a function to dump JS stack for minimizing bugs. (Bug 729833, r=dvander)
62fdf1a5235ddcad1e19af75cbdf406725dc3962Nicolas Pierron — Add Inline frame iterator. (Bug 732546, r=dvander)
c9f4c7f87223962aa6a5f3c81c6f3fd5df294485Jan de Mooij — Bug 732423 - Compile JSOP_CALLELEM. r=dvander
cfed2f8861b38a9aa1c2eb50bc2ac5f0a8300879Marty Rosenberg — Swap the arguments to moveValue() in the arguments rectifier (no bug, r=pierron)
5c78061694947ec677f135d13d691748802e6a95Kannan Vijayan — Implement JSOP_DELPROP (bug 730977, r=dvander).
8510a9ed3135a82f4b254247fa7714d02473b065David Anderson — Backed out changeset d09133d1bdae
d09133d1bdaeacd8b2fd86c59cc2bb83144d7ab7David Anderson — Implement JSOP_DELPROP (bug 730977, r=dvander).
74080c02eedcf90b2820c3284c6b9a1103fd5179David Anderson — Remove lazy phi placement (bug 732862, r=sstangl).
3ab9cb07980d077b9c0e4c4f0425314dec431d1dDavid Anderson — Box undefineds before creating a ToInt32 node (bug 732846, r=jandem).
57680b93b9c2cf4dea49c120c5a6321966bce3c3David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8a9d061f5008a186b51bc115832c9bcce4d733f7Nicolas Pierron — Match TypeInferenceOracle assertions for getCallTarget (Bug 732864, r=dvander)
2eddf60c86e2c4fda98d91685ae15b387122b8adJan de Mooij — Bug 734415 - Specialize phis with int32 and double operands as double. r=dvander
bf54419b67a57660ae5bf723c9c23106fd81813cNicolas Pierron — Fix layout assumption of condition-less for-loop. (Bug 732861, r=jandem)
7d6848ae2264e22e7084b595c03a777d21f22834Hannes Verschore — Add testcase for bug 731820, r=me
488290bd264481fc66dc701b053b03d9d951e476Marty Rosenberg — Fix another small correctness bug in GVN (bug 723536, r=sstangl)
60def326b4d02d4b20b0575364c9bedaf3db3fe6Marty Rosenberg — New vn fix. (bug 723536, r=sstangl, jbramley)
1d0f999708ca0f92ed118bfe29121d9ac0585759Marty Rosenberg — Fix GVN by implementing congruence classes as a list, attempt 2 (bug 723536, r=dvander)
ea48d5e141e78e1ae8f488760bbe8d05197c1d9fJan de Mooij — Add testcase for bug 732850, remove dis() call from test
0af68c0ec9a8c97770d3a65c846793bd7b289861Marty Rosenberg — Don't attempt to invalidate frames from within an invalidation bailout. (bug 734022, r=jandem)
5af6e18c8e23126a5823ba743e7872291aade40bDavid Anderson — Fix assert from embedding NULLs (no bug, r=sstangl).
76017d709ef33f0d7cddcda2d88042b44b29fb79David Anderson — Fix assert when marking Ion prologues (bug 732758, r=billm).
fb0db8251059b05d8391e8f2d15d90f89ee62019Makoto Kato — Bug 733318 - follow up bug 709424 for Win64 bustage. r=dvander
6c52f57ea5ee40be4da21ed06e539c747d566f95David Anderson — Paper over bogus assert some more (bug 732851, r=me).
f6557f34c42da455afcb79a3800ba1ee575ad32fDavid Anderson — Checkin qfin droppings from Don't use root marking inside a trace function (bug 729793, r=billm).
5a8324ecec358107af5b6df9f3d05ee000661adfDavid Anderson — Don't use root marking inside a trace function (bug 729793, r=billm).
701a5813465df63a8aebeb4d87852b0451dac228David Anderson — Fix merge fallout.
dce272d6ef91bbdccfe7a5dab86b7cde61e2cddfDavid Anderson — Fix a bug where dangling continue edges across loop boundaries could hold incorrect SSA names (bug 729902, r=jandem).
1edb33d3750780b9130f196ef6b5e2e2bed14368David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
9c866973398c487baf4771af084ffc1c9cfd29f2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f1407f88d2ba716adfbf3c0da434ac1bb9fe73f0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b56f0dfbc628d99d899225cfb73543f78f6d2bf2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
d72074514c6fa4aec75323b18f135b0e720f3e7aMarty Rosenberg — Implement NotI and NotD. (bug 732952, r=jbramley)
bd6f0d8274571f8d08a88934a4157f438a8621adMarty Rosenberg — When outputting a tracable value, make sure the value we put out can be written over later. (bug 732946, r=jandem)
9f5a72b6b814f98dad5285d5e6a98b31cd5fe7d5Marty Rosenberg — Don't shadow a member variable when attempting to reset it. (bug 732945, r=jandem)
863a496c7cb8d9195a09f9d9e8ce2ce89162dfa1Marty Rosenberg — Fix the arguments rectifier, we were not setting condition codes on the loop (bug 732942, r=jandem)
4c4cce6869882966c5f2229b71f5ff40fc9ff9d5Marty Rosenberg — Rectifier frames don't need to change their size on arm. (bug 732949, r=dvander)
8979dfc0ddf224ddf4cd4bb43aceaeb7ae78b6fcMarty Rosenberg — Don't overwrite the scratch register! (bug 732675, r=dvander)
0c5009dfea47bbaae3b0cb2e4d74f87def10c266Marty Rosenberg — Fix some minor issues with the handling of ABI arguments (bug 732950, r=pierron)
af7981fd0ca4b5f799e647bf5e8ebd213849be98Marty Rosenberg — Use the correct word when seeing if an instructon is a guard (bug 730108, r=jbramley)
353d96c69c6bceaa0390178d58856038dabbf4e5Jan de Mooij — Bug 668305 - Optimize BitSet::Iterator. r=dvander
7c46c83e186f56f99412a2eda85dc94864bcecdfJan de Mooij — Bug 732927 - Compile JSOP_TYPEOFEXPR. r=evilpie
1fd6c40d38523f73ab740603693f638bb8b3c175Nicolas Pierron — Fix: DoubleByValue & DoubleByRef for Trampolines. (no bug, r=dvander)
3f39437bb2ccd0d078f060e24d06a70396d42a8fDavid Anderson — Fix savedEnumerators being stale (bug 731929, r=luke).
f43cef7074c5411b23bc649e25366d844ebf2c23David Anderson — Fix continue in for-in loops (bug 731927, r=jandem).
f28557b8762027c555248712f47aa07e4505c21dDavid Anderson — SetPropertyIC should ignore objects with watchpoints (bug 727742, r=jandem).
c027cce870d200fd7c33e6c2c9cba58261e70a25David Anderson — Merge backout.
13c436afcdc3b60944e1b75cda4c71dd24b31448David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
0396771021a3b28f7224acd64d026646fa484562David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
4610d4c6ee208b710054c42dfbe3cfd2f27ba97dMarty Rosenberg — Paper over an assert that we run into when reading a register that hasn't been initialized (no bug, r=dvander)
efe3058e6515037edafc49dc73cb4eb2efb46c4eMarty Rosenberg — Fix some issues with pools running out of space, and accidentally overwriting data (bug 730108, r=jbramley)
46fe3e36c11b6a0b911e7a493c7e7a943825f4b7Marty Rosenberg — Miscellanous small fixes for ARM (bug 731550, r=jbramley)
b31d5321db9ea5491a935c999515108168ab24d6Marty Rosenberg — Fix GVN by implementing congruence classes as a list (bug 723536, r=dvander)
fe65c574f89a5b3f9445e407fc334ef00425fa93Jan de Mooij — Fix a small bug in IsCacheableScopeChain (bug 731955, r=dvander)
0fff437ca4fa317707115345bb0e2fc0688e7bd7Marty Rosenberg — Fix bustage due to passABIArg/pushABIArg mixup (no bug, r=red)
d2d00ad3e2a2744954b39dddd487a1349cd03a44David Anderson — Whoops, merge fail.
b30f45cba6e07684d0aeecadab0f1c886f44a185Marty Rosenberg — ARM support for new callWithABI changes (bug 709423, r=dvander).
a0d533acfb5afa4ee548931865a11981cec9b493Eddy Bruel — Extend callWithABI to work with float arguments (bug 709423, r=dvander).
294792e20d15cca56109f3e74bc83beac7930a2eDavid Anderson — Finish merge from mozilla-central.
3a1754a676440e0087bbbe9f20e3adfac0abbfebDavid Anderson — imported patch attachment.cgi?id=601373
f977d96263c2bbf35d4308c576feb7cce22c665eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7d6da2d655957746cf5ccbb3426b7ba65706634fJan de Mooij — Make ReorderBlocks a bit more robust (bug 729814, r=dvander)
c84b1bfea7cd3ae09229733867f79c3797c130f9Jan de Mooij — Don't clobber spilled register in the move emitter (bug 731636, r=dvander)
b81a0fdb26273702d511bc1fbd2e4b5b30458295David Anderson — Fix marking unnecessary pointers in IonCompartment (bug 730152, r=billm).
639a230456c7ffb7cc90994b8624cc7c1c107530Nicolas Pierron — Handle Ion frames in ContextStack::currentScript (Bug 730111, r=dvander)
eda603c1eec1842ce916855b34f629940287d5e7Jan de Mooij — Fix some Clang warnings.
707fcb980e9681e7e6dc034e7b94d9a885375880Marty Rosenberg — Add in setProp cache on ARM (bug 719433, r=bhackett)
059f6d7c9eac5f09a94fd35f068a25f6b7f58df0David Anderson — Support strict-mode this (bug 728297, r=jandem).
8746ee55dcf98fc30614cc9c0d79b7f61c023838Jan de Mooij — Fix type analysis to specialize more phis (bug 730786, r=dvander)
5b86dbf8e202c49d777b15138bdd0a2bbcc8fc44David Anderson — Removed bogus assert failing on a bunch of tests (bug 729797 fallout).
1b73ed18a3a847685b17845914ccc2690d918081David Anderson — Use the correct pc on continue/break edge resume points (bug 730115, r=jandem).
251bea6ccff885c50d099b39926f1586b586d45dDavid Anderson — Ensure that iterators are closed when an exception is thrown (bug 729797, r=luke).
609a224cd28293bab2c8fe4fd0adf1492b25cd61David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0c780caf3eb66016173de53e317152ea16d505dbJan de Mooij — Add an IC for JSOP_BINDNAME (bug 728311, r=dvander)
abb6b44448af9d0604d9e3430bbf88b1b38ea079Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_INITPROP (bug 728290 part 2, r=dvander)
7fc13fbbc3308e67f0b5bf4f0c83cc46c4bbbb6eJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_NEWOBJECT (bug 728290 part 1, r=dvander)
8e8ec3416e5066b93e1125c9369aaf72cb56735cJan de Mooij — Don't read uninitialized specialization_ field in MNot::foldsTo (bug 731142, r=dvander)
9323ca4cdd840db2f2bac08f5a9ae58689d82a9dDavid Anderson — Fix broken test.
fc930c2090bdd84878490bd917233fc84e12db8fDavid Anderson — Fix array overflow in critical edge splitting (bug 729798, r=jandem).
f26dcc0d6ca0d8334e63da16e1e8ba3050f106e5David Anderson — Check for OOM after creating the invalidator thunk (bug 729892, r=sstangl).
1714eb4edf547a0099c63a1f7e4c145ca7a35526David Anderson — Change MNot to use TestPolicy (bug 729884, r=jandem).
c757b4a747a5d92e54403998abe229cbff299a78David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c6f122f35328c5fbdca218e7c613666bfef48207David Anderson — Ignore rectifier frames during GC (bug 728188, r=sstangl).
418840ca313e0f8a3574833a3e33c7f67e004f47David Anderson — Ensure that invalidation works on typed paths that could return a new type (bug 728188, r=bhackett).
ebd61b600176d9fe2cfef187ae028515ee4f722aSean Stangl — Bug 727480 - Guarantee all operands have set uses. r=dvander
1a9e91a88a5488d15b39a0530c326fdb1e1ce77bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
d85d370124470821649071bcc537fdb96eeed133Jan de Mooij — Increase maximum inlining depth from 1 to 2 (bug 729920, r=dvander)
7008b902d362bf3a1dd7d75d49ae6ce149cce3f6Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_FUNCALL/JSOP_FUNAPPLY like JSOP_CALL and fix a small MCompare bug. r=dvander
09c92bc3b012aabd5c674730a9441932884f44e8David Anderson — Ensure that unspecialized MToDouble boxes its inputs (bug 729795, r=jandem).
89ec3e375d60131b67973742804ef0a1feb999c2David Anderson — Create a DoublePolicy for MRound (bug 729788, r=pierron).
750ad8a2d0f0e2f068703bea7557e27134d25354David Anderson — Add LBitOpV for unspecialized bitops (bug 729573, r=jandem).
6e213a866d20bab72bec9df483a3974722b38a5eDavid Anderson — Merge compatibility.
f322d97d334c0003b93679a4943de623383c523aDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
16632b5d21978ae2d8977b9ad5cd9c34f243137cJan de Mooij — Fix ARM for real.
f0f97b891d841c023d9257d293f248236edf4560Jan de Mooij — Fix ARM build, r=red
ebca799b0a921f26bb495f8fec4573219d288510Jan de Mooij — GETPROP IC: support properties on the prototype chain (bug 729099, r=bhackett)
eef8527f7ef19a4907cea5e0391a7fdd1151b1bcJan de Mooij — Type check values returned from VM calls in JIT code (bug 725357, r=dvander)
08b5f54def63c39e68fa5c3e9670d1a0c35d1e5bDavid Anderson — Merge fallout fix.
83cb9381de53b1f9feb7dc15364b8f9955a432b2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b468e66a4fcd8e0042cbdd24f896192bcc5eb520Marty Rosenberg — Fix some problems on older gcc's with a function lacking a return value (no bug, r=dvander)
436027e218b357de6b0c23642ef72b8df7c87f51Marty Rosenberg — fix the type of actualOffset (bug 726236, r=dvander)
3436c259fb42cb3ce0a0e1537185c25938776173Marty Rosenberg — Perform constant folding on MTruncateToInt32 (Bug 729725, r=sstangl)
5a04fd69aa09f1d1b9d3324cf52bd31b3b82dba8Jan de Mooij — Fast path for comparisons against null/undefined (bug 728940, r=dvander)
0dfd83ea51fc5a1364b34d10457f16e57e5a98f5Makoto Kato — Bug 728818 - IM: Trampoline access invalid parameters on Win64. r=dvander
14d9f14b129ec4fdadddb796c522df7fa258eb4aJan de Mooij — Fix Clang (and probably also MSVC) errors (no bug, r=red)
acb08144edf1a0bfeb74d89322a72d0deb2bc2d2Nicolas Pierron — Implement JSOP_INITELEM. (Bug 691340, r=jandem)
70cc24cdd404078d8ea9a9afc8e8be3bc19d049aNicolas Pierron — Fix OS X compilation, explicitly instantiate the function after its definition. (Bug 718853, r=dvander)
4307162c30b6c9de0983c905330e05d9e70238ccNicolas Pierron — Fix OSX: Move explicit template instantiation to CPP file (Bug 718853, r=dvander)
ca97bbcd6b90d29cddcd0b4451307c85a2a36311David Anderson — Fix some merge fallout.
5a061abdf807b2adfacf74e0febcde810bb5ce2bDavid Anderson — Merge.
61980734d3a21c29f3783ae946733af29ebcd2bdDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6dd34eec6fbed37ee92f60b9026a5056ca58a02eNicolas Pierron — Fast version of charAt, charCodeAt and fromCharCode (Bug 718853, r=dvander)
82c6ca0616d0561c5e68ceecf3d4d24330db0bffDavid Anderson — Work around argument-check bailouts not having a scope chain set (bug 724788, r=jandem).
8add57bafb0d0e6c76d01a3659cd0a6a06c868f0David Anderson — Implement IonMonkey write barriers (bug 724875, r=jandem,marty).
242a9051f7e9bf0ca230a472a50beaf11aead422Nicolas Pierron — Add Spew in GetPcScript to highlight slow path usage (Bug 728045, r=)
2c61c3d67b0f88c6c54201f732e76b96420514b0Marty Rosenberg — There are some ineffinencies in our double to int conversion, they have been rectified. (bug 728852, r=jbramley)
76b94b38b92d95e7692ea6ce9ce61f6615cbb190Marty Rosenberg — Fix a bug where testStringTruthy clobbers a register that it should not. (bug 728517, r=jbramley)
5fb5c52fa4b632fa840dbdf1a663b7bc00402994Marty Rosenberg — The arguments to absd were reversed on ARM. (bug 728515, r=pierron)
5f5174a78b682c3b491060dd38e3fbcb5cd9bf6cMarty Rosenberg — Fix the test to see if we generated a bailout in LMulI (no bug, r=sstangl)
24951fdc836f9ef18d874ac4d7ab1b0c2647874cJan de Mooij — Don't inline monitored calls or calls with type barriers (bug 728221, r=dvander)
0e427c752e4830d2e31158c1b773eca0c24a881aDavid Anderson — Fix x64 ICs not always emitting a patchable jump table (bug 728033, r=sstangl).
6f0cf6e2bf8f3d3336ac23c3b3d5f971bfe69ce0Sean Stangl — Bug 728445 - Defer to TI for baking in monomorphic call targets. r=dvander
75ec3cbf558c3a4342e6fba75e30e91692486676David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
99423ac2464380aed37b70fa7ea40201d5e0d111Sean Stangl — Handle JSOP_DEFVAR, JSOP_DEFCONST. (Bug 725532, r=dvander)
140231dedf23ed7c30802280e59fb341eb34a709Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_CALLNAME (bug 725667, r=bhackett)
98ff681bd1d71d80b71c9fee479336a174cc78beJan de Mooij — Add a type policy for MTest (bug 726180, r=dvander)
8aaf5f626c54aa48ac363ce4c32ad109f2125803Marty Rosenberg — Make the stack fixup code for OSI more verbose. (bug 727852, r=cdleary)
7d6904f186bcf0149c2391267b4d7529c7f326a8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8f0f05d821e514704e49e3ee5cfa482d8cc3768eNicolas Pierron — Accept Arguments to be saved by resume points. (Bug 724976, r=cdleary)
a1500e7082735e47f96f890c8e973479aac5b733Jan de Mooij — Fix ReorderBlocks to not add successor blocks before the loop backedge (bug 724975 part 3, r=dvander)
435100cc71d150b73b914483e4df75878afa7203Jan de Mooij — Make sure blocks have a correct loop depth (bug 724975 part 2, r=dvander)
4f9b25f60991170b02e0026eba98202aeeb3a04dJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_LABEL (bug 724975 part 1, r=dvander)
f8199f76137d91f50bcca723234a4c026c3f12deMarty Rosenberg — Change gc::MarkGCThing to gc::MarkThingOrValueRoot (no bug (red), r=dvander)
5c6072296e4a12468d204b997aaae3850695b2abJan de Mooij — Make MCallGetProperty more generic (bug 725605, r=dvander)
e3891c579d984be29c0f7cb3c47b532bb7ae4783Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_TOID (bug 727087, r=dvander)
c4dc1640324cad5be2b42b7dc1684751bc654804David Anderson — Fix x64 build.
27b5a9824b61e27b1732f087fd6a545e6078a211Nicolas Pierron — Fix IonFrameIterator on bailed rectifier frames. (no bug, r=dvander)
6ea8ff60d96ec4fd4126a9d26cd132d3c0b2a312David Anderson — Merge.
98a0b13b8a0cec8430394da7d323021ff8ee7800David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7dcb2b6162e5c2b8e4cd3ea73fc2f96cda877c9bMarty Rosenberg — Fix the code that checks if an address is inside of a function. (bug 726220, r=sstangl)
00805dcfb6a0f2db54a08e2bcf5c7e1e4e87c958Marty Rosenberg — Jump tables also need to be updated with the pool's offsets after linking (Bug 726221, r=sstangl)
ef7d9616a99b5f4400da76873b8c4c775c9c8929Marty Rosenberg — Adding in some new push functions for callvm (Bug 726210, r=cdleary)
132462b85b08292526d3c3d87ecffe552ac81727David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1a9f6de629e0d9dbf11992ee77b5737fc24fd2e5kosver — Bug 709240: Compile JSOP_NOT. (r=cdleary)
05f26aaf851ccba0bdfb8120dab64e85d280aab3David Anderson — Fix assert compiling unreachable loop edges (bug 725011, r=jandem).
73d9595f89b8ec5cce74006fd9ba08184ea35192Marty Rosenberg — Fix some issues with pools, and reverse entries. (Bug 726226, r=dvander)
ea5d5e46a2e58fc4fe913f90c03eb929b1f40b80Marty Rosenberg — fix the newer OSI for arm. (bug 725584, r=dvander)
3f4000f220f6a69a303f8f8f092dc65bf582b9a2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
73866db4e189cb5ca4c232262be99214e087e448Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_LAMBDA and JSOP_DEFLOCALFUN (bug 725674, r=dvander)
dc65aacb0f4d455469ef6ddf7fa4d550b54d9cddJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_GETFCSLOT and JSOP_CALLFCSLOT (bug 725970, r=dvander)
caa3dbc75fa73f1ec96b9b7aeb02ec1332391c5aDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ccc3ffdffc5e7411fb335eff05c6c9dc6a97d666Marty Rosenberg — Fix the order that we generate LIR and assign a snapshot in (no bug, r=dvander)
4b7b92c51e465c65f9fef5ec7bdf55599f4d805dMarty Rosenberg — fix some more comparison issues (bug 723359, r=jandem).
