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Sat Dec 12 09:19:37 2009 +0000
d379a17cbf8f8c1fe555df32db285ddf677b2005lordpixel — Bug 489734 - Implement cursor values "alias", "context-menu", "copy", "not-allowed" and "no-drop" on Mac Os 10.6. r=josh
84bada10eba4bac45611e132b9f778dd9dc034f2Benjamin Frisch — Bug 418774 - Make -moz-image-region work in native Mac menus. r=mstange, r=josh
ebcff5d4c5fcfc8d646dfc014ac2ba14f63cc717Markus Stange — Bug 533913 - Invalid selectors in pinstripe places.css. r=dao
d5e4fb234b23e578c04229ec6623f3e79ae09ef2Markus Stange — Bug 533208 - Only call [NSCursor hide/unhide] when cursor visibility actually changes, since these calls must be balanced. r=josh
0e8f28b19264485d376680746843d01f26b6bd6eMarkus Stange — Bug 534172 - Tab list should be cleared at popuphidden, not at popuphiding. r=Enn
15ba16ba4749c4d332f137469a10b5028939f8c4Markus Stange — Bug 534183 - Autorepeatbuttons in menus shouldn't have any initial delay. r=Enn
893ff985d3c95f60385124e79827b2fb7c191025Markus Stange — Bug 534184 - Disable smooth scrolling in menus. r=Enn
cd75e8543626c0178956431228840b0d22b05e5fMarkus Stange — Bug 528719 - When rendering popup buttons, use the open attribute to determine whether the control is highlighted, not the mousedown state. r=josh
4b093b03ee24dfadcb910a99cd017d907b9885ecMarkus Stange — Bug 527657 - Send the events we capture in our EventMonitorHandler actually into our app. This happened automatically when we built with the 10.4 SDK. r=josh
6f43d0e35fc8ef8bc3f64982c0dda07febac1247Markus Stange — Bug 529891 - Use a better workaround for context menu clicking while the application is inactive. r=josh
086e9c075a15d3be38868bdaacdd7f54e0b93d52Markus Stange — Bug 527748 - Fire mouse enter and exit events when window focus changes. r=josh
12d62a61c4463620ac69088d5d4fb41e73370072Markus Stange — Bug 527696 - Make shadow invalidation always asynchronous and remove the invalidation frequency limit. r=josh
d193824b585528fef374c8756e1a599d94f840d0Markus Stange — Bug 532878 - Call [super viewWillDraw] in viewWillDraw. r=josh
31feefcad2cb4fc40a5c58282da9d851042d4189Markus Stange — Bug 529542 - Fix a line that I missed in bug 508739 to give the view button in the history sidebar back its gradient. r=dao