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Thu Apr 26 04:51:04 2018 +0000
76f35d0ecaa690917347f2b0f97180b05e7272bbDorel Luca — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1451307) for Mochitest failure on toolkit/components/url-classifier/tests/mochitest/test_bug1254766.html. CLOSED TREE
52e0b45195cb8f9a0e6c3fc4d9ee49f025232010Dorel Luca — Backed out 2 changesets (bug 1456679) for Reftests failure. CLOSED TREE
e331c3b551445f8f2c4747eb5e9777b5cbbf41c4Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 5de60fc0f2da (bug 1446203) for Mochitest failure on browser/extensions/formautofill/test/mochitest/test_address_level_1_submission.html. CLOSED TREE
5de60fc0f2da8acd02bcff1b3ded47ea6d788d37Jared Wein — Bug 1446203 - Basic Payment Request Shipping Address Add/Edit page. r=MattN
0b8f0217bda4c2368d7c02016b3d6389629ba7afBrian Birtles — Bug 1454298 - Add utm_source and utm_medium parameters to DevTools menu links; r=jryans
c6711b0df64123f07eae00340c9d5a1844358a34Sam Foster — Bug 1428415 Add a checkbox for persisting new cards to the Add Payment Card screen. r=MattN
c40209504a45529f23a2722a16a012424eb01ed6Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1456679 - Don't set non-animated values as AnimatedValue in delay phase. r=kats
351ae90cc6a0ac002a270233edcaaadafeee71bdHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1456679 - Make SampleAnimations return boolean to tell there is any animations even if the animation in delay phase. r=kats
fc793911d371a449b30a81575e5e9a39c6f4f072Chris Manchester — Bug 1454771 - Add mozconfig variables to the environment when running tup. r=mshal
dee93aadc7215d19a1c75ea00ff05037755d1e0bChris Manchester — Bug 1454771 - Move tup invocation from to mach. r=mshal
d9667fd69b462d71df6fd02a17cecc3fcb8c44caXidorn Quan — Bug 1455576 part 4 - Remove CSS_PROPERTY_PARSE_FUNCTION and CSS_PROPERTY_VALUE_PARSER_FUNCTION flags. r=emilio
00797e05e96d9ce631c3a034d6ef12bd6abf7711Xidorn Quan — Bug 1455576 part 3 - Use Servo side data to back InspectorUtils::CssPropertySupportsType. r=emilio
bf94e4ebba6660e2569b261997328a9527144736Xidorn Quan — Bug 1455576 part 2 - Add a ValueInfo trait for exposing types needed by devtools. r=emilio
8520ed7853e67f2afc2d8dcf3b275023e910a174Xidorn Quan — Bug 1455576 part 1 - Shrink the list of CSS_TYPES in devtools to only those being used. r=tromey
205817abe4d5568b8ea1ecd72a7f3795804e10b3arthur.iakab — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
6c411b0781cc2f9fbf4c8b29dfc2cfa3af0b1301J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Add target.makeRemote in several tests. r=ochameau
08f354110a575209c603caa45be163ab27b8bc98J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Rewrite browser_target_events in async style. r=ochameau
2c3e334c75b6f6850067a0b6f2d1aeacec0a2786J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Remove local progress listener in DevTools target. r=ochameau
6f16b7871d6008918e82a3110fb9558d20786b4cAki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - chunk mac partner signing. r=nthomas
05a13c9b1c3cda2a3b70c57c1903d36eac40851cAki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - move check_if_partners_enabled call. r=nthomas
59551e6e74ff5ca996f8b941c46221b2fd8c04deAki Sasaki — bug 1456620 - stop uploading public partners to private. r=nthomas
e43c1c2ce4131918fffab239dc7b61453ce2c736Dorel Luca — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 1456274) for Linting failure. CLOSED TREE
df36fee2b3acada69d9bd43b4febc48707adc801Nick Alexander — Bug 1456487 - Update Firefox Account's first run UUID when re-connecting. r=rnewman
252a244dc3d4b91d81a2e170143aeaf2802a225eGreg Tatum — Bug 1453014 - Persist the recording settings to preferences; r=julienw
a564665d8c0948fbc8c3bae884fc7b1118661b2fValentin Gosu — Bug 1455970 - Write test for cookies being synced across tabs r=Ehsan
707d5e397407bdee7cdfbb5ee6ff644126b778a9J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Add target.makeRemote in several tests. r=ochameau
97e8882d03431bdb47e706925ac526061966389cJ. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Rewrite browser_target_events in async style. r=ochameau
7cf34fe2036ec2ac76111b54e409aa98a39232e6J. Ryan Stinnett — Bug 1456274 - Remove local progress listener in DevTools target. r=ochameau
b0e196352e1727b1df0ad2318a5587f62c9131efChris Manchester — Bug 1455504 - Normalize library paths to work around windows incremental linking bug. r=ted
7f1909255cc9b55bae03e7a2ee947af96a066a1cChris AtLee — Bug 1403548: Enable nightly asan reportor builds and updates r=Callek
674b3e7dd3dd29c45444df15fba1953346bb27cbarthur.iakab — Backed out changeset 8645b620dad4 (bug 1455504) on request of aklotz.