46a1583d0cf2f252bf7b1602a32dcc02d8531ce1Marty Rosenberg — implement LModI because we need it. (bug 714201, r=jbramley)
999ab0ca1a8d494d51d45eedf16eba50cc35a65aMarty Rosenberg — Some commands in the macro assembler were flipped. Make them all uniform. (bug 723359, r=jbramley)
40112ee40593f6e77c9508feb88562bbd885d946Tom Schuster — Compile JSOP_TYPEOF (bug 691373, r=jandem)
fc94aa84b3caf16c16b61fb9b9554eafb60ad221David Anderson — Fix follow-up nits.
1ae79ea16a74e68564cfc3d7dadb0d476f4fb9c7David Anderson — Implement LBitNotV (bug 725000, r=sstangl).
de33951b455d4a71e2d5fa8ab747c26c417f153dDavid Anderson — Change how pc offsets are tracked in effectful snapshots (bug 724938 part 2, r=jandem).
87e804b03e582e05ed596b2a3d22ae8eb2ba5f25David Anderson — Crash fetching safepoints from invalidated frames (bug 724938 part 1, r=cdleary).
902e1b6364c4742a786e4d9f282e6f80d7119628David Anderson — Ensure that there is enough space to patch LOsiPoints (bug 724872, r=cdleary).
fa22733dd172711de4d3bd644105d1ebec1073b3David Anderson — Don't fold MMod when it could change its result type (bug 725061, r=jandem).
28c66941856b4e3dd262a13503fa94da669aed90David Anderson — Fix clobbering rhs in SetPropertyCache (bug 725067 part 3, r=jandem).
d546f1b141b9aec40b057d20d4d8dc8609d15e72David Anderson — Rename LCacheSetProperty to LSetPropertyCache (bug 725067 part 2, r=jandem).
9cd94217ee4f5652e989d89b8911cf1418c57543David Anderson — Split MGenericSetProperty into two instructions (bug 725067 part 1, r=jandem).
a32462495d865e9d05fa5c0b3b939e4384ba982fSean Stangl — Skip unnecessary checks when target function is known. (Bug 693724, r=dvander)
ff9351290e23bfb17b90bc58aec8c67169556907David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
151228e4adeb28caecb40a2aa09b3bd3b9b517ccDavid Anderson — Manually merge remaining differences from m-c to ionmonkey.
ed637f826ef6c4c5e32cce51d6477203dd2b9d50David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
63d066d8186beffe54bbb76d6f7e093854795733David Anderson — Call js_CheckForStringIndex before using nativeLookup (bug 725003, r=bhackett).
e8055203d13e320514a19df7e72b7959209a306dDavid Anderson — Require a register for LDoubleToInt32 (bug 725062, r=sstangl).
2e4b0fad5914eaea706df9a1f0976cbb5ce1f662David Anderson — Merge backout.
c53f42fc812a47198c57eddd60dec5dcfbd09342David Anderson — Backed out changeset e56002dd61fd
e56002dd61fde7d5e30fb12f455863bb18003931Nicolas Pierron — Fix typo in jsop_initelem. (no bug, r=jandem)
c78194c6f53ca7ba2c1d4a3f808adf0adb5a4240David Anderson — MTableSwitch block targets must obey critical edge splitting (bug 724944, r=jandem).
0eca72ae5ad25ee0dd5012640752b19120f6deb4Nicolas Pierron — Implement JSOP_INITELEM. (Bug 691340, r=jandem)
e4fb2cc5006a3993277027ff55d9b9708eab6e92Brian Hackett — Compile JSOP_ITER (bug 701965, r=jandem)
41382184b0f5f23cb359fab4ef67d5bcec6875dcSean Stangl — Make native calls faster. (Bug 721031, r=dvander)
6916659b5ba53dceb4b944fc4cf98eed6a445208Jan de Mooij — Add some missing cases to IonBuilder::isLoop (bug 724999, r=dvander)
1c5fcda56a007734d0da6ca23f984e748e575001Sean Stangl — Back out faster native call support. (Bug 721031)
1192928a418339284513e8ff086889f7707f4d12Sean Stangl — Back out 2ce3daef5bd2.
a64af142c43a12b7a264a884dd935e7678ccdad2Sean Stangl — Back out f24dc998e275.
d66c148e075650d13195e6e583f3bb6660fbabf2David Anderson — Disallow invalidation inside ion::Bailout (bug 724579 part 2, r=bhackett).
88c7a495402af5ae08649f95e8b293765e8bc9d2David Anderson — Fix not marking some invalidated IonCode objects as invalidated (bug 724579 part 1, r=cdleary).
e30f6ac05651eeb4533eec262640fe7409278193Nicolas Pierron — Implement fast path for primitive functions (Bug 718547, r=dvander)
c34398f961e74797ab92752263aefcb9fe1217dbJan de Mooij — Fix LSRA assert with infinite loops (bug 724773, r=dvander)
f24dc998e2750f20d0bbb3952744095371e44bb9Sean Stangl — Also fix x64. Non-Linux cannot use JS_STATIC_ASSERT() with Registers.
2ce3daef5bd23296dbc85c3764e3fd04f534c0fbSean Stangl — Fix warnings. (Bug 721031, red)
f46cfb199e77f2cb76b43a145ddc40d895e0dd63Sean Stangl — Make native calls faster. (Bug 721031, r=dvander)
142b4500e83226662b41cd4f660a6cb7a92590b0David Anderson — Require compile-and-go to run in Ion (bug 724654, r=bhackett).
9a96f395af5d3dbc8bdc63894a8bbd129b003b6dDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
d2d82d1ede00a96d77b0d61cdc646b01ea3da567David Anderson — Fix assert in type inference (bug 724467, r=bhackett).
3cfe28eaa62b7050d47e732ab2ba3151a1b0bc4cDavid Anderson — Added test case for bug 716743.
0ba9ead83ac754d4ee6614579b1fc44836e2da65David Anderson — Fix trap offset in test case (no bug, r=me).
49b4dee8bbec57c995607c3acc9338db86bda5a7David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e940401953f80cd43bc418b7d6a89bdc8d7004b7Sriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 721769: BrowserToolbar's edit-field should expand when stop/site-security is not shown. [r=mfinkle]
a04a10eded008f316d3ac0e1dd03eb2d7e3205d6Marco Bonardo — Merge last PGO-safe changeset from inbound to central
c5bab71f269964c1b0ea7e860e95902cf062bdf3Phil Ringnalda — Bug 724455 - mark conformance/textures/texture-mips.html and conformance/textures/texture-npot.html as failing on 10.7, r=bjacob
fe5c975c276c13183ed1aa1fa1b90b3621aec5b9Zack Weinberg — Bug 682141 band-aid: add another todo missed the first time. r=cpearce
3573da867c40291ac1baa344afa818b95b6cfc18Corey Richardson — Bug 684720 - Make the NetworkGeolocationProvider use an async xhr. r=jdm
955f0f55c9a31a9b1b4042ad022cb157f98d584cAndrew McCreight — Bug 724398 - specialize GCThingIsMarked to GRAY. r=billm
d5ae3cb82473e9f7822638d96de2d244d044386aBenoit Jacob — Bug 700429 - mark uniformfBadArgs.html and uniformiBadArgs.html as passing on 10.7, r=jgilbert
8f61f23de4931c5caa46e03659e48f65866d0847Steven Lee — Bug 714413 - Sensor support for gonk [r=cjones]
30cd74e4d40786166ac50b6518170ef0861bc8cdNicholas Nethercote — Bug 722609 - Rename the js-total memory reports. r=luke.
f8a531c02786c2294b39f319cdc1ddab4aa0b127Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 722595 - Add memory reporters for misc things hanging off JS objects. r=bhackett.
afd6924083eaaf0972b9ed51bc5df918941b8439Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 710054 - Add {nsString,nsCString}::SizeOf{In,Ex}cludingThis. r=bz.
d41c1bd1dec4e352c65ccae471f8c7ed1945b73bRobert Longson — Bug 619469 - animation should be disabled for failing conditional-processing conditions. r=dholbert
c7ab96958387fd1b423787fb891086741e616ccfDavid Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 696033 - Add xperf probes (sample startup probes); r=glandium
658cff9465b8a124c9720334be6855f342af5b15David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 696033 - Add xperf probes (the API); r=glandium
c5f13f26df7874a602f1bf845e7090ff5edfe0feChristian Sonne — Bug 705422 - Remove all cookies button not disabled when filter is applied via Page Info dialog; r=gavin f=jaws
4ee7ff385b6e9cb4f8b10b5bf13c36b906a0979dNathan Froyd — Bug 724278 - fix -Wset-but-unused-variable warnings; r=josh
0f3fadd08ebe86705b6cb832b0b735af6fe78f9fDão Gottwald — Bug 724286 - Fix TelemetryTimestamps, AddonManagerPrivate global scope pollution and whitelist __SSi. r=dietrich
7f163d34b2901c8b8b9187908cdf4cda0d0b8650Jonathan Kew — bug 724356 - check the proxy's family pointer is still valid before using it. r=jdaggett
403d52375fc28e44d5f8a9aeb42d268377bce706Thinker K.F. Li — Bug 697641 - part 5: Export Android Sensor Manager for mobile/. r=cjones
9a3678dc85eab7ab77acaf392c0319d1623e6becSinker Li — Bug 697641, part 4: Pass sensor events from Android to Gecko. r=cjones
f88d97e52cda355bcd5663f5ba9a141ddd80a9f6Sinker Li — Bug 697641, part 3: Make Sensor API available for Sandbox. r=cjones
c72d8ee66824edd02d5b24e3cfe3c200f2d6ce64Sinker Li — Bug 697641, part 2: Add a hal API for sensor access. r=cjones
05de827c46fc98a0550673d212079a459f43a33cSinker Li — Bug 697641, part 1: Export Android Sensor Manager API to Gecko. r=cjones
d2b775ea8d03e68cff52ce1ce40d28df4d6e3514Maxim Iorsh — Bug 460146 - CSS3 border-image images should appear in Page Info -> Media; r=db48x
225992112e9dc93c40d4055a64ce1c0e7c4c9c74Nathan Froyd — Bug 724275 - fix -Wswitch warnings; r=jrmuizel
8d4485de673b699320b90e09523b1458b6b0a056Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 723894 - Crash when Web IDL dictionary object is null; r=mrbkap
bcc402fa6e46c6dc35b3fee0374949e226062707aceman — Bug 559501 - On about:support, change "Profile Directory" to "Profile Folder" on Windows & Mac;
464b7b20691d203625f38486acc2639f84f0ec81Masayuki Nakano — Bug 713628 When lParam of WM_IME_COMPOSITION indicates neither committing nor composing, should dispatch better text event r=emk
1f7d525eb9b92035b0015cd2ca63c34ad664f2bcEd Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
eed74676413c4c136ce19e0918b63f06dbfbb4bcTom Schuster — Bug 720675 - OOM Crash [@ JSString::isFlat] because of NULL deref for ensureFlat. r=bhackett
cb960f0831c75471704b143d8baf11da1c1f2d90Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
8844d025a9e78d93a9c265349bf4f688bea1d779Tim Taubert — Bug 722479 - browser/components/thumbnails/test/ tests leak chrome://global/content/mozilla.xhtml; r=dao
a5a11d004b765e93bf17f8ff7f5a48a3b8231ad7Tim Taubert — Bug 723102 - [New Tab Page] Can't Hide/Show New Tab Page when closing left tab; r=jaws
ed38be456c8a43a0a63502cd40c707a072a5019bAndreas Gal — Remove DOS carriage return (^M) from CanvasImageCache.cpp (bug 724362, r=cjones).
7a658dc81612942138712158cc8351879b358ea4Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
c25bdb22bc5e8becd9f068fc70f94e99285f8b24Justin Lebar — Bug 722581 - Update comments in mfbt/LinkedList.h. r=waldo
88fb2dae821f120e4160e623bb85d92dc2aaa516Richard Newman — Bug 724297 - Firefox Sync launcher icon opens settings or Fennec main activity, not setup.
574ff69f128828d472794f4ee46764d8ee655270Chris Lord — Bug 724230 - Backout ondemand tiling. r=blassey, kats
6d6337b48ad3cf7fd7183ff36c334eabe1fd5f74Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 724042 - back out 663892ff23e0 as we have a better solution.
9015951eca4f0120f1ecfd1879bc63f73865f462Brad Lassey — bug 719560 - Can't publish split native and xul builds under the same product on android market, include large screens for xul r=mbrubeck
d6887ef1f39a16aa674e0bcf54e562ba371da12eDavid Bolter — Bug 721772 - Call ISimpleDOM telemetry accumulation only once. r=tbsaunde
85259c392dd797567234a1211aff30db4fef8f40Josh Matthews — Bug 722840 - Add private browsing attribute to docshells. r=bz
ec9187373eca29a05ead46037afd8b111a4ef717Ed Morley — Backout 001b3e1ec98f (bug 721772),
f815ad7451d1f387dbab098c9e78e2cc8f49d6d7Robert Longson — Bug 616892 - Follow up mark suspend-02.svg test random on windows for now (tracked by bug 724281)
ae4aa8f2e7a82c7cfea416ec4c99fb67640a77a1David Bolter — Bug 721772 - Call ISimpleDOM telemetry accumulation only once; r=tbsaunde
6301f41207fd71d826a2b7c1c88a16aadb55bef5Panagiotis Koutsourakis — Bug 702388 - Convert Makefiles to use |TEST_DIRS += foo| r=khuey
cd1532a01b58ad271ca8858d4bf1ca9a23116fcbKyle Huey — Bug 723029 - Crash in mozilla::storage::Service::UpdateQutoaInformationForFile @ `anonymous namespace''::xOpen.
c67d660e902ea04711aed089bd359285275cfd6dMs2ger — Bug 705429 - Remove dead code: txNamespaceMap::lookupNamespace(const nsAString&); r=peterv
39e3f30ec1b6cb5462a9fe8757973dabe7cc684cMs2ger — Bug 705430 - Remove dead code: txXPathNodeUtils::getDocument; r=peterv
cbf1f1f6f08febcb116a5084b23425c9a827d861Marco Bonardo — Bug 723126 - Telemetry for time needed for idle maintenance.
8da47ed6ed29174c9f15f05ee72d3a8274b44825Marco Bonardo — Bug 723124 - Telemetry for time needed for idle frecency update.
6cdae8d1d1cfe5c9afe02ef9df96a7c1f79a3092Marco Bonardo — Backout f66ffefbb697 (bug 715402) for m-oth proprty leaks
7e01ac39196ba21e96a164980d86223150dc2740Robert Longson — Bug 616892 - Make more updates honour suspendRedraw. r=roc
a40ad34214657adcfe561984c7ce866218403e2cMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 722962 - Avoid a race condition; r=jonas
5ce9f3ca0dc0bdd9e4d1cb6b1b551a1affc24ff5Aryeh Gregor — Bug 723637 - Fix two reftests from bug 505115; r=roc
76d8f4dbe6113f4384c2590fa6b3b34217058890Florian Maier — Bug 680436. Don't clamp shrink-to-fit values. r=roc
c63f5de5e081f6c516d7973c44eb7e72c3e58b90Edwin Flores — Bug 719288 - Fill and stroke SVG text with one Draw call r=roc
ddf0b9a6ea5e3f977875c3c92bf681bb5de14149Dietrich Ayala — Bug 715402 - Wait for chrome MozAfterPaint before executing any code not critical to making the initial window visible.
3eb91c504780501cdd9e01aaf826109719af07faMs2ger — Bug 723680 - Back out for Windows failures.
d53d3aa017b486cc984ed94386c277b96fa4fab7Brad Lassey — bug 724042 - disable tile by tile rendering r=dougt
b2c5ad76282d953981100bff8dbf591bc4589c4fAryeh Gregor — Bug 723680 - Fix known failing test from bug 505115
8daf32aebe3f5e0ef245aa58cac80983c57a4911Boris Zbarsky — Bug 716628. Implement support for 'turn' unit in CSS. r=dbaron
2c7fa7036ec1ec2a3bfe557fdced8244fd7d43d6Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Dv4) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Adjust the direction of the (content) autocomplete popup list based on the textbox direction. r=neil.
999a0f519542374effcee39b6fe6a9ebdd57980dffxbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave05
661bf5efd10d10a6eb858013409523f2fb0e1ad4Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
a4fd961eb3c9912720b32551523878a71309caefIgor Bukanov — bug 723517 - Drop cx argumrent from JS_GetClass(cx, obj). r=luke
cafc4176a68694aa42591f3836be7446a2b7e0e6Matt Brubeck — Merge mozilla-central and mozilla-inbound
42532dd9ed73dadace67ae06d4c2713f2657e741Gavin Sharp — Bug 723207: fix when called as just info(), r=jmaher
9c61f21247f7587510c1d7bec93a9bc0a32954d4Gavin Sharp — Bug 723808: don't allow loads in type=content docshells to inherit the system principal, r=bz
e2f69ad2782b15d4732ea2ab1a30f86c44d4d67dGavin Sharp — Bug 718203: don't allow drops of javascript: URIs on the home button, r=enndeakin, sr=bz
e2b05362b215bbcf7bd0bfe21d19f0cb76399c85Gavin Sharp — Bug 723181: add some comments to TelemetryTimestamps, r=mak
c9d824b5dbcc7f4b666cbfd14c25e03c55973f6bDavid Mandelin — Bug 723728: use calloc again in allocateArrayBufferSlots because it's faster, r=jwalden
2b461b3a02eda46fcef60a34d2959d521792b9dbBenoit Girard — Bug 724094 - Use fTexImage2D instead of TexSubImage2D when uploading full width. r=ajuma
4364cdca546751824f5ddb62df6f73f9f79a9f4dMargaret Leibovic — Bug 724045 - createMobileBookmarksFolder doesn't set title or parent. r=mfinkle,rnewman
03023caa6ba1a1ec013d0f318dcc4689ef86cb89David Mandelin — Bug 714616 followup: add assertions to moveDenseArrayElements unbarriered, r=billm
99b1b00bec11d91629dfa06c0790a4587eeedfccSriram Ramasubramanian — Bug 711185: Restrict autocomplete height to rows present and space available. [r=mfinkle]
03377da004ffb690c66bc8c5b28ce387a422abf0William Lachance — Bug 719570 Provide option to change checkerboard to flat color on fennec for eideticker automation r=pcwalton
c1572f9e614ca641c8121d97920ad83d516cf849Clint Talbert — Bug 712991 Remove GPL code in watcher that runs NTP service. r=bmoss
400bd4a97d9596855a512de72763f04788e82c6aTerrence Cole — Bug 716069 - Add missing post barriers to newObjectFromHit; r=billm
9fd914e5d5b5b8a5288df970d8222a6f1971bdddGeorge Wright — Bug 721467 - Add a codepath to only use glTexImage2D instead of glTexSubImage2D when texture uploading in GLContext
7260c5bfe64eb81566f6379054dfb5e98e706fbfIgor Bukanov — bug 723510 - Workers: double-error reporting in location.toString and incorrect assumption about JS_GetInstancePrivate. r=bent
cae4e6857b358cbea8b7ef502f80779b75bca6a8Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
cb3ff4d0a1746ec1900845e13e6a6ea6a8164f3aRafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 723853 - Remove dead default cases in content/canvas. r=jmuizelaar.
a7abd9f90fef3ac01ae19e4e1f01b6ecbf52171eMargaret Leibovic — Bug 719875 - "Tap to activate plugin" placeholder can't be tapped after going back/forward in history. r=mfinkle
3ff48acf238ff1ed77ef3fa6f2f74d8fabda9dd8Jonathan Kew — backout 3335984ce688 (bug 709083) for Android orangeness
47e1f3fc9cb03088f663cf8b29c978e968fe5f98Jonathan Kew — backout c18523b51058 (bug 716014) on suspicion of causing Win Debug reftest timeouts.
82c0c0265f521f77e683c75a66e0b4bca518f577Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Add a regression test. r=jmaher
59b18efce84cba0718ac733a5701ab135f67406dKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Remove unused functions and variables. r=wesj
b6d0e53c54c11e16914a9bc8ec4dea048f838cafKartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Re-use getValidViewportMetrics to ensure the zoom-to rect is valid. r=wesj
49f667ee5f33699ed6506f3b62b81e5032bd74c7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 720538 - Clarify and fix incorrect rect bottom calculation. r=wesj
992ef1c0050b657327f76a4838a46b2f3cb5b7e5Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723619 - Update testLoad to avoid a race condition where paint finishes before we start listening. r=jmaher
d550230bfad6990064560d37efb0e808512fb1b6Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723619 - Add a blockUntilClear function to wait for animations. r=jmaher
b97bc160da7c5804b7003102624b194f61237ac7Kartikaya Gupta — Bug 723545 - Include all html files in the test path into the robocop build. r=jmaher
69af84a809a05813bc0cde18356cf71189c609c8Brian R. Bondy — Bug 719947 - Add an indeterminate progress bar for updates applied from service. r=rstrong
53c74908b3120efca76187f3b0cf57e9a3ee6a45Henri Sivonen — Bug 709083 - Call DoneCreatingElement before children have been appended to the element. r=bzbarsky.
