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Mon Mar 28 01:54:05 2011 +0000
dacd66ab4dc4dd4242d3000e7cabdb32e2c8d954Adrian Johnson — b=462872 print as pdf where possible r=karlt
014fb62e09058d891a6caff670fc2f2a55481ff7Frédéric Wang — b=605605 Uninitialised value used in nsMathMLChar r=karlt
fa658a942728fdc1c0e104c578d6912bdadc8f4eKarl Tomlinson — b=626192 blacklist ATI libGL due to seg faults on querying server info r=bjacob
286410eeba47b4b9a8ec8e18779ee10a7b312f1eKarl Tomlinson — b=576933 ignore BadDevice errors from XCloseDevice (for GDK2) r=roc
06ca0535285e66ba87940ff245b78e9c1d14d956Karl Tomlinson — b=576933 use a separate display to make protocol requests within X error handler r=roc
bf6532a3d889bae1d9f21d55c28729f41e69e87cKarl Tomlinson — b=617703 use target visual to determine target format r=roc
a593739bfbca317edce92dc0a10894035c80691dKarl Tomlinson — b=626539 free standardGtkPaperSize in the other cases also r=roc
109cfae74006375f4e6c36670ae7a62024456dffFrédéric Wang — Bug 21479 - Embellished operators - add rules for mstyle, mphantom, mpadded and mrow. r=karlt
af4d2d0c6a862fd8975626fb4b560ea45a2b71fbFrédéric Wang — b=534970 add private data mirrorable r=karlt npotb
0d20320645d0b1afd98226e3ac2aec57b25afdccFrédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: remove obsolete infix entries for coproduct, wedge and vee (bug 534970). r=karlt
02432027ec43c27cc88918cba550599d0b5cd17aFrédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: fix three conflicts for symmetric or fence (bug 534970). r=karlt
0e519f6626c7d96d2e906d99bf42354d7cb46050Frédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: fix conflicts for entries becoming accent (bug 534970). r=karlt
c49fb0539a5830acb0e9ad745d5d207b36a64747Frédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: add new fence, accent and largeop entries (bug 534970). r=karlt
a80e65f49af45c8763710bb5d45da266ef1e6899Frédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: fix space conflicts (bug 534970). r=karlt
1a16630f551d88fc3eac5d21d9879ae532ec9dbfFrédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: add new entries which are neither stretchy nor largeop (bug 534970). r=karlt
e2a87ca3fd8553f866c4f918bb554a53482c685aFrédéric Wang — MathML Operator Dictionary: sort entries of the dictionary and remove minsize attributes (bug 534970). r=karlt