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Tue Aug 03 04:18:08 2010 +0000
bdb98838d6f6b790d45748a817d70526f0675fe7Alon Zakai — Bug 550936: Make InstallTrigger support cross-process communication, r=Mossop
3b59889221bcb6d8ffc27500070dd26e1f08691bFelipe Gomes — Bug 520805: Full screen video plays back on wrong monitor (multiple monitor setup). r=jst, a=beltzner
b46982cc0c0a82dd8fdbb9f9b57da382c5bd515fGavin Sharp — Bug 572967: don't remove notifications once dismissed, and instead allow them to be re-opened from the anchor icon, r=dolske, a=Mossop
da01163529c3fa13feb617eb5fc1ebba328bb5d8Gavin Sharp — Bug 581175: Make NetUtil's asyncFetch suppress SSL error messages by default, and pass relevant nsIRequest object to its callback, r+a=sdwilsh