8e8971f022efe13ca1a6dc44a23dba3e6364c91eNathan Froyd — Bug 717659 - add telemetry for reflows in background tabs. r=bz
8c282ce79756c920dc78e534caaf8ceb2ce9b2eaAlexander Surkov — Bug 719754 - rewrite name/test_nsRootAcc.xul, r=marcoz
a1fc5b03be769449b42e9a9659df6909f56f3bb4Jan de Mooij — Don't fold null/undefined in jsop_getelem_dense (bug 724517, r=dvander)
e79f7bc9d725195d8c6c92964e406d03f6cf0accJan de Mooij — Don't specialize binary ops as int32 if lhs/rhs is |undefined| (bug 724530, r=dvander)
f3786b59925bfcf681d98b67ad7c0930b3ac2036Jan de Mooij — Fix LICM to unmark blocks when skipping a loop (bug 724562, r=dvander)
186084ff8e637e8d3a11adee26e9e2e6ca599196Chris Leary — No bug: Fix LICM assertion failure in Kraken beat-detection. (r=dvander)
dc4f17d458ae51574688ca1abbcdf2a98cd99a5eChris Leary — No bug: Implement IonMonkey JSOP_OBJECT. (r=dvander)
0be5009e95933a86d976d1e10ecb4b8d8e7f1efbDavid Anderson — Ensure that invalidated IonScripts are traced during GC, to keep IonCode objects alive (bug 724168, r=cdleary).
902afe4fb2fa763586989836a851ebc0ab8d3908Chris Leary — Bug 723636: Implement MRegExp, take 2. (r=jandem)
97ab17f247f015c30ac1c5219ed72f25c6eab607David Anderson — Another nomethodjit build fix.
55fe4b0baa593c2b248a0dbf73b571e41a2c6260David Anderson — Fix JSOP_LOCALINC inferring types from popped, not pushed values (bug 708777, r=bhackett).
3b67e0b8192df5ca3f7105302f3b31c120745118David Anderson — Fix nomethodjit build (bug 723767, r=cdleary).
3d4383e7cbf49ea83d2e205fb84f291ef13a6040David Anderson — Fix invalidation clobbering rax on x64 (bug 724146, r=cdleary).
f7f49506bdc95e415360b3de92db62fb896aea27Chris Leary — Back out changeset f6b54f8e87b2 for jit-test failures.
276c79134f5f0b860abce8e7542f5e0e7cebf141David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
5b2c74603027fa8a43015ee1a7e94fd7357b55beJan de Mooij — Don't compile effectful incslot ops (no bug, r=dvander)
8b540f91f5cf41b9f13c8b896c620925ad62d749David Anderson — Switch GVN to pessimistic by default (bug 723536 stopgap, r=mrosenberg).
f6b54f8e87b2e66334c279c98314ba9de02b6ee9Chris Leary — Bug 723636: Implement MRegExp. (r=jandem)
e60822f61ea7e80e9140a15d302e3f23b0c36972Jan de Mooij — Fix snapshot bug with emitted-at-use operands (bug 723496, r=dvander)
43b55878da4625751bc635fc425816e95583cf2fDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c3797142f9281d11a5a56f6549862ed7eba08dceSean Stangl — Reinstate options. No bug.
18d45f6608d89bda8c925b0adeb8bd7c1b082859Chris Leary — Bug 723290: Make new OSI mechanism build on ARM. (r=mjrosenb)
5e8230d92ca0bb3661da49c491e33ee5b895d44dChris Leary — Bug 723672: Remove unnecessary MIR conversion op in jsop_pos. (r=dvander)
8075851954f4090c47431c8750d37784c15401acSean Stangl — Remove OSI checks in generateVMWrapper()s. (Bug 723656, r=cdleary)
35cda526bd052dd220486c4fa25070b709085ba6Jan de Mooij — Some ARM fixes I forgot to qref (bug 706328, r=red)
550a780f73aeb23ea958cab93de141376aa12f3aJan de Mooij — Support SETELEM with out-of-bounds index (bug 706328, r=dvander)
41b54805815bfc9c01e42b1ed4680e9851f28dd1Hannes Verschore — Bug 716895: Add minimized v8 deltablue testcase. (r=dvander)
1c4fd153d04a19fd00320bb30de2699a4c57f88dDavid Anderson — Fix ICs not rejoining to the correct location (bug 723271, r=bhackett).
868eafc7deae4480e360e3f9e5a9daaad60c7956David Anderson — Trigger invalidation on GC (bug 708455, r=cdleary).
4f9d917dd77fbfad861dd113ef6260578432194fSean Stangl — Support JSOP_NEW via callVM(). (Bug 701962, r=dvander)
a9efec5f2bee067bbd5805dd9fc03a4e2e9714e6Chris Leary — No bug: Fix invalidation on already-invalidated frames. (r=dvander)
93243bf7fe867dce7a2672999dd1b6f2dd003daeDavid Anderson — Merge.
f6a781c960e27a5db007b8cb76b77d3cd5fd6375David Anderson — Added test case for bug 718122.
d283b00c1f730456431659c6888bcb1c86638365Marty Rosenberg — Turn on TI for ARM (r=dvander, Bug 722917)
523fad03a5c43fd40cbb0643dffab36b9129f79aDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
835388761e17353e932161fe2f9cff332589b907Jan de Mooij — Fix LSRA stack slot bug (bug 723139, r=dvander)
06387601d4dbb5624dbe35ec2d1aced460bc82ddJan de Mooij — Don't coerce MCompare operands (bug 723040, r=dvander)
11cf975db153f4f56b986aa8e596113616f3b771Jan de Mooij — Pass the correct pc to getNewTypesAtJoinPoint (bug 723023, r=bhackett)
b61f059b9db3b20415c6667c244950527de20395David Anderson — Support compiling JSOP_THIS with OSR (bug 720559, r=jandem).
0818792fd4618dd95c0213ebf2113a72424f70e4David Anderson — Don't bailout on all out-of-bounds array accesses, ARM (bug 721280 part 3, r=mjrosenberg).
f8ea86249ddad721f56eb8494d3563880d84fcf4David Anderson — Add x64 support for LStoreElementHole (bug 721280 part 2, r=sstangl).
fd1bdc76361945e64b8f6e898c615b3ae138eff4David Anderson — Don't bailout on all out-of-bounds array accesses (bug 721280 part 1, r=jandem).
4cc8b43ff8cc1294895ba0ddea7629cd8e601706David Anderson — Rest of patch not committed due to hg qfin being broken
54aff9c15bcd983a8e810723b5d8a8d16b7c1503David Anderson — Fix crash when bailing out right above a rectifier frame (bug 722955, r=cdleary).
10d64aa97e0229257017b89dcf2971998793e938Chris Leary — Bug 722238: implement simpler mechanism for On Stack Invalidation. (r=dvander)
afed24e840d8540cd6ae202769f14621909f66efBrian Hackett — Perform OSR at loop entry opcodes, bug 720169. r=dvander
ef280686f0dd0b1c367ebe9bd7e1fcf462158a6dDavid Anderson — Unwrap LStackArg when building snapshots (bug 722898, r=sstangl).
4e487dfde168fd6bd9ba69aaf747e6d5e6cd2536David Anderson — Disable property cache use in GetScopeName (bug 722656, r=bhackett).
ce25bca1ad68dd9e4b87644c001804071a4bf600David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
990ee31c370a209355cb2d85d07be97b085108b8Jan de Mooij — Don't bailout when unboxing OSR values (bug 722331, r=dvander,bhackett)
a269ae67a824ef5d888fe6b6e3e133ae376447c6Jan de Mooij — Fix an assert on x86 when storing GC things to a dense array (bug 722245, r=dvander)
1e2acf30e4287e508429ee8dee0eb7a744cb7957David Anderson — Warning whambulance.
64352520aac2d16d47f2df21a9a66ffe5c38bf30David Anderson — Disable tbpl testing of the greedy allocator.
a6cdb71835b505163ea4c238ecf5300486275dffHannes Verschore — Bug 716624 - Fix getting undefined property, r=dvander
053bfa57297ebe5cbeff7ff0fde5679c65ec29feDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
aebead9fb58a30ad1941502441e53479850811abJan de Mooij — Compile unspecialized compare instructions (bug 679804, r=dvander)
21f1c34fc17a2031505ad8b88c482569dd92b115Jan de Mooij — Merge from mozilla-central.
7e7174cecfff4c756b1fc9ef90738762e3d62749Marty Rosenberg — Fix it up so we can have smaller bailouts! (bug 707844, r=jbramley)
9ce84d24bb04e3d0edfd4219f39f0803068235c6Marty Rosenberg — Adding in a simple cache flush. (Bug 721636, r=jbramley)
5f86dd728a3c9935f95b0e1a3cde2de68a346af3David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b128d6be96527a1abdf6c0fd66715c1412193134Marty Rosenberg — Fix current red on arm by implementing add32 and sub32 (r=dvander, no bug)
4e74ada3a64f935c1a81965752697eae177a3a80Brian Hackett — Hoist and consolidate array bounds checks, bug 719541. r=dvander
6f646dbc492ef5c4850a0a7c406c724ee66b795fJan de Mooij — Add a generic SETELEM instruction (bug 718982, r=dvander)
f59064acba0aa5d4666aba63d367b3d471a78fa1Jan de Mooij — Add a generic GETELEM instruction (bug 718683, r=dvander)
ed3aa00fc18196061909191f490ecdb63e8fdec0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7808b040fbe6ca978ab7161b7fa2679fe5038efaEddy Bruel — imported patch 717411
736f185394de53558e713cdf84a88e95a65866c4Marty Rosenberg — android wants to include <stdarg.h> (no bug, r=dvander)
c4aee6ace740c268dd177c6aec2e2a6ba3d8d1e4Marty Rosenberg — Add in ICs for ARM (Bug 716469, r=dvander)
31047e5627dff8ce23a2fa89c8f3bc166d265609David Anderson — Fix typo causing always-taken bailouts in type barriers (bug 721272, r=sstangl).
b2a4c499d052ad6d4da96dedca8667144bb6ab1aDavid Anderson — Support object comparison (bug 720925, r=sstangl).
18f53c3f6fac1ab4e7aa1f9509dfd8521dc7981aDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
aec2f378af30cd816035b89478aa96d0ba730594Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_THROW (bug 719562, r=sstangl)
a65591d661c95ff2d04103b75d1689913bd6674cDavid Anderson — Log the locations of compilater aborts (bug 720912, r=sstangl).
4f18ae9cfcbfd37df25102828318289b40d2c1eaSean Stangl — Make bailout spew alignment sensical. (No bug, no_r)
e6091710117cf13c73a53d28ae69f168f7e2432aSean Stangl — Report instruction IDs during bailout spew. (No bug, r=dvander)
151c3f95b8700a6d512b2a423a96ac69dfe37651Jan de Mooij — Change congruentTo to be opt-in rather than opt-out (bug 719855, r=dvander)
6922045c739f6c2d1dbb58141561be542cfa9713David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a6061672ef3c3d226ddaa2793e6cf4e0aa03210fSean Stangl — Remove non-IonCode jump targets from GC trace list on x64. (Bug 719346, r=dvander)
ff07f77952625e90c8899a266838a215bd42b55bJan de Mooij — Compile unspecialized sub, mul, div and mod (bug 719135, r=pierron)
66c3c687e1aaac034df67f3350ba8709bcab5ac7Jan de Mooij — Reserve space for the IonCode pointer (no bug, r=dvander)
6ba07330f431d6f08ea4bc8ad067e6fee2e4a979Jan de Mooij — Merge from mozilla-central.
5f543808812a1625418bfaa18bd90bdccdcb3afeMarty Rosenberg — Rewrite constant pools to be better. (Bug 695219, r=dvander)
51766932fffc6cf68e6af1d2e40cb76c7439878cBrian Hackett — Type based fast paths for GETPROP and SETPROP, bug 715511. r=dvander
7e668a7cb811970330bfa1bc375146d994874846Nicolas Pierron — Remove using in trampolines. (no bug, r=red)
eaf23e4e399821e025a7cb4cb4056cff9e8ba806Nicolas Pierron — Fix WrapperMask assertions. (no bug, r=dvander)
d46a2b182e27339e1aa292214d365618ad2a9cd9Nicolas Pierron — Report the name of the failing bytecode. (no bug, r=dvander)
7685f6b2f00d84c0e32bd85a730957958791c266Jan de Mooij — Don't search for blocking intervals if the register is free (bug 718505, r=dvander)
577a1c24f51942a2deeedaec7bd06125d5fc39f1David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
9711a0b8495f933f84d0be655874cba75a507e11Jan de Mooij — Mark MCall, MGetPropertyCache and MNewArray as not-congruent (bug 719774, r=dvander)
fe0c029a7bc47a4b7072ae1c8dc4b089c1f17504Jan de Mooij — Treat call operands like at-start uses (bug 719749, r=dvander)
0e25ae7bb30f142e68cfb09e685c4c6e0118916fJan de Mooij — Fix some bugs related to safepoints (bug 719744, r=dvander)
427690bae90f253534e875308274e6b94f9b6e86Jan de Mooij — Fix GCC 4.2 build (no bug, r=red)
e30ea4743c0cc45e4acfa888abd2216e48ecfffdJan de Mooij — Fix bogus GRA assert (bug 719416, r=dvander)
5ca920fe70d6fd0434b192587f7d5a003571c01dNicolas Pierron — Replace PushRegsInMask by saveLive in OOL path (no bug, r=dvander)
81769819d9e6d89431a754ed082cad5889462eecNicolas Pierron — Track snapshots creation (Bug 715766, r=dvander)
e5ee0751a71d5f04f48c000766e8d9388bf68c4cNicolas Pierron — Use safepoint live registers. (no bug, r=red)
d3f45b54aeb334fae8d36c241b890ca9ad493a90Nicolas Pierron — Reduce the number of spilled registers (Bug 717374 part 2, r=jandem)
fc8fd0998c1bc8e0db33694d26a341627ea63b27Nicolas Pierron — Reduce and declare registers use by VM wrappers (Bug 717374 part 1, r=jandem)
1a231eb452713b9b419e7c93ddd71440b826f976David Anderson — Add isNative check to SetPropertyCache (no bug, r=bhackett).
7c77bf108b9e1ab2ade9114b3aa4941cc1be6be8David Anderson — Fix SetProperty not returning a type policy (no bug, r=bhackett).
d15cfea96e8935bef0a07b7ff5908591025aa077Sean Stangl — Fix invalid assertion to support unconditional for loops. (Bug 719231, r=dvander)
43548b7da9d225c1769443f2a815f33bc7cb5ae2David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c81ee787fbff2de8a7d726aef2d85ee9fda47824David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
bb915c348132b3ab84243100f7d86223e80b5572Jan de Mooij — Add slow paths for getgname/setgname based on getname/setname (bug 719482, r=bhackett)
66106b3ac3161b3bc24d08a50399970af7edbb07Brian Hackett — Add stub calls and PIC for SETPROP/SETNAME, bug 713526. r=dvander
da22e16655057626dcce9bd73d5c51150db14209Jan de Mooij — Other changes necessary for fixed intervals (bug 712278 part 3, r=dvander)
dc878a1566f01aabceae3f7d2e37dbc2585b764bJan de Mooij — Add fixed intervals to LSRA (bug 712278 part 2, r=dvander)
d326b4261278ce568e3664c50afd8eb5ed6250c2Jan de Mooij — Optimize intersect and covers (bug 712278 part 1, r=dvander)
1d622f8be014c0960261ecbed1fb9873a5fee622David Anderson — Fix improper phi elimination in global value numbering (bug 714727, r=jandem).
8eb8ea0086b6506d8f33aaf83aac3efdba31e149David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
49bc8d35a21ec182c2e0a421bac7045d6049500dSean Stangl — Fix invalid assertions in setBackedge(). (Bug 718850, r=jandem)
8e182985f782e8ec3b3872d2c927ba9e63c156b3David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0eaa6a95eaee84b3f9a13c00162bb4949a66147bJan de Mooij — Reset use count of invalidated scripts (bug 718650, r=bhackett)
62841f0d755216e120f5be4e7707a5c7dc573672Marty Rosenberg — Implement Bounds Check on ARM. (Bug 717509, r=jbramley)
770d43b354f4a55ad4944f82596c288465a0aceeSean Stangl — Back out JSOP_NEW support: x86 spidermonkey failure. (Bug 701962)
13cfff89b0e421c3419d0a55ccb37d97a789ae9dStephan Herhut — Spew ion IR to local directory instead of /tmp (bug 717788, r=dvander).
af79cb016a9954b913c97e7d3dcfe2a7c226c1f5Sean Stangl — Support JSOP_NEW via callVM(). (Bug 701962, r=dvander)
bb8950d01a1b4d6352d7e02e858c71c3370876b9David Anderson — Fix assert when a GC occurs in a global script (bug 717503, r=cdleary).
823f256684f8e72edebf6b3ee4c3309a22e8a268David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ee506186bc0629bd6970ff94f7e4f1134f0017bcNicolas Pierron — Extract pc & script argument for inlined frames (Bug 713693, r=dvander)
41a9e0d849ea49b063d3919d88e33ae5693b551aNicolas Pierron — Compile Add with String and Objects (Bug 713693, r=dvander)
dac569ab767c4cec743ccf198e4a50ca8066f182Jan de Mooij — Fix LSRA assert triggered by DivI on ARM (bug 715460, r=dvander,mjrosenb)
ee228384056cc7c6e647c29656c301d44de120f5David Anderson — Fixed some nunbox stack slots being freed illegally (bug 716753, r=sstangl).
0a8aee9639cf79a14803c31cd29cff3305366e50David Anderson — Make sure phi inputs are held live and have unique stack slots (bug 716149, r=sstangl).
f3fef5d48874a02afb1f385730a445411f5f1056David Anderson — Add Ion support for global scripts (bug 707423, r=cdleary).
aeb8431afb8ddea852ce205aae587cea2fcd45f2Jan de Mooij — Save all registers when making an OOL VM call (bug 717254, r=pierron)
d04701f99b8171760acd958e9ee01f1b5a21c664Jan de Mooij — Fix LSRA bug and remove the outputMoves movegroup (bug 717193, r=dvander)
be0364b7faa47f4140c8ed3388674a5f41187851Jan de Mooij — Remove unused allocateWritableOperand function (no bug, r=dvander)
a12010ca115a11b5b6701cbc16dcf7910637941eJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_CALLLOCAL (bug 717186, r=pierron)
91c7d8b9c9e96bed8c5f867ccd98fed385638c48David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6e4acb5ff1b82b0fdf4b3849380124f587b4669cSean Stangl — LUnbox support for MIRType_Boolean on x64. (No bug, r=dvander)
524b705fe740690fe0d8d1c9c44c74ab9dd7343dNicolas Pierron — Fix argumentPadding in callVM (no bug, r=red-arm)
32da87962f94614f8d43121d345e943fabdcdfb3Nicolas Pierron — Remove ifdef from callVM (Bug 714205, r=cdleary)
eec21ad47cdcb0d2a931ffaffb9a47c27e2df926Sean Stangl — Expand GetPropertyCache only if native; fix x64 unboxValue(). (No bug, r=dvander)
f89babd5a9ff7a9b26404a3e969c5c1bdd356596Marty Rosenberg — Fix some issues with OSI. (bug 717077, r=cdleary)
d601339c1bea7d44dab98a51c460976e17c23d26Sean Stangl — Handle JSOP_CALLPROP as JSOP_GETPROP. (Bug 697282, r=dvander)
2ed7cba609d7767956d82a9012b14650fa7f3b5fNicolas Pierron — Implement JSOP_PICK & JSOP_SWAP (Bug 713571, r=dvander)
83f23241cfaa8da292a5fc6ed517fd040d089574David Anderson — Complete merge from mozilla-central.
db31f7b194e5a198c6c42d3dd4bb9aeef165c212David Anderson — Merge.
b1fcb67fde3fbec5185693c1b46db22db65f9830David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6caa08de3522595ffec4ab20d1b0cb4a348b3ad9Sean Stangl — Optimize LSRA enqueue(). (Bug 715737, r=jandem)
23ce5e04429d0d69f5bffec07965d96f4fe21889Jan de Mooij — Don't bailout if MulI results in positive zero (bug 716504, r=dvander,mjrosenb)
6a3adb008b1e877e5954b999aca21a9ddf4e5757Jan de Mooij — Mark the invalidator thunk (bug 716853, r=bhackett)
717081f8e7e55851f6b168356a01cc9f4382d37dJan de Mooij — Set the scope chain for inlined scripts (bug 716845, r=bhackett)
ac88101ed2481c3e36519ae6b783a483eebabfefJan de Mooij — Fix assert when trying to unbox the scopechain slot (no bug, r=dvander)
6adb6479446a14694f253ae7f78f804e81c32192Nicolas Pierron — CallVM with Value& and double (Bug 715276, r=dvander)
fedf408a1cf3415d3e57e35b038f016e090d13b7Nicolas Pierron — Unbox OSR Value before preheader (Bug 714686, r=bhackett,sstangl)
3c0da4066b744fb4166f5d49362e4245fc36d25cBrian Hackett — Don't clobber non-volatile register when checking for invalidated frame, no bug. r=dvander
b26b0782dd945dddaf4e2885a25c219909857cd1Brian Hackett — Compile JSOP_NAME, bug 701966. r=dvander
5f2390059e5f16e7343b3f120ab16fb16210896cDavid Anderson — And, clarify a comment.
