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Thu Jul 22 20:29:51 2010 +0000
da66f4dd97cf1905541891fde6845208d6fe073dChris Jones — Bug 573829, part 4: Use GL_REPEAT and appropriate texcoords to render ThebesLayerOGL's pixels rotated correctly. r=vlad
f4d3421c4702dc99357f948c24ae83c8ae0d699cChris Jones — Bug 573829, part 3: Use ThebesLayerBuffer to retain contents for ASurface-backed TextureImages. r=vlad
8139e2e2d216a4e3b77056346d64dc7cf3b9f0ebChris Jones — Bug 573829, part 2: Add TextureImage API for getting backing ASurface (if exists) and determining whether it's in an update. sr=vlad