594b7c98700a7c29bd003c37cb839f4f6a231dbeDorel Luca — Merge mozilla-central to autoland
8645b620dad4d104616775593b1a368d16c76721Chris Manchester — Bug 1455504 - Normalize library paths to work around windows incremental linking bug. r=ted
ad5095a897e5ef6cf6d4d448635917b1806d98b7Emilio Cobos Álvarez — Bug 1455559: Make FromNode work for references. r=bz,Nika
2df9e20ea6c0aee71514c217c8efb95c2f90de5dDorel Luca — Backed out changeset a63caceffcee (bug 1403548) for liniting failure on builds/worker/checkouts/gecko/taskcluster/taskgraph/transforms/ CLOSED TREE
a63caceffcee5cbf5f6a3043b70f142bbbeab12cChris AtLee — Bug 1403548: Enable nightly asan reportor builds and updates r=Callek
c07b1375c1c4c9337ff81ab53757b5130f558a14Henrik Skupin — Bug 1456799 - [wdspec] Use wdclient to get a named cookie in add cookie tests. r=maja_zf
9d55d0203a2b08980505d172982f516726e009bdHenrik Skupin — Bug 1456799 - [wdspec] Add cookie tests have to use a shared custom add_cookie command. r=maja_zf
281208264c7493ff293b8c362e4d87e54dab6696Henrik Skupin — Bug 1456799 - [wdspec] Fix linter failures for add cookie tests. r=maja_zf
cb1909841a5d68e502aca5a1d33dd6a7c7126664Henrik Skupin — Bug 1456799 - [wdspec] Fix add cookie tests for invalid domain usage. r=maja_zf
87d1da02c6dad63025185385ba457937ffd1ee5bDorel Luca — Backed out changeset f55f15b26569 (bug 1408062) for Browser-chrome failure on browser/base/content/test/general/browser_audioTabIcon.js. CLOSED TREE
3032f8adbcf177c75cb7ddacaade47e23e1ed88fBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 13: Add two new WPT tests of shape-outside: inset with shape-margin, and update manifests. r=dholbert
d5a9b0478b9317f263a7f208d4c1b76a628d9818Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 12: Change almost all non-polygon shape-outside web-platform tests to expected pass. r=dholbert
26ca0097fff71a32c600459265a4b1f65438bde9Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 11: Update a shape-outside: image test to supply a correct shape-image-threshold. r=dholbert
185cc5b7b93f95135e28a8e1df6fd19310695accBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 10: Update a shape-outside circle test to make it more precise and correct. r=dholbert
36bf72f6946dbbe896a52456af4b7fd33ba8a1c2Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 9: Update shape-outside ellipse tests to correct invalid use of only one radius parameter. r=dholbert
581d1a27f4eff370799aef05a2375d69f423f4b7Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 8: Update shape-outside inset tests to explicitly set a line-height of 1, and not rely on a UA-specific value. r=dholbert
0cb6c9f7c6dbf71e5143b901de1dd3aa128f949dBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 7: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: shape-box. r=dholbert
93dacd65e0093ba69fc376f0859a54be4e325388Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 6b: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: inset, for general case of shape-margin > 0. r=dholbert
8d8361873abe44ec51e097db1f463bb179e75684Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 6a: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: inset, for some special cases with shape-margin > 0. r=dholbert
64161554cd20cac22690c5e05962bcb06132896bBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5d: Move EllipseShapeInfo class definition ahead of RoundedBoxShapeInfo so it can be referenced by rounded boxes. r=dholbert