15f251140365e1d2bdf953c84c9703d52fa36381David Anderson — Missed part of commit, thanks hg.
ef75b074399c73290b390f108bbc067deff2a2bcDavid Anderson — Invalidate inactive IonScripts (bug 716090, r=cdleary).
90bb9afe9b9067c3b65601817238321cc990fd51Jan de Mooij — Recompile and inline calls when scripts are hot (bug 706472, r=dvander,mjrosenb)
061268ee36cef8451ef47316aa1dcaa501002d07David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
a8b32fd6d367c6dd9db567860ee4ed3935259be0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
adfa6dfcc10b12707c643ee117c2bcf398e8a138Nicolas Pierron — ARM macro assembler cannot compare Immediate with Operands. (no bug, r=red)
74a0bb1902e5e0e4c36a53df8042b263c3f03051David Anderson — Merge.
df3fab333dbc7011bc12816f1cf3d521107465bfDavid Anderson — Remove some --ion-eager combinations from --ion-tbpl (not high priority, tests are slow).
266b7ffc925d7b04bd7ecca549dde55047758676David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a399e98a8d4a538f4e95e9cbe33393e452ce7569Chris Leary — Bug 715357: Fail invalidation properly. (r=dvander)
2f73f3274b267adb5fd6447ddb640b31fc930189Marty Rosenberg — Implement {load,store}Element{T,V}, and fix some bugs found in the process (bug 714949, r=sstangl)
012b6e6fa0cb9d6958831d3b8531016ae9773663Eddy Bruel — Add missing break to EvaluateConstantOperands (no bug, r=jandem)
a89c5ef5da366f4dfe8f7e1f337253f718d08b8cJan de Mooij — Remove spillRegs() and rework LSRA spill intervals (bug 714428, r=dvander)
cf07f07279f15a3d836f3aed6d4b46cd3d97a14dJan de Mooij — Fix an assert when storing null/undefined to an array (bug 715088, r=dvander)
59eebe662389057cf6e5a56498c69cb02be6a288Sean Stangl — Fix SS x64 harness by actually performing signed arithmetic. (No bug, r=cdleary)
47b0a1dab4d23d9d8a6ff38cdcb4f0ba4b735b7bDavid Anderson — Follow-up nits to bug 714393.
7d3ba6b887983b7b6d11f48f4ad727935f41d9adDavid Anderson — Remove type analysis passes that are incompatible with type inference (bug 714393, r=sstangl).
cfc7bfe1eb7d4a5859ee6b4d45ad0125c954461aSean Stangl — Use jsval_layout instead of asRawBits() on x64. (No bug, r=dvander)
acfa9cd41bcb1d8fce22e95d25699cebb4371605Sean Stangl — Respect ION_DISABLED_SCRIPT in CanEnterAtBranch(). (Bug 715481, r=dvander)
e603054dd5d671394478d24d21fae5e92412b477David Anderson — Don't re-add asRawBits from the m-c merge.
799390792a3d199844110a2fc1e9758db7ccd389David Anderson — Merge.
69dbb500c49d8966ddf5aac25241277ca5d9d336David Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
6276fe64003543e107ade90054f382c550ef5d66David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6c5fa7b0aa48a7c88f47c9bd22287da4212688e7Marty Rosenberg — Port of OSI to ARM (bug=712846, r=cdleary)
478a70bcb33e5d8d4404ea4bf226ca7fdc24b8a4Marty Rosenberg — Actually guard around the call to libc's divide function (bug 708486, r=cdleary)
8d6cfd44818fdaa381bebda7cb7c328e34b32daeChris Leary — Bug 714397: Inline functions with argc mismatches. (r=sstangl)
bd21710261eb0f9548d4983a0e49caa3e3181ab9Sean Stangl — Fix branching based on uninitialized values in ThreadData. (No bug, r=dvander)
b07c7276e785ecdf176afc211d974b2d24453f3fNicolas Pierron — Compile JSOP_THIS (Bug 701691, r=)
aa47a35d6b7fc1f97a27c9f6e64c995a74104021Nicolas Pierron — Merge branch 'im/master' of /home/nicolas/mozilla/hg/ionmonkey/ into im/master
964f84d966f780ab8b505dd5202f5d16f9698bc5Nicolas Pierron — Remove most warnings (no bug, r=dvander)
c612b1c32a84b4b491fc375f4ebc34c91bac3a76David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
284cc80e914b403210955573d1bd9c5b6bb63ee1Jan de Mooij — Replace callee with return value in entry resumepoint after inlining (bug 714775, r=dvander)
ee34119562f8e311a71eac67a33ad807a206a172Jan de Mooij — ReflowTypeInfo did not use the correct pc (bug 714814, r=dvander).
8c20b26f0209748039dcf6717cc515d640923b2aDavid Anderson — Fix a few cases where frame descriptors were not correct (bug 714676, r=jandem),
4b6b2d6421f9ba0d9f20cd1cdf745b467339c55cJan de Mooij — Fix ARM build (no bug, r=red)
7de07d39318d74b878c531838cb96993daaff957David Anderson — Convert some NYI assertions into aborts (no bug, rs=sstangl).
df210db11b95aadf4b23fc6ba6a3cfa26e40b820David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
89bcd34af8946a1bc4010d631142b8acce9938d3Jan de Mooij — Honor SAME_AS_OTHER hints (bug 709731, r=dvander)
0e2fdda818284316de0db6fcad3c8b737720c7c6Jan de Mooij — Add useRegisterAtStart and fix various LSRA bugs (bug 709731, r=dvander)
9dd1fada988a7fe0800ad9dc85094ef55bb9b635Jan de Mooij — Add LLabel (bug 711936, r=dvander)
8fce156d81df6bcb2f29f108a7b1e7b246adf8d2Sean Stangl — Independently track framePushed_ for each branch in visitCallGeneric(). (No bug, r=dvander)
57eab7d592f7b53834e6a2634ac480dad284ac96David Anderson — Use stack indexes instead of slots for easier frame conversion (bug 713997 part 2, r=sstangl).
3d3b77875d9c12a110ae5c43869a3842a8c08fadDavid Anderson — Fix a crash caused by invalidating the frame above an exit frame (bug 713997 part 1, r=sstangl).
eec583924829c6129f212c3f21516188fa490ee1Marty Rosenberg — Fix issues with types not being in registers, and implement unboxValue (no bug,r=dvander)
38b8eba1982d8e7c2047e197acf173d6c858f61bSean Stangl — Ensure distinct objreg and ArgumentsRectifierReg in visitCallGeneric(). (No bug, r=dvander)
0f578fc548e697a3873177c0fcf0a8a6ca704df1David Anderson — Fix build red on x64.
fb34f17071b45c3e44976a908346822383900208David Anderson — Fix LSRA assigning double stack slots at the wrong position (bug 713952, r=sstangl).
1484af7928a9cb50e73ebece965cc6c837358338Sean Stangl — Reorganize visitCodeGeneric() for better branch prediction. (No bug, r=mjrosenb)
97109df486a480659c23b7ed2ec916fbb20aec6cJan de Mooij — Fix arrayPrototypeHasIndexedProperty (bug 713867, r=bhackett)
31c5b5d7c30c7f071aff7ffee9150d0d4671007bDavid Anderson — Merge.
2e59a622b0900d82c1e2a7fd0153ff22c7291f46David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1637f8480f82ee4c76b59af8e1f7b631f683234dMarty Rosenberg — Arguments to LUnbox need to be re-flipped (no bug)
e5d80d06ca0f79c47e9327a5af738382bdd3c45aSean Stangl — Trip a NYI assertion on ARM for ModI. (707927, fire)
5d12ef742dac126a8f6c49a592657a00b26ff00bMarty Rosenberg — fix the stack madness (actually track framePushed correctly) (bug 713915,r=pierron)
ecde1352be486c391b8c167be273d138cbacd0ecEddy Bruel — Compile JSOP_MOD for integers on x86/x64. (Bug 707927, r=sstangl)
0371557c1ec430108e356e5d8d905f56edba10e7Sean Stangl — Make visitCallGeneric() platform-independent. (Bug 710948, r=mjrosenb)
1370f99d4c39c6fe09b981bd7444c8a16698b78bDavid Anderson — Fix assert when inlining with --ion -n (bug 713977, r=bhackett).
feb16cca7241a0fc9c9fdb5702a99c59f3c468daDavid Anderson — Allow Ion allocators to nest (bug 713870, r=jandem).
91e7aa7c7fe926e8560e655f22938d5c68f814bdNicolas Pierron — Include inlined version, to avoid link issues. (no bug, r=red)
0704423462e975004aeb64c55b5040bd3f8bb87bJan de Mooij — Fix Clang warning (no bug, rs=Waldo)
60766fb64a78c0ed5886a3e91a3eff2e633b823bNicolas Pierron — Implement callVM on ARM (Bug 710130, r=dvander)
2a5aeb38ac8e805e9f15bfa2cfdc4b0cd64f0a95David Anderson — Call assignSafepoint after define* (assert botch, no bug, r=bhackett).
83f981a4e26684e7db0116ecb8707e2b3ade499bDavid Anderson — Don't leak IonScripts after invalidation (bug 713068, r=cdleary).
ecb0b13769716cd3dec5423a9072c001887570a8David Anderson — Follow-up nits to bug 695075.
f5f0c0825e1a9997e6585dae0c3e30cb67aea636David Anderson — Implement safepoints for the greedy allocator (bug 675075 part 10, r=sstangl).
3725545a3e35d9727d8eefd1c9e14fcdb86be532David Anderson — Greatly simplify the greedy allocator by spilling at block boundaries (bug 71173, r=sstangl).
a3c47142a8285d663eb8ab75e893aeb084c100b6David Anderson — GC integration for safepoints (bug 695075 part 9, r=billm).
4a163d12ee5cbbbf3f2a99d01af8f7a3c47b71ecDavid Anderson — Safepoint support for the linear scan register allocator (bug 695075 part 8, r=jandem).
c46781b63795f2158dbfc06d5405dd79239290d7David Anderson — Add safepoints mapping pointers, values, and live registers for instructions (bug 695075 part 7, r=sstangl).
faf64e8928e863cd7ca00334ec1bfa35df7135d8David Anderson — Share a bunch of lowering code (bug 695075 part 6, r=sstangl).
034cb42b7dbaf585cfbae7980eb83bdb4dff7e09David Anderson — Spill values contiguously in the greedy allocator (bug 695075 part 5, r=sstangl).
6c56e451cc78e7088c470bc8eda9ee6d732f57d7David Anderson — Spill values contiguously in the linear scan allocator (bug 695075 part 4, r=jandem).
db6347787da35990969548aca060399d1ea9c96fDavid Anderson — REDEFINED policy is not compatible with gcmaps (bug 695075 part 4, r=sstangl).
31fbba782c393d4448277dab352bee26bd6facc6David Anderson — Mark callee tokens of Ion JS frames (bug 695075 part 2, r=billm).
3a226af16bad39cfd40a8e769fd0ce0de6228e3aDavid Anderson — Skip conservatively scanning Ion frames (bug 695075 part 1, r=billm).
932622a52294d169f8b8aa1fe113c322c6cad9aeDavid Anderson — Build fix.
0c9e9f29fd857eedcbb9356d051c90ab0ac068f6David Anderson — Fix re-using and clobbering stack slots inside loops (bug 710893 part 3, r=sstangl).
3057c1ecb258500d01f6313e6ae69f3ad003a487David Anderson — Combine stack slot assigners into one class (bug 710983 part 2, r=sstangl).
32b53718b18e38628186c5a9fdc3984c15a12171David Anderson — Hoist complicated spills to their definition, rather than first spill use (bug 710983, r=jandem).
b235c328a6d975c40cac612cdbd7ef1d4c184a3fDavid Anderson — Fix assert when storing undefined to a slot (bug 708782, r=jandem).
eaaf33ed43c0c418af4fa16ea6e08fa49a3cc909David Anderson — Merge.
0cfb7c3645ee2bcac477c4382395753b7d7f49f9David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
fcbcc75cc2e3f4ac30b33d187a47cd306e90e467Sean Stangl — Remove some ARM-specific codegen. (Bug 711319, r=mjrosenb)
3319e30a2c00ee32252c2d9b4527fc374f1158f7Nicolas Pierron — Fix branchPtr comparisons. (no bug, r=hydra-arm-red)
edde637d2661f54a0ca7350f74b5d413d05b764eBrian Hackett — Add inline cache for GETPROP, bug 707854. r=dvander
e89328e891d7978c158f545c8562160104ed46c5David Anderson — Change which bits get tested on tbpl (-n, now that we have OSI).
860845757cc8d0ba4206104688eff443aba17014Nicolas Pierron — Fix getFrameInfo (Bug 712523, r=dvander)
74c7f055b86b0abc20216c27b4ba67dfbd07d312David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f99cd892afdcb56e758f8cfdbcd58b1e3eb723adChris Leary — Bug 686927: Followup: Rambo ARM back to life.
2e74563aa784f4ac8a673e5d3b422d42bd513d6fChris Leary — Bug 686927: On-Stack Invalidation. (r=dvander)
9a3091bcc8585367175586cbcfd75b67765da390Nicolas Pierron — Implement JSOP_LENGTH (Bug 691340, r=dvander)
0a118c6f532892c6ea6b1d0de992e935e1b151c0David Anderson — Fix windows build bustage.
b2110cffddc1adf4097f72482812c0526377cd9aNicolas Pierron — Add retn. (Bug 700517, r=dvander)
dafe0f926f50ea44b00848ca93837c44e3d12ae8David Anderson — Build bustage fix, part 3.
4a9522712f643d0d21249b9991b9e6636b5b2032David Anderson — Fix build bustage, part 2.
817ac4d9daf21f741ce86dd53d926698e05c1204David Anderson — Fix build bustage.
dee50ee8534e2380cd5093915626fbe8f58ffbb5David Anderson — Merge.
bf524b56351f62174a34e1038ff9123f7e2d0335Jan de Mooij — Add alias sets (bug 703376, r=dvander)
e43d4d0a2dcb62e528913ba3dcd9a8feef29d4bbJan de Mooij — Implement LLoadSlotT on ARM (bug 701993, r=mjrosenb)
b2ee991d0b64475435fe50f568391c5e855c33b3David Anderson — More merge fallout fix.
82a7b53c0e112fcfd2463ac01d8e01ed150b7eaeDavid Anderson — Fixed build error.
d69eadf7fc4b930ba45fd314f913baabbc7b851eDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 2f26fcb83ebf
2f26fcb83ebffc48b788ec105cf667db76d0e9f6Sean Stangl — Only define Ion foo if JS_ION. (No bug, fire)
f5207516ab9c06149c3564d5ad008a017f7a4db9Sean Stangl — Disable visitCheckOverRecursedFailure() on ARM until callVM support exists. (Bug 685097, r=mjrosenb)
95e72395edb5b6116a32fb3b3bae4be53bb791ceDavid Anderson — Fix merge bustage.
45d78c48063883d06582bb1e30af0fccd446f674David Anderson — Merge.
40d9cac97367d6680dff27dda793a89f78d7616eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
3841d674378137f4045938043d96b06f76519968Sean Stangl — Implement a maximum recursion depth. (Bug 685097, r=dvander)
885782dc302aaa982d08593a28e127ca5130e560Eddy Bruel — Compile JSOP_POS (bug 707926, r=jandem)
5aee3edf91db1f5ec4f541ab14c7c5a4e832779eMarty Rosenberg — Implement LoadValue in some fancy ways, and fix the maximum offset for vldr/vstr. (bug 710985, r=jbramley)
6016a42c99d9f37b0130e7f4f0e4a55b25d09be3Nicolas Pierron — Compile JSOP_GETPROP to a VMFunction call (Bug 701958, r=dvander)
806416b0a6286fd1c11e5872de01a993398a5a94Marty Rosenberg — Actually finish the code for callGeneric, so we can call things. (bug 710551, r=sstangl)
1c2192196b11f9943548989ba23a89723960a7bdSean Stangl — Don't hoist MLoadSlots until we have alias sets. (Bug 710447, r=dvander)
5ee070c3f2d07e2895660e768c7199f2a1047a6cSean Stangl — Call uncompiled and native functions on x86 and x64. (Bug 708441, r=dvander)
c110288b93ec6fe334597397fd3c0b31813dae74Jan de Mooij — Fix Clang warnings (bug 708569, r=pierron)
d1aaf2fb79c7f6a2ad28469a0f40dd163b546badDavid Anderson — Fix red!
5db40fd3d912ca44818b2112c9b941b90bdb12fbDavid Anderson — Use template magic to deduce function calling info (bug 707845 part 3, r=pierron).
b7096ab1699c6fce8f2c7d35244b716c04e8f28cDavid Anderson — Simplify template use surrounding VM calls (bug 707845 part 2, r=pierron).
75d1d99a836304dc0e8f6a4fb0df958356709db6David Anderson — Simplify VMFunction structure (bug 707845 part 1, r=pierron).
9249b43d89a0016fea33768e4bd27d1f92f20f81David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f159717b4e7d3ff94b59e7c7e1ba920c578118a8Ed Morley — Merge last green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
7e5b3f29e44a6140af8edc71552c32a906c3862cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 698256 Add and use Substring(data, length) convenience method r=dbaron
b170e26f9685c54d0afb215cc9193f85baf93013Tim Taubert — merge m-c to fx-team
14c3b9140176ac8cdc7e3b242db04f24ef3fe519Frank Yan — Bug 707364 - Inline a nested function in nsPrompter.js. r=dolske
d02633dde92cbf5e115ab37f318c36dea7dc5839Raymond Lee — Bug 707466 - No tab item is selected after removing last tab in a group outside Panorama (follow up) t=tim
364d799425fc371f8cb5ca8c4385e9ce00b89614Joe Walker — Bug 704838 - help_intro.html and help_man.html contain English text; r=dcamp
3e8d856c9da275fb84971fa0bae1d54ce1307f36Joe Walker — Bug 704832 - GCLI echo command causes a parse error on the console; r=dcamp
047a7a43334a5dd7279eff602cad4d79eb687ee7Joe Walker — Bug 704789 - GCLI properties files should not use \ for continutation lines; r=dcamp
7826d919047f3bd48cc51dad53ff4150bacccd5bJoe Walker — Bug 705464 - typo in; r=dcamp
45b666fb4f9585a77213dd79deec56139083228cJoe Walker — Bug 703062 - GCLI should do some coverage analysis to improve test coverage; r=dcamp
b19f0f6fad33d80d622690bc26943f4c74c49a00Joe Walker — Bug 705074 - All uses of DOMTemplate should use new template function; r=dcamp
817e89324495567d651e9751a375b8f475a265cfJoe Walker — Bug 704913 - Rename GCLI's Display to Console; r=dcamp
c3e937b90942bfb1cb41eeb6cf853fc0dd060dfbJoe Walker — Bug 702642 - DOMTemplate is relatively slow when evaluating JS ${}; r=dcamp
d3ed65ad6ad518f14df5c6da8bfd90279ea15ef8Joe Walker — Bug 702621 - GCLI needs fixes for the minor issues created by bug 692742; r=dcamp,dao
2ce9a35dd79e23a91a346dee9da0ddd7ea8745d5Joe Walker — Bug 701712 - GCLI help should be more, um helpful; r=dcamp,dao
351e94bf59cb480b65d11648477003c7fbfc19e6Jan de Mooij — Check for int32 values when loading/unboxing doubles (bug 705351, r=dvander)
1da778319a28427c7818357b7e3aec9a5e0d3248Marty Rosenberg — Remove some NYIs by implementing them (bug 708920, r=cdleary)
b0604b9660c623e80fa09224939639d87b9be08cDavid Anderson — Rename IonLIR.* to LIR.* now that nanojit is gone (no bug, r=sstangl).
e286c0ea289ffa1d8bcf5bb109334bc647cfa65bDavid Anderson — Fix Windows red; MSVC uses signed enums, our bitfields were too small (no bug, r=sstangl).
046f56a7f5bf81ca094d3b950717186195dd53c8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
dccc47e6137a1db2ae7ac6e941f9c47b7799c82fJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_CALLGNAME (bug 694169, r=sstangl,mjrosenb)
87f699a7ab70c50e6bfeb1b3b3caff2e7199d3ddJan de Mooij — Load initialized length from elements vector, rename slots to elements for element ops (bug 707899, r=dvander)
a94c22f060464398b291523cf4a48d01511789a6Jan de Mooij — Fix getgname/setgname shape guard (bug 707919, r=dvander)
7f352bc72d880441d8ba351378ebe66c6e62ef1aSean Stangl — Handle native functions with Undefined returns in IonBuilder. (No bug, r=dvander)
c077d1c78ef51a58e9ef894e9fd68c2de1c654edMarty Rosenberg — Minor fixes, make things look saner, increase the range of vldr/vstr (bug 708063, r=jbramley).
188a24073bf94323f896d401f9210ec344cd36d4Chris Leary — Bug 706986: followup, known failing test.
90e4885eada06554f09dc0cf204b4e3025d0db4eChris Leary — Bug 706986: Unexpected argument types should cause reflow. (r=dvander,mjrosenb)
2305516f763036c8a05c449d2c818297c4d09bb6Marty Rosenberg — Implement a new way of disassembling instructions, and some gc tracing. Also fix the red (bug 698564, r=jbramley)
e69f292ec2a0d2179029246fdb3cbbc10274c80dNicolas Pierron — Fix: Add call masks to ARM. (Bug 685838, r=red)
08b94171c35f5614ab449ddc0da8b0e7da598bc3David Anderson — Merge.
220dd5cad2ac17e53112582e5b007737ff77d586David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central (objshrink, yay!)
edae38829baf6c380158a35e9e631087f6e7b7f5Sean Stangl — Parenthesize VMFunction::argc(). (Bug 685838, r=pierron)
46d879f24756b2c85dfa67a4b79eff75369a3c16Nicolas Pierron — Implement JSOP_NEWARRAY. (Bug 685838, r=sstangl)
cd45a4d73fed79ad4bb853cd3a3fda232ea8dbc4Sean Stangl — Fix StackIter build without JS_ION. (No bug, r=dvander)
a45187efd0b51b8edcf96bc4c2ed804c01af01a3Jan de Mooij — Fix small LSRA bug related to fixed register uses (bug 706057, r=dvander)
483582b50575bc53c1fcb745181ac0d55723212bDavid Anderson — Fix red.
62b870d9682bd2a3f77bbd83c3621962d18723b1Marty Rosenberg — Change some registers around to make OSR work on ARM, fix InvertCondition (no bug, r=sstangl)
7e0a455e2030e0b00b60434b58857068412fa5d5David Anderson — Implement StackIter skeletal support for Ion frames (bug 706692 part 2, r=luke).
a1169b0f392817b46302e94e178830d448ad55d7David Anderson — Mark stack frames that precede Ion frames (bug 706692 part 1, r=luke).
98db3d8d24386392ef24d20027730b8e7f8971d2David Anderson — Fix IonFrameIterator regression (bug 706699, r=pierron).
c1b222852377b86e59026f904681e11b08101f95David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c22780eba624c86dcfcb61224af74aaaba86ee43Marty Rosenberg — Actually add in the code for the arguments rectifier (bug 698563, r=jbramley).
deda6f550d2a33540c13ba0b446ffcf38bf74371Marty Rosenberg — Add all of the changes required to get exit frames working on arm (bug 703565, r=jbramley).
9c0117082dee38a1e16e9f0cd5074e06b6b7fb97Jan de Mooij — Add write barrier for setelem, fix ARM build (bug 701093, r=pierron)
485dcdd9dabd6133a9d86bd46c124424da462ae5Sean Stangl — Greedy's FindNaturalLoops() must know about the OSR block ID. (Bug 705998, r=dvander)
a64147b4cccbdecd64ad218625df24981f5e86c5David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c1fbc6e49167ec14799de677940ebbbc81337912Nicolas Pierron — Fix wrong assertion. (Bug 706303, r=sstangl)
f11e0c798f672caafc74a917af09f3ae1e074563Nicolas Pierron — Add expected returnAddress function on ARM CommonFrameLayout (Bug 695887, r=red)
5f40ec4393765511f98812033d31ffc1769d56a3Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_GETELEM and JSOP_SETELEM (bug 701093, r=dvander,bhackett)
7100a5b53a31ae2e2165267be38279423ccfcb63Jan de Mooij — Getgname does not need a shape guard with TI (bug 705247, r=dvander,bhackett)
7665e358c6a2122496e95ea67f976beaeb9396ceJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_DUP and JSOP_DUP2 (bug 701956, r=sstangl)
10b888d2474aec524fcdfee2dd60669a1daa5bf1Jan de Mooij — Fix FindNaturalLoops to work with new block ordering (bug 705998, r=dvander)
60368a067f49646b5f289bf0d68cc57969e71a16Nicolas Pierron — Add Safepoint and PostSnapshot to ARM. (Bug 695887, r=red)
b6c2e63154deb6dbf7a958fdedef0902ee6f8991Sean Stangl — Fix OSX X64 build -- GCC aligns structs differently. (Bug 700108, r=red)
38d27d9dcf441a451a40daa3cd73061b0c3b8f99Sean Stangl — Make IonCode gc::Cell aligned on 32-bit platforms again. (Bug 700108, r=red)
113e69231a02c24649cbf7e3b5195c4769bee98bNicolas Pierron — Add safepoint based on the properties of the MIR (Bug 695887, r=dvander)
0c86628e4a084c5e97e5dfd02bd936b5db7f943dNicolas Pierron — Map return address to snapshots (Bug 695887, r=cdleary)
b8cc771957a2a97aceec5de71b0a5b53f7ed6d61Nicolas Pierron — Use target->raw() instead IonCode* for calls. (no bug, r=dvander)
f8f7267f243dd59fc9c9ad8bd814c1e9adf58b4dNicolas Pierron — Add comments on floats.
30331f1492659f5024ad8b1976f0c38758349900Sean Stangl — Use #ifdef DEBUG instead of DebugOnly template. Fixes opt builds. (Bug 700108, r=red)
9fb668f0baca27a62a9747c0a934b35a7b313e22Sean Stangl — Implement OSR. (Bug 700108, r=dvander)
4754cf8753c2935af9d2c70b47a26eadbee40f9fDavid Anderson — Implement MToInt32 for doubles (bug 703791, r=sstangl).
18aacf4a410e64f8c888eccd33f7251b904ba771Jan de Mooij — Add --ion-tbpl flag to jit-tests, fix Ion tests on tinderbox (bug 705191, r=dvander)
f3068b10487b4581bef52096438e8f67c3e27f14Jan de Mooij — Unwrap |this| in inheritUnwrapArgs (bug 705251, r=cdleary)
7e1f1061a21524ec58912656df066b4c91db610cJan de Mooij — Improve block reordering algorithm (bug 699415, r=sstangl)
7ceaa303896bae686f83081212fec143d3dfd21dDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e06b429baa50f265530993c58c02b4b40546d7e8David Anderson — Fix build.
2b6f8fc061e35e25f507dc8b3871156a58799ac1David Anderson — Follow-up nit.
8919425a2efcf7a2a5ec0d12c970a215bd9d1c4fDavid Anderson — Make sure moveValue() adds a relocation marker (bug 701125, r=jandem).
789acacd0212c4681979f900510bb311845ec4a5Nicolas Pierron — IonMonkey: Compile JSOP_EQ & JSOP_NE (Bug 701957, r=mrosenberg,jandem)
d579356377776776a62b0180824b2211fade9b40Nicolas Pierron — Remove unused variable. (no bug, r=gcc46)
c87931355aac6dfc8ada049542412d72634dad20Nicolas Pierron — Fix minor typo.
e974d2324bb5461710f97e8901969fd5f8fd57d3Chris Leary — Revert files weirdly changed during rebase.
01ebfabf29e2645adc4cd126baf1f9fac93839dfChris Leary — Bug 687901: Simple inlining. (r=dvander)
bb133d578f86681ba4cf78313e8cbadcc67a0a36Jan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_AND and JSOP_OR (bug 686381, r=dvander)
8ef30e51d88ae4f81511f3f67c573caa51aa59c8Sean Stangl — Fix --disable-methodjit build. (No bug, flames)
5deb641ced5b3fd7db7513ef159720ddd1089994Sean Stangl — Appease GCC 4.5 by explicitly unwrapping ReadBarriered. (No bug, flames)
d3f02a9d4238de52da37126a94fcc6fbb054e905Sean Stangl — Merge M-C -> IonMonkey.
2f01551d1e84948ef73d31f838548e2f09dbb0feSean Stangl — Merge MC + IonCode write barriers -> IonMonkey.
422443a2e859bdd4e81a7847f2d1569396bc71eaSean Stangl — Pick up accidentally uncommitted changes. (Bug 701990, r=cdleary)
83dbfff7f193864e3e35c3ea2b8a67db4ef1a898Sean Stangl — IonMonkey read/write barrier support. (Bug 701990, r=cdleary)
7c70058ad7b7503b674d110cd91209605fa80bfeSean Stangl — Merge. Write barriers have not yet been integrated.
6c753480d2bdbeddf98c6fb5a59109e4b1ea42c2Marty Rosenberg — Fix the reds, get ion back to a state of sanity for arm (bug 703565, r=sstangl))
63421e0a7c45f0adb5f9cdde917f6b54685dfbf1Jan de Mooij — Improve register allocation for copmarison instructions (bug 698778, r=dvander,mrosenberg)
c259b1e4c95aadb71122deb808a96c2031522d09Jan de Mooij — Remove dis() call from test to fix opt orange (no bug, r=orange) DONTBUILD
715f187454ed050ab987c86c49ea6eac397f75a4Jan de Mooij — Fix compile warnings (no bug, r=red)
535a0dda33281b6f6889b97e638d7ea1fab98daaJan de Mooij — Compile JSOP_SETGNAME (bug 700303, r=dvander)
29c5f1b61413c56383cab150aaa88c77ad9dd069David Anderson — Allow exit frames to nest, use right context in ABI calls (bug 695897 part 7, r=sstangl).
2251703b072e3eeaf8a97b2ac6ec41a733dad91bDavid Anderson — Change ABI calls to use exit frames (bug 695897 part 6, r=sstangl).
6778cd6941a1135dc144b034d0d42e795f20e5dbDavid Anderson — Introduce exit frames for x64 bailouts (bug 695897 part 5, r=sstangl).
6aefeb68c04de48e836ddbc57ef88a3828fccf9aDavid Anderson — Introduce exit frames for x86 bailouts (bug 695897 part 4, r=sstangl).
b54f9c27c4583484a37da054d13c00fa9a008fbaDavid Anderson — Make ABI calls arch specific for ARM (bug 695897 part 3, r=mrosenberg).
27dda98f1eceff198d55d9b6d4e48f4ed78f94c5David Anderson — Make ABI calls arch specific for x86 and x64 (bug 695897 part 2, r=sstangl).
8284e6365e99035c2622d83d4bd1d0e6a0b9b79bDavid Anderson — Use explicit outparams in ABI calls (bug 695897 part 1, r=sstangl).
ab790991e91f876313005f5c5cbfc7203cb43a7fNicolas Pierron — Fix typo in JS -> C call masks. (Bug 701508, r=sstangl)
88f65dfb48315a865517fb9cd97293e2ed18417aNicolas Pierron — Do not add type barrier if instruction has expected type. (Bug 700211, r=sstangl)
69d31720ff0fd911ca82c3c5d2b31323ce15a1d7Marty Rosenberg — Handle hairy cycles: cycles where the last element in the cycle has dependencies. (bug 697906,r=dvander)
736d52cc985c9f2e1d841284f3fd9ded298dd1fdDavid Anderson — Fix JSCallClobberMask typo (bug 701508, r=sstangl).
00c3477ea630e9ce5715fa5bf714ca42459e716fMarty Rosenberg — Don't use d31 as a register, we cannot encode it. Also, change .isDouble to kind == DOUBLE (no bug, r=dvander)
7d978454409ebdaff6e5fcec29ace032e7bb8226Marty Rosenberg — last changes required to get IM functioning (bug 698695,r=jbramley)
28a531088115eafa38ecc700fe51757bc521f20eMarty Rosenberg — Split the shift operation into multiple LIR instructions and implement multiply (bug 698579, r=jbramley)
e1db5388d52bd8cfd75708abcde1140f5f367283Jan de Mooij — Ignore fat increment/decrement ops (bug 701025, r=dvander)
4cf64b431f91288890e3b94e3bebbf94e3586a66Marty Rosenberg — Yet another "whoops". This function managed to sneak into my last commit (it was supposed to go in much later)
4c20c60f6b2552aa896aa15c93211a2f993c4688Marty Rosenberg — Whoops, Add in the new shared Lowering files.
db2c69383b9d915b651885c48e5c88696318712eMarty Rosenberg — Fix some bit-bugs, add in a couple of new functions, etc.(bug 696825, r=cdleary)
14555c86ccf71c7b21e1c14134b897a7f1e44b61Marty Rosenberg — Add in tables (bug 696825, r=cdleary)
e103c2bd35fdde3fd294ae3594d663022cb4afcdMarty Rosenberg — Add in pools! (only for doubles presently) (bug 696825, r=cdleary)
70953dad5e783f6009abf7004f74832df570d381David Anderson — Fix inc/dec ops not decomposing properly (bug 695017, r=cdleary).
a44853532140fdc0b52f1fd34bbc0f34f2a992e3Sean Stangl — Disallow compilation if source frame hasArgsObj(). Triggered by OSR. (No bug, r=dvander)
e784f2911b5bd7956f52be6a93f010a032cf364eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
89fff0ee52d5e237060a44b133a68e723dab8ae4David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
5b43306f9b174e7b02fa1bf2d708943b976f00a9David Anderson — Fix Greedy register allocator bug in stack reuse (bug 680432 part 2, r=sstangl).
e6931fc5b630797f78371cc46656709ca973615eDavid Anderson — Fix Greedy register allocation bug in backing stack computation (bug 680432, r=sstangl).
e11561a4aa62ada75720084a9c6c150390070e3dDavid Anderson — Fix greedy allocator clobbering spill locations in loops (bug 694481, r=sstangl).
b7729f1b36800af8d411aaed479138d60aeff002Sean Stangl — Distinguish "discard" from "remove" in the context of MDefinitions. (No bug, r=dvander)
73c7b98c7a64d961549f9c210695ad952ea0bc37David Anderson — Fix orange from typo in previous rebase.
f620c2f0ce7ce3f66f0028eb7c8e815796269fb5David Anderson — Fix x64 build.
642b147cdaee3e5ea1c9b58a268307b365ae333dDavid Anderson — Follow-up fixes again!
691c944bb0258f5bab2942cba2b40a2ec6a9d3aeNicolas Pierron — Implements Calls to C++ (bug 680315, r=dvander)
ffee9801dd071edb27fda9773f7306016d1f8726David Anderson — Follow-up fixes to bug 680315 (thanks, mercurial).
08998bb1b52fefb8f33a04e76461914193d8234cNicolas Pierron — IonCode pointers are valid jump targets. (Bug 680315, r=dvander)
fadc027ca1ecad3d51a15f9ef2a42934617a151bNicolas Pierron — Implement a Cache class which discard unused entries. (Bug 685841, r=mccr8,jimb)
b1c83b8225560990b50be77df73e30ef558c607cNicolas Pierron — Add gc::Mark and gc::IsMarked functions. (Bug 687843, r=billm)
97289207e9de085c9243e363a98ea4504e4a083eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c7c0d34dc0d9acca780665792cef1e9a6197a56aDavid Anderson — Handle replacing stack slots that are in the middle of a copy chain (bug 692215, r=cdleary).
632a5dbdeec23ffc7d296061407104f1081f65a8David Anderson — Merge.
8da6b16bdd33a7c882d9aa04c05277c911c74faeDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ed4d5889ffd6e808ef7933b70a290aba1717beebSean Stangl — Output LPhi instructions in JSON spew. (No bug, r=dvander)
2b94770c2bf8e2f76e366239d424066578a57c97Marty Rosenberg — Attempt to redefine the registers defined in JSC within IM so we can cut down build times (bug 695051,r=dvander)
71e491bda9a6666a08a3bc998fa6b918995b8eaaDavid Anderson — Allow IonContexts to stack (bug 691603, r=cdleary).
80f0dce7aa2eef6b0d34b66f00118399db4a92e6Terrence Cole — Bug 689779 - Avoid checking for -0 when we do a*a; r=dvander
bdf09dbc8e0dd118ed1cd1ede08f7ff6b0d9c0a5David Anderson — Fix build.
324d270b8e17f06704ff74dc1d8f00f30ade5c4eNicolas Pierron — ABICall: Return values larger than word size. (Bug 692114, r=sstangl)
6fe92d3bb4a352cf55c39e1e7bb3a181a20c255cDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 352b7590a566
352b7590a56648a7c49660875251f9af264d206aNicolas Pierron — ABICall: Return values larger than word size. (Bug 692114, r=sstangl)
ae2ac74f31ae3d8ab2d04add4d96ca2a8f05c95cNicolas Pierron — Support loading ABI arguments from memory (bug 685228, r=dvander).
a9881c4374e79b8962458c16272b65a6b6a48131Nicolas Pierron — Share ValueOperand manipulation (bug 693609, r=dvander).
d5403d9e1d8e34e4c253c9d54606f5e9ae1cc113Chris Leary — Bug 695877 - Each MBasicBlock refers to a graph and its generating CompileInfo. (r=dvander)
7a002b39d8be0d141c6b67b6a9474145ca78d42aMarty Rosenberg — Add in function calls, and implement a bunch of other stubs (bug=694509, r=jbramley)
c07d4ebf6e6aca69533d13e8b9d71de0b3d8c673Chris Leary — Bug 695546 - fix ARM build bustage and warnings. (r=mjrosenb)
09eb10371024b95623c40538a2bb3140cc2cded8Chris Leary — Bug 695496 - break out CompileInfo for static compilation information. (r=dvander)
c59c0e36ca9f547422713e167e86c8c9ceb04dfcDavid Anderson — Fix tbpl, again, whoops.
1112fdeab99b66053d7871b403642c2b6b8b1a39David Anderson — Fix Windows tbpl.
cf74616e71b020a07f51c5fe3f4e2664174bf08dDavid Anderson — Fix ARM build.
f93960a93ad97a56d308bd9ce25d97cbc175d524David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f085bb5e0ef0e41b8cbfca2580b50ffb68edcdc8David Anderson — Fix SpiderMonkey builds on tbpl.
9e12e2ea9726153b39b796c6fdbc530428240951David Anderson — Remove bogus assert triggering inside valgrind.
7658d0234f1983a813fddec9f86a95906be245b2David Anderson — Remove TypeSets from MInstructions (bug 694621, r=sstangl).
e575614bb8884aceeabfaec798f5bd42fe7e8e0aDavid Anderson — Ensure inputs to unboxes are lowered (bug 694422, r=sstangl).
1e6e025df3d12b363ded3daf890d8708f698e40bDavid Anderson — Fix COPY policy in greedy register allocation (bug 694215, r=sstangl).
6e600ec5f9b4f426ea5899bfc0564139036c32c2David Anderson — Add test case for bug 692211.
b9e09bc7afa2338ef7af748b560df5af4ebde554David Anderson — Add test case for bug 692208.
b2cc6f0cc5802c576962f2fef1b10cdb2eb61394Hannes Verschore — Sort successors of a table switch (bug 682021, r=dvander).
6e442768f0ca0b5a76a7dd5e845f5458fecd80a0Marty Rosenberg — Destroy absolutely everything, move most functions out of *Assembler-arm.h into *Assembler-arm.cpp (bug 693449, r=jbramley)
2101d4b040ee620a9d9fcdf48ffb1828d999c050Marty Rosenberg — Improve the features of ionmonkey on arm. (bug 693449, r=jbramley)
043ea5aee853b79ff5e8ac0befb325d2887cfb06David Anderson — Fix greedy regalloc not filling snapshots at the right time (bug 694172, r=sstangl).
ceff3e6881ae0ccf76600a0b5a6b782e36bb21b1David Anderson — Fix ARM build.
24db30e862ec42a6acb0a5a73b6f03c9376e2e0eDavid Anderson — Trace GC pointers embedded in Ion code (bug 683407, r=sstangl).
bbfd08d05520f175bf19b5c349b2ad2b7e703ad1David Anderson — Rebase - thanks hg qfin.
6f67262319bef2279c8c1ab3b970dbaf952138f6David Anderson — Apply type barriers to calls (bug 693432, r=bhackett).
448bc655cf0acdb35c61073363f4b1d43448db10David Anderson — Follow-up nits to the GETGNAME patch.
e14a523e99d360ff098218db6536221a0eccd839David Anderson — Implement JSOP_GETGNAME fast paths (bug 684402, r=sstangl,bhackett).
d82cb4ce6398d83d3a920dd215247b2047ebc77bDavid Anderson — Let IonMonkey options pass through shell even when not enabled.
70eae9bd90d40875f909048b8f4afc650ce1a9f3David Anderson — Test Ion flags on make check.
85abf8f7a054bd15910b1f11d25bb0b4df800c3bDavid Anderson — More orange fixes.
3486d72145393eab2fe90426b7af3d8096d0e7c7David Anderson — Fix Type Inference API misuse (bug 692213, r=bhackett).
50e9e50f6067518e42efe94c9d553a400ea4a784David Anderson — Fix more tbpl red/orange.
7b669f558361fdf7ca8ef7c4fe1a0dac726d09c0Sean Stangl — Support exception handling with multiple Ion frames. (Bug 692211, r=dvander)
b0a54ed50a9ed7460c2501cb466231aab4398f6cDavid Anderson — Fix bogo-orange on Ion SpiderMonkey builds.
43df4617bbaa9d3d744e12130662b28ea6b62fffDavid Anderson — Quell compiler warnings breaking the -Werror builds.
77dbb8ab6cf1e7e11c5f485d6c5a583b4614810fDavid Anderson — Fix build errors on no-methodjit builds.
e3463b292ab4b97d74ca4e93d025050a9166b8a2David Anderson — Check argument types given by type inference (bug 689325, r=sstangl,bhackett).