29c3c172caa00b1db0d3ba28ec5200f85ca4cddcBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5c: Add some asserts to ensure ellipse distance field index values are in-bounds. r=dholbert
a672de34a369105c2d453d34146fb877911abd61Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5b: Complete the implementation of shape-margin for ellipse (handling shape-margin: > 0). r=dholbert
c24818678398ed0d911a9d20958673e17a6b8899Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 5a: Implement shape-margin for shape-outside: circle and ellipse (ellipse only for shape-margin: 0). r=dholbert
546464551e6411c46b85203a43375ad205827bbbBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 4b: Add some logic and asserts to ensure distance field index values and image index values are in-bounds. r=dholbert
e5c0631408b2159c4e7ccba4998b2dc35e00eacfBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 4a: Complete the implementation of shape-margin for shape-outside: image (handling shape-margin: > 0). r=dholbert
3b2ffd07d8e669327b56864f71e77d7b1eaa4be9Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 3: Stub in shape-margin for shape-outside: image, by implementing only for shape-margin: 0. r=dholbert
ab95312a3db6120612753eb41dc2fe1783a5f8eaBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 2b: Refactor interval creation for shape-outside:image. r=dholbert
9a192430ce296e8e5d157387d19447d55b59be5eBrad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 2a: Move interval binary search method into ShapeInfo. r=dholbert
a4d6eb03796303107898d02a9e9d5c658d3b63b4Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 1: Add shape-margin to style system (Gecko bindings). r=xidorn
7674c13b14dedb251180a4700d2f53b8c7093200Brad Werth — Bug 1265342 Part 0: Servo changes to add shape-margin. r=xidorn
f55f15b265698d4cc7cb7a290272eba16c694a1bMark Striemer — Bug 1408062 - Show hidden tabs that are playing audio r=dao
821119f7069d7a3a66f7715d8763a9c0ad7c75c9Mike Conley — Bug 1456602 - Enable tab warming for Windows and Linux on all channels. r=florian
63ecf1e96a20c56625258dfa5136dc18e016c100Dorel Luca — Backed out changeset 9d8b5d05ff0e (bug 1392067) for Browser chrome failure on /builds/worker/workspace/build/src/obj-firefox/dist/include/js. CLOSED TREE
1d99f96c0aec2f65e4d17dd3d11a46615f1d690aDorel Luca — Backed out changeset b7a347f011cb (bug 1455755) for browser chrome failure on browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests/browser_extension_controlled.js. CLOSED TREE
801fa27ae7b8b454bd56677c09038e264421c807Mike Cooper — Bug 1455735 - Await running recipes r=Gijs
fb836a045f2024b51bdd9899fe2e8db19bd96f8aZibi Braniecki — Bug 1438375 - Refactor "extensionControlled" Preferences code to use Fluent. r=flod,Gijs
de6af6a44e14ba6426717c39ce3e52ee9e4c4a70Michael Kaply — Bug 1456236 - Updates codes in followonsearch. r=standard8
b7a347f011cb8c1eb15e8357f2dae0f97eef9bd8Shane Caraveo — Bug 1455755 Move browserSettings.proxyConfig to proxy.settings, r=aswan
af621dc793aaeb4a787748981cde5ca2bd0709b8Bobby Holley — Bug 1455784 - Update StyleSource to use ArcUnion. r=Manishearth
5a517a7c8cf23646603c65da037cd6b979c84682Bobby Holley — Bug 1455784 - ArcUnion. r=Manishearth
07e88c2233970829395cf24bc18854bd268e96c4Razvan Caliman — Bug 1455588 - Allow dragging Shape Editor markers outside of iframe viewport. r=pbro