67d5e0dec3fac1ffa3dc42dfcdebcb35098cc29bNicolas B. Pierron — LInstruction::InputIterator should support instruction with snapshot and no operands (bug 688174, r=dvander).
016702490661e9371adb4542d1f8e156cd2b94fdDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
801d2c532aa543ce29a371c2fb7e9053232382bdSean Stangl — Handle ION_DISABLED_SCRIPT in visitCallGeneric(). (Bug 692291, r=dvander)
c0f11fc330305e9bb08aad8f804e8183d7159386Marty Rosenberg — Get a basic version of IonMonkey working on ARM (bug 690053, r=jbramley)
63c64b0c437eeefa68954b2f47fa725377502792Sean Stangl — Extract JSFunction from JSObject.privateData in visitCallGeneric(). (Bug 692291 r=dvander)
86b68bdba42fd0084945600c40da4cd137816651Sean Stangl — Fix lowering of DivI on x64. (Bug 692332, r=dvander)
3ee51d2222b10e718b8d6e9323b12ced0072ad4bSean Stangl — Remove hasfp() assertions from repointRegs(). (Bug 692382, no_r)
9bf08e5773f195e905787a2385df5efde425d583David Anderson — Snoop for JSOP_NOTEARG more in the decompiler (bug 692578, r=sstangl).
4d1446eeacb9811685298c4f4f36f83e0e70006aDavid Anderson — Fix bogus offset in test.
eafe88c524da54994cf2ac50f368db1916ef776cDavid Anderson — Change type testing interface (bug 689831, r=sstangl).
8cfeba5239a9e4f20c462d6fb20421b4e4e7c735David Anderson — Merge to eliminate bad head.
7ee944b1fb20bcd536455ddcfb6705560c7daf08David Anderson — Fix IonMonkey for latest merge.
f606d92ca592497db15f59e0b25dfd2cd5368ed8David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
cad26d2fb5af799dfe030fd2a8948d617eac2f52David Anderson — Backout merge.
173d723fd4322a2d74ed84add8fdcadbced8103fDavid Anderson — Backed out changeset 35df5ddd7306
35df5ddd7306a581bb4291bcb36cd8a1bf46d5e5David Anderson — Fix up busted merge.
2a61f9104d6324fd3b89b8ea53d5453bfd63f88bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
88526a9c099aa5324a55d62bb2107e7eea2ebdb7David Anderson — Merge.
0a8cd435a41a12d550c395a253b85a8d2cd38bd4Sean Stangl — Fix testcase from Bug 691597 to expect TypeError. (Bug 691597, no_r)
578219c4f056716e98280fefab6c58993de22cb5Sean Stangl — Don't assume extra slot availability in jsop_neg(). (Bug 691597, r=dvander)
5dbfb891d8df92c8e7b6e34f6d81dd2b09a4b326Sean Stangl — Assert that JSOP_NOTEARG occurs after |this| push. (Bug 691593, r=dvander)
5602420006bba14119399002c22f07d4e187aff8Sean Stangl — Include "NYI" during JS_NOT_REACHED() of unimplemented opcodes, for fuzzing. (No bug, no_r)
acf3c1fb7c945174bcf15a7aeab60ef1b03b0791Sean Stangl — Use TI to determine result type of binary arithmetic. (No bug, r=dvander)
1cc1a573bb994b531665dc1468011ec4221f531fDavid Anderson — Propagate phi specializations (bug 685993, r=sstangl).
ef5f3216118471534d4950113a5fa49a1be257e0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c11c77e73480f4da194f8115ab67d2ffa63c7517David Anderson — Eliminate dead phis (bug 678273, r=sstangl).
e1d7da3830eabdf5f5ec92a46d7289f90841ff20David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
d498ff65f1e53901d44f29da966e0bc24a775714Tom Schuster — Bug 686323: Use new NumberDiv in ion r=dvander
587ade985b16db665c9da8d95d32d5227dbc8937David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
23edb5d4dea53215c5bc46015e237cb3a9f468c5Sean Stangl — Mark frame types correctly. (Bug 685099, r=dvander)
31641ffb0e9d5550b58fea50d32c8abb942add38Sean Stangl — Call functions with insufficient arguments. (Bug 685099, r=dvander)
af4ea34da9df9fa81e2c026d9076fd2512db0a7cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
0c3090046c7aea1f4aaccc7d35ca0866c8f88b77David Anderson — Fix type inference integration with localinc (bug 685982, r=bhackett).
61cd956864cc6514a23698a77c6629df88315e1eDavid Anderson — Crash while building SSA (bug 683983, r=cdleary).
997030f1b8e3258dc0198e5f155e8b030cb8ef01David Anderson — Follow-up nitss for bug 685707.
e6f9d57d883664ff578f48eaebfb551bac9226a7David Anderson — Implement JSOP_DIV (bug 685707, r=sstangl).
50217f14b0e9b78099f6ebbf7659900aec7fb621David Anderson — Bump XDR for JSOP_NOTEARG.
607459b18af78eaa37130449ff1aeb6ccbc252baDavid Anderson — Fix debug offset in test.
9738af4a0433ebfa4ef573c814be3ff7c5112c0fDavid Anderson — Disable Ion in debug mode (bug 684029, r=jorendorff).
4129e39cffcdc7a690ef76307f51e8c3a6701c7fDavid Anderson — Implement JSOP_SUB (bug 685695, r=sstangl).
ab38a3d96333092b9356bb53cc2b03297cf22c8eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
1c09becc1638adc59dd965e9f793aff4b706c1e6Sean Stangl — LSRA support for calls. (Bug 670484, r=adrake)
50142bbb735daf200fdf737e54968010b768dd23Sean Stangl — GreedyAllocator support for calls. (Bug 670484, r=dvander)
090a6a0de93a879fd73c00aee52415327ee92b78Sean Stangl — Implement Call lowering and generation. (Bug 670484, r=dvander)
6fbb4a76ef7cdc04ec875ab98911dc1ef54a80c1Sean Stangl — Implement FixedList. (Bug 670484, r=dvander)
da1628da381e1627ada036b670cd77cc1b276643Sean Stangl — Implement JSOP_NOTEARG. (Bug 670484, r=dvander)
ce17ac91ffd86946521704d7e43925bdf59fa216David Anderson — Fix browser build from merge.
a2d39a64ab2804d78b8f28a0646af31b36bb012fDavid Anderson — Fix relocation table offset (bug 684126, r=sstangl).
b4e0df409adc424e71d5d320c97bdcb8bfbd6af8David Anderson — Merge backout.
62935e48508a5992def4b6c9a456364c7d853bc5David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
3d09f26ae4f4f1d937f6f1bec44ab6798e97d971David Anderson — Fix relocation table offset (bug 684126, r=sstangl).
973bcd9f92eb8c534ae6331d1ba0f896d7134d4aDavid Anderson — Implement LTestDAndBranch, LCompareD, and LCompareDAndBranch (bug 682060, r=sstangl).
8d78407cbf7edb6d436f7dcd25c289a3fe095f2eSean Stangl — Fix generateReturnError() for x64. (Bug 684563, r=dvander)
4a44c143b3ee9c42039e1216f6412f2702dd8350Sean Stangl — Have --ion-eager imply --ion. (No bug, r=dvander)
aa856d61ef8537a2cec9b05c6fa41f13464fca1aAndrew Drake — Fix wrong spill requirements in linear scan register allocator causing failures with function calls. no bug, r=sstangl
d03e1ba0d3b5a0ee34fb18788acd6fe53aa16673David Anderson — Disable the tracer when Ion is enabled (bug 684318, r=sstangl).
1643eac86ad14cdde59cdb349dedac7cc5fbb7abDavid Anderson — Fix crash building SSA for infinite loops (bug 684362, r=sstangl).
59f959fe18f7b4d97578ccb1b85d147c777fbcfcDavid Anderson — Fix typo in Assembler::retarget (bug 684365, r=sstangl).
c7199a1523c39a6e43b76cadcbd1be4f181b5543David Anderson — Rename MSnapshot to MResumePoint (bug 681698, r=sstangl).
834f8ff1748e1ec00c9006ac0c7ef3cb5f60e2deDavid Anderson — Ignore crazy break-to-label edge cases (bug 684037, r=sstangl).
eeb8be61e48bfdd6e9f86c968d1bc72c92043635David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a9f2747976eafaaf6b25f22b5ee9a0f1195082f2Sean Stangl — Remove temporary ARM files erroneously included in previous commit. (Bug 683300, no_r)
27e9b32b8f33e62c62e5bbe0a285c83fc7b70228Marty Rosenberg — Provide initial ARM skeleton for IonMonkey. (Bug 683300, r=sstangl)
fc37c98489c47badf07e2ad1ef70c5ebec172bc2David Anderson — Implement MTruncateToInt32 (bug 682061, r=sstangl).
2be20e5f492dadc7bae0803a23684ead05cec3f6David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a8ca429e2cce54a2e8d029c9a7cccd12ee712676Brian Hackett — Use inferred types for unop/binop/parameter MDefinitions, bug 683044. r=dvander
4ceb3e9961e4e1d15a90a63aaddb74621d577582David Anderson — Delay Ion compilation until a function is hot (bug 683039, r=bhackett).
1ec61b5ec88b252f36465f18a73d39df71837826Sean Stangl — Permit iteration over register sets. (Bug 682454, r=dvander)
8939f6d48a22916cef8a7be440847f3a5dc6f487David Anderson — Fix infinite loop after greedy register allocation (bug 682210, r=cdleary).
63d80003bddf860b113239f9f8f6f7188e9ac6a2David Anderson — Fix missing break in visitMathToD (bug 682055, r=h4writer).
c9779aee08224430261e3ce2424f099e596426cbDavid Anderson — Implement LTestVAndBranch (bug 678681, r=sstangl).
eab76e8f85342e26123f70885b34824427263d8eDavid Anderson — Follow-up nits, once again forgot to qref.
646c22f09bedc0d16b3a7db131003aeb9fb1a77cDavid Anderson — Handle double inputs to LTableSwitch (bug 681745, r=sstangl,h4writer).
a4e9fd62263d34f146c52efb183eef60af4e9765David Anderson — Use correct pc for join blocks (bug 680619, r=sstangl).
ddf369efb4aea110dddda48808c29ec980e181e3David Anderson — Follow-up nits, forgot to qref.
cc659b5d13af83f9deeabe6c8a5d8a24a37d1968David Anderson — Fix bugs in snapshotting, visitCompare, and assert harder on virtual registers (bug 680621, r=sstangl).
160eefbc3862398c84d2cfdd52c518f06ebf41b5David Anderson — Follow-up nit.
7563960aa7ffb15c6971bec8da3faeb184287222David Anderson — Refactor loop handling to fix phi placement bugs (bug 678629, r=sstangl).
43a2d1a790646ad8c5a1ec1dfdb0d621b584363aHannes Verschore — Bug 681741: Support jumps to default case in the jumptable, r=dvander
0e4a02da73f7ff7dd0915568cd586157603c1e2eHannes Verschore — Bug 681687: Some fixes and improvements for MMul, r=dvander
911966c4bee6ee70d909d4065f67c0860ab762a1Hannes Verschore — Bug 677636: use deferred jumptable instead of double jump in tableswitch, r=dvander
c1ec835d0f9d4880722f592bdc2dbcc0c53610aeHannes Verschore — Bug 681185: Implement JSOP_RSH, JSOP_LSH and JSOP_URSH, r=dvander
24434554ba9970169ae60530debd68b297378cc8Hannes Verschore — Remove cmpl function that had reversed arguments. no bug, r=dvander
010e8a2d6ad2a262e4b94430d98895cc9b4f8cc6Andrew Scheff — Use setCC to optimize comparisons w/o branching (bug 677774, r=dvander)
b9abc23063b90884b7fbb99805090d4f55fe2bc9David Anderson — Fix snapshot restoration of stack'd doubles (bug 679581, r=sstangl).
084606de4f7c68be48b82dc51a2004e8865e6a08David Anderson — Fix bug in copy correction when setting locals (bug 678620, r=sstangl).
d826b6da07f2aeec901c6fea4f09ba7a106ffaceRyan Pearl — Back out 420a6166dba1 due to incorrect type policy inference. no bug, r=adrake
380c69106e5f333c09a9686052043e251c38129aAndrew Drake — Allow register hints to be attached to intervals with register requirements. no bug, r=dvander
420a6166dba11d5fcd10124cad3b0eb359a6d6baRyan Pearl — Make multiplication commutative and idempotent (no bug, r=dvander)
7732904d4c8d5d4b182afd47974ceada0116258dAndrew Scheff — fixed assert, fixed ordering of jumps in LCompareI, added test cases (bug=677774, r=dvander)
93a37c92967ea1f8b2b99a5c942e0c056bd7f8bcAndrew Scheff — Simple code generation for integer comparisons (bug 677774, r=dvander)
cb541da532c2035f95580666c2cee69f8274333fHannes Verschore — Remove unused argument from jsop_bitnot, no bug. r=dvander
bd11f4fae27ad893deedb5c40ae4c1e8705c447cHannes Verschore — Bug 679493: implement JSOP_MUL - part 4: peephole optimizations, r=dvander
ab6b2e8db887dd222ded823c5af3c706f487a509Ryan Pearl — Produce correct value numbers for folded constants (bug 678798, r=adrake)
71de4f9ef039037549c559bf70ce129eca14bc12Hannes Verschore — Bug 679493: implement JSOP_MUL - part 3: separate overflow/negative zero checks, r=dvander
0b8dece77de126b2db768a78267f30800e36bcf0Hannes Verschore — Bug 679493: implement JSOP_MUL - part 2: double's and JSOP_NEG, r=dvander
b7c3e89e50cc4a52e7ddd593334144d640d56ab9Hannes Verschore — Bug 679493: implement JSOP_MUL - part 1: basic, r=dvander
42d5f6784ef002539b3c8b708690a1d3f25c290bAndrew Drake — Bug 676389: (part 2) Add a COPY policy to linear scan register allocation. r=dvander
9c7e1a2c09cf1cd4dd83c46e2d54443552880742Andrew Drake — Add a COPY policy to greedy register allocation (bug 676389 part 1, r=adrake).
e2abf970b42b1923eea12f1bb3b84466f055c862Ryan Pearl — Make value numbering sparse (Bug 669793, r=adrake)
6050e64e2903f8d5a2984f7aede287dc2b1dbee7Nicolas B. Pierron — Bug 679794 - IonMonkey: Greedy Allocator: Fix x86-64 double load
2f95cb807c67e0febfbbbc38807884c07b57e03aSean Stangl — Refactor IonSpewer to handle multiple functions. (Bug 679981, r=rpearl)
55c24e87cb0d8926fd612995adc5d895d91fd534Ryan Pearl — Get rid of MirTypeNames (no bug, r=dvander)
0c863aeb0f757efffb7f40289998c06d1ee5be2bAndrew Scheff — Lowering for LCompare with peephole optimization to emit LCompareAndBranch when necessary (Bug:677774, r=dvander)
567369af8ac24b88e8d7bfdbb63281c3b71d422fAndrew Drake — Bug 679557: Don't unbox the output of the unbox instruction during lowering. r=dvander
642b96936887d5303c7445248d4f753db2740a3aRyan Pearl — Refactor GVN for more generic constant folding and to respect integer overflow rules (Bug 678625, r=dvander)
c39f2efbf198d52e0a97b966cacf413bf495ccfdDavid Anderson — Call CheckFrame() at the right time (bug 678682, r=sstangl).
8f60694f1ff5c90ee79ace309bc7f3ab171f32d5Andrew Drake — Bug 678801: Add register hinting across phis. r=dvander
1e2078273debc9d4c3bc0df278fe566c634cd789Andrew Drake — Bug 670628: Add floating point support to linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
8d3e5e4be9333e5bc4aace2ead98595c4d2b095eAndrew Drake — Bug 670628: Eliminate heap-allocated free-until and next-use mappings. r=dvander
d6c0c813dd80fb12865a8d9874aea6676697e91dAndrew Drake — Bug 678602: Eliminate deallocation hack from linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
e029a3cf6a641f6cc083f3633db92622d2993cfbAndrew Scheff — Adds MCompare operation and ComparePolicy (bug=677774, r=dvander)
6b30297a73661294f6cb93b5454ced28faa0e3e0David Anderson — Implement MToDouble (bug 677339, r=sstangl).
d8e8d950cfbae8b700e9cbfb134ab373b2908e75David Anderson — Implementing MToInt32 (bug 677339, r=sstangl).
a43711f75e378f40c107dc654dcbdfafa5466c20Brian Hackett — Merge JM -> IM
f7076b6bc9c91496facb3174e29de9263f7b6589Ryan Pearl — Mark box instructions as idempotent (no bug, r=dvander)
f82e7d7508f8d11b8fbaecfe769a965f48a25053Hannes Verschore — Bug 678239: implement JSOP_SETARG, r=dvander
e8ce2d102fdaacf14c0418bac846494f846807d0Ryan Pearl — Remove some unnecessary vector from LICM (Bug 678598, r=ascheff)
c34b8613959d3bdb6875035e311af549ba453432Andrew Drake — Properly propagate return values in LOCALINC/ARGINC. no bug, r=dvander
0988a70d95be51559fb2556af191efc93b404197Andrew Drake — Bug 678072: Fix off-by-one attaching snapshots to parameters. r=dvander
6c99b3ba5423e8c9d316aaf9a10a08628416f13fHannes Verschore — Implement JSOP_VOID. No bug, r=dvander
9a7208406f77e5c058c10706715f9014f945f27eHannes Verschore — Bug 678353: Implement arg increment/decrement, r=dvander
a0f88cdad5c95128ec109a840ee31852592e197dSean Stangl — Implement Dead Code Elimination. (Bug 678113, r=dvander)
e4815c23236d76d1294d1529201341539f8cd507Hannes Verschore — Bug 678106: Add tests for local increment/decrement, r=dvander
73b80b0c344a2c6716def0fe420da6e707954643Hannes Verschore — Bug 678106: implement local increment/decrement, r=dvander
28a71ebcf6c56255a62e18926af1eea4c5a13762Andrew Drake — Bug 675381: Remove broken opportunistic phi elimination from linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
97ac85295f203175562783cb0e12abfe0a38802dDavid Anderson — Fix stack logic when removing bailout frames (bug 677871, r=sstangl).
0fb0af47c876e4133a7547d11c968fd8acae477fSean Stangl — Reset MoveResolver state. (Bug 678066, r=dvander)
d96d02901f8153e8d2d6700d645feb14c304b097Ryan Pearl — Don't mark instructions as congruent if they produce values of different types (Bug 677867, r=dvander)
29bd198d1ad163eaa7af78005a7dbeb554cbbf9aHannes Verschore — Bug 676933: some style nits, r=dvander
3a68a95b215bf81eedeeba689b60d91497db484aHannes Verschore — Bug 676933: implement JSOP_BITNOT, r=dvander
8f2bd72cec88001bc6280b4d9db5aca8ccada74cDavid Anderson — Fix block entry-snapshots not inheriting stack slots (bug 669950, r=sstangl).
cbed9bf55b229af5940619819f202ac2ef0fa62eDavid Anderson — Add a constant pool for snapshots (bug 677715, r=sstangl).
b92f682a773b6d8ba951a8f951e8912030a6b51bRyan Pearl — Don't do opportunistic dead code elimination during value numbering; a real pass will take care of it later. (No bug, r=adrake)
5b5610698472447043b5221e021fbb15fd3c63bfRyan Pearl — Update use-chains of inputs to an instruction when it is removed (bug 677072, r=dvander)
731c20b56be6c95eebaf6cad438360482c6fe1ecAndrew Drake — Bug 677832: Handle loops precisely in linear scan liveness phase. r=dvander
c0262f6e18a4f5f0eacd875640f8fb8fd069a1cdAndrew Drake — Bug 677730: Assign snapshots to LAdd instructions. r=dvander
af7791387bef51c653665164707421980870138aDavid Anderson — Fix bug in variable-length compact encoding (bug 677163, r=adrake).
e615f5bff9718e2d660c2bd168c7713f4e596a34David Anderson — Make tests not infinite loop.
a82301dbc67871131e0e4af4f389e94c43223703David Anderson — Lower phi inputs at their appropriate edges (bug 677066, r=adrake).
6de347dfef36a82cb36ffe445c8497cf78a26c65Sean Stangl — Flush JSONSpewer file buffer at each endpoint, for iongraph. (No bug, r=adrake)
18313e89ae3623c314c0ff2026b6d75ab8dbf9c4Hannes Verschore — Bug 670784: Implement JSOP_TABLESWITCH - part 3: Fixing typepolicy of tableswitch, r=dvander
f226f89b29e9f6aa43f62e5c61475119c1757db9David Anderson — Make sure to re-analyze phis of phis (bug 677455, r=rpearl).
e998eb5a314b2cbc86b6902818857ccc1ac9a2baRyan Pearl — Fixed stale comments (no bug, r=me)
9fbb91134833be6ce1ef26765bb7da12dc7640aeDavid Anderson — Follow-up nit to bug 677380.
f09e19a5a616f33ae81cd8644a56034f95af9a35David Anderson — Refactor Lowering to look like CodeGen or Masm (bug 667380 part 2, r=sstangl).
9af59f5ea4aa52e76c763a0f362f9b493af868c3David Anderson — Rename IonLowering* to Lowering* (bug 677380 part 1, r=sstangl).
0a5f59f8e07fc9f4656bc624be1d795495af11a0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
90779916414a3142b7c58bac4c0048e319b44ae2Sean Stangl — Add a semicolon. (No bug, no_r=me)
d3ecc4cdd9ddfa1957d6cc3c4333b25f634522ecSean Stangl — Dump MIR instruction attributes in JSON output. (No bug, r=rpearl)
526fb26e0ecf489d108dc3235a751f023b891089Ryan Pearl — perform algebraic simplification and constant folding (Bug 669789, r=dvander)
089cfaf1c992b46bdeb17953ef62bc81b9720337Ryan Pearl — Stop compilation warnings. Again. (no bug, r=sstangl)
53dc7fc4b4e42cc11654075d42fbdc7f2ecf8e54Ryan Pearl — Stop build warnings due to cast inside a JS_ASSERT_IF (no bug, r=sstangl)
fdca23dfc5dd26d5942cb3bb364b0efc05cfe014Sean Stangl — Expose type annotations in JSON spew. (Bug 677063, r=rpearl)
dfddabc19ec6efa4d515b63fe0649c1872ce82bdSean Stangl — Support JSOP_UINT24, JSOP_INT32. (No bug, r=rpearl)
7db3ab67e75ed2f8d4705e1259eea7964810220eDavid Anderson — Fix Windows build.
1f849ecde4366bb2a02e9fdeac8248321d12be9eDavid Anderson — Fix loop carried registers in the greedy allocator (bug 677075, r=adrake).
eba5f9434a2a38dde19ef378e20a390916a7de80Sean Stangl — Pass correct stopAt argument to pushLoop(). (No bug, r=dvander)
aad4f90fd9b526513a3684615d764ca36de55c6eDavid Anderson — Use specialized inputs for specialized phis (bug 677073, r=rpearl).
c88d2ecb2472542a41f94a85bb9e7f5beefcca87David Anderson — Propagate observed type information from phis (bug 677045, r=rpearl).
b2f20fb51b927c21bd1ed303d83ac20c721fb14aDavid Anderson — Use special interp mode for bailouts (bug 677080, r=sstangl).
dba8607b243d865dd92f1301f79bb1bb16b9814fDavid Anderson — Fix greedy register allocation inserting moves after branches (bug 674507, r=adrake).
4de8f1841fea8cae5a7ad4a1320ff3aef2da3e8dDavid Anderson — Fix greedy register allocation bugs with state merging (bug 669575, r=adrake).
d5196c1532d118db678f09676a56d1fca8000238David Anderson — Fix opt build.
e87b5d87406e3d0a1b067a8c5100ceb2c3d9feefDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
65d3bc30daf0304765e8a6fa891e73148cff4632Ryan Pearl — Make --ion-gvn=optimistic not cause option parsing to fail (no bug, r=adrake)
4ea28afe22cffa8e43df38e9cb3e44243b258f3bAndrew Drake — Detect out-of-bounds virtual register array accesses in linear scan register allocator. no bug, r=sstangl
51da05c4a15303c29b1a89fbfc8069c8eeb66ebeAndrew Drake — Bug 677041: Fix control flow resolution for non-phi registers, and live interval generation edge cases. r=dvander
af32380158496a7ecbdb3a5c3dcacb0e8ccb4a30Andrew Drake — Fix move emitter cycle-breaking. no bug, r=sstangl
8e87a05785d6ae92a0d0333c00ed6e0bdbefef03Sean Stangl — Don't eliminate redundant arguments to phi nodes. (Bug 676999, r=dvander)
0506659764d59a2186241f5ae0e89467f7954118David Anderson — Fix code-motion regression from bailout landing.
76d004ae24c57e0c05f48c2ba889f1d8f2fe60a2David Anderson — Follow-up nits to bug 670827.
ad399da18b2cfbfd346b5a31f4e048d2cee2a6ecDavid Anderson — Implement bailouts (bug 670827, r=sstangl).
a69ecadc75e124ccf316be09a95771b5f097e8faDavid Anderson — Push callee, either script or function, as part of every Ion frame (bug 670827 part 5, r=sstangl).
1493609db7d082f605e3b460c5d4ce77efff6635David Anderson — Random minor typos and refactorings (bug 670827 part 4, r=adrake).
7724af380dcce77f05d75f58a7ba9f4cba8a8f2fDavid Anderson — Add an API for calling C functions (bug 670827 part 3, r=adrake).
97cb6abb83aa409b43c624acee6c4230c278ab58David Anderson — Make frame size classes optional (bug 670827 part 2, r=adrake).
8a0228f35bd42c619315d7faaad7ea7a22306e15David Anderson — Add out-of-line code generation, refactored CodeGenerator (bug 670827 part 1, r=adrake).
6bce7f59bb1501741403541bc0d78c0fbedaef7fHannes Verschore — Bug 670784: Implement JSOP_TABLESWITCH - part 2: tableswitch logic, r=dvander
b052c9efbc28150821fbb09d6f9006800162eaf6David Anderson — Fix a bunch of type analysis bugs (bug 674694, r=rpearl).
481ad202043bd108352749b263a38fd897cb5ae2David Anderson — Fix greedy allocation bug where the same def had two registers (bug 674664, r=adrake).
1676cf93aa308abae9b00a9b861e731db250ec4dDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
b35d66c93b8bf5c8e6b21b9e35fe2e6dec691077Andrew Drake — Bug 676721: Don't allocate clobbered output registers as inputs in linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
679524cb39371f08afdaa85a251df2fd2cb3fbc3Andrew Drake — Bug 676940: Remove LLabel, move block start Label into LBlock. r=dvander
e32e1805a61f33b74a4b133d5ae2a7922b661575Hannes Verschore — Bug 670784: Implement JSOP_TABLESWITCH - part 1: add needed structures, r=dvander
48aebed719c213f300d23ab3b4d39bdfa511474aHannes Verschore — Bug 670784: Implement JSOP_TABLESWITCH - part 0: add CodeLabel, r=dvander
bad4742bde20f8401347217669416e9f7b728db5Andrew Drake — Bug 676721: Fix trampoline return values and don't allocate clobbered temporary registers. r=dvander
da3142df0db55154ad76ceaab9e23da52d73bad7David Anderson — Support for double arithmetic and new linker features (bug 675395, r=sstangl+hverschore).
aed14664eae98d4f0e340be359e36773ebe1d2c6David Anderson — Follow-up fix to bug 674506.
2ee4cdc9856b1fdd8aa991b449175436befddf9cDavid Anderson — Fix stale register state in the greedy allocator (bug 674506, r=adrake).
325999cd8b2a371c67e93c42c1d721ae21f9aa01Andrew Drake — Fix possible out-of-bounds array access in greedy allocator due to sparse block IDs. no bug, r=dvander
dcd5b8a6bce2e7bb30a26a4de46c447182ec30e9Sean Stangl — Fix x86 bustage: order of cmpl() arguments changed in last push. (No bug, no_r=me)
c416300d0b6247b791fbf8938e2ee3efece7f00eAndrew Scheff — Implement codegen for LTestIAndBranch (bug=676144, r=dvander)
17016226a18353de84cd60894f9c4865f01295b3Andrew Scheff — Code generation for LTestIAndBranch (bug=676144, r=dvander)
ac8122f3a2733a1716def40c3c899e05ce99780dDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a7dc8e5f7920a4444889bc552e5d539b8d0fb53bMark Banner — Bug 676499 - Mac 64 bit crash [@ fts3SegReaderNext] in Thunderbird's gloda tests following change to optimisation levels in sqlite - switch Mac back to -O2 optimisation for sqlite for now; r=glandium
0fafe1819d1d3be018d0365e9b01a2ac07a1bdd9Jez Ng — Bug 440093 - Bookmarks opened via "Open All in Tabs" should not replace current tab. r=mak
0259a8af1c8e5127c69d934160bc5e60894c798bTim Taubert — back out 6458c6116c97 (pushed with the wrong bug number)
184c31ba1923b22ff074eba0aac9a66ac52cac3aTim Taubert — merge the last green changeset on fx-team to m-c
e702c72c966bf243016a151e68cbf7660a93abe2Joshua M — Bug 673164 - Sync button in tab bar changes to Back button while syncing. r=dao
6d9addb2cbe71de385184c056cafae4e11ebe0edMarco Bonardo — Merge last green changeset from mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3577c5d62ced477d6b5f27ba0e8d2989cc95379aTrevor Saunders — bug 671926 - dexpcom GetNumActions() r=surkov
67e05b6f773d459d829775cbc5a896b9aaf59762Trevor Saunders — bug 673389 - cleanup what is a conceptual parent in AccGroupInfo r=surkov
c569fee7b0044e77dd19a4c39c7f015d2fdf0f02Benoit Jacob — Bug 673378 - Crash at nsHTMLCanvasElement::GetContext - r=roc
7c85629e7f73afa21cfc47df3de2ef476c42028aMyk Melez — update revision of Add-on SDK tests to latest tip; test-only
a459db11a653415c72368a2117227fb51aa0f3b1Ryan Pearl — don't generate unecessary phi instructions (Bug 676151, r=dvander)
2605bce381ef88f760862a72d7cecc18450496a7Andrew Drake — Add basic block removal and InlineList concatenation. no bug, r=rpearl
99328acd1f163f6897e296072b9b25025033acb5Andrew Drake — Use InlineList for MBasicBlocks. no bug, r=sstangl
1902eff5df2a232313fc8c738809d68b3fe07d95Andrew Drake — Don't pass a struct by value into spew in the linear scan register allocator. no bug, r=rpearl
60731ff893de7ea2f262430807a5a55fc2db81cdRyan Pearl — incorrect predecessor in dominator tree building (no bug, r=sstangl)
9bfa2a45e708c33ed0f1fc15621486daeb652c9dAndrew Drake — Use InlineForwardList instead of js::Vector to keep track of phis. no bug, r=rpearl
70a9bb4845dd1d1f5710323c2e6568850182fed1Andrew Drake — Fix InlineList build on MSVC. no bug, r=dvander
f224fdc7853fb1ac9ebe0e248c04327694284e3dDavid Anderson — Build fixes.
fb72d669b6533c5844685263b022cd8256f13446Sean Stangl — Skip over unreachable code in false block. (Bug 676322, r=dvander)
fcea485c3ef2e752a9b336eec814fd6a61235af6David Anderson — More merge cleanup.
d2b74080645dd91eedf9de0209dc29d85dd24006David Anderson — Clean up merge from mozilla-central.
a3c83c9d1b3b67b79da4f234fd01e42f80da8a2fDavid Anderson — Merge.
5ec11954fa1bc8c44a53e1890f3621df8b9d3e57David Anderson — Merge.
a2b39784660f9f144b7b62389072b3317c95c4b2Ryan Pearl — get rid of hoistWin, replace with idempotent flag (Bug 675394, r=dvander)
b290e2247d3a6d87a69b7bc69a41cf95c0080198Sean Stangl — Mark split edges in JSON debug output. No bug, r=rpearl
d9c17e3e5aa110ad2ef4e350d2e5ab6cb961c55aHannes Verschore — Implement JSOP_UINT16, no bug. r=dvander
200b03d6683d2264bf3c86042f985c4ae2a5f2e6David Anderson — Finish merge - RE-AUTOCONF NEEDED IN js/src
4af819b4af7dbba915e9de9be9fcee67288686eeDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
cc9aad2feb2d3b1838cee3365ab0c4b9a1f553d5David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
74b2b46fca7d4e5e36c1e396045975889351ee24Steve Fink — Dummy merge to revert tracemonkey to mozilla-inbound tip so we can run TM-specific tests on the CLOSED TREE known as tracemonkey (r=testing-gods)
b9de0447f4499b625b77ab3f047df061f10e5bacSean Stangl — Provide isLoopHeader and isLoopBackedge in JSON spew. No bug, r=adrake.
9639295aa57626cb2477e7f84436980bc90f8c9fAndrew Drake — Turn on linear scan register allocator by default. no bug, r=dvander
9f05230b547c82b67389c2437168079391b259f5Andrew Drake — Bug 675381: Don't split intervals in phis in linear scan register allocator. r=mrosenberg
30893e2e5d428282a98468f33c05276e73cf227cAndrew Drake — Bug 675378: Remove loop header status from loops with no backedges. r=rpearl
fb145bd503991307a7c321faf101182d886ee364Andrew Drake — Bug 675373: Reify intervals which are inactive at the end of linear scan register allocation. r=sstangl
37cbb200ae194aa5a4c30a2bc52da6c9dce84ebdSean Stangl — Fix omitting certain phi nodes in JSON spew. (No bug, r=adrake)
6bfa39c5854a8490342547b44a9f0b4a038bdc25Hannes Verschore — Bug 674722: Fix parsing of do-while loops with only break statements in IonBuilder, r=dvander
cea62451920b56570a2ff70a0fdeaeebb4e44f98Ryan Pearl — eliminate redundant phi instructions in GVN elimination phase (Bug 671430, r=dvander,rpearl)
e4273fa55bca80bf98d56a89eccb6458c203798cRyan Pearl — copy-propagate within phi nodes (Bug 675244 part 2, r=dvander)
c17b86bf406bda2efbaf6dfc5cd43deaa638c193Ryan Pearl — add removeDefAt for MDefinitionIterator (Bug 675244 part 1, r=dvander)
18eaec755ec55c6e7f20668489785d85cb471e47Sean Stangl — Don't emit GreedyAllocator stack-to-stack move when stacks are equal. (bug 674506, r=adrake)
a4e4540cf3790109765454c42a6eef5cb067b7e7Andrew Drake — Bug 675128: Remove inlined pseudo-iterators for MUse and replace with real iterators. r=rpearl
3ed32da379a8f51126cdfc698db5201787e279c3Andrew Drake — Bug 675129: Improve efficiency of live interval splitting in linear scan register allocator. r=sstangl
860aabb7dc93eee5385e649d5e22de3df3c1a71bRyan Pearl — Infinite loop in global value numbering (Bug 674656, r=adrake)
12dc6a919927e5833c21b9a9e2e2c470dabb8e01David Anderson — *Actually* fix typo...
5f5846d3382c181f1f8b45b5af7f2b29c6c1d712David Anderson — Fix typo in code-marking (no bug).
a7e1def9ff0fb1d123cb568aee3d8882334486e9David Anderson — Added missing file.
af3ff9bdcc7ec2a7c83f651a6a9fa514176ee0e4David Anderson — Add relocatable jumps to Assemblers (bug 674297, r=adrake,billm).
4adf8b6d7ae1901c2489631a062da105334ce69bDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ec16c79255aa761216b370dd3b704c80bc8290baDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e5dc4f09977b27a4d0f74f386b5e94170b023c44David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
bc22ced0fb3445a17f433263d7533c8741b77578Andrew Drake — Show unsupported opcode name when aborting Ion compilation. no bug, r=sstangl
b0fafd9fca121ec79948a5651a3fdaf05e499202Andrew Drake — Bug 674505: Remove free register check from MoveEmitter. EXTREME r=dvander
3be9cb4bc96a175e893b3b600930a48cdb5a0f34Andrew Drake — Bug 674490: Don't allocate registers for undead live intervals. r=dvander
7bd4ed0a22856f5c1d8115b265dc1d60293d6c53Andrew Drake — Bug 670633: Eliminate unnecessary spill stores generated by linear scan register allocator.
0d79db47e6fa0e148614aba0dc24a37d3339ce3fAndrew Drake — Bug 670632: Add look-ahead and look-behind register hinting to linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
6aba51ebc1b9c3670fcbaf18d81ce9938619f316Andrew Drake — Bug 674491: Ignore empty LMoveGroups in code generator. r=dvander
b3bfdfb08313631b225abdb507b5f971d964afc0Sean Stangl — Fix generateEnterJIT() on x86 and x64 when argc == 0. (bug 674457, r=dvander)
181d31b8aa2defaa099ac56be0eb4c9c1e799697Andrew Scheff — Fix LICM assertions on funky empty loops.
99020ed3ca89edfce3d5aa98fff0308eae2f9cdeDavid Anderson — Add missing return.
62f64f4e16ea298c03758b53e995e237f8af7b16Andrew Scheff — Codegen for LInteger (bug 674099, r=dvander)
817e1628f32fa1d3cba73c529fb18d6c37d301fbAndrew Drake — Bug 674402: Disable ion.cfg spew in optimized builds. r=dvander
0d89fc51d6708e35ac5730adaf23d39989fc441eAndrew Drake — Bug 672735: Add sequential IDs to instructions with LDefinition::REDEFINED policies. r=dvander
07a3818d8d2472c74f366b09675ed95a5456c3a6Andrew Drake — Bug 674334: Fix several issues with code generator and optimized builds. r=dvander
55ae65eddb44c27959316c45539061d0cba8174aDavid Anderson — Rename MoveGroupResolver to MoveResolver, MoveResolverX86 to MoveEmitter.
a4c43d665f67b45b1b500fe5a6fd91bce3fefdceDavid Anderson — Disentagle move resolution from CodeGenerator (bug 673870, r=adrake).
7b704fb3b421e4c78347b78410e664526970aceaDavid Anderson — Move framePushed and some stack ops to MacroAssembler, and use jump-to-return (bug 673864 part 2, r=ascheff).
ab9123c68044855fc74509bd4c2a62d0353d623eDavid Anderson — Introduce new MacroAssembler abstraction (bug 673864 part 1, r=ascheff).
584ea5bae16e0d79d416a884ebbb17d03b50e580David Anderson — Access stack slots via fixed-distance ESP (bug 673550 part 2, r=adrake).
7bac5dfc151a6bdb9cfdfbca6469cc1ed951ff6cDavid Anderson — Access stack slots in the order they were allocated (bug 673550 part 1, r=adrake).
7605afbb47bbd1518c42927184de854329daadc8David Anderson — Fix block inheritance regression (bug 673026, r=adrake).
1c56144385aec1eb623cc8458381728168a4fc04David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c487e0920c7e6402249664fb08da7b0217526e7dDavid Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
f2e307542185c20711f64aa9eecb7da6800e1be2Hannes Verschore — Allocate all temporary registers. no bug, r=dvander
c82778c5e5354a4204d1d3e7ca70b51ae6182623Ryan Pearl — generate MIR flags using a macro (Bug 674136, r=dvander)
e3796b521235cae115db48a3c6d28966460fcc4fAndrew Drake — Bug 672734: Rework linear scan register allocator reification phase to properly generate freeRegs. r=dvander
d55c6d19944529336ee313b1bfa8d75c85ceb015David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
fbcf45b1c0210eea98177052cf29a460ae39aaf6David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
758fb855533f04f619d6cd93dea3f2042952fcebDavid Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
b65486b852ebd762dee4c2f84cd3c8c6c6833568Andrew Scheff — Implemented trampoline on x64. Code runs now. (bug 672377, r=dvander)
fd0d29a979ebd6ef49489659be7aca2974b323e0David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
f8d6117f911e3a500a75426e137fcc5a2d42518cDavid Anderson — Sync build files.
16cedf5773f533cad70c693591093dfa194d1a6eDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
6acea1952024b29590572d52d0155ef57453cc94David Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
05f46ef73cbc98e5a63aa2501a3b4ca0cf4df7fcRyan Pearl — Logic error in MIR isInstruction() method (no bug, r=dvander)
32765d74d524b32c8c5b115314d8565c7887a6c1David Anderson — Orange-fix suggestion from njn.
d4a2c28d4bb7559c75e748e9c07e0d6a095a63e3David Anderson — Bump off-the-books count.
f34a0d693dfdf02e28ef0fa5b6eeb6e6bad37f80David Anderson — Manually apply a diff from mozilla-central, since hg totally busted a previous merge.
3c31cff39a7334f680e0d0644caea5d679e5dddbDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
827ce79d77807c61315dee9af6e1d4b330fb3978David Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
a0da058d059a85a2ea6e8dd5b136a88f64f17204Hannes Verschore — Remove obsolete function due to Type Analysis rewrite. no bug, r=dvander
41197de9b2e7d9b412abc64ac0107d822f88e212David Anderson — Local hack around bug 672893.
ef8a56f0305dc1d335a29d0b8a15593680c20e19David Anderson — Merge.
0452305caf6075d0d5e355aabda3e37fd18186b4David Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
a1447697e309016191ae5fb5d766832f7767aa50David Anderson — Run generated Ion code (bug 670816, r=adrake+ascheff).
e39d9ac0811d1e586490fa3cbef1903b3ad86208David Anderson — Mark IonCode references inside compartments (bug 670816 part 6, r=billm).
ebfea8fe51b538b2d3173ed9de028dc32abe81d5Hannes Verschore — Small fix in output of JaegerSpew for addl_mr. no bug, r=dvander
924c48de74011ebe9b9a6355df9828e904940055Hannes Verschore — Small nits in TypePolicy.cpp. no bug, r=dvander
34eadffee8f67c8f5af4247ad156c46090a5e185Andrew Drake — Fix stack management in x86 code generator. no bug, r=dvander
270ac15dd5f26b7bd9885a6e5af7e4bf6d074543David Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
587d70e9403006e3af284449c5ccd673576137e7David Anderson — Fix Windows build.