9d8b5d05ff0e6c25cd6911b9d44ea0c8499cd4f8Rob Wu — Bug 1392067 - Disconnect open extension ports when the message manager goes away r=zombie
1374936db0183b95619f8e312c377f5a784e59bdMyk Melez — Bug 1323557 - preserve vendored crates when re-vendoring; r=ted.mielczarek
d83f412c924cf989b94928b5eed23732e8015b82Tim Nguyen — Bug 1450975 - Load themes without an accentcolor. r=jaws
c4b87fb85648eb1309d3135489371a0a713b366fPaul Adenot — Bug 1456115 - Increase stack sizes when using audioipc. r=jya
956b62a9c5a437c2bfdfac6605332283f9c14086Paul Adenot — Bug 1456115 - Make last_sample_rate_ in `` atomic. r=dminor
4a1df66695dd96b715503b2a27359471de6c57e4Paul Adenot — Bug 1456115 - Re-serialize inbound NotifyPull. r=jya
290879198eb4a7d2b7ecfd5ba07b38ea31710529Paul Adenot — Bug 1456115 - Remove locking in AcmReceiver::GetAudio. r=dminor
91e41f6d1baf9234ae8664d7573e5c12d6bade83Paul Adenot — Bug 1456115 - Stop locking when getting the sampling rate from the channel in r=dminor
8c7afd58f201b43eaaae4ebb9f156e21269385dcJared Wein — Bug 1456617 - Remove empty rulesets from aboutMemory.css. r=Gijs
bb0bb35465d9161f35e06f677df2956afea254a4Jared Wein — Bug 1455990 - Update the no-results-message selector since it changed from a className to an ID. r=sfoster
be0a9b78c2242fcc4eb2545d7fe5b58fecd250e7Johann Hofmann — Bug 1451307 - Part 3 - Add a test for showing the TP UI for iframes and unloaded documents. r=francois
13e58d5887d8b8dae297577abe1d15edf254cd44Johann Hofmann — Bug 1451307 - Part 2 - Move trackingUI tests out of b/b/c/test/general into their own subdirectory. r=Gijs
7f89d94d45bad5bb387568d935e8dff69312fd7bJohann Hofmann — Bug 1451307 - Part 1 - Consider iframes when comparing loading URIs in nsChannelClassifier::SetBlockedContent. r=francois,mayhemer
bc6609dd306dc303009b0bf254ecf9e70360e348Brian Grinstead — Bug 1456682 - Remove nsIDOMXULTreeElement;r=bz
842b7bc6ad24c5e0df37949636b797560cb07a70Mike Conley — Bug 1456630 - Stop checking for Vista or earlier in GMPUtils, since those verisons of Windows aren't supported anymore. r=cpearce
c8c27bdc5f543b688f23104afab52bfcded76ec7Jim Chen — Bug 1441707 - Add automation URLs for ProgressListenerTest; r=gbrown
204bb43af94351678a0a639bbc0bc7476e91d3aaPolly Shaw — Bug 356831 - Proxy autodiscovery doesn't check DHCP (option 252) r=bagder,valentin
e9b1d02e24f0f461032e80005d32aa00ec87d775Jamie Nicol — Bug 1449608 - Avoid calling ComputeScrollMetadata repeatedly for same scroll frame and clip. r=mstange
df424e9d891040d48498770a5f33a9a6dea85b8fRazvan Caliman — Bug 1435370 - Replace shape editor icon. r=pbro
fdce8946a71961ba725a1e3c78ef0faab8bf4857Delphine Lebédel — Bug 1451842 - [mix] Search engine setup for Firefox Mobile for Mixtepec Mixtec, r=flod
8505d047afa7564b0b97ff83a2768af443c7c9efGurzau Raul — Merge mozilla-central to autoland. a=merge CLOSED TREE
dc29c23f44b3e4ba52166257bd9ad76d7967d9c8Jan Odvarko — Bug 1456425 - Fix position of play/resume buttons; r=nchevobbe
3f731fdfd0304747e1ac3cdd370823c6c113c253Nicolas Chevobbe — Bug 1403448 - Migrate longString test to the new frontend; r=Honza.
7b8e832071f1c1b64d05dd597d692f4d4eb0866eDão Gottwald — Bug 1445671 - Stop using -moz-font-smoothing-background-color for the selected tab when using a lightweight theme. r=mstange
a2d670a8074e2c93beb71fd90a0cd829d041bbb9Dão Gottwald — Bug 1456522 - Stop making the tabs toolbar transparent when there's no title bar behind it, i.e. in fullscreen mode. r=stransky