7fd3bf559747f9a693286db709b198f36c3e4cafDavid Anderson — Merge from ionmonkey.
5646ff7fe6cdca2cecfede0dd2769b85071790dbDavid Anderson — Merge.
88cd4dd357449a1b425470f5fae17a60d79a80bfDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
e01b1befdeccd9590b4e6ba99c5bfa6d1f225d35Ryan Pearl — make MDefinitionIterator look like the other iterators (Bug 672595, r=dvander)
450add2661face34f4f3bd3e160af06059bc3501Ryan Pearl — some code duplicates functionality of MUseDefIterator (Bug 672576, r=ascheff)
8cb12ad77364bdcc0b77fb78573d6755c9cf279aHannes Verschore — Run over all operands in adjustInputs of BoxInputsPolicy. no bug, r=dvander
fcb18ae229c3f5720833b54aa9f6c12127130988David Anderson — Use newer IonCode for IonCompartment references (bug 670816, r=ascheff).
aea4907eb793c51513fca35bca4c8721753d6c20Andrew Scheff — Add IonCompartment and x86 trampolines (bug 670819, r=dvander).
d0aea54067f67a58c82502d5be9543e0aff4d39cDavid Anderson — Follow-up nits to MBinaryBitInstruction (bug 669984).
47a0572921e7d5421c4f7b2a479f475d4256189fDavid Anderson — Add a policy for bitwise operations (bug 669984 part 9, r=rpearl).
51ea8220ced76129c7a9b3603094d889fb4df8e7David Anderson — Use box input policy on MReturn, MTest (bug 669984 part 8, r=rpearl).
4c229e3f1f08d1a24bd71a9ed924cc24edcb773aDavid Anderson — Add a new type analyzer (bug 669984 part 7, r=rpearl).
b1dda4d02396c3134d2d6876b5d8a131d0d3ae67David Anderson — Introduce a new use iterator (bug 669984 part 6, r=ascheff).
8a0b747bf1d93fa8ec32e415c0ffdcb5bf10ca31David Anderson — Remove the type analyzer (bug 669984 part 5, r=ascheff).
c7f8e17bc91c412f2af1c167efba378d3ef7a1a4David Anderson — Remove snapshots from IR, attach to nodes directly (bug 669984 part 4, r=adrake).
08e3862fbc8a7ee7717abb6bffa4e8d9fc3acd2fDavid Anderson — Introduce MNode, above MDefinition, as a consumer of defs (bug 669984 part 3, r=rpearl).
7d386947468723e84a43db825be4d541db3a4196David Anderson — Split MInstruction off into a new MDefinition for MPhi (bug 669984 part 2, r=adrake).
2ad588538941d5898ae8ad5e8627d5a059d1cc38David Anderson — Remove useless MOperand wrapper (bug 669984 part 1, r=adrake).
179176fe560b789bfbf49fa00b28e2939ade04efDavid Anderson — Use the garbage collector to manage code (bug 670816 part 4, r=billm).
73f673243e1fa5a6c795c4de985497ca5ba3fa7aDavid Anderson — Integrate IonMonkey and the interpreter properly (bug 670816 part 3, r=adrake).
8db8eef79b8ccb35c37b14d32f3cd0059013c677David Anderson — Add shell flags for IonMonkey (bug 670816 part 2, r=adrake+rpearl).
141fe39c86f18837d501b2588821c006b41d88dbDavid Anderson — Follow-up option parser feature to make short flags optional (bug 668095, r=cdleary).
cd28a62dcd9f267af967b3cdc70d05697d3824b1Andrew Drake — Fix cycle handling in x86 shared move group resolver. no bug, r=dvander
fa9635f8da1ef5ff3c38e9b81c29ad604c2f9311Andrew Drake — Add andl_mr support to JaegerSpew. no bug, r=dvander
32c40f991d75ea0b805a38115fd5e90a5922de05Andrew Drake — Bug 671754: Set stack height from linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
4f243e8df39f049e88b412f7ba9eeb0df9a40f73Andrew Drake — Bug 671755: Make use of refactored move groups in linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
3c4d3129a38a423852131ab263a95156c93e7195David Anderson — Refactor move groups and add memory to memory cycle resolution (bug 670635, r=adrake).
82756b315e5aaf0450eac09ec688762b0856e80fChris Leary — Write a proper option parser for SpiderMonkey CLI (bug 668095, r=dvander).
bc73e1d0625c080114ece55f5b923bcdb2d8f972David Anderson — Follow-up nit.
4ec0e4e86693d053fd590702f1b38601bb0f0630David Anderson — Add data structures for managing Ion code (bug 670816 part 1, r=adrake).
bb12acebda0fd562e5fd8bea56527ae0331dddcdMarty Rosenberg — Disable IonMonkey on ARM (bug 671475, r=adrake).
42375f98039f65e60b7e3c8e23936c6b9f9eb95aHannes Verschore — Bug 670810 - Implement BITOR/BITXOR opcode, r=adrake
c6f79afa04d51f0bc0b07f51db33bb2eea3f31d3David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
ce932530b72ae3fd474a41c373ee6c0a7159d456Ryan Pearl — separate functionality for a pessimistic GVN pass (Bug 669795, r=adrake)
2c0ce14eaf5f9996492dc3ab351e766602ca9674Andrew Drake — Actually initialize the entire move group list in the linear scan register allocator. no bug, r=dvander
c8254a3a41a736b0f5a07bf40f7d1062c7bddd13Andrew Drake — Improve IonSpew flag detection from environment variable. no bug, r=dvander
c55de9e3ca7b5268a487d15cb9a62dab2df3e468Ryan Pearl — Fix compiler warnings on OS X now that codegen files have stabilized (no bug, r=dvander)
8e63cea7e912d747a7ed186a40312bfc99aa90f9Hannes Verschore — Bug 663575 - Make continue and break work in a do-while loop, r=dvander
670a764d9f04412313c2fe831aaabb4b73204f9dAndrew Drake — Make lowering phase assign IDs to LLabels when generated. no bug, r=dvander
30f0e3b5d5dbd42c396ad8dd20f88f49cf983060David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
fa9e90d21883ace1205ded12a435bad1bf89abc1David Anderson — Fix LArgument allocations (bug 664591, r=adrake).
718e72b4597f164e2be38124660de8cc072fccf1David Anderson — Code generation, part 3 (bug 664591, r=adrake).
92cb78f13877288706bbaa46260c83874b9f08cbDavid Anderson — Code generation, part 2 (bug 664591, r=adrake).
6312e937ae13162d1f52d42b1b63ad2107c3162dDavid Anderson — Code generation, part 1 (bug 664591, r=adrake).
33eda4d6c994a4a6111c291f24a6465568798679Andrew Drake — Bug 670748: Fix splitting of inactive intervals in linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
f1ee6077ef96f4a470fe21ea291ef78159a1d9eeAndrew Drake — Bug 670626: Turn LSRA vregs array into operator-overloady "array". r=dvander
796a897c4b9f695d799fd644437dc2182932a1f7Andrew Drake — Bug 670635: Replace multi-move LMoves with MoveGroups and add a cycle resolver. r=dvander
f8aa2ea865c3d9c97a2a7b4f2c1093e53921d714Andrew Drake — Bug 670022: Add KEEPALIVE policy to 64-bit snapshot uses. r=dvander
d6489ef2949557ce98455c8dbcd7fc76d0ca3761Andrew Drake — Bug 657816: Fix style nits and add comments in linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
9699e051002d4534941de0c6876acd658d98f0a7Andrew Drake — Bug 668295: Implement reification stage of IonMonkey linear scan register allocator. r=dvander
e3cb37bcc0e1a2fd66291dafa66c5c7926d80f83Andrew Drake — Bug 668292: Implement IonMonkey LSRA resolution phase. r=dvander
d21af975756a85b282513a091a118aa197fc4110Andrew Drake — Bug 668299: Add safety assertion to register deallocation condition. r=dvander
aa0a554ed86836d9aa7c21cd69dd78d60c9f92b7Andrew Drake — Bug 668291: Free stack slots in register allocator after intervals are completed. r=dvander
eb2498df089560fe4ca08a4718e514a5a368a360Andrew Drake — Bug 657816: Add linear scan register allocator to IonMonkey. r=dvander
cb621b09bd42ec24619647225f0fdc258f0c9afeRyan Pearl — Get rid of compiler warnings on OS X (no bug, r=dvander)
938e06c2ee032a99de0413ca9443911bb7d138eeRyan Pearl — Add global value numbering to IonMonkey (bug 659729, r=dvander)
b842614cdac7b3bef33edc5d2c33698aa749b91cAndrew Drake — Fixed bogus assert in greedy register allocator (bug 667601, r=adrake).
85d6d28605e571a646c85214389e0bb9b1da93b1Andrew Scheff — instruction hoisting added
38edcd488e1606065887582a338cb12dc65b963fDavid Anderson — Fix greedy register allocation in loops (bug 667132, r=adrake).
05da4e429202dbf86155108892f05c56d7643613Andrew Scheff — removed trailing whitespace in LICM patch
3efeb6758ebc6185f17425c1cd4fa1396a257b9dAndrew Scheff — fixed assertion failure from bug
a3473b86c314c91af43035f8d77dc855db05892aDavid Anderson — Address nit in bug 668940.
c6bcb9608c96fa962fe793861b85582f27f35377David Anderson — Split critical edges (bug 668940, r=adrake).
b09598e1dcd41aff04dafee2060ee45f3a1d9fe2David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
9361317a4a36b7a31c6e94d2aea51a2b5ba861c6David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
2d22e452c6f3922ccad1f78838b5b0ced6df3456Andrew Drake — Append newlines to IonSpew output, and add raw spew functionality. r=dvander, no bug
3e0ca659b6be3a6f8c3f78ca0a12beb3ecd2306cAndrew Drake — Fix LAllocation bit math. r=dvander, no bug
9bfc03365a16ada4d9bb3c5ddbac4e69cae7f41cAndrew Scheff — LICM pass that identifies loop invariant instructions
0d2a1a6e967f101ad7db4fd9d31ac7caa3692be6Hannes Verschore — Tidy up do-while processing (no bug, r=dvander).
aec23ed9c15abffc63066dfabcaef29a85baf23fHannes Verschore — Fix catch-block creation for breaks and continues (bug 666818, r=dvander).
88db2df22e774fb416b503fa2286d9d37b9ebb33David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
3dc84fe2d8d049da7a8a72cb48a90b31527ac085Ryan Pearl — Fix bogus asserts and incorrect logic in RegisterSet for greedy allocator (r=dvander)
13367280e5a22a4a3ef36b103f7d87c0fac2b5aeRyan Pearl — Use new spew infrastructure
2fba36231efe7a161f99deb1fcc21bdbabdb8221Ryan Pearl — Build explicit dominator tree (bug 666426, r=dvander)
7dfc60b9ef35d887ec6837c19cc44ddfaba7c014David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
45251f570996ee13262817fadb147d52d696ff7bAndrew Drake — Bug 666465: Add JSON formatted spew to IonMonkey. r=dvander
8ccfeb48f29d1027cfa5166bb87bc57bb6b9bdf7David Anderson — Added spew channel for LICM.
9e51c35ab22311bec4d20155e01b46e9990ddf98David Anderson — Add spew mechanism similar to JMFLAGS (bug 664882, r=adrake).
40ced083e87715874797f01e3c8233f9d966ea6cDavid Anderson — Whoops, merge broke entering Ion.
8d58065db3b492cfc83411cb422ac5bc7d4c6b6bDavid Anderson — Implement a baseline, greedy register allocator (bug 664094, r=adrake).
0f4cfc41443386c9d0d44eaaea5a706c49298e81David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
1d0821ca6feb095557a7f3eae01924f5044ea049David Anderson — Fix phis being lowered past gotos.
b0e1b2ba8c2724ec3ab246c985f2c39b2330f159David Anderson — Fix iloop in type analysis.
75eb194a2c80a4863f86ed78200a3116819a6e5fDavid Anderson — Implement realloc() in IonAllocPolicy (bug 664353, r=luke).
fbecd8add6361dd0b059b10f7794b892202b8a6eDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
0e49c5593ab217dd6fb555614b1386400320a18aDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
ea05c15fee01d3994c5052f33a1fa8fd79ba5b5bRyan Pearl — Implement definition iterator (bug 664034, r=dvander)
300df5d8ea509575f5094cf7ab1e15a089a25cdfAndrew Drake — Add LMove instruction to IonMonkey. r=dvander
92d0bcca27d2c09260eef057feecaa8a6a99bca3Andrew Drake — Bug 663573: Fix numSuccessorsWithPhis assertion when no phis are present. r=dvander
e57d38675566df3755bb86a54b5b85c32fb6e9f5David Anderson — Lower MAdd (bug 661736, r=adrake).
c61ad2a5ce0cff5f0923adde1ff5551b2926acdaDavid Anderson — Lower MTest (bug 661736, r=adrake).
469f94c9deb1507dfe6857ad9901b51583b324bdDavid Anderson — Lower phis (bug 661736, r=adrake).
fd48b9858f74500a5686c4bd43f98ec35cf1f30eRyan Pearl — add functionality useful for dataflow analyses (bug 663455, r=adrake)
08287cc8089f2b798c49dd36d7f2fc09b34bb04eDavid Anderson — Build a reverse mapping for phi inputs (bug 661736, r=adrake).
2a1e322e1d9d0301325cfa5606fe3549d13a89f6David Anderson — Fixed phis being analyzed twice during type analysis.
5738e04882012d705b75cc6a869cd03109660ee1David Anderson — Re-added accidentally removed tests.
5612a89b93aa57800388de326e347ce6ee2611c5David Anderson — Lower MBitAnd, fix bug around hoisting parameter unboxes.
bd375974c3b28db6ceaaa098440cc5bcab39689eDavid Anderson — Fix bug in snapshot rewriting.
2a330502f13e78155a6a318b5fd8567b4c68472fDavid Anderson — Merge.
145335d0e05aa15779effd9f5900ef749c5c43c4ascheff — Fixed minor build issue in IonLIR.h
337839337400d3ae8f21e452f93d282554e056fdDavid Anderson — Redesign snapshots.
fc5196c621fd921147993a13378294e8545896bbDavid Anderson — Fixed some asserts.
16caacbf67186fdbdfda63fd80b0ca116de5f658David Anderson — Added missing fiiiiiles.
f502aa717c5da8a0092ea60d45aed1d3f81711adDavid Anderson — Added LIR spew, and LGoto.
2d8c39d96361cbf7e4002487bfb8652f010cd5b5David Anderson — Iterating on lowering design.
a86e7631ef654eceb094922fe202fe16fdf0d60bDavid Anderson — Initial lowering design.
46620e4b019e7b48303226236122d949b3af7c4bDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
5b3a91f826aec092c16a1158d16f9e38b77cc96eDavid Anderson — Fixed thinko in graph building around if-no-else blocks.
2a526f8c6f0e71de8e66fad49a6e565f4349fad7Andrew Drake — Fix compile error on OSX GCC in BitSet.h. r=rpearl
e36878a02ac60086541844cc43ef41015e182d86Andrew Drake — Bug 662648: Add lightweight fixed-size BitSet datastructure for IonMonkey analyses. r=rpearl
79a7c157e8c00f14498b2371d7f7d1cb200b200bDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
035604ebd2627c4c7bcf4242adfea4bde0f6de28ascheff — Committing patch that adds a simplified version of JSOP_ADD to IonMonkey
c7c11115c0292a809f723079a35b7f85a5181b7dDavid Anderson — Merge.
e669c8c0755b4b66ea4787c8296124fc519f0598David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
3a6a471a2e1add3ebc0d3519f5b18822af83a20cAndrew Drake — Bug 661867: Fix NULL-pointer dereference in case of removal of last element of iterated use chain. r=dvander
03ae9d85fcdbbf585f09f4315ef42a083290be2aDavid Anderson — Fix modifying use iterators during iteration (bug 660967, r=adrake).
056092ceb3cdb116484a65c44f0410ec184686ebDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
9e96f2843644914492071cd4ef02a578a25bc1acDavid Anderson — Type insertions (pre-lowering) now works, basically.
ba72c4116e729888d9d73707a973a5059932c2b5David Anderson — Make usedAsType() part of specialization adjustment.
8596245c60b2e34094749008e884cb0fd2582144David Anderson — Split type conversions out of lowering, also improving type analysis.
15e78b61632cb3b32b96ed8f8e0d4da800b767caDavid Anderson — Reorganize TypeAnalyzer
79fb0e1faaf2889f1482ba469729177ae2798c3aDavid Anderson — Split block reordering from instruction renumbering.
74f374d209d5039d9ffd1d3ab2a53db03ff9c353David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
5c1e43a63c64e02dc3d05cb2ff1f57dabd2e75acAndrew Drake — Bug 659566: Add basic block and instruction renumbering phase to IonMonkey. r=dvander
996e96b4dbcfc190e185cb699336b9a417300441David Anderson — Replace basic block header slots with an entry snapshot.
21ef5f6a55909108070cdd81e30bc8ad4367e126David Anderson — Allow instructions to change their specializations during type analysis.
13fc895fc73a0681c67bf58138db128b606e7b9dDavid Anderson — Added type oracle for MIR building.
92842c9de360a56fc2001bd37789a52f7ae4f444David Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
3e098050470c6038b35ff6359b6bd3b8d3b5fe8eDavid Anderson — Get rid of OOM checks (bug 659782, r=adrake).
c0b5d680c1367200e6b905b39dea92302ff93f2cDavid Anderson — Fix various bugs relating to do-while loops and if-no-else (bug 659782, r=adrake).
f5e6fe3c5e8cb1ebb76539c3849b5b42a2c31f26David Anderson — Assert better on assigning snapshots.
3f8acbbcc9cf7212e515d315ce473653b4b7df02David Anderson — Hide snapshot operands from spew.
f6b74a13902126a2daaeda0559385bf1cd327271David Anderson — Added snapshot instructions for bailouts.
2f5a6b9e7a54de444d2081575cb83cda80aa1166Andrew Drake — Bug 658486: Add loop hints to IR from SSA generator. r=dvander
b4dc641d8484ee879984e14bf94a09957856b329Andrew Drake — Bug 659241: Eliminate JSContext * passing in IonMonkey. r=dvander
de5a15f58c6a237564e131ae3af9d58824fa3e8bDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
6a23997d5e65dc0e340572099aaedf54a6a1fd64David Anderson — Small fixes.
faeb5a8fde24557a2a30ec00c329c3153e6ba2feDavid Anderson — Enabled lowering pass, improved spew if but a little.
7d362a3df2f82eb4284200d36cebac3f91a2f919David Anderson — Refactored instructions to be a doubly-linked list, started lowering design.
28abc2811b8e34be1b2565f0372a05f04da553eeDavid Anderson — Renamed MUse::owner to MUse::ins.
21863a07248f8c27182e41a03a37af5290923d22David Anderson — Refactoring: split MOperand into MOperand and MUse.
83cfd0db698597af5fb26a6332066e28c8893087David Anderson — Improve spew, prepare for lowering phase.
a92f772f2c33acca704c3f618ab4fa90c636f66cDavid Anderson — Merge from tracemonkey.
47cae89bef2b1a45ba6b5ca61949869a2407e313David Anderson — Fixed continue label detection and a bug with if-return.
9e8dcc1310f0f425688df0c0e6d0b0be330f85a3David Anderson — Added missing spew file.
4c2438684d08a68cf626037b6b80ce6aec11fff7David Anderson — Fix breaks in do-while loops.
e39539c471e4c24d56c6d59440e0be34a347f226David Anderson — Renamed BytecodeAnalyzer to IonBuilder.
e156b3dff7c6f1acb9545b0928f894e83068074fDavid Anderson — Added for loops, rejiggered how phis are placed again.
ada4e04272971e88fd53b6da36141cb399bc470aDavid Anderson — MIR support for labelled breaks and continues.
ef75db21dacc349beb139a5a723b7625909c8f9dDavid Anderson — Simple breaks, continues now work - rejiggered how phis are placed, improved spew.
0b447aa65becda2644c5462a6da8e54a71e7aab7David Anderson — Detect unlabelled continues in the MIR builder.
26332cb7015e36ae24cd4c49a55aebe4c5a4cf55David Anderson — Fixed snoopControlFlow() not handling nested structures properly.
ed1149d7f2d3d9526d9eff7a4d48aa9307ae055dDavid Anderson — Correctly assign instruction IDs.
8d494b4f7be338a1db4736410f92be977c03b0fdDavid Anderson — While-parsing for MIR generator.
80542f060f75af86b025318f966c207f855e160bDavid Anderson — Add some instructions to the c1spew.
0e0dc0d8eb72fa894879dd69743011e92610184aDavid Anderson — Refactoring, split into MIRGraph, C1Spewer.
faa63b2b0c4d08b2b939791cad1ad4027e6add3bDavid Anderson — Initial import of MIR builder.
4973a4d4bc4ab2d64c54d24edd069c66fbde3e19David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-inbound.
d098fdd21ac5b8800d09488f19d9f255ce26f45fDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
7748e5b6cd5f41b98d6a2d991e3bcc68e841c532David Anderson — Backed out changeset eb03a33612e5
eb03a33612e5b2398c96479c9f9f1f5d646a3e00David Anderson — Dummy commit to get builds going.